Rob's SuperKOR Midi Jukebox Page!

This page is designed to make it easier to collect all the various KOR midi around! That way, you don't have to hunt and peck for them. I might add descriptions later but I encourage you to visit the other KOR midi pages if you want more info about the midi such as this site. And now, to the tunes...

Actress Bkorange Color1_1 Embrace Exclmtn2 Holdme
Jenina2 Kor_1 Kor_2c Kor_2f Kor_2m Kor_2rmx
Kor_3 Kor_4b Kor_5 Kor_6 Kor_7 Kor_8
Kor_9 Kor_10 Kor_11 Kor_12 Kor_it Kor_mix1
Kor-3 Kor-5 Mirage2 Ng-mist Orange1 Orange4
Orangend Orngrd2 Road_rvn Special Special2 Sweetmem
Anosora1 kor-end

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