Kimagure Orange Road episode 33

Enchanted Madoka! 120% Confession by Mushroom

Nov 16, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
Hikaru is chasing Kyousuke down a street. She jumps to grab him, but he disappears, confusing her. She looks around and finds him walking down the street with Madoka. Madoka turns and thanks her for coming to the celebration, which confuses Hikaru. She then sees them both in wedding dress. They thank her and vanish through a church door. Hikaru runs after them, and finds herself alone in a field, completely distraught. The scene fades to Hikaru sleeping on a train, Kyousuke is trying to wake her up. They've arrived.

The whole group is at a mountain retreat. Master tells them that they're here for orienteering and mushroom hunting. He explains what the various types of mushrooms are, which are safe, and not. Then, he brings up a picture of a blue mushroom. This is the Asahyo-hou-dake, otherwise know as the ``truth mushroom.'' It only blooms once every ten years; one bite of it and you feel you have to tell the truth you're hiding in your heart, and this is the tenth year. This, of course excites several of the gang, especially Hikaru, Komatsu and Hatta. What truth they want to know is obvious.

When Master asks how to split up into pairs for orienteering, Komatsu suggests boy/girl pairs, and Kyousuke suggests drawing straws, and has them ready. Madoka remembers back to the train where Kyousuke told her, ``If there's a lottery, take the longest one... It's the one with the red tip.'' It will match Kyousuke's. She murmurs a silent apology to Hikaru and takes the longest one, which has a yellow tip. Hikaru picks next, and pulls out one with a red tip. It's tip is broken over, so it appears shorter even though it isn't. She's overjoyed, ``Darling! Of course we're tied with the red string of fate.''

Hikaru and Kyousuke are out hiking. She asks if he will eat the truth mushroom if they find it. She claims to know what he thinks, but, remembering her dream, has some doubts to herself.

Madoka ends up paired with Komatsu. He offers to carry her bag, and tries a couple of lines on her. She comments that he doesn't have any self-control at all. ``That's something I left behind in mother's womb.'' She fires back, ``then why don't you go back and get it?'' This floors Komatsu, and she leaves him behind. After this, he resolves to find the truth mushroom and make her eat it so she'll tell everything.

Kurumi is paired with a very attentive Hatta, and not appreciating how close he's trying to get. She threatens to tell Manami about him. ``I don't care which. You're twins so it doesn't make a difference.'' She slaps him. ``My mistake, I love Kurumi, and I hate Manami.'' Slap! He promises to find and eat truth mushrooms so she'll listen to him. She wanders off, exasperated, and finds a clump of ordinary mushrooms. Thinking, ``if you want to eat them that badly,'' she kneels in front and user her power to change them from orange into blue truth mushrooms. She uses a bit too much power, and ends up changing all the mushrooms on the mountain.

Yuusaku is helping his partner, Manami, up a slope. He's eager to find a truth mushroom, but Manami wonders what he'd do with it. It's useless to feed Hikaru one, she's a walking truth mushroom. Yuusaku agrees, then finds one, and resolves to eat it himself. Manami thinks this is a good idea, ``If you tell her without hesitating, she might take a second look at you.''

Master chases an eager Kazuya to a rope suspension bridge. It's close, but he manages to catch Kazuya before he and Jingoro fall through the bridge into the deep gorge below. Master then scolds Kazuya, the bridge is old and dangerous, ``See this sign?''

Kyousuke is thinking that somehow he'll have to explain the mistake of partnering to Madoka. Hikaru asks if he's found any mushrooms yet. He hasn't and ducks behind a tree to ``look over this way.'' No sooner has he teleported out of sight than Hikaru finds one.

Madoka is bending down to pick the truth mushroom she found when Kyousuke materializes and bumps into her, knocking her over and making her take a bite of the mushroom. He is more than a bit surprised when she stands up, says ``Ka---su---ga---kun'' in a husky voice, puts her arms around him and tries to kiss him. He realizes she's eaten the truth mushroom and so... He decides to cooperate, but before anything more happens, she cries out in pain and collapses. A snake has bitten her on the leg. Kyousuke uses his powers to remove the snake, sucks the poison out of the wound and bandages her leg. This done, he tells her ``you'll be ok.'' She takes out her handkerchief, wipes her blood off his face, thanks him, and leans forward to kiss him. As fate has it, Hikaru has picked this time to show up, and see them in this position. Of course this makes her remember her dream and she runs off crying.

Komatsu has found a big stash of truth mushrooms. He's picking them and thinking that he can find out everyone's truth with all of these. Hikaru runs by, knocking him over and making him take a bite of the one he was holding.

Hatta has eaten a bunch of the mushrooms. He is rolling around on the ground in front of Kurumi sobbing. ``I'm always doing stupid things, but actually I'm a tragic man. I didn't tell anybody this yet, but I'm terminally ill. See this fingertip? I cut the nail too deep three days ago... Somebody give love to this poor Hatta-kun with little life left! I'm the most miserable man on earth!'' Kurumi is not impressed by his show at all. When Hikaru runs past them crying, Kurumi wonders, ``Did Hikaru eat the mushroom I made too?''

Back on the path, Yuusaku takes a bite out of the mushroom he found and stands there with arms outstretched. Hikaru runs into him. He tells her, ``I just ate a truth mushroom. Please listen to my true feeling.'' She hits him saying there's no point in listening to him. He tells her that in his heart, he's always loved her. However, he spoils the effect by breaking down and laughing through his whole speech. This is too much for Hikaru. She gives him a severe slapping and runs off, crying harder. ``Knock off the joke! So, that's the kind of man you are, now I know!'' Yuusaku can only laugh at his predicament ``she probably hates me. ha ha ha.'' Manami is shocked at his behavior. ``How can you laugh at something like this?''

Back at the cabin, Kazuya is watching these events through binoculars while Master finishes putting a proper bandage on Madoka's leg. He runs to them, ``It's terrible! Hikaru is crossing the suspension bridge!'' Madoka has never heard of this bridge, but that doesn't take long. Ushiko and Umao are a couple gathering firewood in the forest this episode. They have a horse with them, which Madoka runs up, borrows and rides off on.

Hikaru is halfway across the suspension bridge and hanging desperately onto one of the hand ropes. Kyousuke comes up and begs her to come back, the bridge is too dangerous. She replies, ``I hate Sempai! Stay away from me!'' He ignores this and begins to carefully inch his way out on the bridge. He gets close and offers her his hand. ``Come on, Hikaru.'' Her reply is to brandish a truth mushroom at him. ``Please eat this. I found it. I want to hear what is really in your heart.'' ``If I eat it, will you come back with me?'' She nods, and Kyousuke gulps, thinking what the truth that he would spill actually is.

However, this never comes out. Just then, the hand rope breaks, upsetting the bridge. They manage to grab onto what's left, but the mushroom falls down to the bottom of the gorge. Kyousuke tells Hikaru to calm down and go back using the rope. She starts to, but another rope breaks and she is left hanging onto Kyousuke. Kyousuke yells for help. He thinks about using his powers, but realizes he can't yet since Hikaru would then know about them.

Just then Madoka rides up on the horse, to his immense relief and her horror, when she sees the situation. She lassos the two of them, with some help from Kyousuke's power in getting the rope around them both, and begins to bring them back slowly. Unfortunately, the post on which she was belaying the rope breaks, leaving no support for the bridge which plunges down into the gorge, along with Kyousuke and Hikaru. Madoka tries to stop their fall, but only manages to get a bad rope burn. Just before they hit the rocks, the two stop falling; the horse has caught the rope in his teeth.

The three of them are sitting beside the ravine in a circle, trying to catch their breath and their wits. Kyousuke offers to tell Hikaru what the truth in his heart really is. She says he doesn't have to. After this incident, she knows what his feeling is. ``I see...'' he replies, and laughs, embarrassed.

As the three are walking back they find a truth mushroom by the path, with a bite taken out of it. Komatsu is standing there with a lecherous look on his face. ``You're so cute.'' The gals take a step back, but everyone is surprised when Komatsu grabs Kyousuke and says he loves him. Kyousuke thinks, ``Ayukawa ate this mushroom, so that's why she was acting like that.'' While he's doing this, we notice that the blue mushrooms turn back to their normal orange color.

Hatta rolls through, still sobbing and bemoaning his miserable self. Kyousuke wonders out loud if they will recover. Kurumi wanders by and says, ``The mushrooms effect wears off if they're bitten by something.'' Kyousuke wonders how she knows that. ``Cause I made those mu...'' Kyousuke blames the whole thing on her and starts to chase her off. Then, his memory gives him pause. He thinks back to Madoka almost kissing him after the snake bit her, and Kurumi's words echo through his mind. ``After the snake bit you?...'' he asks Madoka, but she just smiles and runs off. And their running uncovers some of the real ``truth mushrooms.''