Kimagure Orange Road episode 20

Hikaru's a Witness! A Training Camp is Full of Danger.

Aug 17, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
The gang is on a train heading through the mountains. Komatsu has brought along a bunch of candy and snacks to give to the girls; so has Hatta. The good looking instructor yells at them, telling them to behave. He is then mobbed by a bunch of girls. All this female attention causes Komatsu and Hatta's candy bars to wilt. It turns out that they all are going to a summer tennis camp hosted by their school.

At the tennis camp Kitakata-sempai, the teacher from earlier, is testing all the students to see in which tennis class they belong. Komatsu and Hatta embarrass themselves with their lack of ability, both getting hit by the ball without being able to return it at all. Kyousuke isn't so eager for his test. However, he manages to return Kitakata's serve so that he misses. Kitakata is impressed; Kyousuke's the first one to return his serve. Kyousuke is astonished. He then finds out that Kurumi used her power to help him.

Kyousuke ends up in the A class (most difficult). Madoka comes up, congratulates him, saying they can practice together. The very attractive tennis outfit she's wearing really gets Kyousuke's attention. She worries that it might not look good on her. It does, enough to make his eyes cross.

Hikaru comes up and accuses Kyousuke. He said he'd never played tennis before and thus would end up in C class with her. He replies that his placement is an accident. Madoka points out that it's not his fault, and they won't be playing tennis all day so she'll have time enough to be with him. Happy at this thought, Hikaru apologizes for being so selfish.

Komatsu and Hatta are overjoyed to be in C class with the pretty Kurumi, Manami and Hikaru. Yuusaku isn't pleased that he's in B class, away from Hikaru. Komatsu and Hatta tease him about being in there with no cute girls.

Kitakata announces that each class will eat dinner together. Afterwards they'll have a big beautiful campfire with dancing. He seems unable to say two sentences without using the word beautiful. The guys will gather firewood and the gals will make dinner. Hikaru is disappointed that she can't eat dinner with her darling. Madoka reassures her that as soon as dinner starts, she and Kyousuke will come join her, ``Right Kasuga-kun?'' This makes things better and Hikaru says she'll make curry for everyone.

While Kyousuke is off gathering firewood, he runs across Kitakata standing there holding a flower. Kitakata comments that he's beautiful, and it was a beautiful smash. He looks forward to playing tennis with him tomorrow. An astonished Kyousuke replies that he's not even a worthy opponent, and figures he's in real trouble.

Back at the campfire Kitakata is talking about tennis. Madoka comes up and comments that Kyousuke isn't as lively as he was before. ``Is something wrong?'' He thinks he's bound to play miserably tomorrow.

While everyone is dancing, Kyousuke sneaks off into the woods to practice his swing. Madoka finds him there. Again he explains that it's a mistake that he's in A class. Madoka gives Kyousuke a few pointers on stance, but then decides that way is too difficult. She stands behind him and moves his arm in the right way, so he'll feel how a proper swing goes. This works, but he also feels the pressure of her breasts on his back, somewhat distracting him.

Of course, just as they're practicing like this, Hikaru comes up and sees them. Everyone is embarrassed. Madoka explains that she invited Kyousuke to practice, would Hikaru like to join them? She doesn't.

That night, Madoka returns to the cabin she is sharing with Hikaru. Hikaru is lying on her bed, possibly asleep. Madoka asks her if she's mad about what happened earlier. ``Do you want to go for a walk together?'' Hikaru just continues sleeping.

The next day at practice, Kitakata is busy with the girls so Kyousuke ends up practicing with Madoka. Hikaru is on the sidelines watching. Kyousuke is doing rather well volleying with Madoka until one jump reveals a bit of what's under her skirt, distracting Kyousuke who is then nailed in the face by the ball. ``That was exciting,'' he thinks.

Madoka asks if he's ok and then comments that Hikaru isn't around anymore. Kyousuke thinks that he forgot about Hikaru while playing with Madoka, but Madoka never forgets about her, even while playing tennis. Kyousuke goes to search for her.

Hikaru is sadly sitting on a dock in a nearby lake. Kitakata comes running up, pursued by girls in the distance. He hushes Hikaru and then drags her down to hide in the rowboat tied up by the dock. He tells her that she'll be beautiful when she gets to high school, and tries to take her for a boat ride. She initially doesn't want to go, holding onto the dock, but then hears Kyousuke calling for her.

Kitakata ends up taking her for a boat ride. In the middle of the lake, he makes a pass at her. As she is pushing him away, Hikaru falls into the lake. All Kitakata can do is stand in the boat and yell ineffectually. Kyousuke comes up and jumps into the lake to save her. As he swims up and grabs Hikaru, she is struggling too much for him to do much else, so he uses his power to bring the boat closer, dumping Kitakata into the lake.

After the rescue, Hikaru runs off. Kyousuke tries to follow, but Kitakata trips him. Madoka has witnessed this whole episode from behind a tree in the background.

That night Madoka and Hikaru are talking in their cabin. Hikaru tells her that, ``Darling doesn't know a thing about my feelings.'' Madoka apologizes for the events earlier. Neither of them feels like going to the dance tonight. When Madoka asks Hikaru if Kyousuke knows about how she feels, Hikaru leaves to tell him. As she runs off, Madoka stands on the porch watching to make sure she's ok.

Turning around, she finds Kitakata there too. When she tells him that Hikaru isn't around, he comments that the night is beautiful and the moonlight looks beautiful on her face. This line doesn't work on Madoka. When he grabs her, she slaps him to the other end of the porch and tosses him head over heels down the stairs, telling him, ``Don't even think you're that fancy! You can't even save a single girl!'' The hard landing knocks a few of his shiny teeth out.

At Kyousuke's cabin, Hikaru comes in to find him asleep. She wonders if he even cares if anything happens to her. When she touches him, he cries out ``Hikaru-chan! Watch out!...'' This reassures her, and makes her remember him rescuing her back at the lake. She then reaches over and gives him a kiss.

On the way back to her own cabin, Hikaru runs into Kitakata. He tries the same line on her that he did on Madoka. However, the missing teeth make his smile less than enchanting. Hikaru rushes past him with a quick ``good-night,'' leaving him to think about being not beautiful for a change. Back at their cabin, Hikaru meets Madoka coming back with her arms full of soda cans. ``Let's drink all night,'' she suggests to Hikaru.

In his cabin, Kyousuke wakes up and feels his cheek. He then narrates, ``I didn't have a clue, up until that moment, as to why I was dreaming of being strangled by Hikaru at the lake, but it changed all of a sudden to being kissed...''