Scene: Hikaru-chan walking through New York City.

Next scene: Madoka is logging into Internet using a Macintosh 500-series Powerbook. She is using a generic modem program. The text of her screen is, in English:

Welcome to the Inter Network. Yokohama JAPAN. (8:27 am on Thu, 22 Dec 1994)

Login: madoka
Last login: Wed Dec 21 14:18:19 on ttyy05


Welcome to Internet provider WIN


(World-wide Information Network)

Next scene: She is typing: TAP! TAP! TAP! Suddenly her modem program inexplicably changes to Netscape.

Back to Hikaru: She is running up the stairs to her apartment in New York. Her feet make the same TAP! TAP! TAP! noise as Madoka's typing. For some reason, she is going up the fire escape. She opens the door to her apartment and says, "I'm home." She calls out "JG" which is the name of her cat, and says, "Are you hungry?" (in English, written in katakana). Her cat meows. She says, "Yes, yes. You like beef bowl, right?" We see a poster of a woman in a sexy bikini-like outfit with shear cloth over it, with the text ATLANTIS AUDITION.

Outside the apartment: Three sinister-looking people are outside. One's foot makes the TAP! sound. "That's the apartment," says one, a bearded hispanic-looking man. A dark-skinned woman says, "Yes, her name is Hikaru Hiyama. She's the Japanese rich bitch we're looking for."