Hard KOR Book D: The Book of Four

Author's Intro:
The fourth book in this series will cover the events in the aftermath of the Shin KOR II novel. It will also attempt to link up with events in Shin KOR III. Eventually, it will lead up to the final showdown when Hikaru's part in the play opens in Summer of 1995. You have to read it to find out what happens next!

Disclaimers: Of course, I need to warn you that the themes in these stories are very adult in nature. That means that these stories are not for children! In movie terms, this book would be rated R. In this incarnation, there is strong language used and some sexually-explicit content or allusions. If you are disturbed by any of the above warnings, then don't read it! You have that choice, as delegated by the Bill of Rights. So you have been forewarned! Click here for my compressed stories directory section.

Book D: Table of Contents
Completion Date Size
I: Koichi, Kobe, Kyoto 05/19/99 30K
II: Hello Again 06/30/99 31K
III: Adventures in Driving 07/20/99 30K
IV: Enter Mishima 08/4/99 30K
V: Spy vs Spy vs Spy 08/25/99 30K
VI: Madoka's Secret Memory 09/15/99 34K
VII: Breath of Beer 09/30/99 30K
VIII: Prelude to Reckoning 10/21/99 30K
IX: Tokyo Disaster Story 10/31/99 36K
X: Project Orange Road 11/15/99 43K
XI: Shattering Hearts 12/07/99 50K
XII: The Long Goodbye 12/31/99 101K

Teaser: What is the special new project that Ryusei is embarking on? Who is the new figure in town, and what is his relation to Madoka? What's up with the strange, kooky behavior at Ryokurin Ryo? Who will be the ultimate winner in the battle of the sexes? Who is the figure that haunts Madoka's dream? And what is the terrible reckoning that will befallen on everyone?
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