HARD KOR Book A: I n t r o d u c t i o n s
Author's Intro:

This first book is designed to introduce to you the new characters I've created in my Shin-KORish novel and their tangled involvements with the "old guard". Of course, most of the old KOR cast are here, including Manami, Kurumi, Akane, Kazuya, Hatta, and Komatsu, with cameos from Master and Ojiichan/Obaasan. It is a continuation and exploration into the adult lives led by the famous trio: Madoka, Hikaru, and Kyosuke. And it is not the capricious, carefree setting we are accostomed to; instead it is far more dark and ominous. No longer can they hide behind the fascade and innocence of adolescence . Now they have to deal with the complexities of living life itself. The chapters in this book attempt to chronicle their journeys and interactions along Jove's path. Some themes covered dealing with life's hardships include money, honor, friendships, debts, memories, and relationships. Now enough of this drab talk and onto the stories!

Disclaimers: Of course, I need to warn you that the themes in these stories are very adult in nature. That means that these stories are not for children! In movie terms, this book would be rated R. In this incarnation, there is strong language used and some sexually-explicit content or allusions. No overt graphic violence in this book version, but be sure to expect some in the later books. If you are disturbed by any of the above warnings, then don't read it! You have that choice, as delegated by the Bill of Rights. So you have been forewarned! Click here for my compressed stories directory section.

Table of Contents
Book Chapter Completion Date Size
A I: Abduction 10/19/95 13K
II: Encounters 10/25/95 14K
III: Offerings 11/1/95 18K
IV: Gathering 11/15/95 49K
V: Opportunities 11/30/95 35K
VI: Rememberance 12/21/95 45K
VII: Dilemmas 1/12/96 40K
VIII: Inception 2/2/96 51K
IX: Intiation 2/23/96 54K
X: Reflections 3/19/96 42K
XI: Intermission 4/15/96 40K
XII: DDD 6/9/96 70K

Teaser: Is Hikaru really over Kyosuke? Is Hikaru over the other men in her life? How many men does she have in her life? Can she fulfill her dream as a dancer? Who is that mysterious dark stranger anyway? What really happened to Kasuga in the Balkans? Is he still in flux over Ayukawa and Hikaru? What goal lies in Madoka's future: settle down or pursue a career? Can the three of them really get back together again?

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