Kimagure Orange Road episode 17

Summer Temptation! The Sudden Double-Date

Jul 27, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
Summer vacation is just beginning, but Kyousuke is lamenting the fact that he has homework to do. He gets a phone call from Madoka. She asks him to study at the library; it's better to study together. While on the phone, she's looking at an ad for this evenings fireworks festival and a kimono. They agree to meet in front of the library at 1:00.

No sooner has Kyousuke hung up the phone than Hikaru calls asking him to come to the pool that day. Kyousuke thinks that would be really neat, so agrees. Then, he remembers that he's supposed to be studying with Madoka instead.

At the pool, Hikaru shows up wearing a very daring bikini, which has the expected affect on Kyousuke's hormones. She asks him if it looks good on her. Yuusaku is also there and not too pleased about the attention Hikaru is getting. She drags Kyousuke swimming, which he does enjoy. It's 1:30 before Kyousuke realizes what time it is. He's starting to leave when Kurumi and Manami show up along with Komatsu and Hatta. Hikaru is overjoyed to see Kyousuke's sisters. Manami is quietly surprised that Kyousuke is here and not at the library with Madoka like he promised.

After putting on street clothes, Kyousuke teleports to the library. He appears right behind Madoka, surprising them both. She also comments that she was invited to the pool, but... Inside the library Madoka suggests a goal that they work for. Kyousuke's surprised at the amount, but promises to do it. He is trying to study, but keeps being distracted by looking at Madoka. This reminds him of Komatsu and Hatta and what they might be doing to his sisters. He runs off with the excuse that he has to go look for a reference book.

Upstairs he changes to his swimsuit and teleports to the pool. Unfortunately, he ends up in the girls locker room, still holding a book. He escapes, only to find that Kurumi got a leg cramp and Hatta is swimming over to help her. Kyousuke is not happy about this, especially with the kind of help he expects Hatta to give. Afterwards, Manami takes care of Kurumi, and Hatta is overjoyed to have been able to hold her like that. Kyousuke thinks of going back to the library, but Hikaru and Komatsu conspire to pull him into the pool.

Madoka is waiting for him at the library. He comes back, all wet, and explains that the second floor is awful hot and he sweats a lot.

For the rest of the afternoon, Kyousuke uses his power to try and be in both places at once, often getting himself into trouble as he teleports into an awkward situation.

Finally, he returns to the library to find Madoka's hat and books, but not her. She comes up and asks where he was. When he tells her he was looking for a reference book on the second floor, she replies that is where she was too.

It's only 3:40 but Kyousuke is falling asleep while trying to study. Madoka says, ``Let's quit for today.'' Kyousuke looks tired and unsettled. She also comments that she forgot she has to work at Abcb.

Back at the pool, Hikaru is wondering where her darling is. Hatta comes up with yet another plan. He wants to put his ``high grade special delicious sun oil'' on Kurumi and Manami. Kyousuke shows up just as the twins are running away from him.

Madoka arrives at Abcb to the surprise of Master; he thought she was taking the day off. She tells him to go to the festival with his family, she'll take care of the place.

Hikaru invites Kyousuke to the Fireworks Festival that evening with everyone. She says she asked Madoka who declined to go with everyone because she had promised someone else. Kyousuke remembers Madoka asking him to go with her, and realizes he didn't know what her feelings were. He runs home, mentally apologizing to Madoka. At home, he is desperately working on his homework. When his dad comes in to tell him they're going to the Fireworks Festival, he says he's not going and kicks his dad out. While studying, Kyousuke remembers Hikaru's disappointment that he wasn't going to the Festival with her.

It's closing time at Abcb, and Madoka turns off the lights and starts to clean up. She takes her homework bag and puts it in her locker, wondering, ``What am I doing?''

Finally, Kyousuke is done with the homework. He takes the book and runs to Abcb with it. Madoka is surprised to see him. He apologizes for being late and shows her the book, saying that he's finished it up to the page that they promised. She takes it, looks it over and smiles. ``Half of these are wrong, we'll have to have another study session tomorrow.''

Now they can go to the Fireworks Festival. Unfortunately it just ended. Kyousuke apologizes, but Madoka tells him, ``it's ok''. He then teleports some sparklers from his apartment and tells Madoka they can have their own festival using these.

Madoka excuses herself for a moment. Kyousuke prepares a tub of water with a lighted candle floating in it. When she comes back, Kyousuke is surprised to find that Madoka has changed into a kimono for this occasion. He's impressed that she did it when it was going to be just the two of them. Embarrassed, she asks him not to stare at her.

The two sit by the candle and burn the sparklers to celebrate the start of summer, enjoying each others quiet company. Kyousuke is happy that he ended up with Madoka and thinks, ``This was the way our summer vacation began.''