Kimagure Orange Road episode 24

Kazuya's Appearance! Taking Care of the Panic Kid.

Sep 14, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
Kyousuke is coming home. A small version of himself flies out the door and collides with him. This turns out to be his cousin Kazuya, trying to escape cleaning up a mess he made. He looks just like Kyousuke did ten years ago. It turns out the Kasuga's are taking care of him while his folks look for a new house. Kyousuke's dad is busy with work and asks someone to take Kazuya out. Kurumi goes off to study and Kazuya doesn't want Manami, so Kyousuke gets stuck with him.

They are running in the park along with Jingoro, when Kyousuke bumps into a tough character because he wasn't looking where he was going. He apologizes and smoothes things over, but as they are walking away, Kazuya yells out, ``Hey you, be careful guy!'' Not exactly a good thing to say in such a situation.

At Abcb, the two of them are sitting at a table with Madoka. Kyousuke is telling Kazuya he didn't have to say that. Madoka finds out that they're cousins and notices the family resemblance between Kazuya and Kyousuke. Kazuya goes over, hugs her and says ``You're beautiful. I like you.'' She asks and finds out that he's five years old. Kyousuke notices that as Kazuya is hugging Madoka, his hand is resting on her breast, and thinks the kid's lucky to be able to do so with no problem. Kazuya chimes in ``You have a big bust.'' Kyousuke says a hasty goodbye and quickly drags Kazuya out.

Down the street a ways, Kyousuke catches his breath and hopes that Madoka isn't upset by that comment. He looks up to find that Kazuya dragged her along. ``He's got a strong grip,'' she comments. Kyousuke tells him to let go of her as she's busy, but Kazuya throws a tantrum, ``I like her. I want to be with her.'' She goes to telephone to see if it is ok. Kyousuke wonders what Kazuya will be like when he gets older. As she's on the phone, Kyousuke notices that Madoka's wearing a short skirt today and wonders what color she has on underneath. ``Pink'' says Kazuya, who then causes a wind to briefly lift her skirt showing Kyousuke that he's right.

Madoka comes out and says that Master gave her a break today. As they are riding a train to go do something fun, Kyousuke wonders how Kazuya knew what he was thinking: when he thought of telling off the tough in the park, when he thought about Madoka's breasts, and now. ``Whatever I think goes into Kazuya's mind. That means he has telepathy.'' Kyousuke's sudden happy ``Banzai'' confuses Madoka, but she smiles and takes it in stride as part of Kyousuke's amusing foibles.

Hikaru has come by the apartment to see if Kyousuke is there. The twins say he went out for a walk. She wonders if it was to Abcb. They don't think so, since he was with a child. In a truly amazing leap of intuition, Hikaru figures out that this is Kyousuke's child, and she runs off.

Kyousuke, Madoka and Kazuya are in a park called Neo-Tokyo Zoo. Kazuya is playing on the jungle gym and asks Madoka to come over. Kyousuke apologizes to her for this being like babysitting. She says ``It's ok. You can buy me something later. I'm just kidding!'' As she walks off, Kyousuke laments the fact that Kazuya is here and he's not alone with Madoka. Kazuya finishes his thought, and ``accidentally'' pushes Madoka off the bars. She falls down, but Kyousuke manages to catch her and break her fall. On the ground he also manages to feel what he caught. Then, they both realize this, and jump apart, embarrassed.

Kazuya comes down and asks Madoka if she's ok; she is. He then voices Kyousuke's thought, ``That felt good.'' Kyousuke grabs him, shuts him up, and goes to get some juice for him. Kazuya is confused. He gave the two a chance to be alone together, but they didn't take it. At the vending machine, Kyousuke is feeling guilty about putting bad thoughts into his young cousin's mind, and speculates on how it would be if he had telepathy.

Kazuya is swinging Tarzan-style from some ropes with Jingoro hanging on his back. Kyousuke comes back to find Madoka sitting watching Kazuya. She comments, ``He sure is an active boy. It's so strange. I want to give him everything he wants. I wonder if it's because he looks just like you.'' Kyousuke is taken aback by this comment. He wishes he had telepathy so he could find out what Madoka is really thinking. As he's wondering if he just might, Kazuya's voice appears in his mind. ``You can't read her mind. I'm the one with telepathy. Do you want me to read her mind?'' Kyousuke's denial of this confuses Madoka.

The three of them are at the zoo when Hikaru comes up and spots them. She runs off crying, ``Darling how dare you! I never thought you could have a child.'' Kyousuke runs after her, and his words, ``He's my cousin,'' stop her dead in her tracks. Kazuya comes up and confirms this. He says she's cute and ask if she's Kyousuke's girlfriend. She says yes and Kyousuke says no, explaining to Hikaru, ``Remember, he's just a child.'' He thinks to himself that he can't say ``girlfriend'' in front of Madoka. Kazuya drags her off to play, commenting telepathically to Kyousuke as he leaves, ``Madoka's your girl, right? I'm going to tell Hikaru to forget about you.'' Kyousuke runs after him, telling him not to. ``I won't forgive you if you say something bad to Hikaru.'' This confuses Madoka, but Kyousuke is so intent on this that he ignores her.

Hikaru and Kazuya are riding the zoo train. He tells her, ``I want to tell you a secret.'' The train goes into a tunnel, so we don't hear what he says next. However, Kyousuke is there when the train pulls into the station and Hikaru runs off crying. He chases after her. When he catches her, he tells her not to believe Kazuya. He's always making up stories; I'm always in trouble with him. An overjoyed Hikaru hugs Kyousuke, telling him, ``I couldn't believe that you like Madoka more than me.'' Of course, this is the time when Madoka and Kazuya come up.

The four of them are at a restaurant having a snack. Kyousuke is lamenting how Kazuya has messed up his life. Madoka is ignoring him. Kazuya then asks him, ``Who do you like better?'' He then spills his ice cream (so Kyousuke doesn't have to answer?). Madoka takes Kazuya off to wash up. While they're gone, Hikaru wishes she had a little brother. She's an only child. Kyousuke has his sisters, Madoka has her sister, but she doesn't have anyone. Kyousuke mentions that she has him, which makes her purr with delight. Just then, Kazuya and Madoka come back from the washroom, embarrassing Kyousuke.

Madoka and Kyousuke are rushing to catch the train back (Hikaru and Kazuya are already on it). Kyousuke is sorry that Madoka is being cold to him after he neglected her at the park. Kazuya causes a delivery man to drop his packages in front of them, making them miss this train. Kyousuke realizes that he did it so that they could be alone together. On the train, Madoka is staring out the window. A ``subway groper'' sidles up to Madoka, but Kyousuke puts himself between them and holds her, thwarting the guy. ``I didn't want anyone to...'' She smiles and says to him, ``I wanted to be alone together somewhere like this.'' Kyousuke doesn't know how to react to what she said. He doesn't have much time to think about it, because at the next stop, Kazuya and Hikaru are waiting for them.

As the four are walking back from the train station, Kazuya asks the gals, ``Is it really ok like this?'' meaning the games they play to keep the triangle intact. Madoka's face falls at this, and she goes home that evening and plays her saxophone to work out her emotions. Kyousuke thinks he's not so comfortable with it either.

The twins are waiting for Kyousuke at the top of the stairs. They tell him that Kazuya's family found an apartment in their building. They'll be moving in soon. He's going to be living next to them. Kyousuke thinks that this will only make things worse.