Kimagure Orange Road episode 42

Popular Madoka! Kyousuke Finally Declares

Jan 25, 1988
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
Kyousuke and Madoka are watching an adaptation of ``Gone with the Wind.'' Both Scarlet and Red are played by women, somewhat confusing Kyousuke. After the play, they are walking to Abcb, when they find a girl waiting for them with a bouquet of flowers. Kyousuke is ready to accept these, but the girl runs past him and gives them and a note to Madoka.

At Abcb, Kyousuke is teasing Madoka about the note, ``Since I've met you, Madoka-oneesama everyday is dreamlike. Whenever I think of oneesama's eyes, with sorrow...'' Master has a laugh about this too, but Madoka isn't amused. They ask her if she knows the girl. ``Yes, a bit.'' Madoka remembers. The girl was trapped in an alley by a bunch of guys. They were ready to attack her when Madoka came up and stopped them. The girl was overjoyed that Madoka saved her. Kyousuke figures it was love at first sight. They read from the note that the girl's name is Hoshi Sumire.

Kyousuke is discussing these events with his sisters after their bath. He can't understand why a girl would do something like this. They tell him that Madoka is the type who is popular with younger girls. ``Brother, you better watch out. If you're not careful, she might take Madoka-san away from you.'' Kyousuke doesn't like this idea at all. He imagines Madoka and Sumire in a love scene from the play they just saw, which only upsets him further.

The next day at school, Sumire runs up to Madoka. She puts a scarf she knit around her neck, and gives her a pair of mittens too. When Madoka tries to talk to her, Sumire replies, ``I know. It's because I'm a girl, right? The bigger the obstacle, the hotter the love''.

Hikaru and Kyousuke are discussing this while she is feeding him lunch on the roof. She says that Madoka will be OK, ``She's used to handling younger girls.'' That evening, though, Hikaru comes running to Kyousuke's apartment for help. ``It's big trouble!''

Sumire has come over to Madoka's house, and wants to stay there. ``Let's turn this house into our den of love and spend rose colored days here.'' Madoka asks her to cut it out and think about the problems that would ensue. Sumire is hurt that she's a problem. ``I shouldn't have been born. I know, I'll die.'' She runs to the kitchen and grabs a knife, threatening Madoka with it and then turning it towards herself. Madoka acquiesces, but wonders how Sumire can talk about love and death that easily.

Sumire is in the kitchen making dinner. Kyousuke and Hikaru have come over, and Madoka has just finished explaining to him what has happened. Sumire is bubbling on about living together, and comments that there's always someone who'd try to block the way. ``That kind of man is the worst, right?'' The two girls nudge Kyousuke. ``Come on.'' ``Go tell her, sempai.''

Kyousuke wonders why him, but goes to Sumire and says he needs to talk to her alone. When they are alone in the bedroom, Sumire says she was acting this way to get close to him. She then tears her shirt, and starts trashing the room. He tries to stop her, but this doesn't help much. Madoka and Hikaru enter to find him on top of a partly undressed Sumire on the bed. To make things worse, Komatsu and Hatta enter through the window, cameras rolling. Nobody believes Kyousuke's story.

The next day at school, Komatsu and Hatta post the picture of Kyousuke and Sumire and tell everyone. They expected to find Sumire and Madoka, but got this instead. Sumire also starts telling everyone how Kyousuke attacked her and Madoka had to save her. Even Kyousuke's sisters don't want to be associated with him. Kyousuke is mad at Sumire and tries to talk to her, but she runs to Madoka for ``protection'' as everyone watches.

Madoka and Sumire are out talking by the river. Madoka encourages her to give up and go home. Sumire isn't daunted. She loves Madoka, and doesn't care about anyone else. She tells about a movie where two young lovers weren't understood by adults and departed into their own world on a trolley. She dreams of riding off like that with someone, and wishes that someone would be Madoka.

Kyousuke calls Hikaru on the phone and explains everything to her. She believes him, ``since there's no way Darling would think about another girl.'' They agree they must separate Sumire from Madoka. Hikaru says girls like that hang around Madoka because she doesn't have a recognized boyfriend. This gives Hikaru an idea, which she turns into a plan.

After class, Kyousuke's teacher asks him to stay after to talk. In the counseling area, they sit down and the teacher asks Kyousuke, ``What is this all about?'' showing him the picture Komatsu and Hatta took. Of course the teacher has the worst idea about this ``impure sexual engagement'' and also accuses him of going after Hikaru. Kyousuke denies this, and then remembers Hikaru telling him to come to the old factory after school, ``Or else we'll loose Madoka-san for real.'' With this, Kyousuke makes a quick excuse and leaves, before the teacher is done talking to him.

Around school, news of this event is spreading like a mutant rumor. ``Sumire-chan is running away with Ayukawa.'' ``Ayukawa's going to give Kasuga a lesson.'' ``Maybe they're going to fight Matsuoka-sensei.'' And finally, ``Matsuoka-sensei and Kasuga-kun are running away.'' This manages to get most of the school interested and they run out to find out what's going on.

As he's running to the old factory, Kyousuke remembers Hikaru's request. ``Please act like her boyfriend in front of that Sumire girl. Show her that there's nothing that can break you two apart. Can you act like that with Madoka-san?'' When he shows up, Madoka tells him, ``I heard everything from Hikaru, but that doesn't mean I believe you completely.'' Sumire shows up and sees them talking from her hiding place. Hikaru starts them off on the play, giving them both their lines from her hiding place in an oil drum. Kyousuke begins, ``Ayukawa, I've always loved you.'' Madoka drops her eyes, then, following instructions, looks at Kyousuke. She says, ``I... I love you too, Kasuga-kun,'' which is not quite the line Hikaru gave her. Kyousuke responds, ``Let's ring the wedding bell together,'' and Madoka says yes before Hikaru even has time to give her the line. The script then calls for a hot kiss, which unsettles Hikaru. Kyousuke and Madoka move to do this, and almost do, when Hikaru jumps up and yells at them, ``I can't believe this, Stop!! Don't!!''

When her brief trip in the run-away oil drum is over, Hikaru climbs out, and tells Sumire, who has come out by now, ``Don't you get it?! They seriously love each other!'' ``I get it,'' says Sumire, ``This whole thing is a play to get me to give her up, right?'' Kyousuke tells her, ``No... Sumire-chan, Ayukawa is the one I truly do...'' Madoka's a bit surprised he's actually saying this, but before more can be said, the whole school comes running up chasing after Kyousuke. Sumire leads the four of them through the factory, and shows them a railroad hand-car. Kyousuke and Madoka get on and ride off. Hikaru manages to hold Sumire long enough for them to get away. She chases them a bit, and then collapses on the track, whimpering, ``My trolley is going away.'' On the hand-car, Madoka asks Kyousuke what he was trying to say back there, ``Ayukawa is the one I truly do...'' When Kyousuke hesitates answering, she smiles and they both share a laugh. She already has a good idea, and doesn't want to embarrass him by making him say things before he's ready. When he asks, Madoka tells Kyousuke that this track is just a circular line that goes around the factory. They come back to where they started, where the teachers and classmates are wondering where they went. The hand-car runs through their midst, scattering everyone off the track. Kyousuke narrates that, in the end, the misunderstanding about him was cleared up.

The next day at school, Sumire is chasing after Hikaru with a bunch of flowers. Hikaru runs to Kyousuke for help. When hiding behind him doesn't stop Sumire, she continues running off with Sumire in pursuit crying, ``I love wonderful Ayukawa, but I love cute Hikaru too!!'' Kyousuke can really understand how Sumire feels.