Kimagure Orange Road Episode Summaries

                   Originally Written by Pat Conley
                      Amended by Joe Zubkavich   

EPISODE 25: Abunai jikoanji! Kyosuke-kun henshinsu

(Risky Self-Hypnosis! Kyosuke-kun Changed)

Little Kazuya joins the Kasuga family for breakfast, and does Jingoro a favor by feeding him at the table. When Kyosuke gently scolds him for it, everyone points out that Kyosuke is so indecisive about everything. Broken, Kyosuke stares at himself in the mirror and inadvertently self-hypnotizes himself to have confidence.

The new Kyosuke upsets Kurumi by using his powers openly, teleporting to school and what not-- she doesn't like that her brother is using his powers but she is not allowed.

At school, Kyosuke is a true extrovert, languishing in the attention everyone now gives him, using his powers in dangerous ways. Kurumi, in school, is learning from Kyosuke's new bad example and is using her powers around others, too.

With his new insensitivity, Kyosuke hurts Hikaru's feelings by telling her he can't eat the lunch she's brought for him-- he's already eaten all the other girls' presents.

Ayukawa, after talking with Hikaru on the roof of the school, goes to talk to Kyosuke. Kyosuke surprises Ayukawa by her asking out that night. She is speechless.

They go on their date, Kyosuke still acting like an asshole. "What happened? Your new style..." Madoka asks. "I have changed because of you," he replies. Madoka blushes and excuses herself to the ladies room, returning to find her Kyosuke feeding the same line to other girls.

She drags him outside and dunks his head in the water, saying, "I like you better when you were indecisive." These words echo as Kyosuke looks into the water and returns to his normal state.

The next morning, Kyosuke is embarrassed to hear what a jerk he was in front of everyone at school. At school, an army of new female admirers along with Komatsu and Yuhsaku all await him for a payback. Ayukawa laughs at the havok that Kyosuke has created for himself.

EPISODE 26: Kodomoni natta Kyosuke! Madoka ni sekkin

(Kid Kyosuke Approach to Madoka)

Madoka is angry at Kyosuke for lending out a notebook she had allowed him to use, and shows it by throwing him against a wall of shoe lockers.

At the Kasuga home, Komatsu and Hatta meet Kazuya for the first time. Kazuya caues trouble for them by reading their intentions (to be alone with Kurumi and Manami) and calling Takashi into the room to spoil their fun.

Kyosuke meets Kazuya at a playground, and listens to him complain about how confusing women are. Then Kazuya tells him that, if they change bodies using Kazuya's power, Kyosuke can use Kazuya's telepathy ability to read Madoka's true feelings. This makes up Kyosuke's mind and they smash heads.

When he comes to, Kyosuke (really Kazuya now) is walking off with Hikaru-chan to see a movie, and he's become Kazuya. Kazuya has become an instant jerk as he walks away with Hikaru.

Later, Kyosuke (in Kazuya's body) follows Ayukawa, trying to position himself to read her thoughts with his "new" powers. He tries to use the telepathy but can't read anything. Kazuya had been lying; he can't use Kazuya's powers of telepathy. So Kyosuke decides to make use of his new body and to be cute and ask what Madoka's feelings are as Kazuya.

Elsewhere, Kazuya, on his date with Hikaru, wishes aloud that they had seen the Godzilla 3-d movie rather than the film they're seeing.

Kyosuke as Kazuya, back on the street, gets into some trouble with some tough guys, but Ayukawa comes to his rescue, getting pop on her blouse in the process. She takes him home with her to clean up.

Ayukawa dresses in front of Kyosuke then prepares to go back to Abcb. Kyosuke looks at a picture of her and Kyosuke, taken at the beach back in episode 8, then suddenly has to go to the playground and think about what this means-- Ayukawa keeps a picture of him on her desk-- and to find Kazuya.

At the playground, he meets Kazuya in his body and wants to change back, but Kazuya isn't finished yet experimenting with girls and stops Kyosuke from bumping heads just yet. He ties up Kyosuke, who cries, "What are you going to do?!"

Kazuya in Kyosuke's body shows up at Abcb, preparing to act out everything out with Madoka just as he saw in the movie with Hikaru-chan, but Kyosuke (again, in Kazuya's body) shows up, remembering at the last moment that he can still use his own powers and saves the day.

EPISODE 27: Nerawareta Madoka! Kyosuke otokono shoumei

(Targeted Madoka! Kyosuke's Proof of Manhood)

Starting out, we see Madoka getting narrowly hit by a truck and injured. Hearing the news the next day, Kyosuke is alarmed and wants to go see how she is. Kyosuke's father says, why don't you also take Kurumi and Manami, but Kyosuke doesn't want to, because he wants to be alone with Ayukawa to take care of her. Kazuya reads his mind and relays it to the others, and they all say, "Of course!" at the same time.

At Madoka's house, Kyosuke has brought flowers, but Hikaru is there and thinks they're for her. Kyosuke asks Madoka how she got injured and she gives him an evasive response. "I fell down the stairs," she says.

Later, Kyosuke is accosted by some ugly broads who inquire as to Ayukawa's whereabouts-- Kyosuke gets an idea that Madoka has gotten into trouble with these tough girls by fighting and that's how she really got hurt.

That night he has a "prophetic dream" about Ayukawa, still with her broken arm and leg, fighting these girls and losing. Kyosuke, wanting to defend his true love, decides to do push-ups to get strong, but he can only do three.

Kyosuke goes to school, dressed like a catcher in a baseball game, and attracts lots of attention. At Abcb, Hikaru-chan's going to take Madoka's place and help out. When Madoka has to go to the hospital for a check-up, Kyosuke has Yuhsaku go with her in case there's any trouble.

Later, the girls show up outside Ayukawa's house, marching like an army. Kyosuke sees them but doesn't tell Madoka, and goes back to practicing his Kendo.

At Abcb, Madoka gets tired of Hikaru's constant babying and knocks over her creamy jello in anger, upsetting Hikaru, who was only trying to help. She goes out to think and Kyosuke follows her to talk to her. He tries to tell her about the thugs but decides not to.

The bad girls show up at Abcb and Hikaru tells them she's Madoka, getting herself and Yuhsaku beaten up. Going back from the canal, Kyosuke and Madoka meet Komatsu and Hatta, beaten up also, who tell them about the fight at Abcb. Ayukawa returns to Abcb and, apologizing to Hikaru, fights all the girls, fulfilling Kyosuke's prophetic dream, although she doesn't lose.

Suddenly a tough chick named Yoko-san shows up, stopping the fight. Her little sister points Madoka out as the one who had saved her dog that time on the street. Yoko slaps around the younger girls who were trying to beat up Madoka (they had misunderstood what type of debt Yoko-san had wanted to pay back), and all is well in the end. Madoka admits that she really got hurt rescuing the dog from in front of a truck, but hadn't said so because she was embarrassed about it.

EPISODE 28: Kikenna kesshin! Manami-chan no daibouken

(Big Decision! Manami's Big Adventure)

Manami-chan, transformed with a wig and contact lenses, is walking around, thrilled at how she looks and searching for a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Kurumi has cooked dinner. When Kyosuke doesn't want to eat what Kurumi has made, she gets upset, so Kyosuke eats every bite, no matter how awful it is.

Manami tries to meet a boy, coming on very strong, but no one seems to want to talk to her. She feels sad, but keeps looking. Three females show up, sickened by the dress and attitudes of the new girl in the neighborhood, and ask her what she's doing around here. Manami gets them mad at her, then runs away with the three girls in chase, crying "Help me!" She falls, losing both of her contact lenses, and the girls are standing above her.

Suddeny Kyosuke shows up, with cool new glasses and a new shirt, and tries to talk the girls out of beating up this other new girl he's never seen before (it's really his sister, of course, but he doesn't recognize her because she looks so different). To avoid a fight, Kyosuke runs away with Manami, who can't see any of this, and a chase scene ensues.

As they run by Abcb, Madoka and Hikaru see Kyosuke and wonder what he's doing, running with some pretty new girl and being chased by three ugly chicks.

Kyosuke and Manami finally manage to lose the girls, then go for for a nice walk. Kyosuke notices that the girl looks a lot like his sister, Manami, but it couldn't possibly be her. Kyosuke brings her ice cream. He's dressed so cool, that she can't even tell she's with her own brother, especially without her contact lenses.

Manami thanks him for saving her. As they talk, Manami tells Kyosuke about her brother at home. Next, Kyosuke takes this neat, new girl on a date at the fair. Manami thinks she's found a really nice boyfriend. "It was really neat that I met you," she tells him, going to his side. Now that she's so close, he realizes she IS his sister after all. She thinks she's done something wrong when he moves away, but he says, "I'm going to buy some juice, wait here."

Kyosuke goes to a fountain and dunks his head. Ayukawa and Hikaru show up then, angry and wanting to know what he's doing with that pretty new girl. "Take a good look," he tells them, and they see that it's Manami, and thus everything is okay.

So now Kyosuke and Manami can finish their date without Madoka and Hikaru's wrath. Kyosuke and Manami go rowing, then sit on a park bench and talk some more. She thinks he wants to kiss her and puckers up. But he says, let's bring it to an end now. "If you're not back soon, your family will worry," he says. "It was nice that we could fly together." She thanks him again and asks if she will see him again but, as he yells something down to her, his words are drowned out by a passing truck.

The three bad girls show up once again, now that Kyosuke is gone, but Madoka is there to saves Manami-chan. She takes Manami's glasses out of her purse and puts them on Manami's face. "They look really good on you," she says.

When Manami (now returned to her normal self) returns home, Kurumi is all excited and says, "Come look!" Kyosuke has made dinner, drawn a bath, and folded the laundry, all for Manami. "Oniichan did all this by himself," Kurumi tells Manami. Kyosuke has fallen asleep at his desk, glasses and shirt tucked safely under his bed.

EPISODE 29: Nakuna Jingoro aito seishun no hatsujouki

(Don't Cry Jingoro! Period of Love & Seishun)

The episode begins with a dream sequence of a child getting separated with his mother, with the child yelling for his mother. It turns out to be Kyosuke, practicing for a role in an upcoming play.

Jingoro the cat is acting very strange, and everyone wonders what is wrong. Kazuya wakes up from his nap despite Kyosuke's efforts to quiet everyone's talking and makes his "Kyosuke-oniichan" play an all-night marathon of a Nintendo game with him.

The next morning, Kyosuke's got shadows under his eyes. Hikaru, who has heard about Jingoro-chan from Manami and Kurumi, suggests that, well, he is a boy cat, and, well, it is springtime. Maybe he wants to...This line of reasoning causes both Kyosuke and Hikaru to blush red, and they both are unable to keep from staring at a bed which is in the room. Taking the conversation the wrong way, Hikaru goes outside to freshen up and has a fantasy about she and her "sempai" engaging in that ages-old custom. She unfortunately narrates it all verbally, and Yusaku, nearby, hears it all and feels bad. She can't picture her Darling on a bed, somehow-- "It's an image problem," she adds. Hikaru returns to where Kyosuke is (the nurse's office), but her Darling is all beaten up because Yusaku got to him first.

The gang goes to Abcb, nursing Kyosuke's wounds. Another cat is there, a female one. Ayukawa explains that she found the cat on the street and is considering keeping it. "It is really lonely being alone," she says as an explanation.

Meanwhile, at home, Jingoro, watching TV, sees a commercial for catfood. When he sees the spokes-cat, he freaks out, and tries to get inside the television.

Meanwhile, in an irrevelant side-story, Komatsu and Hatta poke their faces through a window in the girl's locker room, getting Kyosuke, who was just standing there, in trouble.

Later, Kyosuke and the twins are taking the cat to meet with other cats and see if he can't hit it off with one of them. "Don't be so rough with him," Kurumi says, but Kyosuke tells her, "It's okay! It's for his own good."

At Ayukawa's house, Hikaru and Madoka are taking care of Madoka's cat. Hikaru suggests a good name for the creature -- "Kyosuke!" But Ayukawa says, that won't do, it's a girl kitty.

Kyosuke and the geeks draw quite a crowd with their cats, but each time a cat is placed in front of Jingoro-chan, nothing happens. Jingoro seems totally uninterested. In order to try to find out what's wrong with Jingoro, Kyosuke asks Kazuya to use his power to change bodies with the cat. "Jingoro's lonely," Kazuya says, poking his head out and using his telepathy power. Kyosuke diverts the attention of the crowd then takes Jingoro back to bump heads with Kazuya. After the deed is done, Kazuya (in Jingoro's body) dances, flips up skirts, and does other similarly amazing things. Kyosuke is distracted and, before he knows it, Jingoro (in Kazuya's body) has disappeared.

Jingoro/Kazuya is really running down the street, yelling, "Okaachan! Okaachan!" He goes to Abcb and asks of the Master, where is the cat that he had seen Ayukawa with. The Master isn't sure what the child is talking about, but Kazuya says, "I know I'm not wrong!"

Kyosuke shows up and calls Kazuya by Jingoro's name in front of the Master, embarassing himself. He learns from the Master that Hikaru is with Ayukawa and knows that they must have gotten into trouble.

Meanwhile, Hikaru and Ayukawa have met up with jerks who tell them that they know where the cat (meaning Ayukawa's cat that she is carrying around now) lives. The two men take them to a junkyard filled with various other roughnecks.

As Kyosuke, Kazuya and Jingoro are running to try to find Hikaru and Madoka, we see Jingoro flashing back to when he was a kitten, and the other kittens would push him away from the milk because he was weak. His mother licked and cared for him then, however, and made him feel better. Jingoro (still in Kazuya's body) yells, "Okaachan!" once more, and Kyosuke realizes what's been going on.

Back to the junkyard. Ayukawa has just beaten most of her opponents and must face their leader, a giant hulking man. She kicks him in the family jewels, defeating him, just as Kyosuke, Kazuya and Jingoro show up.

The fight over, Jingoro (still in Kazuya's body) yells "Okaachan!" and throws himself at Madoka's cat, getting himself a good set of scratches on the face. Kyosuke throws Kazuya (the cat) up into the air, causing the two to crash heads again, returning to their normal bodies. Now Jingoro, in his normal body, dives at his mother, but the cat isn't his mother, because she just walks away.

As the sun sets in the junkyard, everyone lets Jingoro be alone with his thoughts. Ayukawa eventually goes to him and says, "I'll be your mother," picking Jingoro up. Hikaru comes too, but Jingoro doesn't want either of them and jumps down.

EPISODE 30: Kinoha monogatari! Kurumi no hatsukoi jigokuhen

(Kurumi's First Love - Hell Edition)

When Kyosuke finds Kurumi staring out into the sky at night, he knows something must be wrong. At school, Hikaru and Madoka know what the problem must be-- Kurumi's in love. Kyosuke thinks it's funny. Hikaru then says, "Now that you mention it, hasn't Madoka been acting strange lately? Maybe she's in love or something too." "Hikaru!" Madoka says at Hikaru's teasing. But Kyosuke isn't so sure. Could Madoka be in love with someone?

Kyosuke is filled with thoughts of who Kurumi might be in love with? Komatsu or Hatta? No, not perverts like them. Yusaku? No, he's so dedicated to Hikaru-chan that he'll defy his Sempai to bring her juice, even though she abuses him constantly.

Then he finds out-- she's in love with Hayami-san, the cute soccer player. She's not alone, either -- everyone seems to be in love with Hayami.

At Abcb, Madoka is surprised to hear who Kurumi's in love with. Hayami and she had been studying together. Later, Kyosuke is surprised to see the two of them together, with Ayukawa acting like a girl in love. He gets the idea that Madoka is in love with Hayami-san! He even thinks he sees them kiss from far away. Hearing Madoka talk about how nice Hayami is doesn't help either.

When Kurumi goes off on a date with Hayami-kun, Kyosuke worries-- anyone who could like both Madoka and his sister at the same time isn't worthy of either one of them. So he convinces Manami-chan to dress herself up like Kurumi so they can save Kurumi's feelings.

In a burger joint, Kurumi remarks that she isn't making very good conversation. Hayami disagrees, and when a man with two women on each arm walk by, the conversation starts to hum. Meanwhile, outside, Manami and Kyosuke practice their plan, with Manami telling Hiyami to stop because "there's someone else you like, isn't there?"

When Kurumi gets up to go to the bathroom, Manami puts the plan in action. Unfortunately, when she sees Hayami's clear brown eyes, she chokes, and says, "Do you like Sukiyaki?!" instead of what she was planning to say. She rips his sleeve then stabs him trying to sew it, and makes a fool of herself. Meanwhile, Kyosuke is trying to keep Kurumi occupied by buying her a really really really really really big hamburger.

After she leaves her brother behind, Kurumi reveals that she has made Hayami a present -- a towel with his initials on it. Hayami then sits down and tells her, "There's something I have to tell you."

Meanwhile, Kyosuke is watching the two from the other side of the fountain while Hikaru and Madoka show up. Kurumi is crying -- supposedly, Hayami has told her that he really loves Madoka, but in fact he told her that he's moving. Kyosuke misunderstands and tries to take Hayami out, but Hayami dodges Kyosuke's attacks easily. Madoka stops him and reveals that, because Hayami was leaving their city, and because Kurumi liked Hayami, Madoka had asked Hayami to go on a date with Kurumi, to make her feel better. Kurumi hears this, however, and shouts, "I hate you, I hate you all!", and after causing a minor tremor, runs away.

As the ship is leaving, Madoka apologizes to Hayami for all the trouble she caused. Hayami tells her to "keep her own true love important," which surprises Hikaru-chan since Hikaru knows nothing of any true love of Madoka's. Hikaru wants to know who Madoka loves, but Madoka ignores her. Meanwhile, Kyosuke, Kurumi and Manami (who is still dressed up like Kurumi) show up and apologize for their own parts in the craziness. In the end, Hayami departs and everyone waves.

EPISODE 31: Madoka to Yuhsaku! Seishun kakeochi koushinkyoku

(Madoka & Yuhskau! Run Away March)

We first see Yuhsaku with flowers. He surprises Kyosuke by yelling, "I love Madoka-san!" in a loud voice. Komatsu comes spreading the newest gossip of what happened, but Kyosuke doesn't want to hear it. The girls of the school, too, are gossipping, but Hikaru-chan denies that such a thing is possible.

Near her locker, Kyosuke hears Madoka telling off some busybodies: "Instead of worring about me, worry about your own boyfriends," she says with a tough voice.

While walking, Hikaru and Kyosuke are surprised to see Yuhsaku come at them and fly around them, with his arms spread like an airplane. He runs off to walk home with Madoka, causing Kyosuke to worry. Later, he peeks into Abcb and sees Ayukawa and Yuhsaku, holding hands with domesticated expressions on their faces. Kyosuke is really upset but Hikaru says that, well, Yuhsaku and Madoka are long-standing friends, and stranger things have been known to happen. Kyosuke asks if anything happened recently with Yuhsaku that would bring on the change, and she flashes back to a few weeks ago, when Yusaku had scared away a kitten she was watching with a karate punch while trying to show off. Hikaru-chan had told Yuhsaku that she hated him then and run off. Hikaru feels bad for what she did to Yusaku.

Kyosuke learns later that Komatsu and Hatta had happened upon Yuhsaku right after Hikaru told him to get lost with a lot of advice on how to make a girl like him. They imply that they were surprised that Yuhsaku could get such a pretty girl as Ayukawa.

Kyosuke now goes to see Madoka, and confronts her with the problem. Before she can answer, he notices an extra pair of shoes on the doorstep -- Yuhsaku is inside! "I'm sorry, but I am busy," Madoka tells him, and closes the door.

Hikaru calls Kyosuke, upset. Yuhsaku is acting like a "defeated person" and worrying everyone. Kyosuke thinks that he might be acting suicidal. The two geeks show up, fearing that Yuhsaku is going to commit suicide. Kyosuke sets off to find him, realizing the possibility that Madoka is planning suicide, too. "Ayukawa, you can't die!" he cries on the train.

At the waterfall, he shows up, seems to see Yusaku and Madoka go off the waterfall together, but it is a trick of his angle. It really is Ushiko and Umao. He finds them, in gi, practicing martial arts. "Wait a minute!" Kyosuke says. "What the hell is going on here?" Ayukawa tries to tell him not to stop them, she will explain everything. The reason Yuhsaku has been like this is that there is a judo tournament coming up and Yuhsaku has lost his confidence. He asked Madoka to help him regain it.

Suddenly the scene changes and we're at the martial arts tournament. Yuhsaku does really good, and Kyosuke tells Hikaru to cheer a little louder, as she would do more good than any of them. Kyosuke uses his powers to steal the announcer's mike, allowing her to cheer even louder. Yusaku nearly wins the tournament, but at the last moment sees Hikaru-chan with her "darling" and loses the fight.

EPISODE 32: Tanjoubi ha nidokuru!? Tokino kakeru Kyosuke

(Birthday Comes Twice! Kyosuke Traveling through Time)

At 4:02, Kyosuke is sitting on the bed, full of anger. Going back to 8:30, however, Kyosuke is happy, hinting to everyone that it is a special day. It is November 15th and Kyosuke's birthday, but everyone ignores the fact.

Back at 4:03 we see pissed-off Kyosuke again, bringing himself some milk with his powers. Going back to yesterday, however, Kyosuke is talking to Ayukawa. He tells her, tomorrow is my birthday, but she apologizes, saying that she has something important she has to do. Kyosuke is upset, but thinks that surely Hikaru-chan will care. She's busy too, however.

So back to today, at around 4:05, Kyosuke, who is upset by everyone not caring about his birthday, accidentally self-hypnotizes himself into "not trusting anyone." He looks at Jingoro and says, "What are you? A dog? A pig? A racoon?"

Ayukawa shows up, entering even though Kyosuke was trying to ignore her. He jumps her, wanting to know who she is and why she came here. "Why are you dressed up so sexy?" he says. She deals an Ayukawa Slap to him and Kyosuke returns to his normal self, but not before Hikaru, with Pipi Longstocking-style pig tails, can see Kyosuke perched atop Ayukawa. She runs away, screaming, and he chases her down the 99.5 stairs where he and Ayukawa first met. She slaps him, causing him to lose his balance, and he falls. But, just before he smashes into the landing, he goes back in time. Then he hits the landing.

He wakes up on the stairs earlier that day. Komatsu and Hatta are walking up with presents and they hide them behind their backs. Kyosuke sisters tell him where Hikaru-chan is -- over by where Madoka-san is standing, Hikaru'd said that she was arguing with Ayukawa over something. Kyosuke pictures death combat between the two as a result of what Hikaru just saw.

Kyosuke goes up to Hikaru and apologizes for what he thinks Hikaru-chan saw. Hikaru, who has no clues anyway, doesn't know what he's talking about. She tells him about the surprise party for Kyosuke that everyone was trying to organize, but part of the surprise is that Hikaru has the same birthday at Kyosuke, and the party is for both of them. He asks Hikaru what time it is, and she answers, 4:00. He finally realizes what has happened, and is pleased to have been able to get out of such a sticky situation so easily. He then realizes there might be two of him around, and goes home just as he hypnotizes himself into being a jerk.

Bad Kyosuke wants to know who this new guy who looks like him is, and is very threatening about the whole thing. When Ayukawa shows up to collect him for the party, Good Kyosuke kicks Bad Kyosuke where it counts to get rid of him, then leaves with Madoka. On the way there Good Kyosuke remembers that Hikaru-chan went to his house a few minutes after Madoka showed up, and goes back. Hikaru-chan is there, with Bad Kyosuke, who gets violent and attacks Hikaru-chan. Good Kyosuke gets rid of Bad Kyosuke by dumping him in a bathtub, then goes and pretends to Hikaru that he was just joking. "You wanted to surprise me, so I wanted to surprise you, too," he says. Hikaru, who hasn't noticed the different color shirts, says that he was unfair, but that it was also "just a little bit of a bummer" that Kyosuke wouldn't really consider doing something like that to her.

On the way to the party with Hikaru, Kyosuke remembers Bad Kyosuke, and goes back home, telling Hikaru-chan that he has to go buy her a present. At home, the two Kyosukes talk about their problem and what to do about it. Bad Kyosuke (who isn't bad anymore, cured by hitting his head in the bathtub) says that, there's two of them, so one can have Hikaru and one can have Madoka, but they both know that's not possible.

They go back to the stairs and fight about which one will go and which will stay. In the end they both fall, but only Kyosuke (the one who shouldn't be there) goes back in time. Regular Kyosuke wakes up on the stairs, and goes to the birthday party for himself and Hikaru-chan. In the middle, however, the other Kyosuke shows up, ready to party, causing much confusion among everyone.

EPISODE 33: Ayashino Madoka! Kinoko de honne

(Suspicious Madoka! True-Intention Mushrooms)

We begin with Hikaru having a fantasy of her Darling disappearing when she runs to him, then Kyosuke and Madoka getting married and saying, "Thanks, Hikaru, we'll be really happy together."

The group is planning a camping trip, and the Master is explaining the various types of mushroom on the mountain that they should avoid eating. One, a blue type, removes inhibitions and makes you want to tell the truth in your heart. Needless to say, this is the one they're all interested in.

Everyone draws straws to see who will walk with whom. Kyosuke set up the straws earlier for him to be with Ayukawa, but one breaks and he ends up with Hikaru. Ayukawa gets Komatsu instead.

On the way up, Hikaru suggests that, if they find some of those mushrooms, she wants him to eat one, to prove that he loves her. Hatta, with Kurumi, and Komatsu, with Ayukawa, both bother their perspective partners. Kurumi, finding some regular orange mushrooms, decides to have some fun and, using her powers, converts the mushrooms from orange to blue, just like the truth mushrooms. She uses a little too much power, however, and turns all the mushrooms on the mountain blue.

Meanwhile, Jingoro, the Master and Kazuya attempt to cross an old and hazardous bridge, and nearly fall. They have to try a different route to meet with the others.

Hikaru-chan, meanwhile, is totally happy because she has just found some of the blue mushrooms. But, just before she finds them, Kyosuke teleports from behind a tree. He appears right behind Madoka, who has bent to see some of the blue mushrooms herself, and crashes into her. On her way down she takes a bite, so thus Kyosuke is shocked to see Ayukawa with a very peaceful look on her face. "," she says, and puts her arms around him. Suddenly, a snake bites Ayukawa, and she goes down. Kyosuke gets rid of the snake with his powers and sucks the poison out of Madoka's leg, and she tells him thank you and goes to kiss him.

Hikaru-chan is standing there watching it all, of course, as these things tend to happen. She runs away crying. On her way past Komatsu, Hikaru pushes him, making him bite a mushroom he was holding. Yuhsaku, hearing her voice, tries to catch Hikaru and tell her his true feelings. "I just ate a mushroom", he tells her, "and my true feelings for you are that I love you", but she doesn't want to hear it. She slaps him and runs off, even more upset, leaving Yuhsaku laughing. In truth, Yuhsaku is very simple and happy. Kyosuke runs past after Hikaru.

Meanwhile, Kazuya is watching everyone from the cabin, and he sees that Hikaru is going to the dangerous bridge. Ayukawa takes off and, with no money down, borrows a horse from Ushiko and Umao-san.

Kyosuke shows up and sees Hikaru clinging to the bridge, full of fear. "Don't come near me", she cries, but Kyosuke goes out to her anyway. He offers her his hand but she hands him a mushroom and says, "Try this." "If I eat it, will you go back with me?" Suddenly the rope breaks and they both almost fall.

Clinging to the bridge, Kyosuke ponders whether or not he should use his powers even though it would mean giving away the secret to Hikaru-chan. Madoka shows up, though, on her horse, and lassos Kyosuke and Hikaru. The bridge collapses completely, however, and Kyosuke and Hikaru fall. Fortunately, the horse catches the rope in his teeth.

Now the three sit in a triangle shape, and Kyosuke starts to explain. "It's okay," Hikaru says. Kyosuke has proven his feelings for Hikaru by attempting to save her and nothing more needs to be said.

Then Kyosuke finds the mushroom Ayukawa had eaten before she tried to kiss him. Komatsu shows up and falls in love with Kyosuke (the truth in his heart). At this point all the mushrooms turn back to orange, and Kurumi admits that she was the one who made the mushrooms, and that the mushrooms' effects were nullified if the person were bitten. Kyosuke realizes that Ayukawa was bitten by the snake, and that afterward she still tried to kiss him. He turns to question Madoka about this, but she runs away laughing.

EPISODE 34: Roots panic fushigino hoshi no Madoka

(Root Search Panic! Madoka in Wonderland)

The hikers are near Ojiichan's house, looking at the mountains. Kyosuke notices a log being levitated and decides to go to his grandparents' house to remind them that no one is supposed to know about their family's powers. Getting back to the group, he finds that Ojiichan is levitating Jingoro to the great delight of everyone. Hikaru and everyone else think that Ojiichan is a good magician.

Up at the house, Kyosuke reminds his grandfather not to use his powers. Ojiichan can't see why, but he says he will try. The trouble is, Obachan and Ojiichan both use their powers without even knowing they are doing so. On Kyosuke's way out, Ojiichan says, "There's something I forgot to ask. Between Hikaru and Madoka, which one is your girlfriend?" Kyosuke is surprised and lets out a yell.

Because powers can't be used in front of everyone, Kyosuke must split the wood for the fireplace himself. Yuhsaku takes over and shows him how it's done.

Inside, Hikaru remarks that Ojiichan is putting snow in his whisky instead of ice. Madoka wonders where the snow is from during this time of year. Ojiichhan explains that the snow comes from the neighboring mountain.

Ojiichan tells a story of 20 years ago, when a young photographer named Takashi (Kyosuke's pop) came to the mountain. He helped a bird with a hurt leg and let it go. The bird was a friend of Akemi, the daughter of Ojiichan, and Takashi's kindness touched her. Akemi and Takashi fell in love. But Ojiichan, then a younger man, was opposed to the union.

To prove himself, Takashi has to climb the neighboring mountain and bring back a pack full of "mahn nen yuki," the 10,000 year snow. With the help of the bird he saved, Takashi is able to accomplish the feat and prove his love of Akemi.

Meanwhile, Jingoro falls into the stream, and everyone runs off to save him. Ayukawa, too, falls in, but Kyosuke manages to save her. In a woodshed, he wants to take Ayukawa's clothes off in order to dry them, and undoes one button. But Ojiichan shows up with Jingoro and his shovel and stops him. Ayukawa wakes up and wonders what was going on...

At a bonfire down at the village, Kyosuke is trying to hit objects with a cork gun. Ayukawa is there and gives him some pointers. She asks him about the story Ojiichan told. "It was your mom and your dad, right?" She sees a doll that she would like, says that all women want the men they love to succeed, and with the last cork, he hits it and wins it for her.

EPISODE 35: Camera de H! Robot Kyo-chan

(H with Camera! Robot Kyosuke-chan)

We first see "Mr. Lingerie Kyosuke" -- a phantom demon who swoops down and steals panties off girl's bodies and disappearing like a ninja. Kyosuke, who seems somehow out of it, with drooping eyes, has an armful of panties and bras which he delivers to Komatsu and Hatta. The two put their heads together to come up with more for their mysterious Robot Kyosuke to do for them. In the end they have him steal the panties off three professional escorts who are nearby, which he accomplishes with his teleportation powers. "They're still warm!" Komatsu cries. The two consider asking for Hikaru-chan's panties but decide to have Kyosuke bring them a picture of Ayukawa in the nude instead. Unfortunately, Kyosuke has already gone to get Hikaru's panties.

Next we learn what has happened. Kurumi has zapped Kyosuke with her hypnosis powers and turned him into a mindless robot who does what anyone tells him.

In front of Abcb, Ayukawa sees him, and tells him that, since Hikaru-chan is moving today, he should go and help her move boxes. She can't, she's busy at Abcb. Interpreting Ayukawa's words as a command, Kyosuke immediately disappears just as Ayukawa turns away. Kyosuke shows up at Hikaru's house, to the shagrin of Yuhsaku. Hikaru is happy to see him nevertheless. Yuhsaku says, "Go home!" and Kyosuke turns to obey, but Hikaru cancels the command.

Kyosuke takes some of Hikaru's panties out of a drawer, obeying the previous command by Komatsu and Hatta, still in a strange mood, and when Hikaru sees him, she thinks he is taking her panties because he desires her.

The twins are at Abcb, still looking for Kyosuke. They picture Hikaru ordering Kyosuke to do "e-chi"("H" which stands for "hentai" and means pervert) things to her -- "Get in the bath!" -- and immediately go to Hikaru's house, using teleportation powers. They're able to foil Hikaru's plans to get Kyosuke to kiss her with their powers. Yuhsaku says, "If you're not going to help, go back to Abcb!" and Kyosuke obeys, teleporting in front of Yuhsaku.

The geeks now show up and carry Kyosuke off, telling him, "Take Ayukawa's picture nude and bring it here!" Kyosuke goes to get the camera, but is waylaid with requests by his father to bring him some cigarettes, and also by Kazuya, who wants Kyosuke to bring him some Ice Cream. Confused, he brings all those things to Ayukawa at Abcb.

He then pulls the blinds and locks the door and prepares to take her picture. "Take it off, please," he says. Ayukawa, thinking it's all a joke, decides to go along for a while, but she has soon changed her mind, and he chases her around the room. Meanwhile, everyone's at the door, wanting to come in.

In the end Kurumi admits that she hypnotized him (although she doesn't talk about her powers), and that's why he was acting like that. Kyosuke, now back to normal, tries to sneak off, but Ayukawa catches him. Kyosuke closes his eyes, preparing for one of Madoka's patented Ayukawa Slaps, but she just pinches his nose playfully, saying, "I'll get you back!"

EPISODE 36: Saraba Kyosuke video ni utsutta chounouryoku

(Farewell Kyosuke! Power Recorded on Video)

We start out with a scene from a movie Komatsu and Hatta are shooting with a video camera. "Cut!" cries Komatsu, the director. We are shown in a flashback Hikaru trying to get Ayukawa to be in the movie too. Ayukawa doesn't want to, but she is convinced in the end. When Kyosuke accidentally falls down a staircase, using his teleportation power to save himself, Komatsu and Hatta see it all. They'e excited, and accuse him of being an esper, but Kyosuke denies it. Komatsu wants to do a Superman type movie starring Kyosuke using his powers, but Kyosuke wants no part of it. Of course, the reason is that if people know of the Kasuga family's powers, the family will have to move again.

The two begin a long campaign of trying to get Kyosuke to use his super-powers on camera so they will have proof. But Yuhsaku, wearing an Arnold Schwarzenegger mask, can't do it. Dropping prop rocks on him doesn't work. What will they do next?

The geeks try going to Hikaru-chan for help. They want her to help expose Kyosuke as an esper, and to this she agrees. When she starts changing lines during the filming, saying, "You're an esper, I'm right, aren't I, aren't I?"

Kyosuke figures out that Komatsu and Hatta have told her what they saw. He nervously looks over at Ayukawa, watching on the side. Kyosuke happens upon Ayukawa practicing her lines in class. "I could hear your voice," he tells her. Kyosuke tells Madoka that this kind of role becomes her, and when she drops her script, they touch accidentally. "Ayukawa..." Kyosuke says, seemingly on the verge of telling her his feelings. "Wait, Kasuga-kun," she says. She turns the pages of the script, and says, "I want to make the memories one by one."

The climactic last scene is ready to be filmed now. The plan is for Hikaru to push Kyosuke off the roof of the school (several floors up) and have Komatsu get Kyosuke's teleportation on the camera. But when she goes to push him, she loses her balance, and both go over the edge. "Use your powers!" she cries, holding on to him, but he says, "I told you, I'm not an esper!" Hikaru, thinking that she is going to die, apologizes for trying to trick Kyosuke.

Meanwhile, the twins are getting something soft for Kyosuke to land on. Unfortunately Kurumi attempts to get a bed from home. Kyosuke decides to use a power other than teleportation-- such as telekinesis -- and begins to lift himself and Hikaru up towards the roof of the school. But the cheap concrete breaks, and they both fall! They teleport over Hatta's trampoline, and Komatsu gets it all on tape.

So the Kasugas must move from "this town" immediately before anyone can know about their powers. At the premier of Komatsu's movie, Kyosuke has shown up with Manami to say goodbye forever to Ayukawa. When the scene where he used his teleportation draws near, the video fuzzes out. It was Manami using her own powers to blot out the video. The crowd gets angry at Komatsu for showing them an incomplete film and Kyosuke is safe (although apparently from this point on Komatsu and Hatta know about the family's "cho-no-ryok" powers).

Ayukawa tells Kyosuke that, if he had been an esper, it would have been really cool.

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