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Studies show that listening to Hikaru Hiyama from KOR will drive you INSANE if you are not careful.

This is how to watch KOR without going insane : muting Hikaru's voice, and as often as possible, fast-forward every scene she is in (except the ones where she is crying because Kasuga did something with Ayukawa that they should have done earlier if she had not butted in).

I know there are many people out there who like Hikaru, and even sympathize what happens to her. But I say she deserved it, and she really should have died for her stupidity more than once.

Episode 1 - first day at school for the Kasugas and Kurumi has to save her and that biker because the biker was reckless - she was stupid for taking a ride with such a punk.
Episode 41 - Walking into the street without looking just to retrieve her tennis racket is pure stupidity. I mean, she has to be mental not to look both ways. If Kasuga's grandparents had not stopped time she would have died (YEAH!)

My number one reason why I hate, positively despise Hikaru, I mean even after all the things she does to interfere with Ayukawa and Kasuga's DESTINED relationship, is that she initially falls for Kasuga because he can.... shoot a basket sitting down from the otherside USING HIS ESP POWERS.
The importance here is that she not only was destined NOT to get Kasuga, but she was TRICKED.

I am not going to say that Ayukawa or Kasuga is much better for taking so long, prolonging the situation, or just plain making it worse. But in every situation Hikaru makes it ABSOLUTELY WORST. Some say there can be no KOR without Hikaru.


The name of the series is Kimagure Orange Road - the Whimsical Orange Road. Both Kasuga and to a lesser extent Ayukawa are whimsical. But isn't love that way??????????
So here we have the psycho-bitch from hell,Hikaru, absolutely certain that she is destined for Kasuga; i.e. she is NOT whimsical.

Can we all say, meddler????

I believe the story should have just had Ayukawa and Kasuga, and their whimsical love for each other growing by each episode. Having a few comedic episodes with Hatta & Komatsu or the twins is alright. But having this psycho-bitch from hell, Hikaru, interfere what is "love at first sight" drags the series on and on.

You might retort 'But if it is love at first sight, why did they take so long to declare?' - maybe because Hikaru MADE THE SITUATION WORSE?
Yes, I am about to blame her for just about everything short of the start of World War III ( I can easily imagine her trying...)

So KOR without Hikaru is a MUCH, MUCH BETTER STORY. So whenever you hear Hikaru's voice you have only a few seconds from which to prepare for a blistering attack on your eyes as her piercing voice takes ten, twenty, maybe even thirty years off your life.

To save your life - PRESS THE MUTE BUTTON!
To save your eyes from blindness, PRESS FAST-FORWARD!!

Because when she speaks, even the dead roll in their graves!

Everytime she cries, however, smile. She deserves it. She cries like 3 times in the KOR Movie. The KOR Movie : Ano Hi ni Kaeritai (I Want to Return to That Day) is available for rent/purchase from AnimEigo (Volume #5 on VHS or #3 on the Laserdisc). I RECOMMEND this movie for all people who realize that the KOR love triangle is an impossible triangle.
Remember, the line from the KOR OAV song "Choose Me!"(my favorite) -

"...Because lover's hearts are whimsical"

Hikaru is NOT whimsical - she is self-assured, annoying, presumptuous, and in essence - a bitch. Death would be too kind for her. The movie is exactly what she deserved.

I could easily see her casted in "Fatal Attraction" or "The Crush."

Simply put if the events of KOR were to actually happen, right after the movie she would helicopter body slam a cop, steal his gun, go to Ayukawa and try to kill Ayukawa.

Restraining orders won't help. Even committing/imprisioning Hikaru would not keep the populace safe, only Hannibal Lecter could do something for her..... maybe...

Hikaru Hiyama is without a doubt the most annoying, and deranged character in anime that I have ever come across (even worst than Minmei -at least Minmei could sing! ; worst than all the tenants at Maison Ikkoku combined!).

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