Kimagure Orange Road episode 38

Kyousuke Time Travel. Three Times Christmas

Dec 21, 1987
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
Kyousuke is helping to set up for the Christmas party. Putting the star on top of the tree he loses his balance and falls off the ladder, pulling the tree down on top of himself. When he crawls out, Komatsu showers him with a confetti bomb. ``Merry Christmas Mr. Kasuga!'' Hatta opens another, ``Merry Christmas, Mr. Indecisive.'' The curtain opens to show Kazuya, dressed as Santa Claus sitting in a wagon pulled by Jingoro dressed as a reindeer. He whips the poor cat mercilessly to get him to go. Hatta blows up and lets go his usual balloon, which lands on Jingoro who pops it. The guys also say that this party is one for couples only.

All the students are working at cleaning up the school. Komatsu and Hatta ask the twins to the dance. Kyousuke comes up and isn't too pleased with them. They stymie him by asking if he's invited ``Princess Hikaru.'' While he imagines Madoka in a fancy dress and is trying to decide between her and Hikaru, the guys make their escape.

Kyousuke finds Madoka cleaning a window and is about to invite her when Hikaru comes up and leaps into his arms. ``You're inviting me to the Christmas Party, right?'' She heard from Komatsu. She suggests that Madoka come to the party too and asks her to invite someone. Madoka replies that she can't; she's been invited to her sisters place. Outside, Madoka tears up her ticket and throws the pieces to the wind.

That night, Kurumi and Manami are fighting over a dress they both want to wear. They end up tearing it in two which gets them mad enough to start using their powers on each other. Manami has pinned Kurumi to the ceiling when Kyousuke walks in, telling them to cut the racket. They do, and Kurumi ends up falling on Kyousuke, squashing him to the ground.

Yuusaku finds Kyousuke on his way to pick up Hikaru. He's upset that he can't take Hikaru and is ready to beat up Kyousuke. Kyousuke is saved from injury when a pizza delivery scooter crashes into them. Yuusaku ends up with a broken arm.

Hikaru is wearing a black and white pants suit awaiting Kyousuke. As the two walk to the party they meet an old lady who asks for directions to the Senior Welfare Hall. Kyousuke gives a long and involved explanation which the confused lady asks him to repeat.

At the hall, Komatsu and Hatta are acting as doormen. Kazuya comes with a young date, and they tease him about being a playboy. Yuusaku comes with his arm in a cast and a parrot on his shoulder. When the guys tell him it's a couples only party, he replies she is his date. ``Will you deny the beautiful love between man and animal?''

The party has started. There is food, music and dance. The twins are enjoying the food, but still aren't talking. Kyousuke and Hikaru drink a toast, then he is called away for a phone call from Madoka's sister. He finds out that Madoka isn't there; she lied to him. She's wandering around, alone, downtown. She pauses and sadly stares at a pair of kissing dolls in a store window. A roving TV reporter tries to interview her, but she doesn't answer any of his questions: ``Are you going to a party?... What did you buy your boyfriend?'' She walks off without a word. The stunned reporter can only conclude that she must be a strict Buddhist. Kyousuke gets off the phone in time to see all this on the TV behind him. He walks back to the party, upset that Madoka's unhappy. On his way down the stairs he trips.

Kyousuke lands on the ground under the Christmas tree. He crawls out to be showered by confetti bombs and greeted by Komatsu and Hatta. He realizes that he did a time slip. ``This time, I'll invite Ayukawa for sure,'' he decides.

Kyousuke knows where to find Madoka. He ends up pulling her into a storeroom to avoid Hikaru. He asks her to go with him to the party. She tells him she had a dream of spending a lonely Christmas Eve, but when he gets down on his knees, she accepts.

Kurumi still lands on him after the fight, but when he meets Yuusaku, he tells him he's not taking Hikaru. Yuusaku thinks he's a great guy, and even more so when he saves him from the pizza delivery scooter crash. Unfortunately a telephone repairman falls on Yuusaku, breaking his arm. Some things are just fated to happen.

Madoka is waiting for Kyousuke and looks stunning in her blue dress and white fur coat. He feels really glad that he invited her. As they're walking to the party she tells him she's glad that her dream didn't come true. The meet the same old lady asking for directions. Kyousuke is able to give her a more concise set this time.

Yuusaku arrives at the party with a cast on his arm and carrying a goldfish. She's Ruriko-chan the famous synchronized swimmer. Hikaru is waiting at the top of the stairs to the hall. She's upset when she sees Kyousuke coming with Madoka. Komatsu told her about the party, but when she went by Darling's house everyone had already left. ``I had a dream of spending Christmas Eve with Darling.'' She runs off, crying. Madoka apologizes for this and leaves. Kyousuke hopes his power will work one more time and jumps off the stairs.

He lands on the ground under the Christmas tree again. Komatsu and Hatta greet him as before, but are confused at his being overjoyed to be here.

This time Yuusaku is even madder than before when they meet. ``You are trying to pull off the worst thing I can think of.'' They manage to avoid both the pizza scooter crash and the falling telephone repairman, but as Yuusaku is chasing Kyousuke, he's hit by a huge falling Christmas tree. Ushiko and Umao make their appearance as a ball and star on the tree.

Kyousuke, walking alone this time, meets the same old woman. Before she says anything he asks if she's looking for the Senior Welfare Hall. Yes, but how does he know? He gives her the directions and adds, ``Don't forget. I won't be back again,'' confusing her even more.

Yuusaku arrives at the party with a cast on his arm and leg and carrying a turtle. For the dance, she does the break dance shell roll very well. Everyone is shocked when Kyousuke walks in with both Madoka and Hikaru at his side. When told that this is a couple's party, he replies, ``as a single, as a couple, as a triple, all are good.'' Hikaru and Madoka agree with him and they enter the hall.

He thinks that, ``even if others accuse me of two-timing, I don't want either of them to be sad,'' and the happy three share a toast. Suddenly the lights go out and decorations start flying around the hall. Up in the sky, a sled appears pulled by a reindeer. We see that the two Santa's in it are Kyousuke's grandfather and grandmother. They've brought a present for Kyousuke, a huge Christmas tree. The sled leaves behind ``Merry Xmas '87'' in the sky. For their final touch, Kyousuke's grandparents make it snow. Madoka smiles, and comments that it's now ``a white Christmas.'' Kyousuke runs outside and yells at his grandfather that he's overdoing it. Unfortunately, the reindeer knocks him over and he falls down the stairs.

Kyousuke lands on the ground under the Christmas tree one more time. Komatsu and Hatta wish him a Merry Christmas, but are really confused at why he answers so grouchily. Kyousuke finally found an outcome he liked, only to be knocked out of it.