*** PART II BRIEF ANIME SUMMARIES *** Episode 1: Transfer Student, humble first love The Kasugas have just moved to the new neighborhood. While counting some nearby steps, Kyosuke catches Madoka's Red Straw Hat. They then argue about the number of steps. Finally they compromise on 99.5, and Madoka gives the hat to Kyosuke. The next day in school, Kyosuke and his sisters meet Hikaru, Komatsu and Hatta. After school, Madoka fights off a gang for Hikaru. Kyosuke gets slapped for saying "If you smoke from now on, you won't be able to have healthy babies" to Madoka. Later, Kyosuke holds the Red Straw Hat and nurses his face, while Madoka plays her saxophone to close the episode. Episode 2: Just A Little Lemon Kiss Kyosuke dreams about kissing Madoka, but ends up kissing Jingoro. As he hurries to class, he discovers Madoka's gentle side. Later in gym, Kyosuke misses the winning basket with Madoka watching. Alone after the game, he uses the power to make a cross court shot, not knowing an impressed Hikaru is watching. While running in the hall, Kyosuke crashes into Hikaru. She thinks he kissed her as they collide. Kyosuke gets into trouble with teachers for that, only to be saved by Madoka. Episode 3: Mood swings. Rowing first date Komatsu gives two disco tickets to Kyosuke to give to the twins. Kyosuke refuses to let his sisters to go to such a place, but Kurumi steals a ticket and goes anyway. Looking for her in the disco, Kyosuke meets Hikaru and ends up dancing with her. Madoka sees him and dances with someone else. The next day, Kyosuke arrives early for a date with Hikaru; he rents a boat and rows around the lake. He meets Madoka, and they have their "rowing first date." Kyosuke saves a drowning child, much impressing Madoka. While in a cafe talking, Kyosuke remembers and blurts out his date with Hikaru, ruining the mood with Madoka. Returning to the meeting place, Kyosuke finds the words "Stupid Kyosuke!" written by Hikaru. Kyosuke ends the episode with disappointment and a cold. Episode 4: Hikaru-chan! The troubled C experience Kyosuke, sick at home, lies to Hikaru about the missing date. The two talk all night in Kyosuke's room. The next day, the whole school thinks that Kyosuke and Hikaru did "C." Madoka's upset, while Hikaru is overjoyed at the attention. At home, Kyosuke tries to call Madoka, but she refuses to talk to him. Later, Kyosuke saves Madoka from two jerks by levitating a bulldozer at them. His power's weak due to the illness, but he still manages to cover the jerks with tar by dropping the bulldozer into a tar pit. In the end, Kyosuke tells Madoka the truth. Episode 5: Two's secret, part-time trouble Kyosuke decides to follow Madoka after hearing from Hikaru that Madoka has been walking with a strange man. He eventually follows her to Abcb cafe, where Madoka is working part-time, something students are forbidden to do. The stranger is the Master of the cafe. Kyosuke is relieved and helps out. Madoka misses the last bus after work, and surprises Kyosuke by asking if she can stay at his home overnight. Just then, Hikaru pulls up and takes Madoka home. Episode 6: He's the rival. The test of two people's love Kyosuke is being followed by Yusaku, who threatens him that he'd better leave "that girl" alone. Kyosuke thinks he means Madoka after seeing him and Madoka talking together. It turns out that Yusaku really likes Hikaru. Meanwhile, Kyosuke is studying with both Madoka and Hikaru, but he doesn't want either to find out. Madoka eventually finds out, but tells Kyosuke in a note that it's okay to study with Hikaru. Kyosuke barely passes the exams, and overhears Yusaku's failed attempt in telling Hikaru his feelings. Thinking everything is okay now, he bumps into Madoka, who demands to know why he did so poorly on his exams. Episode 7: Madoka's private life. The spark-colored smooch Kyosuke realizes that he doesn't know anything about Madoka's past. He keeps seeing images of Madoka asking to stay at his house. While going to a bar, Kyosuke and Madoka run into a couple from Madoka's past. In the bar, Kyosuke is surprised that they are drinking alcohol. On the way home, a drunken Kyosuke asks about Madoka's past. He tries to kiss her, and gets slapped. The next day, Madoka appears to be pre-occupied, dropping glasses and cutting herself at Abcb. While being fed by Hikaru, Kyosuke sees Madoka. He distracts Hikaru and chases after Madoka. He apologizes for being rude and gives her his katsu-sand (a sandwich). Episode 8: Your smile, shutter chance at the beach At school, Kyosuke finds out that Hikaru is going to model on Sunday. Kyosuke and Yusaku are worried that the photographer may take advantage of her. Madoka decides to go along with Hikaru. It turns out that the photographer is Kyosuke's father, Takashi. At the beach, Hikaru models for Takashi, with Kyosuke assisting. Madoka ends up modelling as well. The next day, Kyosuke tries to give Madoka a picture of them on the beach, but mistakingly shows her a picture of him and Hikaru, upsetting Madoka. He puts the correct picture in her shoe locker for her to find later. Episode 9: Kurumi-chan's how to date Everyone's out in the street when they get the news that Kurumi has been kidnapped. While searching for her, Madoka and Kyosuke pass through Lovers' Forest, and are embarrassed to see couples embracing and kissing. Kurumi has been picked up by a guy who just watched a video on dating, and is being bankrupted by Kurumi's huge food bill. In a park, the guy decides to make his move. Kyosuke hears Kurumi's scream and runs for her. Meanwhile, Komatsu, in a rowboat with Manami, decides to make his move. Suddenly, the guy flies through the air, crashing into the water. It turns out that he's Komatsu's older brother. Kyosuke finds Kurumi, holding Jingoro and wondering what's going on. Episode 10: Premonition dream? Hikaru-chan will die? Kyosuke has a dream of Hikaru's death. At the school, Kurumi tells Hikaru about Kyosuke's dream. Hikaru decides to take advantage of it. She goes home pretending to be sick. Kyosuke and Yusaku come for visit. In the park, Hikaru falls asleep in Kyosuke's arms, while Yusaku is stopping traffic so that Hikaru can be alone with Kyosuke. Meanwhile, the twins tell Madoka about the dream. After finding out that Hikaru is not dying, Yusaku and the others dump a bucket of water on Hikaru and Kyosuke, at Madoka's suggestion. Episode 11: Don't ring the wedding bell! At Abcb, Kyosuke notices Madoka flipping through wedding magazines, and wearing a new ring. She then receives a secretive phone call from a man. The next say, a man drops Madoka off at school. In class, Kyosuke tries to read Madoka's mind; all he sees is her in a wedding gown. He overhears Madoka arranging to meet the man at Abcb, so he shows up too, all dressed up. Madoka leaves with the man. Kyosuke chases after them in a bike. He gets to the wedding and beats on the window yelling. It turns out that it was only a dress rehearsal for Madoka's sister's wedding. Episode 12: To America! Good-bye Madoka After the wedding, Kyosuke gets the bad news: Madoka is going to America to stay with her parents. Everyone is saddened. They plan a surprise farewell party at Abcb, but Madoka doesn't show up. Kyosuke finds Madoka at the playground near the Steps. Madoka talks about how much she loves the city and how she's looking forward to see America. Kyosuke tells her that ever since he met her, he has come to love the city. In the end, Madoka tells him that she will stay. Episode 13: Catching attention! Hikaru's big transformation Hikaru shows up at school with new clothes and make-up. She's mobbed by admirers. Later, Kyosuke wants to ask Madoka to a rock concert, but never gets the chance because of Hikaru's presence. He ends up going with Hikaru. At the concert, Kyosuke slips and calls Hikaru "Ayukawa." Hikaru runs away crying. Meanwhile, Yusaku drags Kyosuke to the river for a fight for Hikaru. Hikaru and Madoka show up and stop Yusaku. Everyone ends up at Abcb drinking coffee. Episode 14: Premonition dream! Kyosuke and Madoka break up Kyosuke has a premonition dream of him and Madoka breaking up. While out jogging, he meets Madoka in a wrestling gym. After displaying his physical weakness in front of Madoka, he fears his dream is coming true. He decides to shape up, by learning karate from Yusaku, and consequently gets beat up by challenging Yusaku's teacher. Madoka, alone with Kyosuke in a hospital room, decides to kiss him. And of course, Kyosuke wakes up at the wrong moment with Madoka only inches away. That night, at the Tanabata party, Kyosuke enjoys a sweet moment with Madoka. He then realizes that his dream was reversed, instead of breaking up, they get closer, because he was sleeping in the opposite direction. Episode 15: Madoka's decision! End of the triangle Takashi is setting up a photograph gallery. In school, Kyosuke responds coldly to Hikaru's greetings, because he 's still angry at his sister for fighting in the morning. Hikaru thinks he is in love with someone else, and talks to Madoka for help. Madoka decides to give Kyosuke the cold shoulder for Hikaru's sake. Kyosuke finally figures out why after being questioned by Hikaru in the gallery. He calls Madoka serveral time, but she won't answer. She finally does, and waves to him through the window. Episode 16: Believe it or not, Madoka saw a UFO While out walking at night, Kyosuke and Madoka see an UFO and manage to take a picture of it. Kyosuke later discovers that it was Kurumi using her power. Hikaru finds the picture and soon the whole school is talking about it. Kyosuke denies it because he doesn't want to leak out the family secret. Madoka is upset, so she goes off on a ride with some motorcycle gang. Kyosuke chases after them in a bicycle, passing a Yamaha and its shocked driver in the process. She eventually comes to talk to him. This time, they see a real UFO in the sky. Episode 17: Summer's temptation, double date out of blue It's summer vacation time, Kyosuke gets invited by both Madoka to the library and by Hikaru to the pool. He accepts both, using his power to teleport between the library and the pool. He eventually becomes exhausted, and falls asleep while studying with Madoka. She's disappointed and leaves. Kyosuke realizes that he just torpedoed his chance to go to the fireworks with her. To make up, he hurries to finish all the homework and show it to Madoka, only to discover half of it is wrong. Just then, the fireworks ends, but Kyosuke teleports some fireworks from home. They enjoy a show by themselves. Episode 18: Madoka's challenge! Big Monday! Kyosuke, Madoka, Hikaru and Yusaku are on a beach famous for it's gigantic waves on the Big Monday. At home, Kurumi and Manami convinces Takashi to go to the beach as well. On the beach, the gang learns the legend of the ghost Koto. Later, they discovers a surf girl named Koto fitting the description of the ghost. Madoka goes to the beach at night, and comes face to face Koto. Madoka faints. It turns out that the girl's boyfriend died while trying to conquer the Big Monday waves. She's here to fulfill his dream, but can't because of a foot injury. Madoka takes her place instead. She conquers the wave, with a little help from Kyosuke. Episode 19: Two's experience. The forbidden island The gang embarks on a two boat race, Kyosuke and Madoka in one, and Yusaku and Hikaru in the other. They start to drift apart. Kyosuke and Madoka end up on a deserted island. Kyosuke falls asleep while Madoka wonders off. After he wakes up, he finds Madoka bathing in a lagoon, and she's a mermaid! His daydream is cut short when Madoka yells at him for peeping. Later, they play on the beach. Madoka builds a sand castle, but the waves slowly wash it away. When they finally decide to go back, they discover that the boat is gone. Madoka tries to climb a cliff to the other side of the island. She slips and falls, Kyosuke jumps after her, and saves them both with his last remaining power. Night falls, they sit by the fire, sharing an apple. Slowly, they move closer to each other... Suddenly, out of nowhere, Hikaru pops out of a rescue helicoptor. ["Shoot her! shoot her!" The audience screams.] Episode 20: Hikaru witnesses! Summer camp is lots of danger The gang is in a summer camp with a glistening toothed tennis instructor, Kitakata. No one can return the ball he delivers, but Kyosuke does, with a little unwanted help from Kurumi. As a result, he gets placed in Class A with Madoka, and has been offered a match against Kitakata. Madoka helps Kyosuke practice alone in the woods. Hikaru finds them, thinking the worst, runs away. The next day, Kitakata makes a pass at Hikaru in a rowboat. Hikaru falls into the water while trying to fend him off. Kyosuke shows up and saves Hikaru. Later, Hikaru visits Kyosuke, who's murmuring "Hikaru" while asleep. Hikaru is touched, and kisses him on the cheek. Meanwhile, Kitakata tries to hit on Madoka, only to get knocked over and bruised. Kyosuke wakes up, wondering how his dream of being suffocated by Hikaru turned into one being kissed by her. Episode 21: Kyosuke in trouble! Sweet whisper of storm hill Kyosuke sneaks out of watching a tennis match. He meets a strange girl, Kumiko, and goes off with her, not knowing Madoka is watching. Kyosuke and Kumiko are running on the hills. She falls, and he falls on top of her. She offers herself to a shocked Kyosuke. Later, in a cabin, Kyosuke and Kumiko dry their cloth after a thuderstorm. Kumiko offers herself again, but Kyosuke refuses. Madoka finds the cabin and walks in seeing half naked Kyosuke and Kumiko. She walks out. Kyosuke goes after her, and is hit with a slap. Kumiko runs out and explains that she want to "do it" because she'll undergo a dangerous operation next week. Every- one wishes her good luck by floating lanterns in the river. Later, the gang receives a postcard from her with the news of a successful operation. Episode 22: Adult relationship! Madoka's secret morning return Kyosuke walks into Abcb and sees not Madoka, but an older woman working there. While walking on the street, he sees Madoka walking out of a hotel with a man. They appearently have spent all night together. Thinking the worst, he meets the woman, Yukari, again. She takes him to a romance movie, and then to a hotel. He's surprised to see everyone there, including Madoka, who's playing in the band. The man, Shuu, is the band leader and Madoka's cousin. He and Madoka spent all night practicing. Yukari is the singer and Shuu's girlfriend. While performing "Like a salvia flower", she entwines a blushing and surprised Madoka in a red string and tosses the other end to Kyosuke. ["There's more truth to love than to be loved."] Episode 23: Kyosuke and Madoka's big fight! Three-legged race of love Kyosuke and Madoka are chosen to anchor the class team in a school marathon. Kyosuke is happy to run with Madoka, but Madoka doesn't want to participate. Kyosuke is upset; he's determined to run, and practices hard for it. Seeing Kyosuke's effort, Madoka changes her mind. She visits Kyosuke at home. They agree to run together. The day of the marathon, Komatsu and Hatta are caught cheating and the class is disqualified. Kyosuke and Madoka run neverthless, taking it easy and resting on the riverbank. They arrive at the finish at sunset, with Hikaru and Yusaku waiting. Episode 24: Kazuya introduced! Watch out for the Panic Kid! Kyosuke has to babysit his 5 year old cousin, Kazuya. He takes Kazuya to Abcb, but hastily drags him out when Kazuya makes a comment about Madoka's breasts, only to discover that Kazuya has Madoka in tow. At the playground, Kyosuke discovers that Kazuya is a telepath. Hikaru meets the three at the zoo. Kazuya reads Kyosuke's thoughts, and tells Hikaru that Kyosuke really loves Madoka. Kyosuke, being the nice guy, has to deny. At the train station, Kazuya uses his power to cause Kyosuke and Madoka to separate from Hikaru. Kyosuke makes up for Madoka by protecting her from a pervert. On the way home, Kazuya asks the three if they are happy with the current situation. At home, Kyosuke receives the bad news, Kazuya is moving in next door. Episode 25: Risky self-hypnosis! Kyosuke-kun changed Kyosuke has hypnotized himself to be confident, and shows off in school with dangerous stunts. He's soon surrounded by female admirers. Hikaru is hurt because he refuses her lunch. Kyosuke then asks Madoka out when she comes to talk to him. That evening, at the bar, Kyosuke's a total jerk and feeds the same lines to every girl around him. Madoka, very angry, drags him out and dunks him in the fountain. The reflection in the water dehypnotizes Kyosuke to being his indecisive self again. The next day, he finds out the consequences of his temporary confidence. Episode 26: Kid Kyosuke approaches Madoka Kyosuke exchanges bodies with Kazuya so he can read Madoka's mind, but Kazuya lied. Kazuya (in Kyosuke's body) goes to see a romance movie with Hikaru. Kyosuke, unable to read mind, decides to use Kazuya's body to seek out Madoka's feelings for him. After saving Kyosuke from a gang, Madoka takes him to her room, where he discovers the beach picture of him and Madoka on her desk. At the playground, Kyosuke meets Kazuya, he demands his body back, but Kazuya ties him up instead, continuing his experiment with girls, this time with Madoka. Just before things get ugly, Kyosuke shows up, and using his power, manages to get his body back. Episode 27: Targeted Madoka! Kyosuke's proof of manhood Madoka is injured, but she doesn't tell anyone how. Kyosuke has a dream about Madoka taking on a gang and losing. Meanwhile, a couple of gang members have been asking questions about Madoka. Kyosuke thinks that Madoka got into a fight with the gang and got injured. Hikaru is taking Madoka's place at Abcb when the gang marches in. She pretends to be Madoka and gets herself and Yusaku beat up. Madoka comes back after hearing the news, and wins the battle against the gang. Then the gang leader shows up, slapping her followers because they misunderstood her order. They were supposed to thank Madoka for saving her brother's dog. It turns out that Madoka was injured by saving the dog from a truck, but was too embarrassed to talk about it. Episode 28: Big decision! Manami's big adventure Manami is taking a rare excursion with new clothes, wig, and contact lenses. She's looking for a boyfriend. Three ugly girls get jealous of Manami, and chase after her. Manami falls and loses her contacts. Kyosuke, in a new outfit and sunglasses, shows up, and helps Manami run away. Manami doesn't recognize Kyosuke because she lost her contacts, but Kyosuke recognizes her. Manami talks of how she's always doing the chores, rarely has a chance to go out. Kyosuke decides to make her day as fun as possible. He takes her to a fair, buying her drinks and ice cream. Manami thinks she has found a real nice guy, but she has to go home at sunset. When she gets back, she discovers that Kyosuke has done all the chores for her. Episode 29: Don't cry Jingoro, period of love and seishun Jingoro is acting strange. Hikaru suggests to Kyosuke that it's spring, and maybe... They both end up blushing. At Abcb, Madoka cares for a lost cat. A "dating game" is set up for Jingoro, but he's not interested. Kazuya exchanges bodies with Jingoro in order to find out what's wrong, but Jingoro (in Kazuya's body) runs off. Meanwhile, searching for the lost cat's home, Madoka and Hikaru are led to a junkyard, where Madoka has to fight off a few thugs. Jingoro gets to the junkyard too, so does Kyosuke with Kazuya (in Jingoro's body). They get their bodies back. Jingoro runs for the lost cat, thinking that she's his mother, but she isn't. Jingoro is lonely again. Episode 30: Kurumi's first love, Hell edition Kurumi is in love with Hayami, a handsome soccor player. Kyosuke is worried, even more so after spying on a meeting between Madoka and Hayami. He even thinks that he sees them kissing from far away behind the bushes. It turns out that Madoka has arranged a date between Hayami and Kurumi before Hayami has to depart for another city. Kyosuke, mistaking Hayami as a playboy, asks Manami to pretend she's Kurumi and dump Hayami. It's a disaster. Kurumi finds out about Kyosuke's scheme and Madoka's arrangement, and gets very angry at everyone. When Hayami is about to leave, Kurumi finally joins everyone at the harbor, and gives him a scarf as a parting gift. Episode 31: Madoka and Yuhsaku! Run away march Yusaku has been seen around Madoka a lot lately. The rumor is that they are in love. Hikaru notes that she had recently told Yusaku that she hates him, and Komatsu and Hatta have been feeding him tips on picking up girls. Kyosuke is worried. Then they hear the news that Yusaku and Madoka have gone to a waterfall known for suicides. Kyosuke races to the waterfall, only to find Yusaku and Madoka practicing judo. Yusaku has a tournament coming up, and Madoka is helping him practice. Everyone shows up at the tournament to cheer Yusaku. He almost wins, but loses after seeing Hikaru hugging Kyosuke. Episode 32: Birthday comes twice! Kyosuke time travels Today is Kyosuke's birthday, but everyone seems to ignore him. Upset, he accidentally hypnotizes himself. Madoka comes, he pushes her onto the bed, demanding to know who she is. After a slap, Kyosuke wakes up. Unfortunately, Hikaru walks in, seeing Kyosuke on top of Madoka, runs away screaming. Kyosuke chases after her, and gets slapped on the 99.5 steps. He tumbles down, travels an hour back in time. He finds out about the surprise birthday party, and realizes there may be two of him around. At home, he meets the other Kyosuke, hynotized and wearing a blue shirt instead of green. He decks the hypnotized Kyosuke just as Madoka arrives. He and Madoka leave. On the way, Kyosuke remembers Hikaru, he hurries back just as the other Kyosuke is attacking Hikaru. He levitates the other one into the bathtub, and explains to Hikaru that it was just a joke. But the problem is not over, two Kyosukes can't coexist. The green Kyosuke and the now de-hypnotized blue Kyosuke fight on the Steps to decide who will be terminated. The blue one gets warped. The green Kyosuke goes on to the party. To everyone's shock, the blue Kyosuke shows up at the party too. Episode 33: Suspicious Madoka! 120% truth mushrooms Master is taking everyone on a trip to pick mushrooms. They are all excited about a special blue truth mushroom. Kurumi decides to have a little fun; she turns all mushrooms blue, but she uses a little too much power. Kyosuke, teleporting away from Hikaru, crashes into Madoka, causing her to bite a blue mushroom she's holding. Suddenly, Madoka becomes very seductive, holding Kyosuke and trying to kiss him. A snake comes out of nowhere and bites Madoka. After Kyosuke gets rid of the snake and sucks out the venom, Madoka tries to kiss him again. This time, they discover that Hikaru is watching. Hikaru runs away crying. She goes the wrong way, and ends up hanging onto a broken bridge. Kyosuke risks himself to save her, with help from Madoka and Umao and Ushiko's horse. Hikaru is so touched that she forgets the whole affair. Finally, Kyosuke discoversKurumi's trick, the only problem is that the effect of Kurumi mushroom is nullified if the person is bitten. Episode 34: Root search panic! Madoka in wonderland The gang's at the grandparents' house in the mountains. Grandpa tells the story of a young photographer who fell in love with his daughter 20 years ago. In order to marry her, he had to get snow from the mountain peak. With the daughter's help, he succeeded. In a thunder- storm, Jingoro gets swept away. Chasing Jingoro, Madoka falls into the river as well. Kyosuke saves her. In a cabin, Kyosuke is drying his clothes with Madoka still unconscious. He tries to take her blouse off, but grandpa shows up with Jingoro. Later, Kyosuke is doing lousy at shoot-a-prize in the summer festival. Madoka gives him some tips, and tells him that women always hope the men they love succeed. With his last shot, Kyosuke hits the doll Madoka likes. Episode 35: H with camera! Robot Kyo-chan Someone is stealing panties and bras. It's Kyosuke, under Komatsu and Hatta's directions. Kyosuke had been hypnotized by Kurumi, and does anything anyone tells him. He's then been ordered to take Madoka's nude photograph, but gets sidetracked by Yusaku ordering him to help Hikaru moving. While trying to take Hikaru's panties from her drawer, she sees him. Thinking he wants her, Hikaru tries to get him to kiss her. In the nick of time, Kurumi and Manami show up, save Kyosuke, but he teleports away before dehypnotizing. On his way to take Madoka's nude photo, he's been asked to buy cigarettes and ice cream. Confused, he brings everything to Abcb and asks Madoka to strip. Madoka starts to play along, but soon changes her mind. Kyosuke then tries to strip her, and gets slapped a few time. In the end, Kurumi explains that Kyosuke was under hypnosis, but the hypnosis should wear off when he received multiple orders simultaneously. Episode 36: Farewell Kyosuke! Power recorded on video The gang is shooting a movie. When Kyosuke accidentally falls off a staircase, and has to use his power to save himself, Komatsu and Hatta see him. Trying to prove Kyosuke is an esper, they come up with all sorts of schemes. Finally, they recruit Hikaru's help. She pushes Kyosuke off the roof, but loses her balance and falls with him, and freaks out after hearing Kyosuke's denial while falling. But Kyosuke has no choice but to teleport. Everything is captured on film. Komatsu and Hatta invite the whole school to the showing. Out of desperation, Manami uses her power to erase the teleportation part of the film. The two perverts get beat up by an angry mob led by Yusaku, at Hikaru's order. Episode 37: Orange chivalry! Madoka's duel in the snow storm Kyosuke has another dream; it's medieval time, and he's trying to stop Madoka from going to a battle. On the street, Madoka saves Oryu, an old acquaintance and a gang leader, who is being chased by another gang. Oryu leaves, not wanting to get Madoka involved. Soon the news comes that Oryu has been captured. Madoka goes to save her, despite everyone's attempt to stop her. She challenges the gang leader to a skateboard race down the steel girders of a building under construction. Half way down, they come to a dead end. Madoka manages to stop, but the gang leader flies out. Kyosuke saves her with his power. In the hospital, Oryu offers a cigarrette to Madoka, who declines, and repeats Kyosuke's famous quote to her. Kyosuke, at the door, drops the flowers in surprise. Oryu sees through, gives a blushing Madoka a sly look. Episode 38: Kyosuke time travels, third Christmas Kyosuke is decorating a Christmas tree. He falls, taking the tree with him. At school, Kyosuke wants to go to a party with Madoka, but Hikaru jumps all over him, forcing him to take her instead. Madoka is upset, but says that she'll be at her sister's place. That night, Madoka wanders the streets alone. A TV reporter approaches her. She walks away. At the party, Kyosuke discovers the truth when he receives a phone call from Madoka's sister. He trips on a staircase, and lands with a Christmas tree crashing onto him. He has travelled back in time. This time, he makes sure he takes Madoka, but Hikaru is waiting for him. Seeing him and Madoka, Hikaru runs way. Madoka leaves him too, after seeing a broken-hearted Hikaru. Once more, Kyosuke falls down the stairs, intentionally this time, and goes back to the morning. He ends up taking both Madoka and Hikaru to the party. Then Santa shows up in the sky; it's really Kyosuke's grandparents, here to deliver snow and a huge Christmas tree. Yelling at Grandpa, Kyosuke gets knocked down the stairs by a reindeer, and once more, goes back to the morning to do it all over. Episode 39: Hypnotized Madoka! Kyosuke's risky new year Kyosuke wakes up, shocked to find Madoka in a bunny suit, but it's only a dream. Today is New Year's Eve. Kyosuke gets hypnotized by Kurumi, and the family leaves for Grandpa's without him. At Abcb, he finds out that Madoka is leaving for America. He goes to Madoka's house, and finds her fainted on the floor. After she wakes up, she decides not to go to America and hugs him. While eating year-pass noodles, Kyosuke demonstrates hypnosis on Madoka. To his utter surprise, it works. Madoka obeys his every command and asks him to call her "Madoka." Kyosuke tries out a few commands at first, like bringing tea and massaging shoulders. Getting bolder, he asks Madoka to scrub his back in bath. Just as Madoka is about to strip, he stops her, thinking that he can't go that far. They then go out, with Madoka holding onto Kyosuke all the time. They meet Yusaku, who is shocked to see Madoka acting this way. He runs away to practice killing Kyosuke. The couple then gets chased by their teachers. They return; home is still the safest place. Madoka prepares the bath, she is about to take Kyosuke's clothes off for him. Being ever modest, Kyosuke stops her, does it himself in private, but his mind wonders. Suddenly, he hears Hikaru's voice. Caught off guard, Kyosuke races to get dressed. Walking out of the bathroom, he sees Hikaru waiting, and Madoka walking out of her room dressed in a Kimono. Hikaru is surprised that Madoka didn't tell Kyosuke that they will be going out. Madoka wasn't under hypnosis at all, it was all an act! Episode 40: It's hatsuyume! Jingoro the Monster strikes back. (T.A.P. Gun) A monster is approaching Tokyo. It's a 50 foot Jingoro! On a carrier deck, four elite T.A.P. Gun fighters scrumble to intercept. The flight leader, Ayukawa Madoka, is famed for her coolness under fire. After a barrage of missle attacks, the monster seems unaffected. Suddenly, a comet comes out of nowhere, hitting the monster, forcing it to escape into the deep sea. It's Black Fighter, the legendary mercenary pilot. On the carrier deck, Black Fighter reveals himself to be Kyosuke. In an orphanage, Hikaru is taking care of a bunch of kids, including Kazuya. In Abcb, Manami and Kurumi are waitresses. And in the briefing room, Commander Takashi describes the current situation. After the briefing, Kyosuke goes to the orphanage for a visit, promptly gets beat up by the kids, and is forced to drink dehydrated milk. Back on the coast, Jingoro surfaces, attacking the fish market. Hearing the news, Manami and Kurumi teleport away. Meanwhile, Madoka is leading an attack. She attempts a daring maneuver by firing a missile into Jingoro's mouth, but the monster spits the missile right back at her. Madoka's plane explodes. Kyosuke, filled with grief and anger, dives his fighter into Jingoro. Manami and Kurumi start to sing to Jingoro. Hearing them, Jingoro turns around, and swims way with the sisters. Kyosuke returns to Abcb after ejecting, and grieves over the loss of Madoka. Surprise, she walks in; she bailed out in the nick of time. They move toward each other, about to kiss. Suddenly, Hikaru's face pops up in front of the camera, demanding a script rewrite. Episode 41: Immobile Madoka! Kyosuke's wonder watch The grandparents are visiting. Kyosuke gets Grandpa's time-stopping watch. It freezes everything except espers. The gang is having a tennis tournament with the rule that the winning partners must kiss one another. During the matches, Kyosuke uses his watch to his advantage. But it suddenly stops working. Grandpa tells Kyosuke that it needs to be wound. Then in the last match, Kyosuke tries the watch after winding. Instead of freezing time, he freezes himself. He can only be unfrozen with a kiss. Hikaru is more than happy to obligate, much to the disappointment of Madoka. Kyosuke had wound the watch in the wrong direction. Episode 42: Popular Madoka! Kyosuke finally declares Madoka is being idolized by a girl, Sumire, whom she saved from thugs. She now hangs around Madoka all the time. Madoka and Hikaru voluteer Kyosuke to talk to her. Sumire claims that she's using Madoka to get Kyosuke. After he refuses her kiss, she starts tearing off her clothes and breaking furniture. Kyosuke pins her down to prevent further damage. To make things worse, the two perverts show up at the window with a camera. The next day, Kyosuke becomes the plague of the school. Hikaru comes up with a plan to have Kyosuke and Madoka telling each other of their love in front of Sumire. It works too well as Kyosuke and Madoka get serious and Hikaru gets jealous. In the end, Kyosuke is cleared, and Sumire gives up Madoka, but goes after Hikaru instead. Episode 43: Broken hearted Hikaru! Chase me to winter beach The gang has formed a band. While practicing, Yukari comes to talk to Shuu, and slaps him. On his way home, Kyosuke runs into Yukari, who invites him to join her for some late-night snack. They end up watching TV all night and drinking a little. Kyosuke passes out on her bed. Waking up half dressed, he makes a quick exit after running into Yukari coming out of the shower. Kyosuke lies to everyone that he's been practicing all night. But Hikaru hears from the mind-reading Kazuya that Kyosuke was at Yukari's. She runs away in her typical manner. Madoka discovers the truth from Yukari, and slaps Kyosuke for lying. Kyosuke chases Hikaru to the beach with the drums. Upon hearing the drums and seeing Kyosuke coming after her, Hikaru forgives Kyosuke. The three run off on the beach. Episode 44: Taste of love? Kyosuke's Valentine from Hell Kazuya doesn't want to go to the dentist, so he rams his head into Kyosuke's. Kyosuke is forced to go to the dentist instead, while Kazuya steals chocolate in school. Hikaru makes a big chocolate heart for Kyosuke. She is shattered upon seeing chocolate stains on his face. Yusaku of course takes the opportunity to beat up Kyosuke. The real Kyosuke, meanwhile, is looking for his body. He stops at Abcb when Hikaru runs in crying. A beaten up Kazuya (in Kyosuke's body) finally shows up. Hikaru promptly gives him a few helicopter spins, crashing him into the real Kyosuke. They exchange minds. In the night, Kyosuke helps Madoka to clean up, and is rewarded with a cup of hot chocolate. Episode 45: Good-bye Hikaru-chan! And there was none Kyosuke is getting tired of Hikaru's childishness. On his bed, he imagines him and Madoka if Hikaru were dead. He drifts asleep. The next day, something is wrong, everyone is crying. Hikaru is dead, Kyosuke learns. The whole nation turns out at Hikaru's funeral. After the funeral, everything is falling apart. Kyosuke receives an omen: dig a tunnel in the mountain, and Hikaru will come back. Striken with grief, he works nonstop. Finally, he sees a light, and Hikaru. Running toward Hikaru, he falls off his bed. Grandpa is there, he has manipulated Kyosuke's dream. While walking with Madoka, he sees Hikaru on the riverbank. Hikaru is leaving her childhood by giving up her teddy bear. Kyosuke tells her that he likes her childishness. And poor Yusaku has to jump in the river to retrieve the teddy bear. Episode 46: One silver night! Gondola for two The gang is at a ski resort. Kazuya decides to trick Kyosuke and switches their room number with Madoka/Hikaru's. Kyosuke walks into Madoka's room, discovering Madoka in the shower. Madoka walks out of the shower, surprised to see Kyosuke. Before she can question him, they hear Hikaru coming. They hide in the bathroom. Hikaru leaves, but comes back a few minutes later. This time, Kyosuke and Madoka jump out the window. They take a ride in a lift car, it stops midway; the operator has left. Kyosuke tries to use his power, accidentally breaking the window panes. Wind and snow pour in. They huddle together under an emergency blanket. Kyosuke tries to call Kazuya telepathically. Soon both of them drift to unconsciousness. Madoka wakes up in Kyosuke's bed, with Kazuya looking on, and Kyosuke in Kazuya's bed. They were saved when Kazuya wet his bed and woke up in the middle of the night, and rescued Kyosuke and Madoka. Episode 47: Sad farewell, search for Madoka's first love Episode 48: Caught the love! and the end. Madoka's first love, leaving for America, Kyosuke time travels, twelve year old Madoka, parallel universe, the origin of the Red Straw Hat, power revealed, and the "first" kisses. [note: ep. 48 is the continuation of ep 47. Hence, only one summary is presented for both episodes. I tried not to give away too much of the ending. You are on your own. ^_^ ] OAV: I was a cat, I was a fish Grandpa has brought a rope that switches the spirits of the persons holding each end. Kyosuke accidentally hits the goldfish while holding the other end. He finds himself in a goldfish catching tank. He's caught by Madoka, who gives him to Hikaru. His sisters seek him out with Jingoro's help. Jingoro attacks the goldfish, pulling the rope out of Kurumi's hand. The rope hits Jingoro and the goldfish. Kyosuke is now Jingoro. He gets chased out of Hikaru's home, runs into Madoka and gets drenched in wine. Madoka and Hikaru fight over the cat, Madoka eventually wins him. Madoka takes a bath, asking if the cat wants to join her; Kyosuke faints from too much excitement. When he wakes up, Madoka is asleep, and the gas is leaking. He saves Madoka. She rewards him with a kiss. With the worst luck, Grandpa's recall ritual pulls Kyosuke back to his body a second too soon. OAV: Hurricane! Akane, the shape-changing girl Kyosuke wakes up seeing Hikaru in his bed. He tumbles out of bed, only to discover it's his cousin Akane, who's also an esper and can create illusions. Akane thinks Hikaru is Kyosuke's girlfriend, but she also finds out about Madoka. She then tries to break up Kyosuke and Madoka by using her powers. Highly successful, she gets Kyosuke into quite a few sticky situations with Madoka, including the finale that ended with a "triple-take" slap. That evening, Madoka and Akane are at a bar. Depressed, Madoka drinks too much. When a bunch of thugs approach, she can't fight them off. Kyosuke arrives, gets beat up, but with an angry outburst of power, saves them all. He and Madoka finally make up. OAV: White Lovers The gang is at the grandparents' house. Grandpa warns them that lovers cannot ski together. The next day, Hikaru pushes Kyosuke to Madoka, and skis with Yusaku instead. An avalanche seals Madoka and Kyosuke in a cave where Kyosuke starts seeing illusions. He tells Madoka the legend of the ghost. Many years ago, two lovers came to the mountain to hide from their parents. In a cave, the girl fell into a lava pit. She thinks that the guy let her go to save himself, and returns as a ghost to hunt lovers coming to the mountain. Before Kyosuke can finish, they are attacked by zombies. Kyosuke tries to use his power, but it fails. Suddenly the zombies disappear, but the ground breaks away under them. Kyosuke manages to grab the edge, and holds Madoka in mid-air with the other hand. The lava pit is under them. The ghost appears, trying to force Kyosuke to let go of Madoka. Kyosuke lets go his other hand instead, falling with Madoka. They find themselves outside the cave on the snow, still holding hands. OAV: Hawaiian Suspense Madoka, Kyosuke, and Hikaru are on vacation in Hawaii. Hikaru is mistaken for someone else and is kidnapped. Kyosuke and Madoka set out to rescue her. They follow the kidnappers' directions to a boat. Sneaking onboard, they are captured and held with Hikaru. The kidnappers discover that the briefcase contains only a few bills. They want to feed the trio to the sharks. Kyosuke uses his power to cause the gun to misfire. With the distraction, they knock down the kidnappers and run for their lives. In a parking garage, they are cornered with a kidnapper driving straight for them. Thinking fast, Madoka picks up a gun dropped by one of the kidnappers, blows out a tire, and saves the day. OAV: Stage of love = Heart on fire: Spring is for idols Kyosuke, walking down the street, crashes head to head with the idol singer Hayakawa. Their minds switch bodies. Kyosuke is now in Hayakawa's body and vice versa. Kyosuke is saved from a mob of admirers of Hayakawa by Hayakawa's high school sweetheart. Meanwhile, Hayakawa, now in Kyosuke's body, gets his ego shot down by Hikaru. He then meets Madoka, decides to use Kyosuke's body to his advantage. They go to the high school's broadcast room, where Madoka's critism of Hayakawa lead to Hayakawa remembering the high school days with Shiori. Outside, Kyosuke hears his body and Madoka, charges into the broadcast room, and returns his mind to his body. Hayakawa reveals his true feelings for Shiori, and the couple is reunited. OAV: Stage of love = Heart on fire: Birth of a star Kyosuke dreams of Hayakawa announcing the switching body experience on stage. He tries to talk Hayakawa into forgeting the whole affair, but Hayakawa refuses. Just before the begining of the singing competition, Yukari falls sick. Madoka accompanies her to the hospital, but gets stuck in traffic on the way back, and takes off on foot. While Shuu's band stalls for time on stage, Kyosuke goes looking for Madoka. He saves her from an on-coming truck, and teleports himself and the fainted Madoka to the backstage. Madoka's performance is spectacular, but the band leaves before the announcement of the winner because Madoka is not a regular band member, thus disqualifying the band. Hayakawa does talk about his experience last night on stage, but not body-switching. Instead, he announces that he already has a girlfriend and is giving up his idol singer status. OAV: Unexpected Situation Kyosuke agrees to pretend to be Akane's boyfriend so she can persuade her friends that she has one. Akane's friends force the couple to undergo a series of tests. While testing, Hikaru comes by. Akane gives the illusion of Kyosuke and tells Hikaru to leave him alone. Hikaru, of course, runs away crying. At home, Akane gets drunk. As the ultimate proof, she drags Kyosuke into her room, with her friends listening at the door. Madoka, looking for Kyosuke, comes to Akane's home with the twins. Akane's door opens under the leaning of her two friends and the twins. Inside, they find Akane talking in her sleep. In a rare display of conviction, Kyosuke scolds Akane's friends for pressuring Akane. But Kyosuke's trouble is not over. To make up, Hikaru wants him to share a "lovers' drink" with her, with Madoka present, OAV: Message in Rouge Madoka's father is back in Japan for a concert. After the concert, Madoka thinks she sees her father kissing a woman in his room. Madoka leaves upset. At home, she receives the news that her father will be staying at a hotel for the night. The next day, Takashi goes on a photo taking trip with the twins, leaving Kyosuke home alone. Komatsu and Hatta drag him out to pick up girls. Meanwhile, Madoka leaves home with a message on the mirror "Good-bye, thanks for everything. Madoka." using a lipstick. She just misses Kyosuke at his apartment. On the 99.5 Steps, she counts the steps, 100. At nightfall, Kyosuke comes home, with Madoka waiting. They dine (Madoka cooking of course) and watch TV. Kyosuke senses something is wrong, but Madoka doesn't tell him anything. While trying unsuccessfully to sleep, Kyosuke is surprised to see Madoka at his door with a bottle of Brandy. After a trip for more ice, Kyosuke finds Madoka sleeping on his bed with tears. At this moment, Hikaru calls, telling him that Madoka has run away from home. Madoka's father was removing a crooked eyelash for the woman. At a distance, Madoka mistook him for kissing her. After removing a crooked eyelash for Madoka, Kyosuke convinces her to go home. Movie: I want to return to that day "1+1+1 will never equal 2," but 3-1 will.
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