Kimagure Orange Road episode 25

Dangerous Self-Hypnosis! Kyousuke's Metamorphosis.

Sep 21, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
Kyousuke's having breakfast with his family. Manami asks him if wants coffee or milk. Naturally, he can't make up his mind; they're both good. Kazuya only adds to the problem by suggesting that orange juice is also tasty. He's having breakfast with them too, and is feeding part of his to Jingoro. Manami wants Kyousuke to decide, since she'll have to warm up the coffee. She's exasperated at his indecisiveness. He denies that he is, but Kurumi counters that he took five minutes this morning just to decide which socks to wear. Everyone else brings up examples of his indecisiveness. Kyousuke stops this by leaving to go wash his face.

In the bathroom, he thinks that they really are right, but the person most bothered by it is himself. He remembers the other day when Kazuya showed up (episode 24) and the problems he had with Madoka and Hikaru because he couldn't decide between them. He wishes he had more determination. As he stares into the mirror, the word ``determination'' echoes through his mind and his gaze falls into its own reflection.

The twins are waiting outside. Kurumi impatiently calls for him to hurry up, since they're almost late for school. He comes out and tells them that there's no need to hurry since they can use their ``power.'' The two are shocked since he's the one who's always telling them not to use it. The three are still arguing about this while they put on their shoes. Kyousuke then shocks them by teleporting away. Kurumi figures that since Kyousuke did, she can too, and follows in the same manner, leaving an angry Manami behind.

Kyousuke ends up materializing up in a tree at school with his foot stuck. Freeing himself, he falls out landing right in front of Hikaru. She's mad at this until she finds out who fell from the sky. Her anger quickly turns to joy; even more so when Kyousuke says he flew here to see her as soon as possible. She hugs him, and for once, he reciprocates. Yuusaku has just come up and is upset at both of them for acting like this. Hikaru is ready to stop Yuusaku, but Kyousuke says he can take care of a jealous guy by himself. He uses his powers to keep any of Yuusaku's blows from connecting, while just standing there calmly. He then walks off with Hikaru. Kurumi who has seen the whole encounter is impressed with her brother. A winded Manami has just run up, and wonders what's going on.

In class, Hatta is interested in the three love letters Komatsu has. They're for three girls, Kurumi, Manami and Ikue of C-class. Hatta figures it's a good idea, since if he shoots often enough, eventually he'll hit. Kyousuke comes in and everyone is surprised by his changed behavior. They wonder if the summer heat has finally melted his brain. He sees Komatsu's love letters and tells him they're no good. ``If you're a real man, why don't you tell her to her face?'' Madoka then walks in, and Kyousuke winks at her. Her response is to ask him if he got some dirt in his eye.

During class break, Kyousuke walks down the hall with one of Komatsu's love letters. He goes up to Ikue in C-class and tells her that Komatsu loves her. She's surprised, and Komatsu, looking in the door, is mortified. In gym class, when Madoka is watching, Kyousuke uses his powers in the soccer game to get past several defenders and make a difficult goal. Many of the girls are really impressed with him, and Madoka herself is a bit surprised. Later in chemistry lab, Kyousuke mixes some things together causing an explosion which covers himself, Komatsu and Hatta with white powder. Again, Madoka is surprised. Later in the day, he continues showing his determination by standing outside the 3rd floor window, trying to retrieve a shuttlecock stuck in a tree. He manages to, but falls when the drainpipe he's holding onto gives way. He uses his powers to make a safe and spectacular landing. This time, Madoka is just relieved that he's ok.

At lunch, Kurumi is using her powers to get an ``elusive cutlet sandwich.'' When Manami comes up and stops her, she complains Kyousuke is using his so why can't she? Hikaru runs by, pursued by Yuusaku. When he accidentally bumps into Kurumi, she uses her powers to flip him and spin him around until Manami stops her. The two then laugh it off, commenting how cute he was doing that.

Hikaru continues skipping happily down the hall to share lunch with Darling. She gets there, only to find him surrounded by other girls feeding him lunch. She comes up and asks him to lunch ``like usual.'' He's full, and says he'll have to pass on it this time. This upsets her, and she runs off crying. Madoka is surprised by this, and heads off after her distraught friend.

The two end up on the roof talking. Hikaru is upset that Darling is playing around with all those other girls. After all, she's the one who discovered his charm. She wonders if it's to late now, ``I love Darling more than anyone else,'' and worries she might lose him. Madoka reassures her, saying that he's just showing off, probably for her. She has to laugh when Hikaru comments that he must be in a rebellious stage now.

After school, Madoka comes over to Kyousuke's desk to talk about his behavior. She is surprised when he calls her ``Ayukawa-kun'' (implying more closeness than usual). Two other gals come in, wanting to walk Kyousuke home, but Madoka sends them off saying she has to talk to him. When he asks her what it is, she tells him that she understands that he wants to show off, ``but Hikaru was crying, you know.'' She wonders what this change is all about. Kyousuke changes the subject by asking if she's got the day off from Abcb. Since she does, he invites her to a disco. She tells him to stop joking, but he grabs her hand, stopping her. He's serious. She gives in and Kyousuke tells her to meet at Moebius at 7:00. ``Dress up, OK?'' He walks off, leaving a surprised and uncertain Madoka behind.

That evening, a dressed up Madoka is waiting in front of Disco Moebius. Kyousuke teleports in behind her, surprising her. He apologizes for making her wait and tells her she looks really good. He then puts his arm around her and leads a confused Madoka into the disco.

Inside, everyone is enjoying dancing, including Ushiko and Umao. As they're dancing, someone bumps Madoka into Kyousuke. She apologizes for bumping into him, and he replies with a smile that it isn't ``cheek time'' yet. Embarrassed, she changes the subject, saying she's thirsty and heads off for a drink. As they're drinking, Kyousuke enjoys staring at her. Madoka complements him on his new looks, which he says are all for her sake. Madoka is shocked and embarrassed by this. She excuses herself and heads off to the bathroom. She pauses there as his words echo through her head. She can't get over what he just said.

Madoka comes back to find Kyousuke using the same line on two other girls. He's ready to introduce her, but she grabs his hand and throws him to the floor. He comments that's a strange handshake, and she drags him off. Outside, he wonders what this is all about. He guesses she's jealous and tells her that he was just joking with the other girls. ``You're the only one dwelling in my heart. You understand, don't you?'' He holds her and thinks she's ready to kiss him. Instead, she grabs him by the throat and throws him into the nearby fountain. ``Does that cool your head off a bit?'' Since it doesn't, she proceeds to dunk him several more times. She then asks what happened to his indecisiveness. As he stares at his reflection in the water, the word ``indecisiveness'' echoes through his mind and his gaze falls into his reflection. He comes to, looking into the water, released from his self-hypnosis. He sees Madoka walking away and wonders what he's doing here.

At home, his sisters are treating his cold. He doesn't remember what happened during the day. They tell him about what he did to (and for) Komatsu, and other things. He's surprised at what he did while hypnotized, but has discovered a new ``power.''

The next day at school, a whole mob of girls come up wanting to feed Kyousuke lunch. Hikaru arrives, dressed for battle, and fights them off. Today is her day. Komatsu and Yuusaku come up to ``talk'' with him. Komatsu thanks him for everything, ``It was all fun.'' Madoka sees this and laughs at the predicament Kyousuke got himself into.