Kimagure Orange Road episode 16

Believe It Or Not! Madoka Saw a UFO!

Jul 20, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
It is summer and final exams have just finished. Kyousuke and Madoka are walking back from Abcb where he fixed her camera. They are both transfixed by a bright light from the sky. As it is fading, Kyousuke manages to grab her camera and snap a picture.

Kyousuke comes home, excited about the UFO picture he just took. He finds Kurumi and Manami watching TV and levitating a bunch of lamps and lightbulbs to make their own special effects. He yells at them for this, it could reveal their powers. Deflated, he realizes what the UFO he and Madoka saw probably was.

The next day, at school, Kyousuke gives the developed pictures to Madoka. She's impressed that the UFO showed up on the photo. Realizing what it probably was, he asks her if they can keep this a secret just between the two of them. She thinks for a bit and then agrees with a quiet smile. Kyousuke doesn't like having to lie to her, but... She's putting the photos away when Hikaru runs up asking about the UFO, spoiling any secrecy.

Komatsu and Hatta are asking about the rumors of a UFO. They've become ``special reporters'' for the school newspaper, having the perfect qualifications: ``light work, huge curiosity, and boldness enough to rudely step into someone else's heart.'' Between them and Hikaru the rumors spread like wildfire: ``Kasuga and Ayukawa saw a UFO.'' They took a ride on one. ``Ayukawa and an alien went on a date.'' Madoka isn't to happy with the attention that this is getting her or the questions people are asking. Komatsu and Hatta ask Kyousuke for his side of the story. He tells them that he thought it was a UFO, but he was mistaken. He hates lying like this, but he has to protect his families secret. This contradicts Madoka's story, and people start treating her as ``the alien of class 3-A.'' Kyousuke silently apologizes to her. In swimming class, he tries to explain but ends up getting knocked underwater..

Yuusaku asks Madoka why she made up a lie about the UFO. She tells him she saw what she did, but he has trouble believing this. Hikaru comes up and berates him, ``Ayukawa-san doesn't lie.'' He then reminds her that Kyousuke has said that he didn't see a UFO. Hikaru asks Kyousuke directly and he denies seeing the UFO. Now she's confused, neither Madoka nor Darling would lie, but... She asks the sky, ``Hey UFO! are you there or not?''

To find out the truth, Hikaru recruits Yuusaku's help, deciding that they have to take a picture of the UFO for Kyousuke and Madoka's sake. He is dubious, but helps anyway.

At home, Kyousuke is wrestling with his dad, and with his dilemma created by Kurumi's ``UFO.'' His father is more easily handled than the dilemma. That night, he sits in his room, plays with The Red Straw Hat and thinks of UFOs.

Madoka is dancing off her emotions at Disco Moebius. An old friend meets her and offers her a cigarette. Madoka turns it down, saying she quit and goes back to dancing.

It's the last day of spring term, but Madoka isn't at school. She doesn't answer her phone at home either. Kurumi suggests flying more UFOs to cheer up, but Kyousuke blames this whole mess on her. By the time she's done denying it, he's run off.

He looks all over for Madoka. She's not at the video arcade or even in the park at the top of The Stairs. Crossing an overpass, he notices some motorcycles below. She is riding on the back of one of them. Before he can do more than yell her name, they ride off. Komatsu and Hatta are asking Master about the UFO when Kyousuke bursts into Abcb, borrows Master's bicycle. As he rides off, it begins to rain. He thinks to himself that, if becoming an adult means worrying about what others say and lying about what he did see, he never wants to become one. By now he doesn't care if others find out about their powers, ``Even if it was a UFO that Kurumi made, I saw it with Ayukawa!'' Using his powers, he races down a curving mountain road and passes a fast motorcycle, shocking the rider.

Madoka and her friends have stopped by the roadside. They're talking and it seems to help Madoka's feelings. One of them tells her she can keep the helmet, and they ride off again. Just then, Kyousuke spots them across the valley. He leaps down the mountainside and fords the lake, yelling her name. Her friend pauses, but Madoka isn't ready yet and says to go on. Kyousuke reaches the road, but too late. He's standing there, defeated, when a truck comes by and sends him tumbling down the mountainside again. Tripping, he falls but the umbrella he is carrying helps give him a softer landing.

Far better is the fact he landed next to Madoka, and that she smiles and takes the arm of a bruised and battered Kyousuke. Kyousuke apologizes, telling her he saw the UFO too. She tells him it's ok. It doesn't matter to her what others say. ``I just felt sort of lonely thinking that what I saw with you was just a hallucination.'' Kyousuke doesn't know how to react. Madoka tells her friend she'll return the helmet. The two, reconciled, begin walking home, and the rain stops.

Suddenly, all over the town, people begin to see a bright light in the sky. Manami comes out and asks Kurumi if this is her doing; it isn't. Hikaru and Yuusaku see it from her house. Komatsu and Hatta come out of Abcb to see it. Kyousuke and Madoka see it. He realizes that maybe the one they saw that night wasn't Kurumi's and narrates, ``In the summer of my 15th year, I saw a UFO.''