Author's Intro:
This second book promises to quicken the pace and action over the first one. As you shall soon seen, things are not as they seem to be. Be in store various surprises and shockers. Stay tuned for the thrilling prelude trailer to Shin Kor II. This book also contains various Shin Kor II references and spoilers ;)

Disclaimers: Of course, I need to warn you that the themes in these stories are very adult in nature. That means that these stories are not for children! In movie terms, this book would be rated R. In this incarnation, there is strong language used and some sexually-explicit content or allusions. No overt graphic violence in this book version, but be sure to expect some in the later books. If you are disturbed by any of the above warnings, then don't read it! You have that choice, as delegated by the Bill of Rights. So you have been forewarned! Click here for my compressed stories directory section.

Table of Contents
Book Chapter Completion Date Size
B I: Frantic 7/16/96 31K
B II: Opening Move 8/16/96 32K
B III: Heist 9/12/96 43K
B IV: ABCB 9/30/96 50K
B V: Suspicions 11/11/96 34K
B VI: The Ruse 12/24/96 45K
B VII: Arrangements 2/7/97 35K
B VIII: Conspiracy of Pictures 4/14/97 38K
B IX: Mind Games 6/9/97 38K
B X: 3some 7/21/97 56K
B XI: Blackmail 9/15/97 48K
B XII: Goodbye Again 12/25/97 99K

Teaser: What mischief is Hikaru up to anyway? Is there love trouble brewing around the twins? Will there be a comeback of sorts for the Master? Who is that new mystery man which is instigating the crime wave in Tokyo? Is Ryusei somehow involved with him? And why is #1 and #2 acting strangely? Is love taking its toll on Madoka and Kasuga?
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