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The Happy Triumverante

Cut it out guys! You two look like bats hanging off the wall! You look so much better from this view Ayukawa. Madoka-san! I think I'm feeling a little dizzy now!
Being very silly...

Wheee! That was such a fun workout, isn't that right Darling? Yeah, it was. Say, is that your friend back there? No, I thought it was yours. Don't fret Darling. Everyone is our friend!
Athletic training...

Madoka-san! You really should try this rollerblading. It's really fun! Kasuga-kun. What are you staring at? Oh nothing Ayukawa.
Taking a break...

That movie was great! We should do this more often.
Having a good time...

Gotta go rush and see the new Shin KOR movie!
Off in a rush!

This is my tribute to the magical triangle relationship shared by 3 of the most beloved characters in anime. Although it led to the most painful breakup in anime history, let us not forgot the happy memories they shared and how they wished they could return to that day when everything was still innocent and capricious.

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