Kimagure Orange Road episode 14

Prophetic Dream! Madoka and Kyousuke Break Up.

Jul 6, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
It is a starry night. Kyousuke and Madoka are both dressed in traditional clothes. She turns and tells him, ``You're weak. You're the worst. I don't want to see you anymore.'' It starts to rain. Chasing after her, Kyousuke ends up tripping on his own clothing. He wakes up, relieved to find this was only a dream, and finds himself sleeping backwards on his bed. Then he's shocked to think that it may actually be a prophetic dream.

Kyousuke is out jogging through the town, thinking of the dream. He meets Kurumi and Manami in front of a gym that has a poster up advertising lady wrestling. This makes Kyousuke think that this was a very bad time for his dream. The three enter the gym, opening the door to see Madoka easily winning a match against a larger lady wrestler. They walk through the gym where many women are training on weights and machines. By ringside, Hikaru is cheering Madoka on. The twins think this is wonderful; Kyousuke is surprised (to say the least). Hikaru notices and runs over with her typical greeting for ``Darling.'' Madoka's opponent takes advantage of this distraction at this to give her a painful throw. Sitting on the mat, a blush crosses Madoka's face, and Kyousuke waves an embarrassed hello.

Afterwards, Madoka asks if Kurumi and Manami can join the club. Of course, says her sempai, newcomers are always welcome. ``Besides, they're your cute boyfriend's sisters. How can I say no?'' She gives Kyousuke a bit too strong a pat on the shoulder which spins him around. Hikaru begs her not to be so rough on him. Madoka and the coach look at each other in confusion, then start to laugh.

Kyousuke remembers how this whole thing started. His sisters were begging their dad to let them join the wrestling club. ``It's a fad right now.'' ``And the girls are trying out the techniques on each other at school.'' Kyousuke's not so keen on the idea of them doing this. They bring up that Madoka goes there sometimes to work out. Their dad agrees, but on the condition that they don't use any ``power''. The two are overjoyed, and begin wrestling with Jingoro using their power. Dad also tells Kyousuke, ``Once they see the training, they'll know the reality.'' But he blows his credibility by standing up in a pro wrestling outfit himself.

At the gym, Kyousuke still isn't happy with his dad's decision. Madoka comes over and asks what's wrong. He tells her that he was surprised to find her doing this. Hikaru pops up and says, ``I was thinking of doing a little of this. Do you like stronger girls?'' When he equivocates saying it doesn't really matter, Madoka walks off and sighs.

The coach comes up again and tells Kyousuke, ``Not to overwork yourself is ok. It's not great, but your chest probably wouldn't last as a knee-pad for Madoka.'' She punctuates this with a tap on his chest, which again sends him staggering back. This time he trips on a bucket and ends up on the floor with it on his head. Hikaru's worried again, and Madoka comes over, concerned, and asks, ``Are you ok?''

Kyousuke's thinking of what Madoka said in the dream again. This is interrupted by her saying ``They probably won't be meeting tonight, right?'' (which, in Japanese, is very close to ``I don't want to see you anymore.'') Kyousuke's taking a break on the school roof, and Madoka has just come up behind him. When he asks who, she replies, ``Hikoboshi and Orihime... I kind of like that story.'' This makes him think, ``Today is `Tanabata' and it seems like it's going to rain, just like in the dream.'' Kyousuke is now full of determination.

Yuusaku, practicing Karate, puts out a candle with the wind from one of his punches. Kyousuke watchs him through a window and tries to imitate his kata. He ends up embarrassing himself by falling on his back in front of the girls tennis club. Taking another look in the window he finds Yuusaku, who drags him inside. Yuusaku doesn't believe that Kyousuke really wants to learn Karate, and can't figure out why he would want to either. As they are arguing about this, Hikaru comes up.

At Abcb, the twins, Komatsu and Hatta are decorating a bamboo tree for Tanabata. The twins both put up wishes that they will become star wrestlers. Komatsu and Hatta think that this is really cute, and say that they will become groupies of the two. Hatta pulls out his ever-present balloon and, after a brief flight, Kurumi uses it to decorate the tree too. Komatsu accuses Hatta of thinking something dirty, and the two laugh.

At the Karate club, Yuusaku is teaching Kyousuke, surprising some of the older members of the club with his ability. Hikaru is watching the proceedings. He whacks Kyousuke in the rear, ``How many times to I have to tell you?! Lower the hip!'' He is whacked in turn by Hikaru, ``I told you not to hit him!'' He claims Kyousuke's not a good learner, but Hikaru counters that it's his teaching method that's the problem. Kyousuke continues the kata and falls trying another kick. Madoka witnesses this, and asks, ``Why are you doing this Kasuga-kun?'' She is surprised when he gives her a look of pure determination, pushes away Hikaru and has Yuusaku put him through the paces again.

At Abcb she grins as she tells Master of this, commenting that it's funny. He says it's not that odd, ``Boys are always like Tom Sawyer, filled with curiosity. Besides, they want to be strong in front of girls that they like.'' ``Like Kasuga-kun right now,'' he adds with a wink. She thinks back to Kyousuke's falling at the gym, and his learning Karate. Now she understands why he's doing it, and that brings a smile to her face. She notices the Tanabata tree, and Master explains that Komatsu asked if he could put it there since it looked like rain. There's going to be a Tanabata party at Abcb tonight.

Yuusaku comes in with terrible news, begging Madoka to come quickly. As he gives her a ride to the hospital on his bike, he explains. Kyousuke challenged one of the best members of the Karate club, even though he only remembered the basic patterns. Yuusaku tried to stop the fight, but was just brushed aside by the sempai.

At the hospital, they are greeted by a sobbing Hikaru. Madoka reassures her that the doctor said Kyousuke will be all right. Kyousuke is lying in a bed, sleeping, and looking very beat-up. Madoka pulls out a handkerchief and suggests Hikaru go wash her tear covered face. ``You don't want him to see your face like this, do you?'' Yuusaku tenderly takes Hikaru off to do so. In the room, Madoka remembers Kyousuke's determination practicing Karate, her surprise, and Master's words describing why he'd do something like that. In his sleep, Kyousuke mumbles, ``I'm not weak... I'm not the worst...'' surprising her. Madoka, looking concerned, pulls the curtains and wonders ``Why does he have to push it so hard?'' She leans over him on the bed, and is about to kiss him when he wakes up, surprising them both. He only has time to say, ``A... Ayukawa!'' before Hikaru bursts into the room.

Thanks to quick reactions on both of their parts, Hikaru finds Madoka sitting on a chair peeling an apple and Kyousuke turned away from her, reading a comic book. Madoka comments it looks like he's better. Kyousuke wonders what Madoka was thinking of doing before the invasion. He also notices the blush on her face as she continues to peel the apple.

Mr. Kasuga comes to the wrestling gym we saw earlier. Komatsu and Hatta are acting as cheerleaders for the twins. Kurumi is in the ring facing a much larger female wrestler. When she charges, Kurumi flips her, bounces her off the mat a couple times and throws her, all without ever touching her opponent. Madoka's sempai and the manager are impressed, thinking the two may be quite valuable. Dad yells at Kurumi and Manami to stop and ``get out of the ring right now.'' They hug each other for protection, commenting ``he saw us.'' Another wrestler comes up, puts Dad in a headlock and asks who he is. He replies that he's the twins guardian.

That evening, Master is hosting the Tanabata party for the whole gang. Komatsu comments that the wrestlers were interested in Kurumi and Manami. Their dad gives a firm ``no'' to letting them continue. Kyousuke tells Manami it's because they used their power; Dad was very surprised. Manami replies that Kurumi really wanted to be a star, and elbows Kyousuke for his ``help'' in this, which doesn't make his leftover injuries feel any better.

After the meal, the ``entertainment'' is Hikaru imitating an idol singer while Master plays the guitar. Yuusaku appreciates this a lot; Kyousuke escapes out to the balcony beside the bamboo tree with the wishes. He looks up at the clear sky and thinks, ``That dream had no relation what so ever, and the two of Tanabata are reunited,'' imagining Madoka and himself as in the dream, but together. He still wonders where the dream came from though. Madoka comes out and asks how his injuries are. She's relieved that they're better. She'd forgotten to make a wish and just now goes to tie it on the bamboo tree. Kyousuke wants to see it, and moves to look, ``It doesn't matter if I see it.'' She comes up close behind him and covers his eyes. ``No. It's not ok. Anyway I like you best the way you are now.'' She uncovers his eyes, but keeps her hands on his shoulders. Kyousuke is very happy for her words and actions, and enjoys her close to him.

This starts him thinking, ``the best is the opposite of worst...'' Kyousuke thinks back to the night of the dream. Later on he understands. Because he was sleeping backwards, everything he saw in the dream was opposite too. So Madoka wasn't going to leave him because he wasn't strong enough, but rather...