Kimagure Orange Road Episode Summaries

                   Originally Written by Pat Conley
                      Amended by Joe Zubkavich   

EPISODE 13: Shisen shuuchuu! Hikaru-chan daihenshin

(Catching Attention! Hikaru's Big Transformation)

Hikaru-chan shows up at a school recycling drive, but it's a new Hikaru-chan we see, a beautiful Hikaru-chan with make-up and new clothes. No one recognizes her, not even Kyosuke. When she's mobbed by screaming admirers, all she wants is her Sempai, Kyosuke.

Later, Ayukawa and Kyosuke talk about Hikaru's transformation. "Would you say she's become more sexy?" Ayukawa teases. Everyone seems to like the change in Hikaru-chan, even Yuhsaku, who attempts to defend her from her new suitors.

Meanwhile, Kyosuke's been given tickets by his dad to a rock group called Bobson and told, "Just don't tell your sisters." Kyosuke wants to ask Madoka, but Hikaru's always on the scene. Hikaru-chan's new cuteness eventually makes him change his mind and ask her to the concert. Later, in her room, Madoka tries on glasses and boyish clothes to see what she would like with a transformation of her own. Meanwhile, Kurumi is seeking to imitate Hikaru's new image, helping Jingoro into the 80s in the process. Yuhsaku, who wants to be Hikaru's bodyguard, is training to protect her.

Later, Kyosuke is at the concert with Hikaru-chan, enjoying himself. However, Kyosuke slips accidentally, calling her Ayukawa, and she runs away crying. This wasn't a good thing.

Meanwhile Yuhsaku has dragged Kyosuke to a rainwater runoff and prepares to fight him for Hikaru-chan. Hikaru shows up, yelling at Yuhsaku to stop. When Madoka shows up, asking what's going on, the fight is over. Everyone ends up at Abcb, drinking coffee.

EPISODE 14: Yochimu! Madoka ha nanjakuotoko ga okirai

(Premonition Dream! Kyosuke & Madoka Break up)

Kyosuke has a dream about Madoka telling him he is the worst, that they can never be together again. While out jogging, Kyosuke meets Kurumi and Manami at a girl's gym, where Ayukawa is engaging in a little pro-wrestling. Kyosuke is surprised to see her in "a place like this" but knows that Madoka is always full of surprises. Hikaru is there too, cheering Madoka on.

We flash back to early that morning briefly, with Kurumi and Manami asking permission from their father to participate in the wrestling tournament if they promise not to use their powers. Takashi says yes despite Kyosuke's concerns.

Back at the gym, one of the girls claps Kyosuke on the shoulder and he falls down, with a bucket landing on his head. He's depressed at how weak he appears in front of Madoka and Hikaru, and decides to spy on Yuhsaku's karate classes and see if he can learn anything. He is found out and pulled inside by Yuhsaku, who makes him really work at getting the karate drills right, while taking the opportunity to beat up on him a little. Hikaru puts a stop to the latter soon enough. Ayukawa also shows up, laughing a little at Kyosuke when he falls down, but Kyosuke sends a glare of pure determination at Madoka, who shuts up.

At Abcb, Ayukawa is full of strange thoughts, wondering why Kyosuke is being so athletic all of the sudden. Yuhsaku runs in with news that something terrible has happened -- Kyosuke has challenged one of the masters of the school and has gotten himself beat up.

They arrive at the hospital and Yuhsaku takes Hikaru out into the hall to clean herself up. Ayukawa, alone with the sleeping Kyosuke, who is beaten all to hell, decides to kiss him. He wakes up at the wrong moment to see her face over his; at that moment Hikaru comes back in, necessitating a quick about face by both Kyosuke and Madoka. She's happy that Kyosuke is awake. Meanwhile, Kyosuke wonders what Madoka was doing.

Meanwhile, at the "Festival of the Weaver" party, Hikaru sings, and Kyosuke goes outside to think. He notices that the events of the day have no relation to his dream of that morning. Ayukawa shows up, and hangs her wish on the tree that is out on the porch for that purpose. Kyosuke wants to read what she wrote on it, but she stops him by holding on to him. It is then that Kyosuke realizes that the dream was wrong because he had been asleep in the "opposite".

EPISODE 15: Madoka no kesshin! Sankakukankei ni period

(Madoka's Decision! End of the Triangle Relation)

Kurumi and Manami are having a knock-down, drag-out fight over socks that Kurumi "borrowed". They both try to get Kyosuke to take their side. The Kasuga house is littered with mounted photographs -- Takashi is having a display in a local art gallery and they're getting ready.

At school, Kyosuke is out of it. When Hikaru-chan shows up, he's not in the mood for her cuteness. He is thinking about how bad an eldest son he is that he can't keep his sisters from fighting. Hikaru goes to talk with Madoka-san up on the roof of the school. Hikaru gets the idea that her Darling might be secretly in love with someone else, and Madoka reacts to this, but tells her not to worry.

Kurumi, by accident, hits Yuhsaku with a volleyball in the face. Yuhsaku is stopped from beating up Kurumi by Hikaru.

Walking home, Madoka thinks back to when she and Hikaru were children, looking for four-leaf clovers. Madoka found one but Hikaru wanted it. Being the good person that she is, Ayukawa gave it to Hikaru.

Manami has cut her finger somehow, and Ayukawa bandages it for her.

Meanwhile, Ayukawa is being cold to Kyosuke, not wanting to walk home with him, being unfriendly at Abcb, etc. Kyosuke feels like he's being treated as if he had told Madoka a lie and gotten caught, but he didn't do anything. Everyone except Madoka is helping Takashi set up his pictures at his display, but Kyosuke is even more out of it than ever, thinking about Ayukawa. Hikaru picks up his strangeness and starts to get mad. To thank them for helping, Takashi says he'll take everyone out for dinner, but Hikaru stays behind to have a talk with Kyosuke. "You've been strange today, Darling," she says. "Strange! Strange! Strange!" When she backs Kyosuke up against a picture of Madoka and accuses him of "having someone else he likes." Kyosuke is forced to lie to her. "You're definitely...wrong." She comes around, reassured, and says "That's what Madoka-san said." Kyosuke figures out why Madoka has been so cold to him all day.

On an excuse, Kyosuke leaves the restaurant to go call Madoka, who the Master let go home early. Kyosuke gets an answering machine, and tries to explain to the machine, but can't.

Meanwhile, Madoka has gone home and listened to the machine. She takes a shower and is just getting out when Kyosuke calls again. She doesn't want to pick up the phone, but it keeps ringing. She eventually does, and pretends to be her own answering machine. She tells Kyosuke that it's okay and waves to him through the window.

Meanwhile, everyone goes to see the pictures, and Kurumi and Manami try to make Kyosuke say whose picture is prettier. Which, of course, he can't decide.

EPISODE 16: Shinjiru shinjinai UFO wo mita Madoka

(Believe it or not, Madoka saw a UFO)

While walking outside, Kyosuke and Madoka see a UFO and manage to snap a picture. Kyosuke later discovers it was Kurumi and Manami, using their powers and fooling around. To avoid attention which could lead to someone finding out about his family's powers, he asks Ayukawa to keep the sighting a secret. She agrees, not really wanting to, but then Hikaru sees the picture and suddenly the whole school knows. Kyosuke denies the sighting but Madoka doesn't like being called a liar.

The next day, the last day before summer vacation, Madoka doesn't come to school, and when Kyosuke goes to look for her, she's hanging out with "waru," bad people from her past who ride motorcycles and smoke cigarettes. He races on the Master's bicycle to stop her, augmenting his speed with his powers, but when he finally catches up with her, she rides off, apparently having re-joined the motorcycle gang and leaving his life forever.

He's crushed, but then she comes down the hill to see him, and they talk about the UFO sighting. He apologizes for making her look bad, and tells her that, yes, of course the UFO was really there. Up in the sky, then, there really is a UFO, and all the Orange Road characters see it this time. "Could it be...that the UFO I saw the other night was really...?" He realizes that the UFO he and Madoka saw together was a real UFO after all, and not Kurumi animating household appliances. "In the summer of my 15th year, I, Kasuga Kyosuke saw a UFO," he declares to himself.

EPISODE 17: Natsu no yuuwaku ikinari double date

(Summer's Temptation. Double Date Out of the Blue)

It's summer, and Kyosuke gets invited both by Ayukawa to the library and by Hikaru to the pool, and he accepts both invitations, flipping back and forth with his teleportation.

But over-use of his powers drains him, and he eventually falls asleep in front of Ayukawa in the library. She leaves, saying she has to work at Abcb.

Kyosuke, realizes that Ayukawa had planned to go to the fireworks festival with him, but, since he was so tired, she changed her mind. He goes home to finish the homework he didn't get done because he was fooling around with Hikaru-chan at the pool, and brings it to Madoka at Abcb to show her. She checks the workbook. At that moment, however, the fireworks end. Kyosuke saves the day by teleporting some fireworks from his house and they have a nice time on the floor of Abcb celebrating the start of summer themselves.

EPISODE 18: Madoka chousen! Big Monday!!!

(Madoka's Challenge! Big Monday!!)

It's the beginning of the one-month summer vacation for Japanese kids, and Kyosuke, Madoka, Hikaru-chan and Yuhsaku are going to spend some time at a beach resort. Some customers at Abcb were going to go then changed their plans and had given the coupons to the Master, who gave them to Ayukawa and the others.

Upon arrival at the beach, it is heard from one of the surfers that Big Monday, a gigantic wave, will arrive the next day. According to the Legend of Big Monday, on the first sunny Monday of August in the afternoon, a gigantic wave appears. Surfers always try to surf it but no one's ever been able to do it.

A mysterious and beautiful girl walks past them carrying a surfboard. Kyosuke is given pause by her. But doesn't she know about the legend? he thinks.

Meanwhile, Kurumi and Manami use their powers to remind their father of the beach to try to get him to take them. The method seems effective.

Back at the beach. The group has met Hikaru's grandfather fishing, who tells them a story: There's a female ghost named Koto who comes to this beach. Many years ago, she was a pretty peasant girl living near a castle which stood where the resort is. The lord had ordered her to come to the castle to be his concubine. There was a handsome boy who took her away the night she was supposed to go to the castle, but soldiers appeared with arrows and they fell into the sea. Koto, who always looks lonely because her lover died, has a scar on her wrist from an arrow. Kyosuke gulps-- he's always been weak to these kinds of stories. Hikaru remarks that Madoka, too, dislikes ghost stories. Just then they see the girl they saw earlier surfing. Madoka thinks she looks somehow sad.

That night, the same girl passes Yuhsaku, giving him a start. He looks in the guest register and gulps -- her name happens to be Koto. Hikaru and Ayukawa go in the bath and the girl passes Madoka, who notices a scar on the girl's wrist. The old man's words come back to her and she thinks that the girl might really be the ghost.

Kyosuke meets Ayukawa outside, and the two go for a walk to the beach. They discuss whether or not the girl Koto is the ghost, and Kyosuke tells her what Yuhsaku found out. Ayukawa stumbles across Koto, standing on the beach, and faints. Kyosuke starts to run away but goes back. "Don't touch her!" he shouts, running to save Madoka from the clutches of the "ghost."

Koto is puzzled at his behavior; she was trying to help Ayukawa. It turns out that she is no ghost after all. She had been walking on the beach and had stepped on a piece of glass -- this beach is getting so trashy, she remarks. "I'm no ghost, but I wish I could see one," she says. She explains that her boyfriend died at this beach three years ago trying to surf the Big Monday wave. She says she's here to try to surf the wave tomorrow in place of him, but "if he couldn't, then I probably won't be able to, but if I don't even try I can never forget him or marry."

She thanks him and asks if Ayukawa is his girlfriend. "Be sure to protect her...This is just the beginning for you two." Then she walks away.

Ayukawa wakes up on the way back. "Good morning," Kyosuke says. Ayukawa is alarmed, asks of Koto was really the ghost. Kyosuke tries to pretend that she was the ghost but breaks up in laughter.

The next day, Ayukawa is going to ride the Big Monday wave in place of Koto. Everyone's concerned, but she says, I'll be okay -- Koto's boyfriend will protect her in Koto's place.

Madoka rides the wave, but towards the end, the wave overtakes her. Kyosuke tries to use his powers to try to pull her out of the water. Hikaru wants to swim after Ayukawa but Yuhsaku stops her. Suddenly, Ayukawa reappears on the surfboard. She explains later how a strange force pulled her out of the water when she thought she'd drowned. It was Koto's dead boyfriend after all, she says. Kyosuke doesn't mind the mistake. He celebrates the events of the day by trying out Ayukawa's surfboard himself...

EPISODE 19: Futari no taiken kinjirareta koinoshima

(Two's Experience. The Forbidden Island)

The gang is at the same seaside resort as last episode, enjoying their brief summer vacation. Yuhsaku gets an idea -- let's rent rowboats and race to the island.

They set out in two boats, Hikaru and Yuhsaku in one and Kyosuke and Madoka in the other. The rowing is hard work. Hikaru complains about not being in the same boat as "darling." Kyosuke takes a short rest and in no time the other boat is far away, bouncing on the waves. Their boat is caught in the current and carried even farther. To try to get to the island, Kyosuke uses his powers to move the boat while he rows. They end up at the island in the middle of the bay. Ayukawa is happy, but Kyosuke is tired from using his powers.

Nearby, Pops Kasuga, Manami & Kurumi and the perverts are on a ship, relaxing and enjoying a Japanese family pastime -- photography.

Back on the island, Kyosuke wakes up to find Ayukawa gone. He eventually finds her bathing in a lagoon, but for some reason she's a mermaid! And with new seashells! It turns out to be a dream sequence -- Kyosuke is rebuked by Ayukawa for peeping at her bathing.

Afterwards they sit and talk. "I wonder if Hikaru's okay," Ayukawa says. "She's with that jerk," Kyosuke says. "Yuh-kun?" Kyosuke says yes and does his best imitation of Yuhsaku. Kyosuke thinks to himself that being here with Ayukawa is paradise, and compares the two of them to "that movie" (he's talking about The Blue Lagoon). "But...the two people in that movie went too far." Next, they run and play in the sand.

Hikaru is trying to rally Yuhsaku's manliness to get ot the island. But he's just too tired. Eventually they arrive back at the beach they started out at. Just then the boat the others are on passes and Hikaru's boat is spotted.

Back at the island: more play. The sun is starting to hang low. Kyosuke and Ayukawa look at each other for a long time. Something has descended on the two of them. "Shall we go home?" she says. "Hikaru and Yuhsaku must be worried." When they get to where Ayukawa had tied up the boat, however, it's gone!

Back on land, the others find out that Kyosuke's boat hasn't been returned at the rental office yet. Komatsu suggests that Ayukawa and Kyosuke should be "making out" just fine together and Yuhsaku does a Karate Kid attack on him, making Hikaru cheer. "But is Darling really okay?" she says next, deflating Yuhsaku -- she, of course, is a girl "he would very much like to call his girlfriend." Dunderheaded Kurumi implies that Kyosuke must be alright with his powers and Manami and their father laugh it off.

A few hundred feet from the island, Kyosuke appears and falls into the sea. He's too weak, he realizes, after using his powers all afternoon to move the boat, to teleport all the way to shore. They really can't go home.

He swims back then spies Ayukawa attempting to climb a cliff face for help. She's doing it because it was her fault she didn't tie the boat up properly. She falls -- Kyosuke jumps to tries to protect her with his body. A rock ledge lies below them, but Kyosuke summons up the last of his powers to "zap" it away.

Night has fallen. They sit by a fire, talking. Ayukawa gets upset at herself for letting the boat drift away. Kyosuke gives her an apple and they both get very silent.

"Ah..." Ayukawa begins. "Do you remember that first time working at Abcb?" She's referring to what happened back in episode 5, with Madoka, tired after closing at Abcb, laying her head down on Kyosuke's shoulder, asking him if she could stay at his place that night. "I remember," he says. "Will you please pretend you didn't hear it?" "Why?" Kyosuke asks. "That's the first time I'd ever said anything like that...I said that, but...Now I just want to keep what we have special." "Ayukawa," Kyosuke says. Madoka sticks her tongue out. "I can't help it," she says. "I was just a bad kid."

The fire cracks -- Ayukawa is startled and moves next to Kyosuke. They look into each other's eyes for a long moment. Suddenly they move to kiss -- and a spotlight shines on them from above! It's a rescue helicopter containing who else but Hikaru-chan...

Kyosuke thinks to himself: "Why...does the summer of my 15th year have to end...?

EPISODE 20: Hikaru mokugeki! Gasshuku ha kikenga ippai

(Witness, Hikaru! Summer Camping is Lots of Danger)

As we open, the group is on a train, going to tennis camp for a week or so. Ayukawa seems moody, perhaps having something to do with last episode's adventure on the island with Kyosuke. Komatsu and Hatta make fools of themselves then get yelled at by a tennis instructor named Kitakata who has glistening teeth and looks like Umao-san. All the girls go crazy for Kitakata, making the two perverts' candy bars wilt.

At the tennis school, no one can even return the ball once to Kitakata, but Kyosuke manages to, with the help of Kurumi using her powers when she shouldn't. As a result, Kyosuke is placed in A-class, as opposed to C-class, where Hikaru and most of the others are. Hikaru is upset about this, but when Kyosuke finds out that Madoka is in A-class too, he is secretly glad. Ayukawa tells Hikaru that she and Kyosuke can come see Hikaru after practice starts, which makes Hikaru happy.

Later, Kyosuke runs into Kitakata, who tells him that he would like to play against kyosuke again sometime. Kyosuke is worried about having to play against the imposing instructor, and decides to get some practice in alone in the woods.

Ayukawa happens across Kyosuke and helps him better his swing. Meanwhile, everyone is dancing, and Hikaru wonders where her darling is. She eventually finds him, practicing alone with Madoka, and thinks the worst. Later, Ayukawa goes to talk to Hikaru, who is asleep.

The next day, Kitakata, trying to hide from some girls who are chasing him, gets into a rowboat with Hikaru -- hey, a "rowing first date." On the water, he makes a pass at her, but she resists him and falls in the water, unable to swim. Kitakata can't swim either, and is too cowardly to jump in after her. Kyosuke shows up and manages to save her, however.

Later, Hikaru goes to see Kyosuke, who, in a dream, cries out, "Hikaru-chan! Watch out!" She is touched that he really does care for her, and gives him a peck on the cheek.

Kitakata then tries to hit on Ayukawa. Bad move! He loses teeth and has a variety of bruises too.

Kyosuke wakes up after Hikaru has left, confused about a dream about Hikaru suffocating him while he was saving her that changed inot one of her kissing him.

EPISODE 21: Kyosuke pinch! Arashi ga oka no amai sasayaki

(Kyosuke in Trouble! Sweet Whisper of Storm Hill)

Part two of the Tennis Camp episode. Jingoro wakes up and is shocked to find himself flying slowly over the landscape. It's Kurumi who is doing it, of course-- she's bringing Jingoro to her. Manami notices her sister using her power and stops her, sending Jingoro into the mountains.

Later, everyone is really, really bored watching a tennis ball go back and forth, back and forth. Komatsu and Hatta try to sneak off but are caught. Kyosuke, however, with his powers of teleportation, is able to escape the boring situation.

Out by the lake, Kyosuke throws rocks in the water and relaxes. A girl closely resembling Madoka but with glasses shows up, wearing a yellow hat much like the one Madoka gave Kyosuke. The wind blows it into the water, reminding Kyosuke of his first meeting with Madoka. Kyosuke goes to retrieve it for her, but she tells him not to worry. The girl introduces herself as Kumiko then surprises Kyosuke by asking if he is single. She asks him if there is any girl that Kyosuke likes, and Kyosuke stutters and says no, not really, without thinking. Kumiko then takes him by the arm and they go off, Kyosuke not suspecting that Ayukawa is hiding behind a tree watching the two of them.

After they're gone, Komatsu and Hatta tell Madoka about them seeing Kyosuke with the new girl. Ayukawa tells them not to tell anyone, but when Hikaru shows up asking if they've seen Kyosuke, Hatta almost spills the beans but is stopped by Komatsu.

Kyosuke and Kumiko are running in the grass on the mountains. Kurumi falls and Kyosuke falls on top of her and they lie there like that for a long time. Kumiko offers herself to Kyosuke. He then notices Kumiko is crying and is totally shocked. It starts to rain.

Meanwhile, Jingoro has just arrived, thanks to Kurumi's powers. Manami scolds Kurumi for bringing the cat in her suitcase and laughs it off. Lightning strikes again, and everyone but Hikaru-chan hides under the table. Hikaru goes out into the rain to look for her "darling," but Yuhsaku stops her, saying that it's too dangerous. Ayukawa, who of course knows about Kumiko, tells Hikaru not to go because the danger of the storm would cause more problems to occur.

At an abandoned cabin, Kyosuke and Kumiko's clothes are drying by the fire, and both are in their underwear. Kumiko approaches Kyosuke, wearing only a towel and her "bra n' panties," but Kyosuke turns away. "Why? Tell me?" she says, and lowers the towel. He says, "I'm sorry," turning away again. "Am, I not pretty?" she asks, hurt, and Kyosuke tells her vehemently that no, that's not the problem. "This is not something Jr. High students do!" he tells her by way of an excuse.

Meanwhile, Madoka is playing her saxophone in the rain. As she plays, the sun comes out, and Hikaru says, "I'm going to look for darling." Outside, everyone is walking around, calling Kyosuke's name. Madoka finds a Kumiko's handkerchief and, to throw the others off the trail, tells them to look further down the mountain. She is going to go in the direction of the handkerchief.

Back at the cabin, she's crying, and says, "I'm so embarrassed." Kyosuke tells her to get dressed, but unfortunately, at that moment Madoka appears outside the cabin, walking towards them. Kyosuke notices her but doesn't know what to do. Madoka walks in, sees Kumiko half-naked, then sees Kyosuke's feet sticking out from under the clothes on the clothesline. She parts the clothes to make sure it's Kyosuke -- Kyosuke says, "Hi!" lamely -- then leaves. Kyosuke goes after her and Madoka stops and turns around slowly. She's so upset there are eight, count them, eight of those little vibrating "emotion reflections" in her eyes as she deals Kyosuke a deadly "Ayukawa slap." Then Kumiko appears at the door, pleading for Madoka to stop. "We didn't do anything! It's the truth! I'm sorry, I thought it would be okay." She explains that she's going to get a dangerous operation next week, and this was why she was trying to have sex with Kyosuke.

In the end, Madoka, Kurumi and all the others put lantern boats in the water to give Kumiko good luck with her operation. "We'll do this again next year," Madoka says. The geeks want to know what Kyosuke did with Kumiko and tell him that Ayukawa, too, saw him walk away with her. Kyosuke is surprised why Madoka didn't stop him back then.

Later, the group receives a postcard from Kumiko, writing that the operation was a success and thanking them for all they did. Kyosuke thinks to himself: "Kyosuke Kasuga: this was the end of the great circle of my summer."

EPISODE 22: Otonano kankei! Madoka himitsu no asagaeri

(Adult Relationship! Madoka's Secret Morning Return)

Kyosuke goes into Abcb but is surprised to find that Madoka's not there -- an older, beautiful woman has taken her place. We then see Ayukawa with a mysterious man she calls "Shu-chan". Going back to Abcb, Kyosuke has just spilled his coffee, crying "Ayukawa quit?" The new woman behind the counter teases Kyosuke, implying that he must like Ayukawa, but he laughs it off with a little more vigor than he needs: "Me and Ayukawa? Hahahaha!" Kyosuke leaves in a hurry.

Meanwhile, in a grocery store, Hikaru-chan obviously knows something about what's going on with Madoka, and almost gives it away. Yuhsaku ditches him to avoid giving away the secret, sending Kyosuke into a pile of stacked cans. Hikaru wants to go help her Darling, but Yuhsaku stops her, telling her that "this is for Madoka-san." The implication is that Madoka's got a boyfriend that she wants to keep a secret from Kyosuke. Later, Kyosuke is at Komatsu's house with Hatta. The geeks call Ayukawa but get her phone answering machine. They then call Kyosuke's sister Kurumi.

The next morning, Kyosuke is passing by a building when he sees Ayukawa and her mystery man Shu-chan emerge. The way they talk (informally) makes Kyosuke think they're really close. Shu-chan asks if she wants some breakfast after the all-nighter, but she says she's fine. Madoka and her man get in a car and drive away, Ayukawa seeing Kyosuke's books in front of a bush as they pull away. Kyosuke is really upset, and he sees that all the buildings around where is he are named things like Hotel Candy and Hotel Persian Love, and thinks that Ayukawa has just spent the night with this man in a cheap hotel. While Kyosuke is at the playground thinking, the beautiful woman from Abcb shows up, and introduces herself as Yukari. She is very forward and asks if Kyosuke likes her. Before Kyosuke can act, she takes him by the arm, winking at him.

At a movie called Love Story, Kyosuke begins to fall asleep, and starts picturing Yukari and himself instead of the actors on the screen. His hand falls on her, and she snuggles close to him.

At a crosswalk, Hikaru shows up, and Kyosuke becomes tense. Hikaru screams and beats him on the chest, but not because he's walking around with this strange beautiful woman named Yukari, but because Kyosuke didn't tell Hikaru that he had an older sister.

After eating, Hikaru tells Kyosuke, let's go darling. "I'm not going to go," he says, confusing both Hikaru and Yukari, and he and Yukari leave. Outside, Yukari says, "Let's go to a good place," implying that the two of them will go to a hotel and do grown-up things.

Meanwhile, at the hotel where Ayukawa and the band will be playing, Hikaru has told Madoka what happened with Kyosuke. "He said he wouldn't come?" Ayukawa says. Madoka's mystery man shows up and is revealed as the co-ordinator of the band. Madoka suddenly remembers seeing Kyosuke's books after staying up all night with Shu-chan the morning before and thinks she understands.

Meanwhile, Yukari has taken Kyosuke to a cheap hotel called 1987 Candy. Yukari says, let's go, and when Kyosuke doesn't move, she says, "I understand now. It's your first time in a place like this." Kyosuke tries to deny it and thinks to himself that he isn't sure if he wants to be a part of a relationship that is this grown-up. He remembers Ayukawa with her mystery man, however, and goes into the hotel with Yukari, angry and wanting to get back at Madoka.

In the hallway, Yukari corners Kyosuke and makes like she's going to kiss him. She opens the door instead, and Kyosuke falls inside, but it's not a cheap hotel room, but one of those big rooms they rent out for conventions. Kyosuke is shocked to see Ayukawa playing guitar for a band. Kyosuke is so confused.

Shu-chan stands up and tells everyone not to worry, Yukari is here now. He then introduces the "new face" in the band, Madoka Ayukawa. Kyosuke now knows the truth and feels silly.

Yukari appears in costume and starts to sing a song that Madoka wrote. During the course of the song, she takes a ribbon and ties it around Madoka in a heart-shape, who is surprised, and throws the other end to Kyosuke -- nudge nudge, knowwhatahmean? Ayukawa is so surprised she stops playing, but somehow the music doesn't stop.

Back at Abcb, Yukari and Shu-chan are having a fight. Kyosuke rises to see what's the matter, but Ayukawa tells him to stay where he is. "Those two people are adults," she tells him. She then remarks to Kyosuke that Shu-chan is her cousin, surprising Kyosuke again.

EPISODE 23: Kyosuke Madoka daigenka! Koino ninninsankyaku

(Kyosuke & Madoka's Big Fight! Three Legged Race of Love)

Kyosuke is shopping with Hikaru-chan but has to evade Yuhsaku when he shows up, angry because Kyosuke is with Hikaru. Yuhsaku ends up getting the stuffing knocked out of him when he goes into the wrong dressing room.

There is to be a marathon at the school, and each class has to nominate some runners to participate even though no one wants to. Komatsu and Hatta conspire to nominate Kyosuke, who is too out of it to defend himself. Ayukawa, absent that day, also gets chosen by the class.

At Abcb, Ayukawa upsets Kyosuke by saying that she doesn't want to run in the race. Kyosuke fantasizes about smacking her around and her apologizing for calling him a nerd but this doesn't really happen. In the end, Kyosuke leaves Abcb in a huff.

While trying to get into shape, Kyosuke kicks around the idea of using his powers to enable his class to win. He checks out a public restroom as a possible place to teleport where no one can see him, but Hikaru surprises him and he tells her that he was checking to see if it was clean or not.

Later, Kyosuke is practicing, running alongside Hikaru-chan. Yuhsaku wants to train alongside Kyosuke, just to be near Hikaru-chan, but Hikaru tells him to get lost.

At home, Manami is tending to Kyosuke's broken body. Takashi, their father, reminds Kyosuke to be sure not to use his powers at school.

More training, this time taking them past Abcb. Ayukawa sees how bad off Kyosuke is and feels sorry for him, but he sees her looking at him and tells Hikaru to keep going.

Lying on a bench by himself, Kyosuke is going over his plan to use his teleporation to win the race. Ayukawa shows up to apologize, but ends up pushing him into a fountain.

Kyosuke is sitting in the bath, thinking about the race and his sickness, but his power goes off accidentally and he teleports, nude, into an Ushiko/Umao-san love scene, then gets rained on.

Hikaru tells Ayukawa that she feels sorry for her Darling, saying that maybe he practiced too much. Ayukawa knows he's sick and feels bad about causing his cold.

At Kyosuke's house, Ayukawa comes to see Kyosuke, who opens the door for her using his powers, thinking it must be one of his sisters. "Who is it? Kurumi? Manami?" When he finds out who it is, he says, "Don't come in, who let you in here?" Ayukawa is really sad. Kyosuke finally lets her come in and she takes good care of him. "You'll be okay," Madoka says. Kyosuke suddenly looks at Ayukawa, and the little "emotional reflectors" in their eyes start to jiggle. He hugs her tightly, or does he? No, he really hugged his pillow. Ayukawa tells him that she would feel good about the two of them running in the marathon as a team. "Of course!" Kyosuke says. They should run as a team after all.

The day of the marathon has come, and everyone is running. Komatsu and Hatta get caught cheating, causing the class to get disqualified. Kyosuke and Madoka run anyway, resting and taking it easy. After several hours, everyone else has come in and Hikaru-chan is wondering where Madoka and Kyosuke are. After a while, the two of them show up and run to where Hikaru and Yuhsaku are waiting for them.

EPISODE 24: Kazuya toujou! Panic kid ni goyoujin

(Kazuya Introduced! Watch Out for the Panic Kid!)

Kyosuke is on his way out when a small version of himself runs into his family jewels -- it's his cousin Kazuya, who looks exactly like Kyosuke except that he's only five years old. Takashi explains who Kazuya is and asks that somebody take responsibility for him for the day and take him outside. Kurumi and Manami avoid this chore. So Kyosuke must take Kazuya with him.

On the way to Abcb, Kyosuke runs into a big tough guy who tries to pick a fight. Kazuya yells "Hey, watch where you're walking!" as the man passes by. At Abcb, Kazuya is a big hit with Ayukawa. Kyosuke is shocked when Kazuya touches Madoka's breasts lovingly and calls them "guramah", which refers to the, ah, size and curvature. Kyosuke pulls Kazuya out of there in a hurry, but Madoka is dragged along by Kazuya, who wants her to stay.

While she calls the Master at Abcb to ask for the day off so she can be with Kazuya and Kyosuke, Kyosuke wonders idly what color panties Madoka has on today. "Pink," Kazuya answers, and uses his power to make a wind to conveniently lift her skirt. "See?" Kyosuke wonders at how Kazuya knew what he was thinking. On the train, Kyosuke goes over all that has happened, and wonders if, somehow, he, Kyosuke, might not have the power of telepathy and he just didn't know about it.

Back at the Kasuga ranch, Hikaru-chan has shown up asking about her Darling.

Meanwhile, Madoka and Kyosuke are walking Kazuya around the playground, having great fun. When Madoka climbs a jungle gym, Kazuya pushes her, and Kyosuke must catch her. This he does, but he cops a feel on the way down, accidentally. He thinks to himself, "That felt good," and Kazuya repeats this for Madoka's benefit.

Later, Kazuya proves he has thick skin by swinging on vines with Jingoro-chan hanging on to his shirt. Kyosuke brings drinks to the others. "A very energetic kid," Madoka says. "But...mysterious." Madoka comments that Kazuya looks a lot like Kyosuke. Kyosuke thinks again about the possibility that he might have telepathy, but just then Kazuya comes up and, in Kyosuke's head, says, "You can't read her mind...I'm the one with the telepathy. Hey, why don't I read Madoka-onechan's heart for you?" Kyosuke over-reacts and embarrasses himself in front of Madoka in the process.

Next they go to the zoo, but Hikaru-chan sees them and comes up with the idea that Kazuya is Madoka and Kyosuke's son, that they actually had a child without Hikaru knowing about it. Kyosuke runs after her and manages to make her listen to the truth. Kazuya asks Hikaru if she is Kyosuke's girlfriend, and Kyosuke chokes on his answer, denying it, telling Hikaru that it's because Kazuya is just a little kid. Kazuya reads Kyosuke's true feelings and decides to do Kyosuke a favor by making "this girl give you up." In a train tunnel, he tells Hikaru that Kyosuke really loves Madoka, crushing Hikaru-chan and making her run away. Kyosuke chases her and tells her not to believe anything he hears from a kid like Kazuya. Hikaru-chan hugs Kyosuke in happiness, which turns Madoka off.

Later, Kazuya arranges to have Madoka take him away to clean ice cream off his clothes. Alone, Hikaru laments that she is an only child, saying "You have Manami and Kurumi, and Madoka has her sister, but I..." "You've got me, haven't you?" Kyosuke says. This pleases Hikaru-chan so much that she just sits there and purrs. Kazuya and Madoka return, and Kyosuke now realizes he's done more damage to his relationship with Madoka than before.

Running for the train, Ayukawa is still a cold fish. Kazuya uses his powers to fix it so that they get separated, so that Kyosuke and Ayukawa can be alone. On the train, a pervert on a train tries to get funny with Madoka, but Kyosuke inserts himself between the two. I won't let anyone touch Ayukawa, he thinks to himself. Madoka warms up and says, "Kasuga-kun, I would like to go off somewhere alone together like this." The train stops and Hikaru and Kazuya are there.

Walking home, Kazuya shines to Kyosuke, "You didn't do it quickly enough." He then runs ahead of the three and says, "Oneesan-tachi, is it really okay like this?" He's referring the games they each play in order to keep the love/friendship triangle intact. Madoka takes this to heart and proves it by going home and playing her saxophone into the night air.

Nearing his own house, Kyosuke is met by Kurumi and Manami, who give him some bad news: Kazuya's family is moving to the neighboring apartment -- Kazuya will be around forever!

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