Kimagure Orange Road episode 46

One Silver Night! Alone Together in a Gondola

Feb 22, 1988
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
Madoka is doing a good job of skiing; Hikaru can't quite catch up with her. Kyousuke on the other hand is having trouble even staying up on skis. He narrates that they have all gone off on this trip to celebrate their graduation from Junior High. Yuusaku tries showing off to Hikaru, doing fine until he hits an unexpected bump. This throws him and he ends up flying off a 90 meter jump and slamming into a tree. He recovers and bows to the worried group around him. A voice in his head asks if he likes Hikaru that much. He asks Komatsu and Hatta if they heard anything. They didn't; it's Kazuya's telepathy. When the voice promises to arrange for them to be alone together, he kneels and thanks God.

Kyousuke and Kazuya head back to their room, tired after the day's fun. Kyousuke is ready to take a bath, and Kazuya wants to do it together. Kazuya uses his powers to change the room numbers on their room and the girls, and then points out to Kyousuke that the room he's about to enter doesn't have their number.

Kazuya runs off with the excuse he forgot something. He peeps around the corner to see Kyousuke enter the girls' room. Inside Kyousuke relaxes and takes off his clothes, throwing them on the bed where they land on Jingoro. He looks in the bathroom to find out why the water is running. Someone is taking a shower! They apologize for making him wait and say they'll be out in soon. It's Madoka!! Kyousuke closes the door in shock. Why is Madoka in his room, and taking a shower too? His imagination can only come up with one reason for this, ``Kasuga-kun, I was waiting for you.'' Can this be? He's thrilled.

Hikaru runs down the hall, and tells Madoka she's coming in. Madoka sticks her head out of the bathroom. Hikaru screams, shocked, ``You wanted to take a bath together!?'' Yuusaku tears down the hall, ready to beat up Kyousuke for being this forward. He enters the room to find --- a naked and embarrassed Kazuya covering himself. Madoka's equally surprised to find Kyousuke. Kazuya realizes he forgot to switch the room numbers back and does so, telling Hikaru that she's the one in the wrong room. She checks the numbers and finds out she is, so heads off to the other room.

Madoka and Kyousuke are both confused and embarrassed that the other is in their room. She drops that when she hears Hikaru coming, grabs Kyousuke and drags him into the bathroom, shutting the door. She is only wearing a towel, and Kyousuke is only wearing his shorts; not a good situation in which to be caught. Hikaru comes in looking to tell Madoka about her mistake. Not seeing her, she looks in the bathroom where Kyousuke and Madoka are hiding. Madoka hugs Kyousuke tightly behind the shower curtain, and they escape detection. Hikaru's attention is diverted by Kurumi and Manami coming in. They want to compare rooms; they're the same. They check the bathroom too. Kyousuke hides over the door and Madoka isn't seen behind the shower curtain. Just then, Komatsu and Hatta come in. They invite the gals to the disco downstairs.

The four file out leaving Hikaru behind. She notices Jingoro chewing on some clothes on the bed (Kyousuke's). She stops him, but then hears a noise in the bathroom (Kyousuke's voice). She asks who it is, and comes to look. Kyousuke panics and tries meowing like a cat. Madoka hides him this time by pulling him down on top of her in the deep bathtub. Hikaru doesn't see them and figures that Jingoro, now meowing at her leg, made the noise earlier. She leaves with him to go dancing.

Kyousuke breathes a sigh of relief and collapses on Madoka. At her request, he quickly gets up. ``Why would a cat be in a bathroom?'' she asks. ``I was in rushed.'' She yells at him for relaxing now, and throws him out, followed by several pieces of bath equipment.

Komatsu, Hatta and the twins are having a fun time down at the disco. Hikaru is heading down with Jingoro but realizes that it wasn't him she heard in the bathroom. Kyousuke and Madoka finish dressing. She notices him looking at her, throws him his coat and tells him to get out. He starts to leave but notices Hikaru coming back up the hall.

Madoka opens the window to jump out. Kyousuke's a bit reluctant since this is the second floor, but ends up jumping anyway, ``There's snow down below.'' Hikaru enters, surprised to find only an open window letting in the wind. Kyousuke has landed head first in a snowdrift and Madoka has to pull him out. They hide against the wall, and after a nod to each other, run off into the night. He wonders if Hikaru saw them, but Madoka doesn't know.

Hikaru is standing on a balcony, wondering where Darling and Madoka are. Yuusaku sees her, and thanks to Kazuya's push, comes out to talk. ``Pretty,'' he says, which she interprets to mean the stars. He just can't get the courage to tell her he loves her. Kazuya telepathically instructs him, ``If you can't tell her, show her.'' Yuusaku jumps to hug her, but misses and falls into the snow below. Kazuya gives up on him and heads off to bed.

Kyousuke and Madoka are riding up the mountain in a gondola ski lift while some skiers descend the mountain carrying torches. Kyousuke thinks that he's wanted to be alone with Madoka like this for a long time. The lift operator wakes up, and finds that it's past quitting time, so he shuts down the lift and leaves. Kyousuke holds a scared Madoka to comfort her. He bangs his face on the window, bringing him out of his daydream. Madoka trys using the phone in the car to try to find out why they stopped.

Komatsu, Hatta and the gals continue to enjoy the disco. They notice Hikaru has a full glass, and their chant gets her to drink it in one gulp. Yuusaku is outside, practicing his karate and getting covered by the snow he knocks off the trees.

Kyousuke and Madoka figure they'll have to wait in the gondola till morning. He's worried about what the others will say, and Madoka figures they'll be worried. He tries to move the car with his powers, but all he manages to do is shatter the light and a window, letting in the frigid air.

Kyousuke finds the emergency blanket for the shivering Madoka. He gives it to her to use, saying he'll be ok, but a sneeze gives him away. Madoka takes the blanket, sits him down, covers him with the blanket, and snuggles up under it together with him. Kyousuke tries to contact Kazuya telepathically. Unfortunately, he's asleep and thinks that the call is just a bad dream. Kyousuke apologizes to Madoka for asking her to ride this, and silently for what else he did. She smiles and says it's all right.

Komatsu and Hatta are making fools of themselves at the disco while Hikaru has fallen asleep at the table. Madoka is beginning to lose consciousness in Kyousuke's arms. He tries to keep her awake but she's too drowsy. He tenderly brushes the snow off her hair and tries teleporting, ``Even if it's just Ayukawa.'' He fails, exhausted, and is left desperately trying to contact Kazuya telepathically.

The snow tapers off, and morning breaks over the slope and the gondola line. Madoka wakes up in a bed with Kazuya waiting beside her. She notices Kyousuke sleeping on the next bed. Kazuya tells her that they almost froze to death and leaves to wash his face. Madoka wakes up Kyousuke who asks where they are. She replies, ``God probably saved us, or maybe this is heaven. I'm glad we could meet again.'' and they hold hands. Kyousuke breaks the tender moment noticing that his pants and the bed are wet. He realizes this is from Kazuya and starts chasing him. They run through the halls and the hotel diner, where Hikaru is sleeping. She runs up and grabs Kyousuke, wondering where he was and apologizing for going to the disco and ``playing around with other guys.'' Kyousuke doesn't say where he's been. Madoka is at the door and smiles as she puts a motherly arm around Kazuya who is looking out from behind her.