Kimagure Orange Road episode 41

Immobile Madoka! Kyousuke's Wonder Watch

Jan 18, 1988
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
The episode opens with images of clocks: surreal and breaking. Kyousuke and Madoka are waiting with Hikaru at a street corner in front of a clock shop. Even though it's winter, she's enthusiastic about the upcoming tennis tournament. Kyousuke appreciatively imagines the two gals in their tennis outfits. As she's practicing her swing, Hikaru's racket slips out of her hand and lands in the street. She runs to get it, without looking for traffic, and an oncoming car desperately tries not to hit her. Suddenly, everything turns red.

Kyousuke is relieved that Hikaru wasn't hit, but then notices that nothing is moving. Not Madoka, the cars, or even the birds. His grandparents come up and tell him to take Hikaru away before the car starts moving again. He picks her up and carries her to the sidewalk. The red fog disappears and everything starts moving again. Hikaru is overjoyed at the rescue, and Madoka is impressed. ``Sometimes you do the most amazing things.'' Kyousuke is embarrassed and upset that Grandma greets Hikaru as his bride, but Hikaru loves it.

Kyousuke's grandparents are visiting. Grandpa shows the Kasugas the stop-watch with which he can freeze time. It only works for one minute and then time starts up again. He demonstrates, and we find out that people with ``power'' are not affected by the freeze. Grandpa and Kurumi have fun playing with Jingoro and Takashi. Grandma levitates the watch to Kyousuke, telling him to use it and do well with Hikaru. Time restarts and Jingoro and Takashi crash to the ground from where they were levitated.

At the tennis match, Kyousuke is playing Madoka. They're having an intense volley when finally the ball is about to dribble over the net. Kyousuke uses the watch and moves the ball so he makes the point. Madoka is really impressed at his skill and hugs him. He is jolted out of this daydream by falling off the bench. When they are really playing, Madoka reaches to return a ball and is about to take a nasty fall, when Kyousuke stops time to prevent that. He stands her back upright, but is distracted by being this close to her and the minute runs out. Time starts with him about to kiss her and she slams him with her racket.

Downtown, Grandpa is trying to pick up some gals, but they just call him a dirty old man. He does some magic tricks which impress them and runs off with one to go skating. Down the block, he discovers that it's his wife he's dragging along instead; she has some tricks of her own!

Kurumi and Manami are at the tennis courts too. Komatsu and Hatta show up, suggesting mixed doubles and saying that the winning partners will kiss. Yuusaku isn't happy with the pairing. He and Madoka are partners, as are Kyousuke and Hikaru. Kyousuke notices that Madoka is still mad, but doesn't want Yuusaku to end up kissing her. Yuusaku wants Hikaru to lose so she won't kiss Kyousuke. Hikaru is mad at him for this and serves. She missed the ball and it falls into her shirt and stays there. Kyousuke freezes time and goes over to get the ball. His sisters yell at him for being a pervert, and time restarts with his hand still down Hikaru's shirt. Hikaru is happy he'd try something like that; everyone else is shocked. Yuusaku is really mad and so is Madoka. She serves the ball at Kyousuke, and it hits him squarely in the mouth. ``Is this what you were looking for?''

Kyousuke and Hikaru are playing Hatta and Kurumi. Kyousuke keeps Hatta from returning a poor serve by stopping time and moving him so he misses. Kurumi stops objecting to his cheating when Kyousuke asks her if she really wants to kiss Hatta. He continues to use the watch to help his game. Kurumi figures that he must really want to kiss Hikaru, but Manami counters that he doesn't want Madoka to kiss anyone else.

Grandpa is at the ice rink, still trying to pick up young girls. A time freeze causes him to run right into Ushiko and Umao. He is pulled back from grabbing her by his wife. Having foiled his lechery, she asks him which he thinks Kyousuke prefers, Madoka or Hikaru. Grandpa would choose Madoka, but Grandma likes Hikaru better. He manages to get back to Ushiko and time restarts with him hugging her knees. The couple is embarrassed and the crowd surprised at this dirty old man. Halfway through their usual lines, Ushiko and Umao begin repeating their own names instead of each other's.

Kyousuke is following Madoka around the tennis lodge, trying desperately to convince her that everything about Hikaru is just a misunderstanding. She grabs a cup of coffee and heads into the women's locker room. He's so intent on convincing her that he even follows in there. Fed up, she turns quickly and ends up spilling her hot coffee on him. She tells him to take off his shorts, then realizes what she said, blushes and turns away like he asks. He's down to his underwear wiping off the spill when Hikaru and the twins come in. Kyousuke tries to freeze time, but the watch doesn't work. They catch him with his pants down with Madoka and think the worst. Madoka comes to his aid by telling them that she spilled coffee on him. ``He probably came into the wrong room by accident.'' He's surprised that she's defending him, but agrees with her excuse so the gals believe the story.

Grandpa has come to the tennis courts and explains to Kyousuke what's wrong with the watch. It turns out that it needs to be wound up to work. Kyousuke thanks Madoka for her help earlier, but she tells him that she only did it for Hikaru's sake.

Komatsu, Hatta are relaxing with the twins in a restaurant while Kyousuke, Hikaru, Madoka and Yuusaku play the last match. Hatta suggests to Kurumi that they kiss now, via his straw. Grandma takes him up on it. He falls off his chair finding ``the taste of a mature woman'' very powerful.

The last match goes on for a while. Yuusaku complains that Hikaru always hits it to him, but that's because he's the only one she can score points from. The two sides are even, and Kyousuke serves for the last point of the match. Madoka returns it with a smash and Kyousuke dives for the ball. He hits the watch, just in case, but time doesn't stop. The ball ends up out, and Kyousuke ends up frozen. The gang thinks he's stunned.

Several watches fall down a red vortex. Madoka appears, dressed in Greek garb, carrying a bow. Kyousuke is held on a clock face and she walks up. She draws her bow and tells him that he's stopped time too much so they can never be in the same time again. She shoots at him, hitting the clock causing steam to leak out, and walks off. As soon as Kyousuke blocks one leak, another appears. He yells after Madoka that he did all of this for her, but she keeps on walking. She turns into Hikaru who repeats his sentence.

Hikaru calls the hospital describing Kyousuke's symptoms and they tell her to give up. Madoka holds the frozen Kyousuke, concerned for him. His grandfather wonders about her concern and tells her that a wicked witch cast a spell on him, like Snow White. Grandma tells the same story to Hikaru, who runs off to kiss him.

Madoka is tenderly holding Kyousuke, thinking, ``I didn't know I was casting a bad spell. I'm sorry. I wasn't showing my true feelings.'' She apologizes and and bends to kiss him. Before she can, Hikaru runs up so she lets go of him. Hikaru kisses Kyousuke, reviving him. Madoka sighs, disappointed she missed her chance to show her true feelings.

Grandpa finds the watch's problem. Kyousuke wound it the wrong way; you wind this watch the opposite direction. Grandma demonstrates with Grandpa, freezing him, not the world. She asks Kyousuke how it was to be awakened by a girls kiss and pushes Grandpa off his chair in front of Hikaru and Madoka.