Kimagure Orange Road episode 48

Caught the Love. And Da Capo

Original title:
Koi tsukamaeta soshite da caapo
Mar 7, 1988
Synopsis by:
George Robbert
The episode begins with a bit of a recap from the last one. In 1982, the younger Madoka kisses Kyousuke under The Tree, thanks him and runs off. He promises to meet her here in six years. Suddenly, there is a big flash of light, like a lightning strike, and out of the middle of the light, appears the real Madoka from 1988.

Down the road, little Hikaru helps Yuusaku set his bike back up so he'll stop crying. He gets back on and rides off. She tells him to be careful and runs off in the other direction.

Madoka and Kyousuke both ask each other what they are doing here. She responds that she was looking for him and met his grandfather. He figures out that it's all grandpa's fault. Little Hikaru runs by, greeting Madoka as if she were her older sister. Madoka recognizes her and asks Kyousuke what's going on here. He just laughs, embarrassed.

Back in the present, everyone is waiting for Kyousuke to return home. They also wonder where Madoka is. Master was hoping to have a dinner together at Abcb since she's leaving tomorrow. Yuusaku comments it's getting late and suggests to Hikaru that they go home. She doesn't like this idea, and almost hits him on the head. He dodges (having learned that much over six years). Kazuya suggests that maybe Kyousuke and Madoka ran away together, ``maybe indecisive Kyousuke finally...'' The twins aren't pleased at this remark and levitate Jingoro to attack him. ``Kids his age always want to use words they just learned,'' Manami explains. At this point, Komatsu and Hatta come in the door asking if it's true that Kyousuke and Madoka disappeared together. They get hit by a pair of slippers and a scratching Jingoro levitated by the angry twins.

A lady is climbing the stairs and drops her handkerchief. A fellow, coming down picks it up and returns it to her. They introduce themselves. They are Ushiko and Umao, and this is their first meeting.

Kyousuke and Madoka are sitting on the swings. Kyousuke explains that this is the world of six years ago. He finally tells Madoka that he has ESP powers, and apologizes for not telling her sooner. Madoka starts to laugh. ``That's neat. I had to go to America since my dad was sick, but here I don't. `The girl who disappeared into the past chasing an esper.' Sounds neat doesn't it?'' Kyousuke doesn't laugh, ``What I told you is all true.'' That's ok with Madoka. She smiles quietly and closes her eyes, ``It just happens that the man I fell in love with is an esper.'' Kyousuke, overcome, hugs her and tears come to his eyes. All he can say is to repeat her name. Madoka smiles, happy to be held. After a bit, she adds, ``Isn't it funny? The ordinary person isn't crying, yet you are.'' To break the intense emotion, Kyousuke asks her if she's hungry. ``Well, now that you mention it...'' So he runs off to buy something. As he's happily running down the stairs, he trips and falls.

He comes to, riding a roller coaster, having undergone a time slip. When it comes to a stop, he realizes that he's been hanging onto Hikaru. She isn't pleased, and doesn't recognize him, asking Yuusaku, her boyfriend, to take care of him. Avoiding his punches, Kyousuke falls onto a track for mini race cars and is almost run over. He saves himself by teleporting, but materializes on the hood of a police car and smashes up the windshield. The driver stops and he rolls off the hood.

The two policemen are none other than Komatsu and Hatta. They don't recognize Kyousuke and try to put him under arrest. Komatsu fires his gun between Kyousuke's legs. Kyousuke runs off, and manages to make it home. Notice that only Takashi, Kurumi and Manami are listed on the nameplate. The twins are just getting out of a bath when he comes in. He says, ``I'm home,'' but they don't recognize him. They call him a thief and levitate a scratching Jingoro at him.

Kyousuke is standing on the street outside. He looks at the funny street signs (no cats, no airplanes) and thinks about what he's seen. He concludes that he must be in a parallel world where he doesn't exist. He realizes that he's left Madoka behind, and remembers his grandfather telling him that if a person of the present and the past come into contact, the ordinary human would be eliminated. He imagines Madoka shaking hands with her younger self, and disintegrating. He calls out her name, worried.

It turns out she's behind him. ``I've never seen you. And you look too weak to call me out.'' It's the Madoka of this world. She tells him to get lost, but when Komatsu and Hatta run up, chasing him, she hides him in Abcb. When the cops come in, she is calmly laying out a pattern of playing cards at the counter, and tells them that he went out the back door. When she holds up a card to throw, they follow her lead.

Kyousuke asks why she helped him. ``I hate cops.'' She has just turned over the ace of spades, a bad omen. She tells him to get going out the back. He looks out front and sees a motorcycle gang arrayed against them.

Back in 1982, Madoka is surprised to meet her younger self. In 1988, Grandfather has fallen asleep in front of the TV playing a video car racing game.

At Abcb in the parallel world, the biker gang leader tells Madoka, ``Ayukawa Madoka, let's hear your answer once and for all.'' Then the gang attacks. The first attacker sends his bike through the front window. He receives the thrown ace of spades in his face which causes him to crash and drop the wrench he was carrying. Madoka grabs this out of midair and clubs the second biker through the window with it. She then jumps outside and takes out a third biker with a thrown card, causing him to lose control and crash.

``That's far enough,'' says the leader, holding Kyousuke and putting a knife to his throat. We see that she's Yukari, the singer. Madoka agrees and drops her wrench, surprising Kyousuke. Yukari knocks out Kyousuke and takes Madoka off.

In 1982, Madoka figures out that this really is herself six years ago. Her little self comments, ``You sure do look like my sister,'' and asks, ``That guy you were with, is he your boyfriend?''

On the school roof, Madoka is tied to a post and whipped by Yukari the gang leader. ``You're are the last one who's going against us. Do you feel like being obedient now?'' Madoka replies by spitting in her face. Yukari walks off, telling the other two gang members to, ``have fun with her.''

Madoka wonders aloud why her little self asked about Kyousuke. ``Because he said he likes feminine girls with long hair.'' Madoka then asks her younger self if she likes him too. ``Yes, I love him. I'm going to be his bride someday.'' ``I'm all behind you,'' replies the older Madoka, and they move to shake hands.

The two gang members have taken Madoka to the nurses office and thrown her on the bed. The first one approaches her with ill intent, and she kicks a stool up and takes him out. She then jumps up and attacks the other, but doesn't do too well with both hands tied behind her back. He grabs her shoulders and rips down her top. She screams at him, ``Stop!''

Kyousuke finally comes to and finds himself tied to the water fountain outside the school. He hears Madoka's scream, and realizes that since he's not a telepath, she must be close. He tries to escape, but is tied too well. Scared for her and mad, he yells her name and lets off a burst of power that shatters the water fountain. In the nurses office, Madoka hears his voice.

In 1982, the two Madokas are about to shake hands when the older hears Kyousuke calling her name; she pauses, confused. Just then, her older sister comes by and calls the younger Madoka to go home. She runs off waving goodbye.

The two gang members find themselves floating up and stick to the ceiling. The ropes tying a surprised Madoka's wrists burst. The two fellows are then flown out the window. Kyousuke runs down the hall into the nurses office. He finds Madoka covering herself with the sheet. When he asks if she's ok, she smiles and nods. He finally relaxes dropping the two gang members into the swimming pool.

Kazuya lands with a splash in the bathtub with his grandfather. He asks where Kyousuke and Madoka are, and Grandfather asks if he will go pick them up.

Madoka gives Kyousuke a ride away on a motorbike. She comments, ``I'm glad I've met you. Maybe I should be more cute... for a certain someone's sake.'' Kyousuke is so surprised that he falls off the bike. He does another time slip and ends up rolling down The Stairs.

Madoka meets a kitten who looks like a young Jingoro. She is tapped on the shoulder by Kazuya. She first thinks he's Kyousuke from six years ago, but soon figures out it's Kazuya. Just then, Kyousuke comes running back. He grabs her, overjoyed that she's safe. ``What do you mean safe?'' asks a confused Madoka. Kazuya gets their attention with a cough. ``If you don't want to go back, I can leave you two here. Are you ready?'' Kyousuke says yes, surprising Madoka. He tells her, ``I'll be waiting for you to come back from America,'' which brings a smile to her face. Kazuya then asks him what time they want to return to.

Kyousuke's back in 1988, pretending to sleep under The Tree. Madoka wakes him up by tickling his nose with her hair. He sneezes. ``You could catch a cold,'' she says. ``Are you taking a nap already in the afternoon?'' she asks him, just like before. ``That's why it's called an afternoon nap,'' he replies. Madoka gets up and looks off into the distance. `` `That's why it's called an afternoon nap,' that's the same as someone else said.'' Kyousuke asks who. ``That person... He was my first love.'' She turns to him with expectation on her face, ``and...'' ``And he still loves you very much,'' responds Kyousuke.

Kyousuke holds her, and as the spring sunlight plays around them under the tree, they kiss. ``Kasuga Kyousuke. My second first kiss with Ayukawa Madoka.''

And the TV Series Ends.