Kimagure Orange Road episode 13

Concentration of Looks! Hikaru-chan! Big Transformation

Jun 29, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
Kyousuke's whole school is out cleaning up a neighborhood park for community service day this Sunday. No one wants to do this, but they are since it goes on their record. As they reluctantly work, an attractive looking gal walks up, well dressed in a mini-skirt, jewelry, and makeup. She really gets the fellows attention. She stops in front of Kyousuke, saying hello. Before he can respond, Komatsu and Hatta come up asking questions: her favorite color, address, phone number, three sizes and such. She knocks their heads together telling them to cut it out and calling them by name. They're surprised that she knows this. Kyousuke doesn't even recognize her when she tells him, ``It's me!''

Hikaru has to tell him her name before he figures it out. Everyone is surprised at who it is. Kurumi thinks she looks cool and wonders if she should change too. Manami thinks that wouldn't go over well with their dad. The new look seems popular with the fellows as all of them have gathered around. Since the teacher says they will be graded on the amount of garbage they collect all the fellows try to get on Hikaru's good side by giving her their's. ``Please take the garbage of my love.'' Hikaru's confused by this attention and doesn't enjoy that it separates her from Kyousuke.

Kyousuke is sitting on the dock wondering why Hikaru looks so mature suddenly. Madoka comes up, gives him a cold soda and comments that ``she looks sexier, right?'' She adds that fellows are weak about this kind of thing. When he denies both, Madoka smiles, answering that Hikaru probably did it all for a man she loves.

Yuusaku is picking up along the shore of the lake. Hikaru comes up and asks if he's seen ``sempai.'' He hasn't but her new look gives him quite a surprise. He almost falls into the lake, but she catches him. The look of dazed bliss on his face make her throw him in anyway. She comments that he shouldn't get so excited like that and goes off to continue her search.

Hikaru wears the same outfit to school the next day. Dressed like this she continues to attract the guys attention like honey attracts bees. Other girls in her class comment to each other that she should be wearing the school uniform like everyone else. At lunchtime both Komatsu and Hatta come in with gifts of food for her, including ``the elusive cutlet sandwich.'' They're ready to fight over her until Yuusaku comes up and decks them both. Then they decide that leaving may be a good idea. Hikaru chooses this moment to take the food and run off to have lunch with Darling. All of the boys in the class follow her, trampling Komatsu, Hatta and Yuusaku. When they get up, Yuusaku wonders why she's acting like this, ``Could she be getting sick?''

Meanwhile, Kyousuke is standing in the hall with two tickets to the ``Bobson'' concert next Sunday. He remembers his dad giving them to him; he got them from a business associate and told him to take someone he likes. Kyousuke sees Madoka and is about to invite her when Hikaru comes up asking her if she's seen her Darling. She hasn't. Kyousuke hides figuring he can always ask her later and puts the tickets away. As soon as Hikaru asks him to have lunch with her, she's covered in a swarm of admiring guys and swept away from him. He just catches a glimpse of Madoka's back as she walks away down the hall. After Hikaru leaves, he thinks about what the guys are saying about her but realizes he's a cheater for thinking they may be right.

During PE, Yuusaku, along with Komatsu and Hatta, are watching the girls play tennis. They try explaining to him why Hikaru's acting this way. ``Remember in 5th grade when they showed them a movie by themselves and they acted snobbish afterwards?'' When they ask if he knows what it was about, he claims to; the animated ``Snow White.'' That's wrong. They try another route asking if he knows why sometimes girls skip PE without a reason, but he's just as clueless on this one. Finally, they give up, ``There's only one reason for a girl to change; a man.'' This worries Yuusaku.

After school by the fountain in the park, Kyousuke asks Hikaru to the concert. She's overjoyed that he did, and says she should thank Madoka for this. Later, she stops by Abcb and arranges to borrow some clothes from Madoka. Master is amused and comments that Madoka looks mature without having to dress up. ``You're the type who would stir a man's heart.'' She denies this, but smiles at the compliment. She thinks about it and tries on a new outfit at home: glasses, suspenders and a tie. She's changing out of it when Hikaru comes by to pick up the clothes. When she takes them, Hikaru comments that Madoka looks so sexy (she's only wearing a shirt). A surprised Madoka offers her coffee, but Hikaru has to run, promising to tell her about it afterwards. Meanwhile, Yuusaku works on his katas, angry at Hikaru's change.

At home, Kurumi is trying on some make-up herself. She likes the look, but her father questions if she's entering a costume contest. That doesn't go over well. After disciplining her confused dad, she comments that he doesn't understand girl's feelings. Next Kurumi takes Jingoro in hand to dress up. The result is somewhere between punk and pro wrestler. The poor cat freaks out every time he sees his reflection but ends up staring at it, crying.

Sunday, Hikaru dresses for the concert and realizes she has a smaller chest than Madoka. Yuusaku shows up outside and promises to be her bodyguard and destroy all men who dare approach her. She's doesn't care for that, but he's persistent. He follows her, and she has to make a detour through a bus to lose him.

Yuusaku arrives at the concert and finds Hikaru waiting for someone. He's upset to find out that it's Kyousuke she's waiting for. He remembers Komatsu and Hatta's comment that she must be getting ``new stimulation from a man.'' Angry at this, he breaks his sunglasses and runs off.

At the concert Hikaru and Kyousuke are having a wonderful time. Hikaru's and the music's energy combine to make her very lively. Meanwhile, Yuusaku is out training and thinking angrily about Kyousuke and Hikaru. At the end of the first number, ``Breaking Heart,'' Kyousuke slips up and says, ``I'm thirsty, let's go for a drink, Ayukawa.'' Hikaru doesn't take this well and runs off down the aisle. She heads into the bathroom, crying and running the water so no one will hear.

Kyousuke goes off to look for her. Yuusaku, riding up on a bike, finds him first and drags him off. Hikaru is out of the bathroom by this time and is not at all pleased at what Yuusaku is doing, so she follows.

Yuusaku faces off with Kyousuke in a nearby canal. He wants to make sure that Kyousuke can take care of Hikaru and make her happy. If not, he'll beat him up. Hikaru comes by, stopping them momentarily, but Yuusaku is ready to tear into him again when Hikaru admits that Kyousuke is the reason she's like this. This time, he's stops when Madoka, standing overhead, asks what they're doing. The two surprised fellows fall into the water.

Afterwards the gang is at Abcb and Madoka explains that she lent Hikaru the clothes because she wanted to look more mature. Hikaru figures out she doesn't have to since it wasn't just the clothes that attracted the attention she wants.

That evening Kyousuke and Madoka are walking home from Abcb together. She apologizes for having him stay late to clean up, but it's fine with him. He notices a small penguin doll hanging from her belt. She says she wanted to look cute too, but maybe this isn't the thing; maybe it doesn't look good on her. When he replies that she really does look cute with it, she smiles and rewards him with a kiss from the doll.