Kimagure Orange Road episode 27

Madoka's Targeted! The Proof of Kyousuke's Manhood.

Oct 5, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
The episode opens at night with Madoka being hit by a large truck. The next day, Kurumi and Manami tell Kyousuke that Madoka was injured. They saw her coming home from the hospital alone, so it can't be that bad. He wants to go over and see how she is. His dad suggests taking the twins along to help her. Kyousuke thinks it might be better if they didn't come. That way he'll have more chance to be alone with her, and... Kazuya finishes his thought, ``fool around.'' Everyone gets the idea, but Kyousuke denies it. He stammers an explanation, ``It's a gesture of friendship to help out whenever one of us is in trouble.''

Kyousuke shows up at her house, with a bouquet of flowers. ``I'll show her what a fine man I am.'' Hikaru answers the door, knocking him over. Inside, she's bandaging Madoka's hand. When asked, Madoka says that she fell down the stairs, it's nothing major. Kyousuke is relieved to learn this. Hikaru goes off to get some coffee, and Kyousuke gives the bouquet to Madoka. Hikaru intercepts it though, ``Thank you Darling.'' Kyousuke and Madoka exchange an understanding and embarrassed smile.

On the way home, a couple of tough gals stop Kyousuke. They ask him if he knows of some smart gal around here that got injured recently. He denies knowing, even though they threaten him if he lies. ``If you see her, tell her Youko of Minato wants to `thank' her.''

That night, Kyousuke dreams that Madoka is on a dark battlefield. All of the tough gals are surrounding her and attacking her. Eventually she goes down. Kyousuke is being held down and is crying out ``Ayukawa!'' as she lies there unconscious. He wakes up. Figuring he has to protect her, he tries some push-ups, but can only do a few. ``The first place to protect her is on the way to and from school,'' he figures.

Kyousuke goes to school wearing catchers pads and carrying a baseball bat. He gets some odd looks for this. Ushiko appears in this episode as a tough schoolgirl slapping Umao around. Hikaru comes up, is surprised at Kyousuke's outfit, and thinks he's very sporty. As she rides off, Madoka tells him, ``Hurry up or you'll be late.'' She's riding on the back of Hikaru's bike.

At school Hikaru has made lunch for Madoka. She'll do this until Madoka gets better. She also asks Kyousuke to take notes for Madoka. We also find that Komatsu and Hatta have abandoned their still camera for a video camera.

As Kyousuke is helping Madoka at the shoe lockers, she tells him that she's going to work at Abcb. She promised Master she would while he is away on a trip. ``After all, a promise is a promise.'' Kyousuke's not to keen on this idea.

At Abcb, Hikaru is working behind the counter; she's helping out by taking Madoka's place. Yuusaku is impressed by how she looks in the outfit. Komatsu and Hatta are there and start filming ``The Story of a Whimsical Girl Helping Out her Injured Sempai.'' Hikaru enjoys the attention of the camera, but Yuusaku isn't as pleased. Madoka doesn't seem in a happy mood either.

When Madoka leaves for the hospital, Kyousuke asks Yuusaku to go with her, ``You're stronger than me...'' Madoka and Yuusaku are confused, but he ends up going. Hikaru says they'll take care of everything at Abcb. After the taxi drives off, Kyousuke thinks that no-one else knows about the gang.

The next day at school, Komatsu and Hatta are showing the video they took of Kyousuke and Hikaru working at Abcb. ``It was such a hit. They said you look like a newly wed couple.'' Kyousuke isn't pleased with this, and much less with the illustrations on the blackboard following the same vein. He's beginning to erase them when Madoka and Hikaru walk in. Hikaru is overjoyed to see these pictures, ``But I wanted to keep it a secret.'' The bell rings and she runs off to her class. He tells Madoka that everyone is making a mistake, but she gives him the cold shoulder.

At home, Kyousuke is talking to Kurumi and Manami while they do aerobics. They kid him that the tough gals ``talked'' to them so they told them everything. ``Just kidding! No way I'd tell them!'' The two add that the gals were asking everyone about Madoka, and comment that Madoka's by herself all night.

Outside of Madoka's house a whole gang of girls march up, stop in front of the house, and then march on. Inside, Kyousuke notices this, but doesn't tell Madoka. He is dressed up for Kendo, which confuses Madoka. Hikaru has made dinner for them. Kyousuke tells Madoka, ``Don't worry about anything and concentrate on getting better.'' Madoka comments that he has been acting strange lately.

At Abcb, Hikaru is doing well, being her usual bubbly self. Kyousuke notices that Madoka looks a bit lonely and down. She says her injuries seem better, but is worried about what might happen if they don't heal. Hikaru presents her ``special custard pudding.'' Madoka, who is tired of all this coddling, doesn't want it, and accidentally knocks it over. Hikaru is hurt that she doesn't want it.

Madoka goes out to think things over and get away from it all. Kyousuke catches up and sits down beside her on the riverbank. She was a bit worried herself. Kyousuke thinks it's sweet of her trying to bluff even when she's injured. Madoka says he should get back, ``Hikaru's relying on you.'' Kyousuke is more concerned with Madoka though. He almost tells her of the gang but doesn't.

The tough gals show up at Abcb, asking for Madoka. Hikaru doesn't deny that she is, and the gals say they want to settle a score with her. Yuusaku tries to defend Hikaru, but doesn't succeed. Komatsu and Hatta are trying to film the whole thing.

Back at the river, Kyousuke has cheered up Madoka and the two are walking along laughing. The two cameramen arrive, beaten up. They tell Kyousuke and Madoka about what happened. They all run back to Abcb. Madoka bursts in, angry. Yuusaku tells her, ``Hikaru sacrificed herself for your sake.'' She goes over to Hikaru, apologizes, and hugs her. Hikaru replies, ``Madoka-san, will you eat my special pudding now?'' Madoka then tells the tough gals, ``Let's go outside,'' and they realize who the real Madoka is.

By the river again, Madoka and the gang square off. She takes the bandage off her arm, and the fight begins. It seems that she's recovered enough to have her old fighting ability back. After Madoka takes down several of the gals, one of them wraps a chain around Kyousuke's neck, ``That's far enough.''

Suddenly, another tough gal appears, carrying a dog, and accompanied by a young boy. She tells everyone to stop. The gang members recognize her, ``Youko!'' The boy points out Madoka, ``She's the one who saved my Linda.'' She thanks Madoka for saving Linda (the dog) from being hit by a truck. It seems that the gang members got the wrong idea because she left the dog with her brother, ``And he told me he didn't even thank you.'' She walks over to the two leaders of the gang, ``Listen to what people say until they're finished,'' and gives them a good pounding.

At Abcb Komatsu and Hatta are viewing the results of their latest filming. ``A non-fiction documentary!'' Yuusaku comments it was almost worth getting beaten up for. Madoka is back behind the counter again, and Hikaru asks her why she didn't say why she really got injured. ``It was too embarrassing to say that I got hurt trying to save a dog?'' Hikaru comments, ``that sure sounds like you Madoka-san.'' Madoka takes a bite of Hikaru's ``special custard pudding,'' making everything ok.