Kimagure Orange Road episode 11

Don't Ring! Wedding Bell

Jun 15, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
It is raining, and a gloomy Kyousuke is sitting in school, not listening to the lecture while looking at Madoka's empty desk. The last time he saw her was when they were working at Abcb. She was distracted looking at a fashion magazine, not her normal self. When the phone rang, and it was for her, she shoved Kyousuke out of the phone booth to get it. It was a call she was waiting for, and she talks happily on the phone. Kyousuke is worried. It was an older man on the other end, and she also wouldn't tell him who the call was from. At this point, he is called on to read aloud in class, but is so distracted that he doesn't even know where to start, and makes a fool of himself reading too.

After school, Kyousuke and Hikaru are sitting on the swings talking. When he asks her where Madoka's been, she kids him that, ``maybe she's with a man?'' Kyousuke doesn't take the joke too well. She's surprised at his reaction, and he apologizes, saying, ``Don't worry. It's Ayukawa we're talking about.'' She promises to give her a phone call this evening.

That night, Kyousuke has a dream which unsettles him further. Madoka is getting married. He's watching from outside, and yells for her to stop, pounding on the glass. (a scene straight from The Graduate). His world collapses out from under him, and he falls. He wakes up, very unsettled, startling Jingoro in the process.

Kyousuke's running, late for school the next day. A car drives up in front of school and Madoka gets out. She straightens the drivers tie in a domestic way and waves goodbye to him. She notices Kyousuke and says hi. Just then a gust of wind blows up. As she's holding her hair against the wind, Kyousuke notices a ring on her finger. Images of Madoka getting married from his dream from last night comes back to Kyousuke, and he wonders that maybe it was a premonition dream. Madoka brings him out of his reverie, saying he'll be late. She also asks if she can borrow his notes for the days she missed.

In class, Kyousuke's still worried that she's just spent three days with this fellow. She's frequently looking at her ring and smiling. During break, Kyousuke finally gets up and goes over to ask her about it. Unfortunately, Komatsu grabs him and drags him off before he can.

Komatsu has a ring that he wants Kyousuke to give to Kurumi for him. Kyousuke is confused, because he thought Komatsu was after Manami. ``But that was different,'' he replies. Komatsu is scared to give it to her himself, telling about a time he tried to give her a concert ticket. He felt like everyone else was watching him. Hatta also shows up with a ``gift'' for Kurumi, his body. Neither of the others like this idea. Komatsu continues trying to convince Kyousuke, saying nothing that makes him feel better. He's in a hurry since, by law, women can get married at sixteen. This makes Kyousuke think that's only a year away for Madoka, as images of her getting married fill his head. He yells ``No Way!'' to this, crushing Komatsu. Kyousuke is so lost in his own worries that he doesn't notice.

Kyousuke is still worried that Madoka is getting married. He notices her pick up something that the gal next to her dropped and wonders if happiness as a woman is making her gentle to everyone. ``I wish I had telepathy.'' Then he realizes that he doesn't know that he doesn't have it, so tries. He tries hard, but all he gets is a brief image of Madoka in a wedding dress. He is trying so hard that the teacher comes over and asks, ``If you want to go to the restroom, just go, don't strain yourself.'' The rest of the class finds this very funny.

At lunch break, Kyousuke goes over to Madoka's desk to find out what's going on. Before he can say anything, Hikaru comes up and jumps on him. ``Sempai! Let's eat lunch! This is my best cooking yet. --- Oh, Madoka-san, you're here too? I phoned you last night, but you weren't around. I was worried.'' This doesn't help Kyousuke's emotions any. Madoka explains that she had some important business to do. She also turns down the invitation to lunch saying that she has a phone call to make. Before Kyousuke can ask anything else, Hikaru drags him off to feed him lunch. Feeding Kyousuke on the roof, Hikaru wonders if she'd make a good wife, making his favorite food everyday. This makes Kyousuke think that even Hikaru knows about the wedding, upsetting him even more.

He manages to sneak off to find Madoka, but runs straight into Yuusaku as he's leaving. He's angrily been watching Hikaru feed him, and is ready to beat him up. Just then, Hikaru comes up, stops Yuusaku, and asks where Kyousuke's going. ``To the bathroom.'' That's ok with her, and she waves to him as he goes down the stairs. While Hikaru is distracted by this, Yuusaku tries to grab a bite from her lunch, but she nails him with her fork.

Kyousuke runs down the stairs and finds Madoka talking on the phone. She is arranging to meet someone at Abcb at five, and then go somewhere with them. She hangs up and sees Kyousuke. He asks who it was. She again doesn't say, but tells him that it was a grown-up conversation.

Following what he resolved, Kyousuke comes to Abcb just before five that evening. He's determined to find out who this man Madoka is seeing is. He is all dressed up and his hair is slicked back. When Madoka sees him like this, she can't stop laughing. Master wonders what has happened to him. After Madoka delivers the coffee he ordered, she asks him if anything is wrong. He has trouble answering, and before he can a car drives up outside and honks. Madoka is happy to hear this. She takes off her apron and runs out to the car, leaving a stunned Kyousuke behind.

Master notices how down Kyousuke is, and asks if he wanted to do anything. Kyousuke replies that it doesn't matter now. Master mentions that this reminds him of when he was younger. It wasn't exactly Kyousuke's situation, ``but I knew I had to talk to her...''

Kyousuke borrows Master's bicycle and rides off after Madoka. She is obviously happy during the drive. Kyousuke soon tires and resorts to using his powers to cover more ground. The car has pulled up in front of a church. Madoka and a man get out and head inside.

Kyousuke continues his desperate chase. As he rides, he remembers the first time he meet Madoka, their working together at Abcb, and other times they've shared, all colored by a terrible sense of loss. Inside the church, Madoka has put on a wedding gown and begun a long procession down the aisle. (Note the Simon & Garfunkel music) Finally, Kyousuke finds the church, and runs in to investigate. He skids to a halt at the church's big balcony window just in time to see the man and Madoka taking vows in front of a priest. He pounds on the glass and yells for her...

Back at Abcb Madoka comments that she was really surprised when Kyousuke jumped in like that. He didn't know that there was a wedding rehearsal, and also had no idea that Madoka had a sister, who ended up really being the one getting married. Since her sister is always extremely busy with work, she asked Madoka to take care of everything about the wedding for her. When Master asks why Kyousuke thought Madoka was getting married, the ring comes up. Madoka's sister bought it for her for all her help. It turns out the whole thing came from Kyousuke jumping to conclusions. Hikaru comes in, but Kyousuke stops Madoka from telling her about his mistake.

Kyousuke again again envisions a happy Madoka in the wedding dress. This time, the two of them get on a bus together and ride off. Kyousuke thinks to himself that this is probably the worst mess-up that he's ever made. As the bus driving off turns into the standard `whimsical photograph,' Kyousuke comments, ``But if that day ever comes, the man next to her will be...''