Kimagure Orange Road episode 47

Presentiment of Farewell. Searching for Madoka's First Love

Original title:
Sayonara no yokan Madoka no hatsukoi wo sagase
Feb 29, 1988
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
Kyousuke remembers the first time he met Madoka. He has a dream about that first day. However, instead of him catching The Hat, she does. He narrates, ``Spring, the wind whispers in a light blue sky. My eyes are filled with a white light; suddenly, out of the middle of the light, appeared an angel. Sound and color became one and silence was born. The angel smiled at me, and at that time, words failed me. Kasuga Kyousuke, in the midst of the brilliant light and wind...''

Kyousuke is sleeping under a large tree. Madoka wakes him up by tickling his nose with her hair. He sneezes. ``You could catch a cold,'' she says. ``Are you taking a nap already in the afternoon?'' ``That's why it's called an afternoon nap,'' he replies. This makes her pause.

She stands up and thinks for a moment. She remembers, ``It's the same as that time.'' Kyousuke wonders who is the same as ``that time,'' but she only answers, ``somebody.'' ``It's your first love,'' he figures, and is happy she said he's right, but then pauses. She continues, ``It sounds good, but it's not exactly so. We promised to meet here six years later. I was supposed to meet him here today, but I figure he won't come. He saved my life then; I had to come and say thanks.''

Kyousuke is studying with Hikaru at a cafe. What she's telling him doesn't make him feel any better, especially after his dream and meeting with Madoka earlier. She tells him that under that tree is where Madoka had her first kiss. This leaves him sitting there, stunned, as he imagines Madoka kissing someone else.

Kurumi and her grandfather are using their powers to have a wrestling match between Jingoro and a stuffed cat, four feet above the sofa. Toward the end of the battle, her father comes in and interrupts, asking them if they could keep down the noise a bit. He ends up getting a face full of Jingoro.

Kyousuke is sitting at his desk with his homework in front of him. Grandfather comes in, asking him to play. Kyousuke's staring at nothing mumbling, ``Six years ago... Six years ago...'' Grandfather says, ``So you're looking at the desk, going nowhere. What about six years ago? Pull yourself together!'' and hits him on the back of the head.

After images of cannons, ringing bells, explosions and Madoka, Kyousuke finds himself falling towards a construction site. As he's walking away from there, notice the ``coming soon'' plan he passes. It's the apartment building he lives in. He's wondering what happened, ``I haven't used my power at all,'' when he sees Ayukawa walk into the nearby park. She meets another fellow, ``I really wanted to see you. I knew you'd come,'' and gives him a kiss. This is too much for Kyousuke. He runs away, hoping that this is all just a bad dream. He can't understand why she would do that, ``She's not that kind of girl... I don't understand her feelings.''

In his wild rush, he runs into a younger kid on a bicycle knocking him over. The kid starts crying and a young girl comes over and berates him for doing so. It turns out that these kids are named Hikaru and Yuusaku. At home, Madoka gets a call from America. It's her mother calling about her dad.

Kyousuke is buying ice cream for the two kids to apologize for running into them. The clerk isn't sure what to do with the 500 yen coin he pays with. He sees a calendar in the background, and is astonished to find that it's 1982 (the 500 yen coin was introduced in 1984). He then figures out that these kids are really the Hikaru and Yuusaku of six years ago. He runs back to the park and to the tree, but finds no one there. He wonders about that girl he saw earlier kissing someone in the park, ``Who was she?''

Back in the present, at Abcb, Madoka is tells Hikaru and Master that her mom called. Her father is sick and she has to fly over to America to be with him. Hikaru is upset, ``You can't do that! You promised you wouldn't go to America.'' Master defends Madoka; she can't help it, her dad is sick and she should be close to him. Hikaru still isn't happy, but allows herself to be comforted by Madoka. Master asks if she's told Kyousuke yet, and Madoka says she was just going to go tell him now.

Kyousuke is napping under the tree and wondering about this world of six years ago that he's in when someone wakes him up by tickling his nose with a leaf. He sneezes. ``You could catch a cold,'' the kid says. ``Are you taking a nap already in the afternoon?'' ``That's why it's called an afternoon nap,'' he replies. The kid laughs, ``I see, that's amusing,'' and asks if he knows the girl he saw earlier. ``You saw her, and called `Ayukawa' didn't you? Are you her friend, or...'' Kyousuke isn't pleased with the kid being so nosy. ``Get lost brat. Don't you have any friends?'' ``Yeah,'' says the kid, ``this tree,'' and heads a soccer ball at it.

A boy's soccer team shows up, ``So you brought help today kid? How many times do we have to beat you up?' The kid denies this, and their leader kicks a soccer ball straight at him. The kid fires it back hitting the leader in the face. The team isn't pleased with this and start chasing the kid and Kyousuke, kicking soccer balls at them. Kyousuke thinks of using his powers, but remembers his grandfather telling him, ``If you ever experience a time slip, don't get involved with anyone in the past. If you interfere with any event in the past, you might not be able to come back.''

Back in the present, the main cast is over at Madoka's house. She is giving Kurumi and Manami some of her older clothes, ``I couldn't fit them into the luggage.'' Komatsu and Hatta are interested in the clothes too (in their own way) but the twins stop them. Everyone wonders where Kyousuke has gone. They try asking Grandpa, but he's asleep.

Back in the past, the kid is trapped by the soccer team next to the pit at the construction site. He almost manages to escape, but trips. A ball is kicked at him, knocking him over the edge. Kyousuke sees this, and his grandfather's words flash through his mind. Then his conversation with the kid does, ``Don't you have any friends?'' ``Yeah, this tree.'' Kyousuke, mad, throws the warning away and teleports next to the kid. The blast of power he leaves behind convinces the soccer team that he must be an alien invader, and they run off. Falling, he grabs the kid and manages to avoid being impaled on the steel re-bar in the concrete at this construction site. He collapses, holding the kid, onto a pile of dirt.

Kyousuke picks up the kid, wanting to make sure he's ok. He feels that the kid is developing breasts. The kid notices too, and breaks away. ``You're a girl!'' comments the astonished Kyousuke. ``No one ever said I was a boy,'' she replies. Kyousuke then wonders why she doesn't act more like a girl, and the kid asks how that should be. ``Well, like long hair, act more feminine, wear cute skirts...'' This last one really surprises the kid, who comes close to listen. Kyousuke thinks to himself that he's basically described Madoka. The kid continues, ``Since that's what you like in a girl, I can see why you were chasing my sister.'' Kyousuke wonders, ``sister?'' The kid explains, ``I'm Ayukawa's younger sister, Ayukawa Madoka.'' Kyousuke is completely floored by this revelation. The young Madoka runs off, saying, ``You're a nice guy. Thanks for saving me.''

Madoka is running up The Stairs to Kyousuke's house. She is startled by Grandfather appearing behind her. ``It's always nice to hear young ladies scream.'' He knows she wants to say goodbye to Kyousuke and asks, ``Don't you want to go to where Kyousuke is?''

Kyousuke is standing at the top of the stairs. He remembers falling off the school stairs and doing a timeslip (back in episode 38). Maybe he can go back this way. He's trying to screw up his courage to jump, when little Hikaru surprises him, and he falls down the stairs.

After he lands, a concerned little Hikaru comes down to see that he's ok. He didn't do a time slip, and realizes he may be stuck in the past with a little Hikaru and a boyish Madoka. Just then a crying Yuusaku runs up. Hikaru asks, ``What is it? If you keep crying how am I supposed to know what it is?'' and hits him. Kyousuke stops Hikaru, and asks him what happened. He tells them about Madoka.

It turns out that the soccer gang has captured Madoka. They've got her tied up, and are teasing her for being dressed up like a girl. She's wearing a skirt, a sweater, a yellow straw hat and looking much more feminine. They're using her as bait to catch the ``alien.''

Kyousuke shows up, and she begs him not to come. He does anyway, clumsily. The gang then throws several nets over him. They're overjoyed to have caught the ``spaceman.'' As their taunts echo through his head, Kyousuke realizes that he probably can't go back anyway and lets off the biggest blast of power we've seen. Madoka's hat is blown off in the process, and we see just how powerful Kyousuke can be when he's protecting her.

Afterwards, the four are walking down the street. Hikaru is pleased to have seen magic and accidentally hits Yuusaku. Madoka and Kyousuke exchange a glance and he says, ``You lost your hat, didn't you?'' In the store, she points out the hat she wants. He's astonished. ``It was the Red Straw Hat from when we first met, the one I caught and...'' He remembers meeting Madoka for the first time.

Later, he's sitting beneath the tree thinking. ``I never imagined I was the one who bought her that hat. Because I came to this world, Ayukawa and the other's past must have changed. That means her future must have changed, so back in 1988 how will Ayukawa be...'' The younger Madoka kneels and gives him a kiss, bringing him out of this reverie. She runs off, ``Thanks. Say, can we meet again? I promise to, ok?'' He remembers Madoka's words under the tree earlier, and yells after her, ``Sure, let's meet here six years later, today!'' Suddenly, there is a big flash of light, like a lightning strike, and out of the middle of the light, appears the real Madoka from 1988.