Kimagure Orange Road episode 39

Hypnotized Madoka! Kyousuke's Risky New Year

Jan 4, 1988
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
Kyousuke wakes up at 7:00 in the morning. He's fallen asleep with a magazine on his face. He gets up, notices it's January 1 and goes to brush his teeth. While doing so, he wonders what his first dream this year will be. His stomach growls, and he heads down to breakfast. In the kitchen, he is shocked to see Madoka, wearing a Playboy bunny outfit, making breakfast. She gives him a bowl of soup, and says, ``Happy New Year, Darling.'' She then bows in front of him, and asks ``What can I do for you Master?'' Kyousuke figures this has got to be a dream, so he shuts his eyes. Upon opening them, he's staring Jingoro in the face, whom he wakes up by pulling on his ear. The calendar says it's actually December 31.

He comes down to breakfast, still sleepy, wondering if this might have been a prophetic dream. Kurumi comes up, pokes him in the forehead, and tells him, ``You're a dog.'' Her hypnosis works, and she's able to command him to run around her and sit, just like a dog. Manami tells her to knock it off, so she claps her hands in front of Kyousuke which snaps him out of the hypnosis. He wonders why he's on the floor.

Kyousuke's dad and Kurumi remind him that they're going to Grandpa's place for New Year's. If he doesn't pack, they'll leave him behind. Kyousuke starts wondering if this hypnosis and his dream may be related. He thinks that going to Grandpa's is nice, but Madoka as a bunny is too much to give up. He's so deep in thought that the twins wonder if he's still hypnotized or what. Kurumi settles things by hypnotizing him to sleep, and suggesting they just leave, ``If we wait for him to make up his mind, it'll be next year.''

Kyousuke's at Abcb. He's just told the story of being hypnotized to Master and Hikaru behind the counter. They say Madoka isn't here because she's going to America today. Master says it's for her parents, and remembers her telling him, ``Wouldn't you want to spend the end and beginning of the year with those you care most about?''

Kyousuke doesn't like the idea of spending even a few days away from Madoka and goes over to her house to say goodbye. No one answers the door so, since it's unlocked, he walks in. He's shocked to find Madoka lying on the floor, collapsed in the middle of cleaning house. He wakes her up. She notices it's him, tells him she's ok, just a bit dizzy, and goes right back to sleep. A panicked Kyousuke carries her upstairs and lays her on her bed. He tries telephoning someone, but gets no answer. He then stares at Madoka, but even in her sleep, she's modest and shifts her legs together. She curls up and starts shivering, so Kyousuke finds the fur coat she wore to the Christmas Party in her closet and covers her with it.

He notices her passport and airline ticket to New York, and figures if he wakes her up she'll just go to America. He's drawing bath water when the phone rings. Madoka answers it; it's Hikaru. He comes back just as she hangs up. She comments that he's rather devoted. He explains that he drew the bath so she could warm up; she seemed so cold. Madoka looks at him sternly and tells him that he's under arrest for breaking in. She then goes over and puts him in a head lock that ends up as a hug. The two of them share a happy laugh.

Back at Abcb, Hikaru has just gotten off the phone and tells Master that Madoka decided not to go to America after all, ``she's so whimsical.''

Madoka makes New-Year's noodles and the two of them eat. Kyousuke wonders if it's ok that she's not going to go to America. So she asks if he wants her to go, and smiles when he says no, adding, ``This is the first time I've eaten New-Year's soba with someone like this.'' Kyousuke comments that it's thanks to Kurumi's hypnosis that he can enjoy them with her. ``Hypnosis?'' He explains it a little, but she wants an example, so he pokes her in the forehead like Kurumi did, telling her, ``You're my slave now,'' and laughs. She doesn't react to this, just gives him a blank stare. He tries to wake her, but she just bows and asks, ``What can I do for you Master?'' He asks her to, ``Stop joking, Ayukawa.'' She replies, ``Please call me Madoka.'' He's surprised that the hypnosis really worked.

Kyousuke laughs and asks, no commands, Madoka to get him some tea. She immediately does this, and Kyousuke figures his dream was prophetic. He moves behind Madoka, gives her a hug, and then gives her breasts a good feel. Burning himself with the hot tea brings him out of this daydream. A concerned Madoka bandages up his hand with a cloth. He asks her to give him a shoulder massage, which she does. He loves this, so asks her to clean out his ears; she does (this is something that only wives do for their husbands). He's ecstatic, and asks her to scrub his back in the bath. She begins to unzip her dress, but he stops her, figuring that he shouldn't go that far.

The two of them are wandering through the festival together, Madoka hanging tightly on his arm. He thinks that Madoka is really cute like this. They manage to dodge Komatsu and Hatta who are trying to pick up girls, as usual. They do run into their teachers though, who wonder what they're doing. Taking advantage of a distraction, they run off, with the P.E. teacher in hot pursuit. As they're running, they pass a couple guys pounding mochi (a traditional New-Year's activity). Finally, they manage to lose the teacher. Kyousuke thinks that maybe taking her out like this was a mistake, and suggests they go home.

Just then, Yuusaku sees them. He's so stunned that he drops a coffee he's carrying and would have lost the whole tray but for the intervention of a local cop. He's not going to let Kyousuke get away with this. He asks Madoka what Hikaru will do if she sees them like this. Madoka turns and asks Kyousuke, ``Master, I don't know what this child is trying to say.'' This is too much for Yuusaku who runs off, leaving the cop with the tray.

At Abcb, Hikaru has just changed into her kimono, and has come in to show it to Master. He likes it. She suggests doing the traditional shrine visiting on New Year's (Hatsumoude). Yuusaku runs in, but can't bring himself to tell Hikaru what he just saw. He tears off his apron, throws it to Master and runs out.

Back at home, Madoka has drawn a bath and is about to take off Kyousuke's shirt. He says he can do it himself. He's in the tub, when she enters wearing a towel, and asks him to scrub her back. He's happy, but snaps out of his daydream. Madoka hands him some towels and asks if he will scrub her back. She heads to her room to change. Kyousuke says, ``here is ok,'' but then corrects himself. The shot of his face fades to a drawing of it Yuusaku did on a fence, which he is destroying with his karate.

Kyousuke is in the bath. He figures that, even though Madoka is hypnotized, she may still be embarrassed. He imagines her undressing and coming into the bath with him. Just then, the doorbell rings, and he hears Hikaru enter. He wonders why she's here, jumps out and tries to get his clothes on. She bursts in before he's able to and sees him naked. She starts to cry, wondering why he's here. ``Could it be that you and Madoka are...?''

Fortunately she didn't catch him that way, and he's able to come out fully dressed. Hikaru is happy to see him. Madoka comes out, wearing her kimono, and asks if they're ready for Hatsumoude. Hikaru wonders why she didn't go to America. Madoka says it was just a change of heart, but Kyousuke wants to know more. She stops his question by point out that his pants are on backwards. Madoka's just amused (and cute), but the other two are embarrassed.

At the festival Kyousuke is chasing after a laughing Madoka. Hikaru wonders what's wrong with the two of them. Kyousuke figures out that Madoka never was hypnotized, she was acting all the time. ``Ayukawa is a very good actress.'' They stop laughing when Yuusaku appears above them and challenges Kyousuke. The screen cuts to the faces of these four which Kazuya then pulls aside like a curtain. This reveals the cast, dressed in traditional clothes. They all bow and say, ``Happy New Year.''