Kimagure Orange Road episode 18

Madoka's Challenge! Ghost Beach's Big Wave Legend!

Aug 3, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
``It all began at that summer beach,'' narrates Kyousuke. He, Madoka, Hikaru and Yuusaku are on a ferry boat. Yuusaku is doing push-ups to show off and gets to 554. The four then take a bus to the beach. Hikaru is overjoyed when they reach it.

Kyousuke remembers back to Abcb. A regular customer gave Madoka some 1/2 price coupons to stay at an inn here this Sunday. Master wonders why they have coupons for this time of the season. Hikaru wants all three of them to go together. ``Maybe we can just get one room?'' Yuusaku comes out of the bathroom and Hikaru doesn't shut up in time.

Back at the beach, Kyousuke is surprised and embarrassed when Hikaru and then Madoka begin to take off their clothes. It turns out that they were wearing their swimsuits underneath.

Later on, they meet some surfers who are leaving. (This island is a Mecca of surfing.) The surfers tell them of ``The Legendary Big Monday.'' It is a giant wave that comes on the first Monday of August. ``For a long time surfers challenged it for fun, but nobody ever managed to beat it.'' Now everyone goes home; that's why they issue these coupons. They notice a beautiful woman surfer who seems to be staying around. Kyousuke wonders if she knows about the legendary wave.

Kyousuke's dad is working at home. He's selecting photos, and wondering if he has too many mountain shots. A bikini levitates by, he tosses it back. The same happens with a snorkeling mask and Jingoro in a life preserver. Kurumi and Manami show up and continue using their powers to try to convince him to take them to the beach. ``The pool is too boring.'' Manami also suggests he might get some ocean photos to complement the mountain ones. Kurumi also brings up the question of what Kyousuke might really get into. ``We're talking about the summer sea, right?''

Kyousuke, Madoka, Hikaru and Yuusaku are sitting on a breakwater next to an old fisherman. He tells them a story of the area. Once, there was a peasant woman named Koto. She was so beautiful that the lord ordered her to his castle. The night before she was to go, she and her fiance ran away, hand in hand. The lord's troops tried to stop her, and she was hit in the wrist by an arrow. To avoid her fate, Koto and her fiance jumped from the cliffs here into the ocean. Now, on certain nights, a beautiful ghost is known to wander around the beach. And on her wrist, is the scar that she got from the arrow that night.

Kyousuke thinks that he's always been a sucker for this kind of story. He tells Hikaru not to be scared about it, but she laughs him off. Ghost stories don't bother her, but Madoka, on the other hand... At that point, the fisherman brings in his small catch. Madoka looks out and notices the woman they saw earlier surfing out on the waves. She comments to Kyousuke, ``don't you think she looks lonely?''

That evening, this same woman passes Yuusaku in the inn. He tells Kyousuke what he saw, giving him a surprise too. She's staying by herself here --- and her name is Koto. Hikaru and Madoka go to the bath, and the woman passes them on the way out. Madoka notices that she's got a scar on her wrist. The old man's words come back to her, and she wonders if this woman just might be a ghost.

That night, Kyousuke meets Madoka as she is heading out. She's going back to the beach since she left her T-shirt there. He offers to go with her making a monster-face to explain why. She laughs at that, and tells him that these places always have some story like that. She's no longer laughing when he tells her what Yuusaku found out about the woman surfer who's staying here. Just then, a bat flies near Madoka, she screams, and clings to Kyousuke. He realizes that he doesn't mind her doing that at all.

On the beach, the two are looking for the T-shirt, although Kyousuke spends some time looking at Madoka instead. She finds it, but then sees someones foot around a beached boat. Walking over, she sees Koto, screams and faints. Kyousuke comes up to find someone bending over Madoka. His flashlight reveals it to be Koto. He runs away from the ghost, but then realizes ``Ayukawa! I've got to help Ayukawa!'' He comes back, brandishing an oar and tells Koto, ``Don't touch her.'' Koto reassures him. She hasn't laid a finger on her. It turns out that she cut her foot on a broken bottle, ``This beach is getting so trashy.''

The three are sitting by the boat. Kyousuke is resting the still unconscious Madoka on his shoulder. Koto is amused they thought she was a ghost. ``Even if he's a ghost, I wish I could see him again... My boyfriend died here three years ago.'' It was from the legendary Big Monday. ``He was always chasing dreams. He wanted to conquer the wave. We were so young... I loved him for that.'' She was thinking of challenging Big Monday for him. She's not as good a surfer as he was, but if she doesn't, she feels that she'll never be able to forget about him and get married. But with her foot injured like this, it's impossible. She asks Kyousuke, ``Is she your girlfriend? She's cute. From now on, be sure to protect her, ok?'' and walks off. Kyousuke thinks, ``In this kind of situation, I have to protect Ayukawa.''

Kyousuke is carrying Madoka back. He thinks that he doesn't mind her weight at all. She finally wakes up when her hair in his face causes him to sneeze. ``That lady... was she really a ghost?'' Kyousuke says yes, but can't keep a straight face long enough. When he starts laughing, Madoka realizes that he's pulling her leg. ``Put me down! I can walk by myself.'' But he just runs on, carrying her until she starts to fall.

The next day, they're all at the beach. Koto is standing there too, with her foot bandaged. It turns out Madoka is going to challenge the Big Monday for Koto. Kyousuke notices that she's completely different from the girl who was scared of the ghost last night. She tells him that she can sort of feel the way Koto is feeling. He's worried for her, but she reassures him. ``Don't worry. Her boyfriend will protect me for her.'' She remembers talking with Koto. ``Are you sure that's the way you want it? And then you really can forget about him?''

Madoka paddles out, and Big Monday appears on the horizon. She gets up on the board and is doing ok surfing it. Unfortunately, she digs the front in a bit much and goes down, the wave pulling her under. Kyousuke is frightened. Koto looks worried. She's seen this happen before, and after all, Madoka was doing this for her. Hikaru heads out to try to help Madoka, but Yuusaku stops her, ``Hikaru! Wait! It's dangerous!'' Kyousuke concentrates and tries using his powers to save Madoka. The surfboard flies up, and he collapses. Then we see Madoka, atop the surfboard again, riding on Big Monday.

Back on the beach, Hikaru is surprised at the ``incident'' Madoka tells of. ``I thought I wouldn't make it, but before I knew it, I floated up and was standing on the board.'' Kyousuke laughs, embarrassed, sure that Madoka now knows of his power. She walks on past him though, and up to Koto. ``Your boyfriend must have helped me.'' And we see Koto smile for the first time. Her personal ghost has been put to rest. Kyousuke is happy. Not only is his power still secret but, ``I managed to protect the woman I care most about.''

Kyousuke tries out a surfboard himself. ``I felt I could even beat the ocean at that time.'' However, he's not as good as Madoka. The first big wave tosses him over, before he has even gotten up on the board.