Kimagure Orange Road episode 32

Birthday Comes Twice!? Time Traveling Kyousuke

Nov 9, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
It's 4:02 in the afternoon. An angry Kyousuke is sitting on his bed, muttering to himself. ``I really distrust everyone. It's supposed to be a once a year occasion, the birthday, but...'' Earlier that morning, however, Kyousuke is happy it's his birthday. He asks if anyone knows what today, November 15, is? Kurumi and Manami come out with such ideas as ``National Fitness Day'' or ``The day the baby panda was born.'' His dad doesn't have time to play quiz, he's late. The three of them then all take off.

Back in the afternoon, Kyousuke brings himself some milk using his powers. He comments that family ties and love are all just a bunch of lies. He also answers the phone that way. It's a cosmetic sales lady, she'd like to stop by for a bit. He tells her he's not interested.

He remembers yesterday at school. He asks Madoka, ``It's about tomorrow. It's my birthday, so...'' Unfortunately, she has an appointment. He's disappointed. She smiles and tells him ``Yeah, it's very important.'' Walking home, he catches Hikaru with the same question. She acts surprised, wishing him Happy Birthday, but begs of ``I'm kind of busy so... bye!''

Kyousuke's standing in front of the bathroom mirror. He's upset by everyone's forgetting or not caring about his birthday. ``I'm the only one I can trust,'' he thinks. Staring into the mirror, he hypnotizes himself, ``I trust nobody!'' (just like he did in episode 25). Jingoro walks in. Kyousuke looks at him, but can't quite focus. ``What are you? A dog? A pig? A raccoon?'' Just then, the doorbell rings, but Kyousuke ignores it.

It's Madoka, dressed up nicely. Since no one answers the door, she comes in and finds Kyousuke in his room. He doesn't recognize her and tells her, ``I don't need cosmetics,'' mistaking her for the gal on the phone earlier. She apologizes for coming in unannounced, but this doesn't placate him. ``Why does a sales lady have to look this sexy?'' he says, throws her on the bed, and ends up atop a shocked Madoka. A good slap from her brings him out of his hypnosis. He's shocked. ``What are you doing here? What was I doing?!'' (he doesn't remember) He begins to get off, but Hikaru has just come in and seen the two of them like this.

She runs out of the room sobbing, and he chases after her. The chase continues down The Stairs. He catches her part way down. She gives him a slap too, ``I hate Darling!'' and runs off. Trying to follow, Kyousuke slips and ends up falling down the stairs.

He wakes up on the stairs, and sees Komatsu and Hatta coming up. They hide their presents behind their backs and say hi. Kyousuke continues down, and finds his sisters. He asks them if they've seen Hikaru. They have, ``She's with Madoka.'' Kurumi adds that they were fighting or something. Kyousuke imagines the two on a dark and windy landscape squaring off for combat over him.

He runs up, finds them, and launches headlong into an explanation. ``Stop the fight! It was all my mistake! I thought Ayukawa was a cosmetic sales lady... I wasn't trying to do something dirty. It just ended up looking like that...'' This mightily confuses both of them. Finally he explains that Kurumi said that the two of them were fighting. Hikaru clears that up, they were only debating which of two cakes looked better. ``Darling, I'm sorry. We were trying to surprise you...'' Madoka gently tells her she's spilled the beans. She explains to Kyousuke that they were intentionally ignoring his birthday. They're preparing a party at Abcb and are planning to surprise him. Hikaru pipes up that today is her birthday too. ``We must be bonded deeply.'' A clock chimes, and Kyousuke finally figures out that it's only 4:00. He realizes that when he fell down the stairs he must have slipped back in time.

He's relieved to be out of the sticky situation he was in. He never attacked Madoka and Hikaru never saw them together on his bed. Then he realizes that there are now to of him around, and runs off to make sure the other him doesn't cause the same trouble again. He arrives home just as he's hypnotizing himself not to trust anyone.

The hypnotized Kyousuke wants to know, ``who the heck are you?... Liar! I'm Kasuga Kyousuke.'' He doesn't believe the time slip story. Just then the doorbell rings. Kyousuke, knowing what will happen, knees the hypnotized self where it will put him out of action. He then answers the door and hurries off with Madoka. ``If Ayukawa sees two of me, she'd know that our family's got `power'.'' As they're walking down the stairs he realizes that Hikaru is going to come to his house too, makes an excuse and runs back.

Hikaru shows up in Kyousuke's room. The hypnotized Kyousuke doesn't recognize her and wants to know why she's here. Of course, he doesn't believe her answer. He throws her on the bed too, ``stop telling lies, or you will get hurt.'' Just at this point, Kyousuke comes in, and uses his power to lift his hypnotized self off Hikaru a dump him in the bathtub. He then apologizes to Hikaru. ``I thought you were trying to surprise me, so I tried to surprise you too.'' She didn't know if he was serious. When he tells her, ``there's no way I'd do something like that,'' she agrees, but adds ``I kind of feel I missed something good.''

As he's walking Hikaru to the party, Kyousuke realizes that, though he's taken care of the worst problems, it isn't over yet. He tells Hikaru to go on by herself with the excuse that he hasn't bought her a birthday present yet. Heading back home, he wakes up his other self, who has been cured of his self-hypnosis by the fall into the bathtub.

The two talk, trying to figure out what to do. They quickly discard the idea of both showing up to the birthday party. It wouldn't work trying to explain that they're actually twins. They bring up the point that with two of them, the problem with Madoka and Hikaru can be managed; there's one for each of them. They realize that this wouldn't work either. One of them has to be removed from this time stream. But which one?

The two Kyousukes go back to the stairs. The two argue about which should try the time slip, both saying they should. Then they both get cold feet, and want the other to do the time slip. As they wrestle about this, they both fall down the stairs. Only the second (formerly bad) Kyousuke travels through time. He passes Ushiko and Umao traveling on a Victorian time machine.

The other Kyousuke wakes up on the stairs, and goes to the party at Abcb, where everyone wishes him a Happy Birthday. He's glad to have stayed in this world, and glad that Madoka and Hikaru never found out about his family's secret and that neither of them were hurt. Everyone is having fun at the party. Falling down the stairs twice wasn't fun, but that's nothing compared to what might have happened.

There's a knock at the door. Hikaru turns around holding the teddy bear that Kyousuke gave her. It's the other Kyousuke, bringing the same bear to the birthday party. They're both embarrassed.