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The information below is a brief teaser for each chapter of each of my various books to wet your appetite. However, there still might be some spoilers regarding the plot (of either HARD KOR or Shin KOR II), so please read carefully!

Preview of Book A: Introductions

Ch A1: Hikaru is returning back to New York, after her failed audition. However, under false pretenses, she ends up in the limo driven by these two strange guys. What do they plan to do with her?

Ch A2:Hikaru awakens to find herself in the room with a strange, mysterious man. Who is he and what does he want from her?
Ch A3:Here, the whole fiasco is explained. The new character, Ryusei, makes Hikaru an offer she can't refuse. But will she accept the opportunity or not?
Ch A4:Hikaru wants to see the two most important friends in her life: Madoka and Kasuga. But she can't come to the party because she's already agreed to another engagement. Or can she?
Ch A5:Today is Hikaru's big day! Yet it seems everything is going wrong for her. Can she survive this day and still manage to get the part?
Ch A6:Hikaru goes back to Hokkaido to visit her parents, but is there some other alterior motive involved?
Ch A7: Both Kasuga and Madoka are unsure of their future plans: Marriage first or career? Meanwhile, Hikaru finds out more about the elusive Ryusei.
Ch A8: The end of this weekend will mark the beginning of the accension to adulthood for the KOR 3, as they ready themselves for the real work world.
Ch A9: Adventures galore will erupt on the KOR 3's first day at work!
Ch A10: Serious overtones, angst, and grief in this chapter...
Ch A11: A humorous, KOR-style, western portent of future events in Hard Kor perhaps?
Ch A12: The thrilling finale of Book A! Well, not really, but a fun romp for the twins on their double-date dilemma. Plus some spoilers for Shin Kor II!

Preview of Book B: Quickening
Ch B1: Frantic: The KOR world is moving into high gear, with something for everyone. Exciting intro for things to come...
Ch B2: Opening Move: Ryusei is involve in a dangerous, mysterious, high-stakes game. What is he plotting? Meanwhile, Kyosuke is getting these troubling nightmares...
Ch B3: Heist: Tonight is the start of another big night, for an evening occasion. But will it end in tragedy?
Ch B4: ABCB: Everyone is scrambling to try to find clues on how to crack the jewel theft case. Meanwhile, Hikaru is finding out more about the elusive Ryusei...
Ch B5: Suspicions: Everyone's now a suspect in this whodunit type setting...
Ch B6: The Ruse: There a very important, official ball and everyone's invited. But will the thieves invite themselves along also?
Ch B7: Arrangements: The mysterious dealings of connections and dealings of Ryusei talks to get entangled with the affairs of the KOR 3. What will be the consequences of these "arrangements"?
Ch B8: Conspiracty of Pictures: Things start to heat up as the investigation of the lost jewels intensifies. Will the pictures of Kyousuke be the achilles heel for this nefarious gang? Or will he himself be a victim of it?
Ch B9: Mind Games: The elusive Ryusei takes a impromteau trip back to Hong Kong. What is his real motive there? Also, Kyousuke is at odds with himself over what he values most. Last, what treachery is Nagasi brewing for the KOR 3?
Ch B10: 3some: Does Kyousuke get his wish in snaring both the women he loves? Or is it a pipedream? Plus, we learn a lot more intimate details of Mr Haroken and his past.
Ch B11: Blackmail: Kyousuke is in way over his head in his fanatical pursuit of the thieves as he is trapped in a lovel hotel with Hatta and Komatsu. What will happen? Meanwhile, Hikaru received a strange package...
Ch B12: Goodbye Again: The rousing ending to this book. We finally learn what Hikaru's secret is! Also, is Kyosuke getting himself in mortal danger in pursuing the truth? And what exactly is Ryusei plotting? Find out in this Book B conclusion!

Preview of Book C: Interlude

Ch C1: Return to Heroes: #2 is moving into a new boarding house to prepare for his freshman days at college. Little did he know that #1 has enrolled him in a...
Ch C2: A Pocket full of Tragedies: We get to meet all the strange inhabitants in #2's boarding house. Just when things couldn't get stranger...
Ch C3: Roaring Thunder: We meet the newest member of Ryokurin Ryo, Asuma Shinohara. We see he has made quite an impression with his antics. Read it to find out.
Ch C4: The Plan: Shun, one of the main RAs at Ryokurin Ryo narrates the zany history of the house and the future consequences for it...
Ch C5: Lover's Lament: Seems that now everyone's opening up on their lost loves...
Ch C6: October Surprise: Surprises galore! Including who is the mysterious saboteur?
Ch C7: Remembering Memory: All the characters have a special memory that have recalled...
Ch C8: Lingering Spirits: Muroke and company have an encounter with the Twins at the most awkward of places. Will this stir up old memories?
Ch C9: Hospital Hijinx: Hasukawa gets knocked out and lands in the hospital. What else could go wrong?
Ch C10: Exchanges: We finally learn about the strange behavior of Hasukawa. Plus, the battle of the century begins!
Ch C11: Sempai Spirit: Ryokurin Ryo is about to be bulldozed! Will nothing short of a miracle save it?
Ch C12: Transitions: The aftermath of Shin KOR II has passed. Meanwhile, a showdown between Akane and Shinohara ends up in Kyoto's bamboo's forests. Who will be the ultimate victor?

The Prelude Edition: Precursor to future events in Hard Kor
Ichi: Rainy Night
The beginning of the end... the event that started it all! It is the infamous breakup scene between Hikaru and Darling. Hikaru is utterly crushed by the turn of events which has befallen upon here. Who would be there for her now?
12/25/95 30K
Ni: The Lost Summer
Yuusaku looks forward to the upcoming school year, where he would finally get his chance at Hikaru. However, will fate intervene or thwart his dreams once again?
1/22/96 25K
San: Goodbye Tokyo!
The Hino family is moving: the worst possible thing that could possibly happen to Yuusaku and his chances with Hikaru. Now he has to make his final goodbyes to his friends and city he was raised in. Is this the end of the road for Yuusaku?
2/12/96 26K
Shi: Hello Hokkaido
Yuusaku finds trouble in adapting to his new home in Hokkaido. Being totally shunned by his classmates, he feels like a stranger, empty and alone all by himself. But will a special somone come walking back into his life?
4/1/96 20K
Go: The Duel
Remembering the painful memory of being bullied when he was little, Yuusaku comes to the aid of freshman. However, will it cost him, as he confronts the school's gang leader?
4/28/96 22K
Roku: Lost Again
Will Yuusaku finally get his chance with Hikaru now that Kyosuke is out of the picture, or will he be thwarted again by another rival?
7/6/96 21K
ShiChi: Warui
Hikaru and Yuusaku are at odds with each other again, and this time, it drives Yuusaku over the edge. Will he now align himself with the bad elements in school?
8/26/96 22K
HaChi: Semester Blues
Killer midterms are coming up for the academically conscious Yuusaku and Hikaru who still aren't on speaking terms after that incident. Meanwhile, is trouble brewing between two rival factions?
8/26/96 22K
Kuu: Halloween Hijinx
Something strange has entered Yuusaku's system, and now he's acting very strange. Could it because of the Halloween festivities, or could it be something deeper? And will his "split" personality sit well with Hikaru?
10/31/96 34K
Ju: Mixed Signals
Yuusaku is still recovering from the effects of those pills. Kaori starts to make the moves on Yuusaku. Last, both Muroke and Yuusaku go "spying" on the competition.
11/30/96 26K
JuIchi: Birthday Surprise
The major karate competition between rival high schools is upcoming. Yet hapless Yuusaku is stuck between that and attending Hikaru's final audition. What will he do?
1/24/97 32K
JuNi: Passion Fuel
The meeting of rival gang leaders highlights this episode. What are each of the hidden intentions? Meanwhile, Yuusaku, once again, involuntarily makes himself a human guinea pig!
3/16/97 22K
JuSan: The Trap
Yuusaku's unexplicable behavior causes havoc in the lives of two women. Meanwhile, an elaborate trap is being set, but by whom?
4/4/97 27K
JuShi: The Choice
Hikaru and Yuusaku return back to the place of broken dreams. Can they both come to terms with their feelings as they finally confront Madoka and Kyosuke?
5/31/97 27K
JuGo: Mixed Feelings
Hikaru has already made her decision and wants to tell Yuusaku about it. Yet mysteriously Yuusaku is avoiding her and everyone else. Why?
7/7/97 20K
JuRoku: Moving On
Yuusaku has already made a new commitment and is moving on. So has Hikaru, or so it seems. Last, Ryoga and company is planning for a quick exit out of Hokkaido.
8/16/97 20K
JuShiChi: Goodbyes
Yuusaku is finally back at the sport which made him known among his peers. He also finally remembers the repressed memories of the woman of his dreams. Could it be Kaori?
8/29/97 21K
JuHaChi: Overdose
Ryoga is making the final rounds before leaving around Valentine's day, where everyone's head is not quite right, especially Muroke. Will V-Day end up a tragedy for others?
9/5/97 20K
JuKu: Dissension
Ryoga and Kaori is gone and there is a feeling of emptiness felt by everyone. Meanwhile, Toro is planning something sinister for the whole community.
10/10/97 25K
NiJu: Confrontation
Without Ryoga's leadership, the Sakurai gang is very vulnerable. Will they be able to survive Toro's challenge?
10/20/97 29K
NiJuIchi: The Class Trip
Yuusaku has suffered a bizarre injury which has effectively put an end to his karate career. He is thoroughly devastated and is sulking away. Meanwhile, Hikaru is alone by herself on the class field trip around Hokkaido until she is confronted by...
11/14/97 25K
NiJuNi: Showtime
We resume on with the class trip where Hikaru has a strange premonition dream of possibly the future. But that's the least of her worries for the greatest moment in her life is about to come up: the lead in the Downtown Cats play production!
12/2/97 22K
NiJuSan: Disillusionment
Hikaru has finally reached an important decision in deciding what to do with her life. Yuusaku, on the other hand has his hands full with the Sakurai gang and the impending doom ahead...
12/12/97 22K
NiJuShi: Bye Bye Hikaru Pie
The resounding conclusion to this book! This story will outline the end of innocence for both Hikaru and Yuusaku. Explains one of the main key details in Book A. The masterpiece of this book!
1/4/98 55K
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