Kimagure Orange Road episode 28

Dangerous Decision! Manami's Big Adventure.

Oct 12, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
An attractive girl is sprucing up in the restroom. She passes and and greets Komatsu and Hatta by name. They don't recognize her and want to know who she is. Hatta distracts Komatsu and runs off, ``to make first contact.'' The gal ducks into an alley, ditching the two fellows, and has a good laugh. She's Manami. She's put on a wig and is wearing contact lenses and lipstick. With this ``big change'' they didn't even recognize her. ``I'm at the age when I want to play around. Hot love with hot guys...''

At home, Kurumi has cooked dinner for her dad and brother. ``It's the latest fad, super-hot gourmet.'' Takashi thinks that maybe 5 bottles of tabasco is a bit much. Kyousuke starts to criticize, she didn't even cut up the vegetables. Kurumi breaks down in tears. He then eats everything, with vigor. ``I've never tasted stew this good.'' At the end, though, he's red in the face and falls over.

Manami, after the first try, decides that the quiet approach isn't the way to pick up guys, so she tries coming on strong. This doesn't seem to work much better, but she keeps trying. Three girl gang members notice her. They're not pleased with her ``playing around'' in their territory. They wander over and ask her what she's doing. After a slip of the tongue, she manages to escape by calling to an imaginary policemen. The gal's are only distracted for a bit, and the chase is on.

Kyousuke's sitting on a park bench lamenting the fact that, after Kurumi's stew, ``My voice sounds like a frog run over by a car.'' He sees Manami running and yelling for help (but doesn't recognize her either). Just then she trips, and the fall knocks out her contacts. The girl gang members grab her, and are about to teach her a lesson, when Kyousuke comes up.

He's wearing an athletic sweater and some cool sunglasses. Unfortunately, his fighting doesn't match his looks, and the gang leader knocks him down easily. When the other two move to finish him off, he uses his power to move them back and dump them all in a heap. He then grabs Manami and they run off, pursued by the gang.

Hikaru is showing Madoka the new T-shirt she got for Darling. Madoka is staring out the window of the cafe they are in. She notices the chase outside, and instantly recognizes Kyousuke. Hikaru looks, and says she must be mistaken. Only when they run right past, does she figure out it really is. The two then leave to run after him.

Kyousuke and Manami manage to lose the gals chasing them, and she thanks him for saving her. Kyousuke thinks that this gal looks familiar for some reason, but can't place her. They then do some window shopping. She spots a cute dress, but then her practical side takes over. ``It would be cheaper to buy the cloth and make it myself.'' Kyousuke comes back with the ice cream cones he's bought.

They sit down on a park bench to enjoy the snack, and start chatting. Manami still doesn't recognize him. She comments about what's important in ice cream (good butter and eggs). He finds she likes cooking, and she comments on how strong he is. In answer to her question he claims to be into Judo.

He asks if she ran away from home. ``No way! But... I'm thinking about it.'' She's tired of the ordinary days: laundry, vacuuming, making breakfast before school. It's the same every day. Her brother always leaves the tub dirty. ``He's not doing it intentionally, but he's a little sloppy. I just want to get out of this lukewarm life, break my shell, and fly away.''

Kyousuke takes her to an amusement park, ``to fly together.'' She's enjoying herself and tells him. ``I promised myself I'd find a nice boyfriend and... and... I'm so glad I've met you.'' She snuggles close to him. This is a bit much for Kyousuke, who finally realizes who she is. He runs off with the excuse, ``I'll go get some soda, wait here.''

Kyousuke finds a fountain and dunks his head in to cool off. Madoka and Hikaru find him there. ``What are you trying to do?'' asks a stern Madoka. Hikaru jumps into his arms, ``Darling! How can you do this to me?'' He explains it's not what they think. ``Take a good look at her.'' Madoka recognizes his ``date'' as Manami. Since that's who it is, they have no further problem.

Kyousuke returns to Manami, thinking that he never realized how trapped she must feel. ``I can't leave her like this.'' The two continue their ``date'' at the amusement park. They ride the roller coaster, watch a play, enjoy a snack together, ride a ``whirling cup'' ride and the carrousel. Madoka and Hikaru enjoy watching them having fun. Now they're no longer worried about Kyousuke two-timing.

The two finish off the day by going rowing together, and then sit on the bank together for a while. ``Why don't we call it an end?'' asks Kyousuke. She puckers up, ready to kiss him. ``It's time to go home,'' he adds. ``Your family will be worried if you're late. You flew far enough didn't you?'' As he walks away, she asks if she'll see him again, but his reply is drowned out by a passing truck.

She waves goodbye, and turns to leave. Just then, the three gals show up. ``Don't think you can go home free.'' ``Why don't you play with us now?'' The leader is about to slap Manami, when her hand is grabbed, stopping her. It's Madoka. The other two gals are worried, but the leader says it's three to one odds, they can do it. Madoka then proceeds to show that they can't, and leaves them, defeated, in a heap on the grass.

She then goes over to Manami, picks up her glasses from where they fell from her purse when she was thrown aside, and puts them on her. ``You look really good with glasses,'' she says. Manami is surprised to see Madoka, and is grateful to the point of tears. Madoka quietly smiles, understanding these trials of growing up as only an older sister can.

Manami finally arrives back at home. She's changed back to her `normal' self on the way. Kurumi greets her, all excited, ``Brother is so surprising!'' She shows Manami all the stuff that Kyousuke has done. He's cleaned and drawn the bath, made dinner and done the ironing. ``He did all of this by himself.''

Kyousuke is in his room. He's fallen asleep over homework at his desk. The shirt and glasses are carefully hidden beneath his bed. Manami comes in and thanks him, thinking ``he's so whimsical.'' Kyousuke, just waking up, sees her face as she was in the afternoon and is a bit surprised.