KOR Characters

The Main Characters

Ayukawa Madoka

Madoka is one of the lead characters in KOR. Physically beautiful, she often appears to be moody, swinging between being bright and outgoing and being cold and aloof. Madoka is very independent, her parents are world-class musicians and are always on tour, so she lives alone. She is musically inclined herself, playing multiple instruments (at least 3: sax, flute/recorder, and guitar). Also an above average student, Madoka holds a part time job at the ABCB coffeehouse run by Master. Madoka and Hikaru have been friends since they were small children, and Madoka treats Hikaru much like a younger sister. Madoka seems to like/love Kyosuke, but she won't let it show because of his relationship with Hikaru.

Kasuga Kyosuke

The main character and narrator of the series. Kyosuke's overriding feature is his indesiciveness, he has trouble making the simplest of desicions. His indesciveness also won't let him chose between Madoka and Hikaru. Kyosuke loves Madoka, but can't show it as it would hurt Hikaru, who has somewhat forcibly made herself his girlfriend. Like his sisters, grandparents, and late mother, Kyosuke is an "ESPer," and can teleport, move objects by telekenisis, and tell the future in his dreams. Overall Kyosuke is very caring and goes out of his way to keep people from getting hurt.

Hiyama Hikaru

The last leg of the triangle and other lead female. Hikaru starts the series emulating Madoka's "tough" shell, but permanently goes into "ditz-mode" on meeting Kyosuke. She installs herself as Kyosuke's girlfriend and remains painfully oblivious to his attraction to Madoka for most of the series. She treats Madoka as a big sister, as they have been friends since childhood. Although her other childhood friend, Yuusaku loves her, she scorns his advances.

Supporting Characters

Hino Yuusaku

Also a long time childhood friend of Hikaru and Ayukawa. He has been in love with Hikaru since they were kids, and has been 'working out' ever since she told him not to be such a baby, and that she'd only marry somebody strong.

Kasuga Kurumi & Kasuga Manami

Kyosuke's younger sisters. Although they are fraternal twins, Manami and Kurumi are almost opposites in personality. Manami has taken over the Kusagua household since their mother died and is very mature compared to her sister, who is much more impulsive and rash (It's Kurumi who causes the Kasugas to move to this town - she ran the 100 meter dash in 3.5 seconds)

Komatsu Seiji & Hatta Kazuya

Hatta and Komatsu are Kyoskue's school friends. They are both a bit "hentai" and cause Kyosuke grief to no end as they chase his younger sisters. Although obnoxious at times, Hatta and Komatsu don't actually mean any trouble and are fairly nice in the end.

Kasuga Takashi

Takashi is the father of Kyosuke, Manami, and Kurami. He has no "power" as his children inhereted that from their mother, so his control over their actions is minimal at times, though he tries. He works as a freelance photographer which proves a basis for some of the adventures in the series.


The Kasuga family cat. Jingoro take a lot of abuse anytime things heat up around the house, and as such often attempts to "escape," only to be pulled back by Manami or Kurumi.


Owner of the ABCB pub, Madoka's boss. No one seems to know Master's real name, he takes his title from the owners of British pubs, as do many Japanese barkeeps. Master is very sharp, despite his act, and often knows what's going on between the other characters.

Grandpa & Grandma

Kyosuke's grandparents and powerful ESPers. Grandma and Grandpa usually show up just when Kyosuke thought it was safe to go out. Although well-meaning, neither takes much effort to conceal their powers, make life difficult for Kyosuke when they're around. Their cabin in the woods is the site of several adventures for Kyosuke, Hikaru, Madoka, and company.

Kasuga? Akane

Kyosuke's cousin and Kazuya's older sister. Akane is a trouble-maker, on her first visit during the series, she tries to break up Madoka and Kyosuke using her ability to make people think she is someone else. Although Akane appears to be a lesbian, the issue is never definitively answered.

Kasuga Kazuya

Akane's brother and Kyosuke's cousin. Kazuya moves in next door to the Kasuga's and turns into yet another source of mischief for Kyosuke. Kazuya can switch personalities by ramming heads and is also a telepath. He uses this to nearly force Kyosuke to decide between Hikaru and Madoka several times.

Ushiko & Umao

Parody of Romeo & Juliet. Umao and Ushiko are KOR's "running gag" and often appear during a relatively serious scene to lighten things up. For those that don't know Japanese, the line they always repeat is the "Wherefore art thou.." from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.