Kimagure Orange Road episode 3

Mood Swings! The Rolling First Date.

Apr 20, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
After school, Komatsu and Hatta take Kyousuke out to their favorite hamburger joint. What they find even better than the attractive help wearing leotards is the fact that the tables overlook a woman's aerobics establishment.

As they are eating Komatsu gives Kyousuke two tickets to the Disco Moebius. He asks if that isn't the Disco where the punks go, and the two reply that it must be, since Ayukawa frequents it. Kyousuke then imagines slow dancing with Madoka until the two bring him back to reality. They suggest that they go together and also bring Kurumi and Manami along too. Kyousuke replies that his sisters are too young, and besides, they don't like dancing. Proving this false, Komatsu points out that three of the girls doing aerobics there are Kurumi, Manami, and Hikaru.

At home that evening, Kyousuke finds out that his sisters went to the aerobics place because they got free lesson tickets. He begins to lecture them on how inappropriate it is for them to do so, but then begins thinking that he's rather hypocritical, since he couldn't refuse Komatsu's invitation to the disco. On the way to his room, the tickets fall out of Kyousuke's pocket.

That evening Manami interrupts Kyousuke's daydream asking him what this ticket she found is (it's one of those from Komatsu). After hearing from him that there's another, she figures out that that is where Kurumi went.

Komatsu and Hatta meet each other outside the Disco and wait for Kyousuke. To speed up the search for Kurumi, Kyousuke and Manami teleport just inside the door of the place and end up falling down the stairs where they are greeted by the doorman.

Inside, they split up to better search for Kurumi. As he is moving around the dance floor looking for her, Kyousuke bumps into, who else, Hikaru. At first she's mad, but then overjoyed when she finds out it's her darling. She says that she's here with Madoka and points her out, sitting by herself with a drink. Just then the slow dance starts, and Hikaru snags Kyousuke. After seeing the two of them dancing cheek-to-cheek, Madoka accepts a dance with some punk that asks her.

Kyousuke's embarrassed to be dancing with Hikaru in front of Madoka. Hikaru's nice but... he isn't showing his true feelings. He wishes he could decide and laments his inability to do so. Meanwhile, Komatsu and Hatta are still waiting outside for him.

Sunday noon Kyousuke arrives at the park, as Hikaru had made a date with him after the dance and they were to meet here. It turns out that he's a whole hour early, so he rents a rowboat to pass the time.

Meanwhile, Komatsu and Hatta show up at his place to take him out to eat. Since he's not home, they end up taking out Kurumi and Manami (not objecting to cute girls). And the sisters certainly have no objection to free food.

Kyousuke is enjoying his boat-ride but worrying about Madoka, when he hears saxophone music coming across the water and follows it. He see's that it's her, and for some reason, hides. Two punks come up and accost her, one of them being the one that she danced with last night. When she turns him down again, ``Just because I close danced with you last night doesn't mean I'm interested.'' They become violent and she has to take care of them. Kyousuke rushes to help but arrives just after she finishes, only to fall in the water, giving both of them a good laugh.

At the Pizza Restaurant, Kurumi and Manami are having a wonderful time eating. They surprise the two boys with their capacity, and the fellows worriedly count their money.

Back on the lake, Madoka is rowing the boat with Kyousuke as he tries to dry off. She suggests that he take off his wet shirt. He's embarrassed to do this in front of a girl, but before they have much more time to discuss this, a small child falls off the bridge over the lake. Madoka is going to dive in to save him, but Kyousuke says he'll do it, and does. ``This is probably the first time I've ever been this serious about anything. And that wasn't just because I wanted to save the child, but to catch Ayukawa who always seems to be far away.''

It seems he did, because afterwards, she gives him her jacket and a wink; then it starts to rain. To stay warm out of the rain, they go to a small restaurant where they share coffee and conversation. There, she looks at him so steadily he wonders if there's something on his face. Madoka replies, ``Yes, plankton,'' and comments that the two of them sitting by themselves looks like they're dating. This reminds Kyousuke of his date with Hikaru, which he unfortunately blurts out. Madoka leaves, picking up the tab on the way out. He asks about her jacket, and she tells him to return it after washing it.

Kyousuke runs back to the spot in the park where he was supposed to meet Hikaru. On the message board there he finds written in large letters ``Kyousuke's an Idiot.''

Back at home Madoka takes a shower and is about to light up a cigarette. She remembers how Kyousuke took hers away back at the riverbank in episode #1. So she ends up not lighting up, commenting that he's a strange guy.

On his way home Kyousuke begins to sneeze, the first signs of a cold coming on.