Kimagure Orange Road episode 31

Madoka and Yuusaku! The Youth Elopement March

Nov 2, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
At school, Yuusaku is waiting behind a tree with a bunch of roses. Kyousuke and Madoka walk by. He surprises them both by running up to them, giving Madoka the roses, and yelling, ``I love you Madoka.'' Kyousuke thinks it's something beyond imagining.

In school, Komatsu runs into the room with this fresh rumor. He starts telling Kyousuke. Madoka is sitting at her desk with a frown on her face and the flowers in a vase. Komatsu asks her about the flowers and what answer she gave him. Kyousuke tells him to quit it as Madoka leaves the room. Komatsu, of course interprets the roses in only one way. Just then Hatta comes in with the same hot gossip, and is disappointed that Kyousuke already knew.

Hikaru is in the restroom. Several girls in there ask her what's going on. They don't want her to worry about it. They complain about men changing their minds so much. Hikaru demands they cut it out. ``I've got my Darling, so I don't care at all!''

Yuusaku is practicing Karate outside. He yells ``Father, Mother! I've done it at last.''

During class, it seems everyone is looking at Madoka. She's the center of attention of the school. At the shoe lockers some other students are asking her about this latest news. She gives them a determined look and tells them, ``Will you stop meddling in other people's business. Why don't you worry about your own love relationships.'' Kyousuke hears this, and can't figure out what she's thinking.

Kyousuke and Hikaru are walking home from school. She complains about everyone asking her about Yuusaku at school. On the other hand, she's happy that she doesn't have to worry about other people with him. Yuusaku is an old friend, but he was always swarming around her like a fly. Just then, a happy Yuusaku comes out flies around them a couple times with his arms out like a plane and runs off to walk and asks Madoka to wait and walk home with him. Hikaru isn't pleased and Kyousuke thinks, ``girls sure are complicated.''

Later, Hikaru is about to enter Abcb, when she sees something inside and motions Kyousuke to look too. Kyousuke is shocked to see Madoka and Yuusaku in there holding hands. He thinks Madoka's joke is a bit too harsh. Hikaru doesn't understand why she's doing this. At a hamburger joint, Hikaru begins wondering if Yuusaku and Madoka actually could have something going. They've always been friends, but people have been known to change. Kyousuke asks if she's done anything to Yuusaku. She doesn't think so, but then remembers something.

Yesterday, Hikaru was out and watching some cute kittens playing with each other. Yuusaku came up to show her his new Judo uniform; he was going to be in the Judo tournament. His Karate coach suggested that he get some practice in a tournament atmosphere, and this was a good method. Hikaru says that's good, but is still concentrating on the kittens and ignoring him. Yuusaku promises to do his best and gives a demonstration punch and yell. Unfortunately, this scares off the kittens. Hikaru doesn't like this. She runs off, turns around and yells ``I Hate you!!!'' at Yuusaku. This hits him hard.

Hikaru tells Kyousuke that maybe she hurt Yuusaku, and comments on how the weather changes so much in autumn (just like Yuusaku). Kyousuke talks to Komatsu and Hatta. ``He took our little joke seriously and did it.'' The two came up to Yuusaku just after Hikaru had run off above. Since he's not good with girls, they give him some advice. They told him to try chasing Madoka so Hikaru would be jealous. Then she'll start chasing you. Kyousuke tells them that it's no joke, and runs off. They're confused as to why he's mad. Kyousuke doesn't want Madoka to be used that way.

He runs over to Madoka's house. She answers the door, and he begins to tell her what he found out about Yuusaku. Then he notices another pair of shoes at the door, Yuusaku's. She tells Kyousuke, ``Now is not a good time. Please go home,'' and closes the door.

Back at home, Kurumi and Manami are debating whether Madoka will become Yuusaku's girlfriend. Kurumi thinks so, because Madoka is the older sister type and would go for younger boys. Manami disagrees, ``She's just sympathizing with Yuusaku.'' Kurumi counters that there are cases of sympathy developing into love. Both ask Kyousuke what he thinks.

The phone rings and Kyousuke answers it. It's Hikaru, very upset. Yuusaku ran away from home and left a letter behind. Kyousuke coaxes the letter out of her. It said that he lost his confidence and that he might be a loser. Kyousuke remembers Yuusaku ``flying'' around them after school. She knows where Yuusaku is and wants to know what to do. Kyousuke says he'll deal with it.

Just then Komatsu and Hatta come tearing up the stairs with bad news. Yuusaku and Madoka are going to commit suicide. They saw them boarding the train to Unokawa. This is a waterfall famous for lovers jumping from it together in a double suicide. They get the idea that Madoka is going to do a double suicide with Yuusaku out of sympathy for him.

Kyousuke runs off to try and catch them. While he's running the various things people have said about Yuusaku and Madoka run through his mind. He manages to catch the train after Yuusaku and Madoka's (though without paying fare). On the train, he collapses, wishing, ``Ayukawa, don't die! Don't do it Ayukawa!''

Kyousuke arrives at the waterfall to see Yuusaku and Madoka go over the waterfall together, hugging each other. Fortunately, it was a a bad angle and his imagination; it was actually Ushiko and Umao who did. He finds Madoka and Yuusaku practicing Judo nearby. Kyousuke comes up and demands an explanation. Madoka asks him not to stop them. He doesn't want to comply, ``I don't get what you've been doing since yesterday.'' She promises to tell him later, if he'll sit and watch for a while. Then she continues practicing with Yuusaku. Kyousuke waits, standing under the waterfall. ``I don't know why I end up like this...''

They're all at the Judo tournament. Hikaru's worried that Yuusaku will do ok. Madoka says he will, ``Right Kasuga-kun?'' Kyousuke remembers Madoka's explanation at the falls. Yuusaku had lost his confidence and wanted to stand under the falls there for a while, so she came with him. ``But I understand how he's feeling.'' Kyousuke told her how Hikaru was worried and didn't know how hurt he was. Madoka explains, ``That's right. Girls are happy when there's a boy who says that he loves her. Hikaru shouldn't be feeling bad since Yuusaku is boldly doing that.'' This surprised Kyousuke.

At the tournament, Yuusaku is losing to his opponent and is pinned to the mat. The whole gang is cheering for him. Madoka encourages Hikaru to cheer louder. Komatsu adds that Hikaru's cheering is the best thing for him then. Unfortunately, he can't hear her. Kyousuke steals the announcers microphone using his powers and gives it to Hikaru, ``Use this to cheer.'' She does, and is heard throughout the arena. Yelling encouragement, she runs down the stairs and to the ring. Kyousuke follows her. Yuusaku notices her, says ``Hikaru, watch this.'' With an impressive display of strength, he picks up his opponent for a throw. Unfortunately, at this point, he sees Hikaru happily hugging Kyousuke and his strength leaves him. He is thrown and loses the match. Kyousuke and Hikaru are embarrassed and the gang is surprised.