Kimagure Orange Road episode 36

Farewell, Kyousuke! Your Powers, Taped on a Video!

Dec 7, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
It's a windy day at a construction site. Kyousuke's fleeing. Hikaru raises her fists and begins beating him up. ``I can't believe you betrayed me!'' He's down after three good hard blows. Madoka, who was watching from the side chimes in, ``You actually believed this guy? What a sucker.'' Hikaru's surprised that the two of them were in it together, and they face off to fight. Komatsu yells, ``Cut!'' The filming stops and the fans are turned off. This was all a movie he's making for the school video contest, ``Sukeban Police Woman'' (Girl Gang Leader Police Woman).

The crew compliment Hikaru on her acting. Madoka comments that Hikaru was really into the role, and suggests Kyousuke get an ice bag to put on his injuries. Hikaru teases Madoka about being very much into it too. There is a flashback to Abcb. Hikaru is trying to get Madoka to participate. She's not interested, and other people wanting her to doesn't convince her. As Hikaru and Madoka rehearse the fight, Kyousuke thinks that, though she was reluctant at first, Madoka is that much more into the role.

Kurumi and Manami are wondering if they really have to wear these leotards for their roles. They've never heard of girl gang leaders wearing leotards. Komatsu insists they must, giving a long loud explanation in pseudo-literary movie terms.

Komatsu and Hatta rush off to try and catch a glimpse of them changing. They rush out the door running into Kyousuke. He falls over the bannister and down a deep stairwell, unconsciously using his teleportation power to save himself from injury. Unfortunately, Komatsu and Hatta see him disappear. After Hatta gets a couple of wrong ideas, ``Miracle?'' ``Super Magic?'' Komatsu greets Kyousuke as ``Mr. Esper,'' shattering his calm, and tries to get him to admit it. He tells Kyousuke they'll change the movie to one starring him in a superman like role. You'll go to Hollywood, and Cannes, and get lots of French girls. But Kyousuke continues to deny things and walks off. Komatsu tells Hatta that there are other ways do do this.

As they are filming, Komatsu keeps putting Kyousuke in situations where he ought to use his power. He has Yuusaku, wearing a terminator mask, attack him, full strength. Yuusaku succeeds in punching through the wall and scaring Kyousuke, but that's it.

In the rescue scene, they drop a huge rock on him. He breaks through the prop, but doesn't use his power. ``Wasn't this scene supposed to be a fight against the leotard girls?''

They try piling box upon box upon bag on him to carry, hoping he'll teleport out from under the load. He only collapses on the ground, saying he can't carry that much.

They try asking Kurumi and Manami if they know about Kyousuke doing anything funny ``like disappearing.'' Kurumi almost spills the beans, but Manami is able to shut her up. The two end up in a fight using their power to make the other make funny faces.

In the tape editing room, the two approach Hikaru. She's surprised that they say Kyousuke is an esper. She thinks it's great, but wonders why he's never told her. They manage to convince her to help them prove that he has ESP powers.

In the next scene of the movie, Kyousuke comes to rescue her. She begins improvising dialogue. ``Tell me your secret. You're an esper! If you really love me, you'd tell me about your ESP.'' He nervously looks at Madoka, who is manning one of the lights. Hikaru moves to kiss him. Komatsu thinks that this is a wonderful scene, but Madoka frowns and turns away. Just as they're about to kiss, Yuusaku can't take it anymore and pulls the lighting cables apart, plunging the entire set into darkness.

Komatsu and Hatta come up with yet another idea in the scheme. They ask for Hikaru's help. They want to drop Kyousuke from the roof to get him to reveal his ESP. She's not to keen on the idea but goes along. Hikaru helping these two is only making it that much worse for Kyousuke.

As Kyousuke is carrying stuff around, he happens by a classroom. Madoka is inside practicing her lines. She's embarrassed to find out he was watching. He says it was only for a bit, ``I didn't know you liked this sort of thing.'' He drops her script, and holds tenderly her for a bit. ``Ayukawa...'' he begins, seeming ready to tell her his feelings. She stops him, saying, ``I want to make the memories one at a time.'' Before they more is said, they are summoned for the filming of another scene.

The last scenes are being filmed. Hikaru drags Kyousuke up to the roof. Madoka comes up and Komatsu yells at her for being late, and then yells at Hatta for yelling at her, ``How can you talk like that to her?'' Hikaru and Kyousuke are on the roof. She's thinking that he could have told her about the power, but is too shy. He's thinking that once she's convinced, life's going to be real tough.

The scene starts. Madoka points out she's not the only one, there's Hikaru on the roof. Hikaru reveals herself as being a police woman as well, tearing off her school outfit revealing a police uniform. ``If you've got the guts to fight against this badge, come.'' She fakes starting to fall, and Kyousuke runs out. Unfortunately they both trip and go over the side. He grabs onto the ledge, and she's hanging from him.

Komatsu is overjoyed, yelling at Kyousuke to teleport. Hikaru encourages him to use his power. ``Could it be that you really don't have ESP?!'' When he claims not to, she's so sorry for putting him in this situation.

The twins are bringing their mattress from home for Kyousuke to land on. Jingoro, who was sleeping there, wakes up and is shocked to find himself flying through the air. Kurumi was confused, Manami actually meant to bring the mattress from the gym. This cleared up, they let the flying bed (and Jingoro) drop. They see Hatta trying to bring a trampoline over for Kyousuke to land on, and use their power to ``help'' him carry it.

Kyousuke figures that Komatsu is trying to prove he can teleport, but knows nothing about his other powers. He begins using them to lift them and help him climb back up onto the roof. Yuusaku and Madoka race up the stairs, scared for these two. Just as they reach the roof, the concrete gives way under Kyousuke's fingers and he falls, images of Madoka passing before his eyes. Komatsu has him on camera as he disappears from sight. He reappears over the trampoline, surprising Hatta. Since he's demonstrated his power on videotape, Kyousuke thinks, ``Now I can't live in this city anymore.''

At the film festival, Komatsu and Hatta are promoting their film. ``These are real live shots. No special effects!'' At home Kurumi, a bandaged Jingoro, and her dad are packing up. He asks where Kyousuke and Manami are. ``They'll be back after the video contest,''she replies. Kyousuke shows up late at the contest and Madoka wonders aloud to him why they changed the film's title. He tries to tell her about his power, telling himself, ``Tell her like a man that I'm an esper before they do,'' but the words fail him. Komatsu and Hatta are on stage, pointing out ``Watch this! He'll disappear.'' Kyousuke closes his eyes and thinks, ``Goodbye Ayukawa.'' The audience isn't pleased. Hatta rewinds the tape while Komatsu makes an excuse about the tracking. The second time, through the video fades to static just before the point where Kyousuke teleports. ``That was close,'' thinks Kyousuke. A tired Manami begs him, ``Please don't make me use `power' anymore.''

The audience is really upset since the VCR won't give the tape back either. Komatsu appeals to Hikaru to verify their claim. She only says, ``Darling was trying to protect me while I passed out, you liar,'' and refuses to say any more. ``Yuusaku do as you like,'' she adds. He advances toward Komatsu and Hatta, menacingly.

Hikaru apologizes to Kyousuke for believing Komatsu saying that he was an esper. Madoka is surprised to her this. Kyousuke adds that others believe things so easily, laughing it off. He's a bit confused, though, when Madoka adds, ``But if you really were an esper --- that would be neat.''