Kimagure Orange Road episode 35

Perversion With a Camera! Robot Kyo-chan!

Nov 30, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
The episode opens with several gals discussing the lingerie they have out drying. Suddenly, a dark phantom sweeps in, grabs the lingerie and and runs off, like a ninja. Komatsu and Hatta are waiting in an alley. Kyousuke appears, his arms full of stolen lingerie and a blank expression on his face. They're overjoyed at his success, but wonder what happened to him. ``He obeys everything we tell him to do.'' For the next escapade, they order him to steal the underwear off of three professional models nearby. He's able to teleport the panties away without the models noticing. They discuss what to have him do next. ``Lets make him do something big.'' They decide on having him take Madoka's picture nude. ``I always wanted to see that once.'' ``She doesn't have the body of a 15 year old.'' Unfortunately, Kyousuke has left before the two can give him the order.

Kazuya is talking with Kurumi and Manami. We find out that Kurumi has hypnotized Kyousuke. Until Kurumi undoes it, he obeys whatever anyone tells him to do. ``What if somebody uses him for bad things!?'' demands Manami.

Madoka is cleaning up in front of Abcb. She sees Kyousuke and asks, ``What's wrong? Weren't you supposed to be at Hikaru's place helping?'' She's got to work at Abcb today, so asks him to go. He just stands there with a blank expression on his face. When she phrases it as a command, he responds, ``yes,'' and teleports when she has her back turned. She turns around, confused to find no-one there.

Yuusaku is at Hikaru's house helping her move. One of the boxes wiggles and out pops Kyousuke. Of course, Hikaru is overjoyed to see him. Yuusaku is not happy to see him here. He tells Kyousuke to get lost. ``Yes,'' says Kyousuke and turns to leave. Hikaru interposes herself and tells him to stay, giving Yuusaku a huge pile of stuff to carry to keep him busy.

Meanwhile, Komatsu and Hatta are reporting Kyousuke as missing to a policeman. The policeman is dutifully taking down the description. ``He's weak looking, apparently indecisive, has weak speech...'' When Hatta pulls out a pair of panties to wipe his forehead, the two decide that talking to a policeman maybe isn't the best idea.

Hikaru is still having Kyousuke help her with her room. ``Aren't we like newlyweds?'' she asks him. When Yuusaku distracts Hikaru, Kyousuke remembers the command to get lingerie so takes a pair of hers. She notices and has to think a minute. Then she figures, ``You wanted me that badly? Darling, go ahead... You can express yourself more straightforwardly.''

At Abcb, Madoka tells the twins Kyousuke was wandering around mindlessly a bit ago, but should be at Hikaru's place now. They're concerned, that Hikaru is a bit too risky in a situation like this, and imagine her getting him to take a bath together. ``If that happens, he'll be in big trouble.'' They run off leaving a confused Madoka.

Back at Hikaru's she's telling Kyousuke. ``That's the sound of my heart being moved, when you wanted me openly like today.'' She closes her eyes and tells him, ``Kiss me.'' Of course, he starts to obey, but Kurumi and Manami pop in just then. They stop it by levitating everything in the room and dropping it around Hikaru. Yuusaku comes in, worried if Hikaru is ok in the big commotion. ``I'm not that great,'' she replies. He tells Kyousuke, ``Why don't you leave and go help at Abcb?!'' Hikaru is distracted by her mom and doesn't intervene this time. Kyousuke teleports away leaving an astonished Yuusaku looking at nothing.

Komatsu and Hatta find Kyousuke outside Abcb and drag him off. They order him, ``Take Ayukawa's photo, nude.'' He goes to do so, teleporting home to get a camera. He surprises his dad reading a girly magazine, so is allowed to borrow his dad's camera. His dad also asks him to buy him some cigarettes. At the cigarette machine, Kazuya comes up, pursued by some other kids. ``Get me ten ice creams,'' asks Kazuya. ``Ten ice creams... Ayukawa's nude photo... buy cigarettes...'' recites a dazed Kyousuke.

Kyousuke shows up with all of this at Abcb, confusing Madoka. She's even more so when he draws the blinds, locks the door, and says ``I want to take your photo nude.'' ``You brought ice cream I didn't ask for. And cigarettes! You told me to quit yourself.'' When he asks for her nude picture again, she thinks, ``If he wants to joke around, I will too,'' and takes off her apron and skirt. When he starts snapping pictures, she realizes that he wasn't joking, and asks him to stop. He chases her around the shop with her shirt becoming more and more unbuttoned. Everyone is at the door, banging to be let in.

Everyone is sitting at the counter at Abcb. Madoka is surprised to hear that Kyousuke was hypnotized. Kurumi explains that the reason he didn't bring the cigarettes or ice cream was that if he got more than two orders at once he'd become confused and come out of the hypnosis. Madoka hears this and heads off, ignoring Kazuya's request for more juice.

She finds Kyousuke cowering in the dressing room. She marches across the room toward him, cracking her knuckles. He thinks that she won't believe that he was already here by the time he snapped out of it, so it was involuntary. That doesn't mean he doesn't remember it though. When she comes up to him, she plants her arms on the wall on either side of him. Then she smiles, and instead of the slap he was expecting, grabs his nose and tells him, ``You won't get away with this.'' Kyousuke thinks to himself, ``I think I went a little too far.''