Madoka in summer dress, as described in Hard KOR A: Chapter 8

Shin Madoka:One of the sexiest, alluring figures around the Shin Kor world. She emerged from her troubles as an adolescent delinquent to be come one of the most cherished figures in Anime. She is the ultimate superwoman with fantastic abilities yet untold. She's one cool chic who has it all: a budding songwriting career, a nice house and car, and an engagement to the man she loves: Kasuga Kyosuke. What else could she want more? Yet there is still something missing in her life? What could it be?

Shin Hikaru: The idealist and optimist who pins her hopes on a shooting star in her dreams of making it big as a dancer on Broadway. Generally scorned at in the old series for her loud ways and her interference of Kyosuke and Ayukawa's relationship, she has blossomed and matured, enduring through those cold, hard years of living in New York. The main protagonist in the Shin KOR novels, we follow her travels through countless audtions and rehearsals and hope for the best for her. But the one thing that's still haunts her is her unremitted love for Kyosuke -- the one person she still can't get over and the one she can't have, or can she?

Nagasi: One of the roughest, toughest bitches you'll ever encounter. She takes no lip from anyone, even from Ryusei. Wild, volatile, and unpredictable are her main traits. Mix that in with a touch of seduction and S&M and you've got trouble! Was Ryusei's administrative assistant, and now is the director of the play. Like Ryusei, a very mysterious figure whose origins are unknown. Has a strange, uncanny resemblance to Madoka. You might say this is what Madoka could have turned out had she not been reformed by Kasuga.

Shin Kyosuke: A new look for a new man. Despite having Madoka all to himself, he still has yet to shake off his ecchi, perverted tendencies. A budding photographer, he has aspirations of being an investigative journalist. But will the nightmare of his experience in Bosnia continue to haunt him?

Ryusei HAROKEN: The mysterious new figure in the HARD KOR series. A virtual unknown out of nowhere suddenly becomes an intricate part of Hikaru's dance career. An eccentric man who prefers solitude and power, he has a hand in all the HardKor events. Noted for wearing his trademark sunglasses and sporting a beard and mustache. Yet is there more than meets the eye with him? Is there something he is hiding from everyone? What is his dark secret, if any...

Shin Kurumi and Manami: These devilishly cute, hip twins have manage to transend to the Hard KOR series. Attending college at Waseda has only made them even cooler. Kurumi is her typical aggressive self, cross training and wrestling. Manami, on the other hand has been exploring the more artistic side of her self, dabbling in writing. Together, they team-up with Akane to fight the battle of the sexes versus Shinohara's minions. However, will their involvment with the mysterious "number" boys lead them into a more dangerous game?

Shin Hatta and Komatsu: Before, these two goof-offs in high school tormented Kyosuke with their perverted antics. But now, these hentai freaks have their own successful manga series. In addition to speeding down the straightaways in their new red Mazda Miata convertible, they help provide the comic relief in the series. But beware their ecchi ways when running into them!

Shin Master: The old venerable figure from the glory KOR days is back and better than ever. After a brief retirement, he has returned to start the Shin ABCB, a trendy bar and lounge. Plus Master shows us that he can jam with the rest of his old buddies he has rounded up. Be sure to ask for a draft and a dub when you drop by his place.

Muroke KOJI: Better known as #2 and the sidekick to #1, he served under Ryusei Haroken as a summer job and wore sunglasses as a requirement for employment. Now attending college two years early, he is currently residing in the boarding house known as Ryokurin Ryo. His hobbies is playing MUDs, programming, and participating in the RPG Club. His current roommate is Taku Muroke and his best friend from high school is Zumi Shijama.