Kimagure Orange Road episode 30

The Story Tree Leaves! Kurumi's First Love, Hell Chapter

Oct 26, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
Kyousuke has to get up in the middle of the night, and finds Kurumi sitting in the living room staring out at the stars. She's in a very distracted and poetic mood, which Kyousuke doesn't quite understand. She even misses saving Jingoro from a fall so Kyousuke has to. The next day at school, Hikaru tells him Kurumi must be in love; she's exhibiting all the symptoms. Madoka sympathizes with him, ``It sure is hard being an older brother, isn't it?'' Hikaru also notices, ``Now that you mention it, hasn't Madoka been acting strange lately? Maybe you're in love too, Madoka?'' ``Hikaru!'' Kyousuke isn't sure Hikaru is just teasing. Could it be that Madoka's in love with someone?

In class, Kyousuke is thinking about Kurumi being in love. It doesn't fit with the image he has of her. He imagines her easily winning an eating contest, which he thinks is more her style. Komatsu comes up and interrupts his musing. He's working on setting up a rhythmic gymnastics club at the school and wants Kyousuke's support. Komatsu goes off dreaming on how he could take advantage of so many good looking girls in leotards. Kyousuke whacks him over the head for this. Hatta is wandering around trying to pick up some girls with an ``elusive cutlet sandwich.''

Outside, Yuusaku is practicing his Karate. Hikaru asks if he's brought the coffee & milk she asked for. On his way over, he's stopped by his master. Yuusaku slips away, leaving the master with his shirt. ``Princess Hikaru, here's the juice. Let's drink together.'' She's not pleased that he didn't bring what she asked for. She dumps one over his head and pounds him to the ground. He's still not suppressed. Kyousuke watches the whole interaction.

An attractive guy is playing soccer, and doing quite well at it. Kurumi is watching from the sidelines, and is very impressed by him. Kyousuke, hiding behind a tree, sees her watching him, and figures out who she's in love with. He gets hit by a stray ball which then rolls in front of Kurumi, who picks it up. She's going to give it to the attractive player, but is too tongue-tied to say anything, and a horde of other girls overrun this fellow.

On the path home from school, Kurumi is waiting beside one of the trees. The ginkgo leaves are falling. This same fellow walks past, but Kurumi still can't get up the courage to say anything to him, even though she's very happy to see him.

Kyousuke, Madoka and Hikaru are at Abcb talking about this. Hikaru says that the guy Kurumi is in love with is Hayami Jun, the soccer club's ace player. He's popular with girls. It turns out Madoka knows him, but she only admits to having heard rumors about him. She remembers getting a letter in her shoe locker, ``To Ayukawa Madoka-san, part 5...'' from him. Kyousuke asks her what he should do about Kurumi's love, as an older brother.

The next day at school, Kyousuke sees Hayami at the water fountain. He hides and watches. Madoka comes up and they wander off to talk. She apologizes for not writing an answer. It turns out that Hayami is leaving town due to his father's business. He says he had to tell his true feelings, and it looks like they kiss. Kyousuke is not at all happy about this. Later, at the shoe lockers, Kyousuke meets Madoka. When he tries to asks about Hayami, she says, ``You saw that? He's a cool fellow... Don't you think so too?''

At home, Kyousuke is just sitting staring at his breakfast. Manami is wondering, because he usually attacks it with vigor. Kurumi goes out, and Manami wishes her luck. Kyousuke wonders what's up, and Manami tells him that Kurumi has a date with Hayami. This upsets Kyousuke considerably. Kurumi was overjoyed that he asked her.

Kyousuke is anxiously waiting in the hall. Manami can't believe that Hayami asked out Kurumi instead of the girl he loves. Kyousuke is thinking of Madoka and her reaction to Hikaru hanging all over him. Manami comes out, looking exactly like Kurumi (it's a really good disguise). Kyousuke is resolved not to let Hayami get away with two-timing.

Kyousuke and Manami teleport to just outside the hamburger where Kurumi is, missing the ground by a bit. Inside, Kurumi and Hayami are having a halting conversation. She mentions that her brother is two-timing. ``He was born indecisive... though he really does love one of them.'' When Hayami asks who, she says it's her brothers ``corporate secret.''

Outside Manami and Kyousuke are practicing lines. She's going to ask him if he doesn't have someone else, and is quite good at the acting. When Kurumi gets up for a bit, Manami immediately comes up, surprising Hayami. She starts to ask who he likes, but gets lost in his brown eyes and ends up stuttering out, ``Do you like sukiyaki?'' instead. She then manages to spray her soda over his jacket.

Meanwhile, Kyousuke is trying to distract Kurumi with a ``super deluxe ultra special burger.'' She's not interested and ends up jamming much of it in his mouth, ``to help eat.''

Manami, still distracted, manages to tear Hayami's jacket while cleaning it up. She then pulls out a needle and thread, ``I'm good at these kind of things.'' However, she stabs him with the needle instead. She finally manages to put a band-aid on and sew up the jacket (quickly). She then quickly excuses herself. Just then Kurumi shows up, surprising Hayami again, ``You keep popping up all over don't you?''

Madoka and Hikaru are in a theater watching a romantic movie. Hikaru wonders, ``Maybe I should see the movie again with Sempai, and... after the movie...'' Madoka comments that Hikaru sure does love him. Hikaru asks her please not to say it out loud.

Hayami and Kurumi are in the park by a fountain. She gives him a towel that she embroidered his initials on. She apologizes for the poor workmanship, and he remembers ``Kurumi'' skillfully sewing up his jacket. He appreciates her feelings, but has something he has to tell her. Kyousuke is watching the couple from behind the fountain. At this point Madoka shows up with Hikaru who jumps into his arms. He apologizes to Madoka, ``I know you're mad, but... You aren't mad at me?...''

During this distraction, Hayami has said what he was going to and Kurumi is sitting with her face in her hands, crying. This is too much for Kyousuke. He runs through the fountain and grabs Hayami. ``I'm Kurumi's brother! How dare you fool around with my sister!'' He takes a few swings at him, but misses and falls over. Madoka comes up and stops him. He doesn't want to ``now you know what kind of a man he his, Ayukawa. I'll beat him up and...'' ``Stop it, Kasuga-kun, It's a all a misunderstanding. He said he's leaving town tonight, so I arranged the date with Kurumi...'' Unfortunately, Kurumi overhears this last bit. She's not pleased, ``I hate everybody! Brother, Madoka and Hayami! Everybody!'' With a stamp of her foot that shakes leaves off the trees she runs off.

Sunday evening, Madoka and Hikaru are saying goodbye to Hayami as he is getting on a boat to leave. Madoka apologizes to him for her senseless request. ``It must have been hard on Kurumi too.'' Hayami says it's ok, but ``I think you'd better be concerned about your own love, instead of someone elses... and I know you have someone.'' Hikaru is surprised and excited to hear that Madoka's in love with someone. She wants to know who it is.

Just then, Kyousuke rides up with Kurumi and Manami. He apologizes for all the trouble he caused. ``I made a big mistake.'' Hayami says he doesn't have to. Then Manami, still dressed as Kurumi, apologizes for her part in the adventure. Kurumi, joining the trend, apologizes for her getting mad. Hayami reassures her, ``It's OK. You have so many too kind people around you... I'm starting to feel like not moving. Thank you for the towel.''

The boat departs with everyone holding those streamers you see on the Love Boat, as they wave goodbye. Hayami promises to write when he gets settled. As the boat sails off, all the streamers have fallen down, except the one red string Kurumi his holding, tying her to Hayami. She has tears running down your face.

Hikaru comments that this whole thing is so romantic. She asks Kyousuke, ``Did you know that Madoka is in love with somebody?'' He doesn't answer, but both he and Madoka glance at each other with embarrassed looks on their faces.