Kimagure Orange Road (きまぐれ オレンジ☆ロード)

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Kimagure Orange Road (also known as Orange Road, or just "KOR") is a romantic teenage love story about Kasuga Kyosuke, a fifteen year-old indecisive yutz (but a really nice guy nonetheless) who moves into a new town and immediately falls for the local punk girl, Ayukawa Madoka. At about the same time, Ayukawa's best friend since childhood, the bubbly and energetic Hiyama Hikaru, falls for Kyosuke, and makes sure the whole world knows about it. Madoka's the mysterious type, and generally tries to hide her emotions, so it's unclear at first whether she likes Kyosuke or not. Kyosuke knows that he'd prefer to go out with Madoka, but is reluctant to do so for fear of completely devastating Hikaru's feelings...

To make things more complicated, Kyosuke and his twin sisters have psychic powers which they need to try to keep hidden from everyone (every time they are discovered by the public, the Kasuga family is forced to move away to another town); the poor family cat has a miserable time with one of the sisters; there's another childhood friend of Hikaru and Madoka who's chasing after Hikaru, and two of Kyosuke's friends from school are after his sisters. The whole mix ends up with a lot of comedy and laughs, but can be very dramatic and touching at times.

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