Singing Heart ^2: Compact Disc 4

    Disc 4: feel me  [Cassette Tape no Dengon (Cassette Tape Message)]
    5 tracks: 4 vocal/1 drama, 59:48
     1. Bayside dancer                       (Furuya Toru)  5:31  [IM:KK]
     2. Kogane-iro no sakamichi               (Hara Eriko)  5:27  [IM:HH]
        (Golden hill road)
     3. Cassette tape no dengon                            38:31
        (Insert songs: Kagami no naka no actress, Jeniina)
     4. Whispering misty night              (Tsuru Hiromi)  5:20  [IM:AM]
     5. Yasashii jealousy   (Tomizawa Michie,Honda Chieko)  4:45  [IM:MK]
        (Tender jealousy)

Some of you may not be interested in dramas on CDs but this KOR "episode"
is a MUST for the serious KOR fan. It would have made a good TV episode.
Click here for a translation of this drama by Quincy Huoh (a.k.a Lancer)

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