Kimagure Orange Road episode 29

Don't Cry Jingoro! The Spring Fever of Love and Youth.

Oct 19, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
A child is separated from his mother. He yells for her, ``Mother! Mother! I will surely find you!'' This turns out to be Kyousuke doing a dramatic reading from a book. It was the only way he could get Kazuya to go to sleep.

Just then, Kurumi and Manami come in with Jingoro. They start talking about how he's been acting strange lately. ``We had so much trouble even bringing him home.'' And he tries to get out the door too. Their dad suggests that maybe Jingoro feels it's mating season. Kyousuke asks them to keep their voices down, but Kazuya ends up waking anyway. He's staying over while his mom is away. Kazuya manages to keep Kyousuke up all night playing a video game.

The next day at school, Kyousuke's eyes are understandably red. Hikaru has him in the nurses office, and is putting some drops in his eyes. It's nothing really, he tells her, but goes on to tell the story about Jingoro. He adds that his dad said, ``He's male so naturally he may be in heat...'' Kyousuke catches himself after saying that ``rather provocative word'' in front of Hikaru. They both blush, but notice the bed in the nurses office.

Hikaru excuses herself, ``I have to get myself ready before that,'' and runs outside to the water fountain. While rinsing out her mouth she thinks that Kyousuke told her Jingoro's story because he actually wants her. She's been dreaming about this, and has a fantasy about the two of them right there. She ends by saying, ``Somehow on the nurses room bed doesn't quite fit the image.'' Yuusaku was hiding behind the water fountain and heard all this. Hikaru returns to the nurses office for her Darling. She finds him all beaten up; Yuusaku got there first.

After school they're all at Abcb. Madoka is taking care of a stray cat she found last night. ``I found her shivering after being drenched by a passing truck.'' Hikaru comments that she's so kind, especially to animals. Master and Madoka both comment on Kyousuke's new ``face lift.'' Kyousuke brings the conversation around to Jingoro. Madoka says that Hikaru told her. ``He must be lonely. I mean, when you and your sisters are at school, he's all alone, right? It's really lonely alone, you know,'' she adds with a smile at Kyousuke.

At home, Jingoro is playing with the TV remote flipping channels. When he sees a catfood commercial, he tries to get inside the TV and meet the cat there.

The next day at school, Kyousuke talks Komatsu and Hatta into helping. ``So you want me to find a kitty that will suit Jingoro's taste, right?'' ``Leave it to us.'' The two then look for another kind of kitty, as they peek through a crack in the window into the girls locker room. The two cut and run when they're seen, leaving an innocent Kyousuke to take the girls wrath.

Kyousuke and the twins are taking Jingoro to the arranged meeting. His sisters are surprised when they find out what the meeting's for. He remembers Madoka's words, ``It's not strange that he wants a companion who'd be with him all the time.''

Hikaru is over at Madoka's house, taking care of her new cat. She's envious because it's so big. ``If I did aerobics in my room, I'd end up kicking my dad.'' Since Madoka hasn't named the cat yet, she suggest a name --- ``Kyousuke!'' But that won't do, it's a girl kitty. On the other hand, Madoka thinks, ``That may be a good idea. A girl with a boy's name.''

Komatsu and Hatta are running the omiai for Jingoro. Many cats are introduced to Jingoro, but he's either afraid or uninterested. Kyousuke gets another idea. He wants to have Kazuya use his powers to settle this. He wants him to mind swap with Jingoro to find out why he's lonely. Kyousuke comes back and distracts everyone while Kazuya smacks heads with Jingoro.

Madoka and Hikaru are out shopping with her new cat. They are looking in a pet store window when a couple of punks drive up behind them. ``We've been looking all over for that cat. There are so many cute girls who'd say they found it.'' Madoka's not so pleased at this accusation.

Back at the omiai, Kazuya (as a cat) does some very unfeline things: dancing a jig, and running around flipping up girls skirts (much to the enjoyment of Komatsu and Hatta). During this distraction, Jingoro (in Kazuya's body) disappears. Kyousuke runs off looking for him.

Meanwhile Jingoro is running down the street looking for his mom. He enters Abcb and asks Master about Madoka's cat. ``Meow! I mean, she's my mom.'' Master is confused. Jingoro saw her on the way back from shopping, and remembers the scene. Kurumi and Manami are carrying him and, across the street, he sees Madoka pick up the drenched stray, and walk off. Master adds, ``If you're looking for Madoka, she just phoned.'' Kyousuke comes in just then, and further confuses Master by calling Kazuya Jingoro.

Madoka and Hikaru have gone with the guys to find her cat's owner. They end up in a junkyard. The guys are no longer so nice, revealing themselves as the punks they are. They're ready to pick a fight with or take advantage of the two gals. Madoka is not impressed with their method of picking girls or fights. ``You won't get away with this.''

Kyousuke Kazuya and Jingoro are running to where Master suggested the gals are. Jingoro is remembering back to his childhood. He was a weak kitten, and his litter-mates would push him away from the milk. His mom licked him and cared for him. He's never forgotten this kindness, and this makes Jingoro (as Kazuya) yell ``Mom!'' Kyousuke finally gets the idea of why he's upset.

At the junkyard, Madoka has just finished off most of the gang. Their leader, a big hulking guy, comes out. ``We've got some frisky kittens. Here kitty... Let's be friends.'' This neither impresses nor frightens Madoka. He attacks, and she defeats him with a guitar pick and a well placed knee. Just then, Kyousuke, Kazuya, and Jingoro show up.

Now that the fight is over, Madoka's cat sits down and begins washing. Hikaru and Madoka are glad to see Kyousuke. He's glad that they're ok. Jingoro (as Kazuya) yells ``Mom!'' and begins running to her. All he gets for this is a set of claws in the face. Kyousuke, realizing this, throws Kazuya (as a cat) into the air. Kazuya and Jingoro hit heads, swapping back into their own bodies. Jingoro again goes after his mom, still meowing ``Mom!'' He jumps toward her, but she just turns and walks off.

The sun is setting on the junkyard. Jingoro is sitting by himself, watching where the other cat has gone off. Kyousuke explains why Jingoro was acting funny. It turns out that Madoka's cat wasn't Jingoro's mom, she just looked like her. Madoka smiles, walks up to Jingoro, picks him up and tells him, ``Cheer up. Until we find your mother, I'll be your mother.'' She cradles the lonely feline in her chest, touching Kyousuke's heart. Hikaru runs up, ``I love Jingoro too.'' However, when Madoka hands Jingoro over to her, he jumps down.