Kimagure Orange Road episode 4

Hikaru-chan!? The Disturbing `C' Incident

Apr 27, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
Kyousuke narrates about the events of last episode. He had a date with Hikaru, but met Madoka. He was so happy to be with her, that he forgot about his promise to Hikaru. He ended up catching a cold. Kyousuke is lying in bed, unable to sleep that night. He's thirsty and asks Jingoro for some water. The cat merely curls up and goes back to sleep. Kyousuke then tries using his powers to get some milk from the refrigerator. Unfortunately, the cold has weakened his powers too, and he can't do that. As a last resort, he staggers to the kitchen, and gets the milk himself.

Just then, there's a knock on the door. It's Hikaru. She runs in, crying, and hugs him. She was wandering around and ended up here. He puts on some music, and they sit in his room. Kyousuke apologizes being late for the date. He claims to have had to help his dad, which surprises Jingoro. She apologizes for the note she left on the message board. Kyousuke thinks to himself, ``Here I go lying again.'' He notices someone at the door and opens it to reveal Kurumi listening. He tells her off. Right behind her comes Manami bringing coffee for the two of them. She congratulates Kyousuke. She'd been worried about his being slow with girls, but now he's finally started inviting them home. Kyousuke's not pleased with this and kicks her out. He then thinks to himself that she is right, this is the first time he's invited a girl into his room, and to top that, it's the middle of the night.

Hikaru asks if he'll go on another date, ``I want to talk about our future.'' Kyousuke agrees, but then is shocked about the topic, ``Future!'' He laughs it off, mentioning that the coffee will get cold, and asks if she wants sugar in hers. She says she'll put it in herself, and their hands touch on the way to the sugar bowl, embarrassing them both. Kyousuke narrates that all they did that night was sit there and listen to music. Hikaru leaves, the next morning, elated.

At school, one of the girls in Kurumi's class mentions a dream about sleeping with her boyfriend. Kurumi says that her brother actually spent the night with Hikaru. Another gal adds that it's not unbelievable if it's her. Of course, this starts the rumors spreading like wildfire. In class, Komatsu comes up and starts teasing, and asking, Kyousuke about his going all the way with Hikaru. He wants to know what it was like. Hatta comes up and asks if Kyousuke would let him do the same with Kurumi or Manami. This is too much for Kyousuke. He stands up and yells at them to cut it out, ``I've never done `C' with Hikaru!'' At this, Madoka stands up and walks out, giving him a look as she walks out the door.

Hikaru is talking with Madoka on the school roof. She has just told her Kyousuke's excuse for missing the date Sunday. Madoka comments that men always make convenient lies, but Hikaru doesn't think that this is one. She tells about their hands touching, and says that Kyousuke's too innocent to lie like this. Madoka understands, and says she'll stand behind Hikaru. After a happy Hikaru has left, Madoka wonders why Kyousuke had to lie like this.

Kyousuke and Hikaru escape to talk alone by a tree outside school. He asks if she's heard the nasty rumor about them that's going around. She doesn't mind; it shows that they're a ``recognized couple.'' When Kyousuke mentions he doesn't like the lies, Hikaru figures he doesn't like her at all, and starts to cry. When he denies this, she hugs him and knocks him over in full view of the large group of spectators that have come to watch. This is too much for Kyousuke, who passes out.

Hikaru is sitting next to the bed Kyousuke is lying on in the nurses office. He dreams that Madoka is running away from him as he tries to explain. She stops, turns around and they hug. He comes to, hugging Hikaru instead. Just then, Madoka walks in, is shocked to see them, and walks back out. She stands outside the door for a while, and discourages a pair of fellows from going in. The injured one looks to be in pretty sorry shape. They realize who she is, and decide they really don't need the nurse, ``See, you can walk,'' says the other.

The twins are in the hall talking to a crowd. Manami explains that Kurumi's description of the previous night was bad. Kyousuke and Hikaru were sitting on the bed like a chair, not doing what everyone was thinking. This manages to clear up the rumor, though Kurumi would have liked to continue it.

Kyousuke is back in bed at home. His sisters bring him some egg-sake for his cold. He doesn't want to take it, but Kurumi uses her powers to feed it to him, and wishes him luck in getting better. He thinks that it was awfully strong; he might get drunk. He has another dream about chasing after Madoka, trying to explain.

Kurumi heads off to take her bath, and Kyousuke stagers down the hall to make a phone call, nearly squashing Jingoro. He calls Madoka. She's lying on her bed, talking to her teddy bear and lets it ring twenty times before answering. Kyousuke launches straight into explaining that nothing happened between him and Hikaru. She tells him that she's busy, and that she doesn't like it when men make excuses, then hangs up. Kyousuke narrates that his head was messed up with the fever and egg-sake so he wasn't sure what he said. He does agree with Madoka that it's not good trying to clear up misunderstandings with a phone call. Madoka tells her teddy bear that she hates men who make excuses.

The next day Kyousuke and Hikaru are talking at a cafe. She surprises him by asking how he feels about Madoka, since it looks like he doesn't like her. She's glad when he denies that since, ``she's really neat.'' After a brief distraction by Ushiko and Umao, Hikaru continues that Madoka is like an older sister, and shows him a pendant that is ``filled with Madoka-san's memory.'' Meanwhile, Madoka is in a theater watching a gangster movie. A couple of guys decide to try and pick her up.

Hikaru says that Madoka isn't hot tempered like everyone says. She tells the story of her pendant. When they were young, a boy stole it from her. Instead of giving it back, he ran to his mother for protection. Even his mom defending him didn't dissuade Madoka. She stood outside his house, in the rain, waiting. In the end, her patience won, and the boy gave the pendant back the next day. Kyousuke comments that Madoka must have a strong will.

Back at the movie theater, the fellows aren't having much luck trying to pick up Madoka, and are getting in the way of her watching the movie. When they refuse to leave her alone, she ``takes care of'' them and walks out of the theater.

Hikaru says bye to Kyousuke and boards the bus for home. He then notices Madoka and the two punks from the theater facing off across the street. Using his powers, he lifts and moves a nearby steamroller to help her. He's still weak from the cold and drops it part way there. However, the impact knocks over the punks and a barrel of tar, which covers them. Madoka and Kyousuke stand together, staring off a bridge. She mistakes what happened for a big earthquake, and is glad he doesn't have a fever anymore. He starts to tell her what he heard about her from Hikaru, but doesn't. He didn't know why, but it was better not to.