Hard KOR Book C: interlude

Author's Intro:
The third book in this series will attempt to serve as a bridge between the Shin KoR novel 1 and 2.This will have a larger cast of characters drawn from various anime series. Hopefully, it is done seamlessly so you don't notice the difference. It touches upon a lot of aspects in college life that only these unique cast of characters can experience, intermixed with real-life events, and the growing conspiracy of the ring. This will lead up to the climax of the Shin KOR II Novel.

Disclaimers: Of course, I need to warn you that the themes in these stories are very adult in nature. That means that these stories are not for children! In movie terms, this book would be rated R. In this incarnation, there is strong language used and some sexually-explicit content or allusions. If you are disturbed by any of the above warnings, then don't read it! You have that choice, as delegated by the Bill of Rights. So you have been forewarned! Click here for my compressed stories directory section.

Book C: Table of Contents
Completion Date Size
I: Return to Heroes 6/5/98 32K
II: Pocket Full of Tragedies 7/12/98 32K
III: Roaring Thunder 8/3/98 27K
IV: The Plan 8/24/98 27K
V: Lover's Lament 9/20/98 29K
VI: October Surprise 10/21/98 31K
VII: Remembering Memory 11/11/98 33K
VIII: Lingering Spirits 12/12/98 32K
IX: Hospital Hijinx 01/11/99 26K
X: Exchanges 02/01/99 27K
XI: Sempai Spirit 02/16/99 31K
XII: Transistions 03/21/99 31K

Teaser: Who are the new roommates of #2? What mystery surrounds the boarding house they are living at? Who is the new girl in #1's life? What is Hikaru up to? What will the brooding Ryusei do next? Is there a chance for Manami and #2? Who has been plotting tactics against Akane and her club?
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