Kimagure Orange Road episode 2

Just a Little Lemon Kiss for That Girl

Apr 13, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
The episode opens by the seaside, in shades of gold. Kyousuke and Madoka are at a marina. She is looking demure, and wearing The Red Straw Hat; he is looking confident. She tells him, ``When I first met you, I fell in love with you,'' and runs into his arms. They move to kiss, and the film breaks. Kyousuke wakes up, calling her name, passionately kissing Jingoro's backside. Neither he nor Jingoro like this turn of events. He notices the hat Madoka gave him sitting on his desk.

He comes out to breakfast to find Kurumi and Manami making their lunches and discussing whether a kiss tastes like lemon, and how either would know. Takashi mentions Kyousuke's use of ``power,'' yesterday. The reason for it wasn't bad, but he reminds his son of the possible consequences anyway. Kyousuke wants to know if Kurumi told on him, and isn't pleased that she did. She denies it until their dad tells her not to lie. She doesn't like being exposed like this, so she throws Kyousuke to the floor and shreds her dad's newspaper using her powers. Dad spots Jingoro trying to escape (again), and Kurumi levitates him back. The poor cat gets scolded by both of the twins for this.

Kyousuke is running down the hall at school in order not to be late to class. He finds Madoka calmly walking the hall. She turns to see who it is, and he sees her in the golden tones of his dream. Not wanting to get slapped again, he walks by, ignoring her. She tells him, ``It's ok. The teacher hasn't come yet. I often walk the halls at this time. You have 30 seconds warning before he comes.'' When she smiles at him, Kyousuke decides she really is cute. Maybe she was just in a bad mood yesterday. During class he watches her, thinking that he doesn't want to move from this city. She's sitting there, pensive, but turns away when she notices him looking at her. He doesn't understand what she's thinking, but wishes he could.

At P.E. class, the girls are doing gymnastics on the balance beam and the guys are playing basketball. During a break in their game, the guys are watching the girls. One of their best gymnasts, Sugimoto, is doing her routine. Komatsu comments how she's grown since last year (at least in the chest). He also rates her performance at 9.9, while the gals are also impressed at her skill. The next gal the teacher calls is Ayukawa, who was standing off to the side. She puts up her hair, and walks over. Kyousuke wonders why Komatsu is leaving and not scoring her like he did the others. He's not because, ``I don't score punks like her.'' Madoka does well on the beam, and Kyousuke is entranced. After some excellent maneuvers, Madoka looks at the girls and the teacher and simply steps off the beam. The teacher tells her to finish her routine, but Madoka just walks off. Kyousuke is still impressed and applauds her routine --- alone. The rest of the guys give him puzzled looks for this.

Kyousuke is playing basketball. There's one minute left in the game and his team is trailing by one shot. Komatsu passes him the ball to make the comeback. He notices that Madoka is watching, and thinks that if he makes this winning shot that maybe his dream might not be just a dream. He avoids the defenders and jumps for the shot, thinking that he could use his powers to be sure of the basket, but...

Later that day, Hikaru sneaks away to take a cigarette break. Kyousuke's sitting alone in the gym. He thinks that if he used his power he could have scored without anyone knowing about his secret, but doing that sort of felt like tricking Madoka. He ended up missing the basket. ``Maybe I should have used the power,'' he thinks sadly, and wonders what Madoka's expression was at that time. Hikaru hears him dribbling the basketball, and takes a peek. She sees him make a basket across the entire length of the gym. He was using his powers and didn't know anyone was watching. She's really impressed with his ability, and decides to find out more about this guy.

Kurumi and Manami are eating their lunches when Hikaru blows in. She's full of questions about Kyousuke and his preferences. Kurumi thinks she means about food, but Hikaru really wants to know what kind of girl he likes. She then asks if they want to have a smoke after lunch. This really surprises the twins, but before they can answer, she runs off saying she'll buy them something to drink too.

Elsewhere, Kyousuke is at the concession stand with Komatsu and Hatta. The daily frenzy over sandwiches is going on, and both fellows manage to come out of it, successfully. They show Kyousuke what the fuss is all about; ``the elusive cutlet sandwich'' (katsu-sando). They wonder why Kyousuke is unimpressed, so he tells them that it's because his sister made him lunch. The guys are really excited about this. ``Please, give me your sister... no, I mean your sister's lunch.'' Hatta hands Kyousuke his sandwich and runs off for this, with Komatsu right behind. After figuring out what they're after, Kyousuke heads off in hot pursuit.

Hikaru is walking down the hall, happy after her conversation with Kurumi and Manami, when Komatsu and Hatta tear around the corner and barely miss her. She turns to yell at them only to have Kyousuke plow straight into her. The two land in a heap on the floor. She notices who it is, thinks back over the collision, and believes that he actually kissed her on the way down. She also doesn't mind him on top of her either.

Just then, a P.E. teacher, Otsuka-sensei, shows up and angrily asks what's going on. Kyousuke narrates that this is the worst situation to be in and he's the worst teacher to find you. Hikaru runs off and surprises both of the fellows by saying, ``See you later, Darling!'' The teacher puts two and two together, gets five, and leads Kyousuke off for a different kind of physical education.

After school, in the teachers offices, Otsuka-sensei is giving Kyousuke a real yelling at. He doesn't approve of what Kyousuke was doing, and to make matters worse, he's associating with punkish gals like Hikaru. Kyousuke's home room teacher tries to calm him down with ``Kasuga just came to this school,'' but has little success. Madoka, who is delivering flowers to the teachers as punishment for something, walks in and overhears the conversation. She also hears Kyousuke defend Hikaru, ``Punkish isn't the same as punk... Assuming the worst isn't good for her.'' Otsuka-sensei is beginning to start commenting on Ayukawa who's in his class when she comes around the corner with a flower in her hand. The homeroom teacher barely gets Otsuka's attention, when Madoka throws the flower. It hits Otsuka-sensei square in the face and bounces into the vase. He falls to the ground. Kyousuke is surprised to find out who his unexpected ally is. Madoka simply excuses herself and leaves. After this, Kyousuke gets a fighting spirit and stands up to Otsuka-sensei.

Back at home, the wind blows the Red Straw Hat off the wall of Kyousuke's bedroom. It lands on the head of a sleeping Jingoro, who isn't pleased about being awakened from his nap in this way.

After this, Kyousuke heads back to his classroom to get his bag. He's surprised to find Madoka waiting in the hall for him, holding it. After all, she says, ``It wouldn't be good if some punk stole it?'' and laughs. They enjoy sharing a quiet moment together looking out over the town as dusk comes. Kyousuke thinks he'd like to kiss her.

Hikaru finds a note from Madoka on the tree. It asks her to go on home without her. She's disappointed about this, but is still giddy over meeting her `Darling' and remembers those events of today.

Kyousuke returns home and finds Jingoro clawing the hat that Madoka gave him. He angrily takes the hat away from him, but Jingoro, being the strange cat he is, grabs back at the hat and the two end up in a tug of war.