Kimagure Orange Road episode 26

Kyousuke's Become a Child! The Big Approach to Madoka.

Sep 28, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
At school, Madoka is mad at Kyousuke for damaging the notebook she lent him. It isn't his fault, someone took it from his desk, but she's still mad. When he grabs her, trying to get her to stop so he can talk to her, she throws him against the shoe lockers.

Later, Komatsu and Hatta are over at his house talking to Kurumi and Manami. They talk about the spat between Madoka and Kyousuke, trying to get close to the twins. When they say they came to comfort Kyousuke, Kazuya appears calling them liars, saying that they knew he wasn't home. The fellows are shocked to see a miniature Kyousuke. Manami introduces him as their cousin. Kazuya finishes dashing the guy's hope of finding Kurumi and Manami alone by calling in their dad and telling him that the fellows wanted to talk to him.

Kyousuke is hiding outside Abcb, watching Madoka through the window. A couple of kids find him and accuse him of being a peeping-tom. He manages to chase them off, but doesn't like having to act this way. Kazuya then shows up, surprising Kyousuke further.

The two of them go to the park, and Kazuya tells him that he shouldn't be so scared about a girl. ``You should be more firm.'' Kyousuke is surprised to hear a kid in kindergarden saying this, but realizes that it is true. He thinks that if he had telepathy, he wouldn't have to be so sensitive to Ayukawa's moods. Kazuya suggests switching with him. After having Kyousuke close his eyes, hold his breath, and bite his teeth, Kazuya jumps and slams their heads together.

Kyousuke recovers from the smack and sees Hikaru come running up, excited as usual to find her Darling. She jumps into ``Kyousuke's'' arms. Kyousuke is shocked to discover that he is in Kazuya's body. He figures that he can't really be jealous, since that would mean being jealous of himself. Kazuya (as Kyousuke) suggests to Hikaru that they go off for some adult play. She's overjoyed. He telepathically tells Kyousuke that he'll handle Hikaru so go check what Madoka's thinking. Verbally, he tells him to go do kid's stuff. Kyousuke is worried, since Kazuya told him that telepathically, does that mean he got suckered?

Kyousuke's ready to run off, when he's stopped by a gang of kindergarden girls. They take him to task for the mischief that Kazuya did: putting a frog in one's bag, sand in another's pocket and the like. Finally he's able to escape and gets to Abcb just as Madoka's leaving. He follows her on the other side of the street, but keeps running into things: people, light posts, cars, and such. Finally, she stops, looking in a window. He tries reading her mind, but fails; Kazuya tricked him. He sees a picture of a woman holding a small child, and he realizes that there's more than one way to find out what she's thinking. He thinks of her holding him, as Kazuya, asking what she thinks of Kyousuke, and trying to patch up the fight. As he heads off toward her, he's grabbed by the owner of the motor-scooter he was hiding behind. He sees Madoka walk off while he's powerless to follow.

Meanwhile, Yuusaku is watching an English movie with Japanese subtitles. In it the male lead, Carol, is trying to pick up a girl he took to the drive-in. Yuusaku wonders if he could actually use some of these lines on Hikaru. It turns out that Kazuya, as Kyousuke, and Hikaru have come to this movie too. Kazuya's figures they should have gone to the 3-D Godzilla instead. Yuusaku spots the two, and heads toward them, unpleased.

Kyousuke is running after Madoka when he rounds a blind corner and slams into a gang of punks. He's picked off the ground and they ask where he's going.

In an amusing juxtaposition, Carol gets punched in the movie and Yuusaku hits Kazuya, as Kyousuke, on the head. Kazuya jumps up, wondering who hit him, but finds no-one. Hikaru wonders why he's acting so strange. Yuusaku goes off to lick his hand; Kyousuke has a hard head.

The gang get ready to beat up Kyousuke, just like what is happening to Carol in the movie. Madoka comes up behind the gang and tells them to stop. Kyousuke is grateful to see her, and calls her ``Ayukawa.'' She replies, ``Ma---do---ka. Don't you remember my name Kazuya-kun?'' He realizes that, since he's in Kazuya's body, he has to talk like him now too. The gang has heard of ``Madoka, the Pick'' before but aren't scared. She stops them from grabbing her, and tries to walk away from the incident.

The gang doesn't want to let her go. Kyousuke tells them to take their hands off her, and they almost retaliate, but Madoka saves him. ``Pick on someone your own size.'' She knocks one of the punks into a soda machine, causing several cans to fall out. As she's leaving, the gang tries one last attack. She defeats them again. In doing this, she blocks a thrown soda can which spills all over her blouse.

The movie narrates, ``And Carol went to her house.'' Madoka takes ``Kazuya'' to her home so she can change. This is the first time he's been in her room. He finds that it smells sweet, and he is entranced. Madoka brings him a plate of cookies and comments that he's being awfully quiet today, which he denies. She goes over and starts changing her blouse. Kyousuke blushes and thinks that he likes being a kid sometimes, but feels like watching. He claims to be looking for Kyousuke, and Madoka replies she hasn't seen him for a while. ``Kazuya'' asks if they've had a fight, adding that Kyousuke's always been with her. Madoka replies that she may not be the ``her'' he's always with. Finished, she suggests going back to Abcb where she'll treat him to a parfait.

She comes back from changing to find Kyousuke staring at a picture he picked up from her desk. She takes it from him, tweaks his nose and tells him not to look at it. It's the picture of Kyousuke and Madoka walking down the beach hand in hand that his dad took (back in episode 8). She asks him not to tell Kyousuke about this. ``If he finds out that I have this photo, he'll go over the edge.'' She opens the window and stares out, ``He's so scatterbrained.'' Kyousuke realizes that she doesn't hate him after all. Actually, it's far from that. He surprises her by taking her hand, thanking her and quickly running off. The movie narrates, ``And Carol left her house.''

Back at the park, ``Kazuya'' is climbing on the jungle-gym. He's overjoyed remembering Madoka's words, but then thinks that she may have the picture just because she's in it. Kazuya comes back. Kyousuke calls him a liar and demands his body back. Kazuya claims to have had enough too, ``I didn't know a date was that boring.'' When Kyousuke jumps to butt heads, Kazuya stops him saying he's got one more thing to do for him. Kazuya, still in Kyousuke's body, runs off leaving Kyousuke tied up, just like Carol is in the movie.

Kazuya heads to Abcb and finds Madoka alone in the place. He tries using the pick-up lines on her that he saw in the movie. She's amused by them but a tad confused, especially when he grabs her hand, backs her against the counter and asks her to close her eyes. He explains that it was this way in the movie. She wonders if this is his way of trying to make up, so she closes them.

Kyousuke, as Kazuya, surprises Ushiko and Umao by running past them as they are riding a bike down the street. He arrives at Abcb, only to find the door locked, and himself inside, ready to kiss Madoka. He realizes that, since he doesn't have telepathy, he can teleport. He does, smacking heads with Kazuya and knocking him away. Madoka is left leaning back against the counter with nothing to hold and no-one to kiss. She opens her eyes to ask what these two are doing.

Kyousuke narrates that this was quite an experience. He heads back to ask Madoka if she would like to go out for a hamburger somewhere after this. Unfortunately, he opens the changing room door just in time to see her changing her blouse. She rewards him with a fierce slap and an ``I hate you.'' Kyousuke realizes that he isn't Kazuya anymore. The movie narrates, ``Carol's youthful days came to an end,'' and Kyousuke muses, ``I wish I could still be a kid.''