Kimagure Orange Road Episode Summaries

                   Originally Written by Pat Conley
                      Amended by Joe Zubkavich   

EPISODE 37: Orange ninkyouden! Madoka fubuki no taiketsu

(Orange Chivalry! Madoka's Duel in the Snow Storm)

It is snowing and Kyosuke is running up to a bridge where Ayukawa is holding a bamboo umbrella. She is off to a critical fight and Kyosuke is trying to stop her. She is knocked to the ground by a shadowy opponent as she fights. Kyosuke wants to step in but he falls off the bridge. He falls off his stool at the ABCB cafe. It was just a dream but is that good or bad? Kyosuke is known to have premonition dreams.

After working at the ABCB, Kyosuke walks Ayukawa home. One of Ayukawa's older gang members, Oryu, walks out of an alley. She has been wounded in the left shoulder. A female gang pops out but Ayukawa stops them. Notice that the leader is a skateboarder.

Ayukawa brings Oryu over to her house to bandage her cut. As she leaves, Madoka feels obligated to help her out. It is a dilemma between bringing back her past image or leaving the past behind.

At school the next day, a couple tells their friends how they got harrassed by this girl gang. Ayukawa remains hidden while she listens to this information. Kyosuke is also hiding behind a tree watching Ayukawa. He senses that she might take matters into her own hands.

Komatsu and Hatta are pretending to be injured to Kyosuke's sisters in order to get "loving attention". However, they both break out into a fight and the girls leave. The two guys are all tangled up with Hatta's bandages.

Hikaru talks with Kyosuke. She fears that Ayukawa will go and duel with the gang members. She does not want to see Madoka get hurt.

Other members of the old group come to the ABCB cafe to tell Ayukawa what the girls' gang is doing. They also tell her that Oryu has been taken "hostage" by them. Ayukawa sees that the gang wants to bait her to go to their hideout.

At home, Ayukawa thinks back to the old days. She was in an alley calmly flipping her guitar pick. She is surrounded by a bunch of gang members. Suddenly, a shadowy figure jumps in and helps Madoka. She has a kendama toy which she wields like a pair of nunchucks. She quickly knocks out the other gang members and leaves. Ayukawa snaps out of her memory sequence and flips open her "Pupu-house" box, which is filled with her razor blades guiter picks. She straps a pick carrier on her leg and loads up. Hikaru steps into the room.

Kyosuke is running over to Ayukawa's when it begins to rain. He hears a cop car pass by with an APB for gang activity.

Hikaru tries to talk Madoka into not going to fight. After words fail, she tries to hold the door, however, Yuhsaku opens the door on Hikaru. He wants to go too, but she tells him to watch over Hikaru. He gives her a bamboo umbrella and tells her good luck while restraining Hikaru.

Ayukawa runs in the snow while remembering several memories. Just about all of them are of Kyosuke and her together.

Kyosuke catches up to her. She knows what he wants her to do but she says that she must do this also. Kyosuke runs after her, but slips and falls into the river.

Umao and Ushiko (male-female switched) are setting a scene similar to Kyosuke and Ayukawa; the guy is begging the woman not to do something.

Oryu is tied up by the female gang. She tries to make a break for it but she is knocked down by a skateboard. Meanwhile, Ayukawa attacks the two guards standing in the snow by a oil barrel fire. She easily gets by them. Back inside, Oryu is refusing to give up. The leader is about to fling a board at her but the board is mysteriously cut in half. "It must be Ayukawa!" she thinks. Madoka then reveals herself. The gang attacks her but she easily knocks down all the members except the leader, who flies over her swing. Ayukawa acts fast as she whips up a pick and it sticks in the leader's hand.

Ayukawa challenges the leader to a race on skateboards on the metal girders overhead.

Kyosuke sneaks into the hideout. He sticks his head around a corner straight into Yuhsaku's ass. He is told that Ayukawa is in the warehouse going against the head leader on skateboards. Kyosuke calls to her.

The two boarders start up. They ride along the support beams of the skeleton building. At this time, the rest of the gang members release Oryu to Kyosuke and the group on the ground.

Ayukawa follows her opponent on her board. She manages to avoid getting knocked off by falling pipes. Ayukawa catches up to her opponent and parrys with her until they reach a dead end gurder. The two girls try to stop but only Ayukawa manages to grab a support. The leader falls down screaming with the pipe still in her hands. Kyosuke uses his power to "make" her stop by having her pipe get caught between some beams. The other gang members on the ground faint. Ayukawa rides down on her board and crashes into Kyosuke. They hug each other and Kyosuke smiles.

Oryu recovers in the hospital. Ayukawa is paying her a visit. Kyosuke is at the door with a bouquet of roses. He stops and peeks in to listen to the conversation. Oryu offers Madoka some cigarettes but she declines since she does not smoke anymore, because of something someone said to her before.

At this point, Kyosuke drops his roses. Ayukawa blushes and Oryu looks at her slyly. She knows that the two have something going. This embarasses Ayukawa.

EPISODE 38: Kyosuke jikanryokou! do me no Christmas

(Kyosuke Time Travel. Third Christmas)

Kyosuke is helping set up for a Christmas bash. He puts the final touch on a Christmas tree by mounting the star on top of the tree. He loses his balance and falls off the ladder. He grabs the tree and hauls it down with him. As soon as he crawls from underneath the tree, Komatsu opens up a confetti bomb on him. "Merry Christmas, Kasuga!" Hatta pops another, "Merry Christmas, Mr. Indecisive." They pull open the curtain where they show Kazuya dressed up in a Santa suit sitting in a red wagon pulled by Jingoro the cat. The poor cat gets whipped like a horse as it pulls the kid around. Hatta blows up a balloon and lets it go. It lands on Jingoro's nose where it gets popped by the cat.

At school, everyone is doing their part to clean up the school. Komatsu and Hatta are asking Kyosuke's sisters to escort them to the dance. When Kyosuke arrives to give his objections, they ask him who he is going to take. Komatsu and Hatta state they already sent an invitation out to the one he should take. While he thinks of the possiblilities, the two perverts take off with his sisters.

Kyosuke finds Ayukawa and tries to ask her to the Christmas bash. However, Hikaru comes flying along and jumps all over Kyosuke. She "forces" herself on Kyosuke so he has to take her out to the bash. Ayukawa is not impressed as she throws a broom at him and walks away. Madoka tears her invitation up as soon as she gets outside.

At home, Kurumi and Manami fight over the same dress to wear to the Christmas bash. They tug at it until finally they rip the dress in half. They get mad at each other and start using powers on each other. Manami gets the upper hand for the moment as she levitates Kurumi above the door. Kyosuke walks in and tells them to cut it out! Kurumi lands on Kyosuke's shoulders and squashes him into the ground.

Yuhsaku is really mad at Kyosuke for taking Hikaru to the Christmas bash. He is about to pound him when a pizza truck comes and almost runs into them. Kyosuke walks away uninjured but Yusaku ends up breaking his arm.

Kyosuke meets Hikaru in a stunning black suit like dress. They walk down to the hall. On the way, they meet an old lady who asks for directions. Kyosuke gives a rather long and complicated route which baffles the lady.

Kazuya comes to the ball with a young date. Komatsu and Hatta make fun at him and say that he is some playboy stud.

Yuhsaku comes to the dance in an arm cast carrying a parrot on his shoulder. The guys ask him where his date is and he replies that the parrot is his date.

When the party starts, there is food, music and dance. The two sisters are eating away at the buffet table but they still are mad at each other. Hikaru and Kyosuke drink a toast but his mind wonders what is Ayukawa doing. He runs upstairs to make a phone call to Ayukawa. She is wandering around downtown seeing all the happy things of Christmas. She is missing the fun, merriment, and most of all company. She appears on TV as she is stopped by a roving reporter. She doesn't say anything and walks away. Kyosuke sees that Ayukawa is having a miserable holiday. When he returns back to the party room, he falls down the stairs.

Kyosuke lands on the ground followed by a Christmas tree on top of him. Komatsu and Hatta wish him a Merry Christmas. "Huh??" he thinks. Soon, he realizes that he just did a time slip back to the day of initial set up. Now, with the knowledge of events, he can produce an outcome he likes.

Kyosuke finds Ayukawa and tries to ask her out to the Christmas bash. This time, he pulls her inside a storeroom so Hikaru won't find them. He gets down on his knees and asks Madoka if she will take him to the dance. Of course, she does.

In this second attempt of events, Kurumi still lands on him from the split dress fight between his sisters. This time, he "gives" Yuhsaku Hikaru for the Christmas dance. He is left stunned at Kyosuke's generosity. However, the pizza truck comes and almost injures them. Kyosuke saves Yusaku from getting hurt which makes him more grateful. A yell from the sky reveals that a telephone repairman working on the pole falls on Yusaku breaking his arm. Oh well, that can't be helped.

Kyosuke meets Ayukawa in a stunning blue dress. This time, on the way to the dance hall, they run into the old lady asking for directions. Kyosuke's explanation is a lot shorter. Yuhsaku arrives to the dance with various casts and carrying a goldfish. Hikaru waits at the top of the stairs for Kyosuke. She begins to cry as she sees Ayukawa and Kyosuke walking together. She runs away sobbing as Ayukawa apologizes to Kyosuke and said that she can't attend the Christmas party knowing that Hikaru's heart is broken. Oh well, that wasn't an outcome he likes either. He jumps off the stairs leading to the hall.

He lands on the floor followed by a crashing tree. Komatsu and Hatta wishs him a Merry Christmas. He cheers because of his successful return to the past. The two perverts think that Kyosuke is strange.

This time, Kyosuke plans to ask neither of the girls directly to the dance but he will "escort" them both to the ball. Yuhsaku is still angry at Kyosuke and gets ready to pound him. Kyosuke is calm as he sees the pizza truck coming. However, the truck misses him. He continues to back away until the telephone repairman falls. But this accident fails to stop Yuhsaku as the bully still comes at Kyosuke. He decides to run since he doesn't know what the outcome is now.

Suddenly, a huge Christmas tree lands on Yusaku. Notice Ushiko as the ball and Umau as the star, doing their usual thing.

Kyosuke meets up with the old lady but this time since he has no escort he decides to help walk the lady there.

Yusaku arrives at the dance hall in virtually a body cast. The pet he has with him this time is a small turtle. Kyosuke arrives at the hall with both of his girls at his side.

The gang is having a great time as they toast to Christmas. Suddenly, the lights go out. Food and decorations float about in the room in mid-air. They see outside a sled pulled by a reindeer with two Santa Clauses in it. Two Santas?!?! We see that is Kyosuke's grandfather and grandmother in costumes. They bring a huge Christmas tree to the dance hall and light it up. Then they cause it to snow. "A white Christmas" Ayukawa says. The sled leaves a message in the sky, "Merry Xmas '87". Kyosuke to tell his grandfather that he is overdoing it, but the reindeer knock him off the landing and down the stairs.

Kyosuke lands on the ground followed by a huge Christmas tree. Komatsu and Hatta wish him a Merry Christmas. He is fustrated that finally he gets an outcome he likes but accidently falls out of it. "Merry Christmas!" he says in a grouchy way.

EPISODE 39: Madoka ni saiminjitsu! Kyosuke abunai shougatsu

(Hypnotized Madoka! Kyosuke's Risky New Year)

It is Friday, January 1st 1988 at 7:00 am and Kyosuke is just getting out of bed. He has a comic in his face from the previous day's reading. His stomach growls as he gets ready to go downstairs for breakfast. He brushes his teeth and heads down the steps When he enters the kitchen he is shocked to see Ayukawa wearing a playboy bunny outfit making him some soup. She is wearing a low cut strapless top with tight suit and long stockings. Kyosuke unfortunately wakes up from his dream with the cat staring him in the face. He decides to wake it up by pulling on Jingoro's ear. The date is Thursday, December 31, 1987.

At breakfast Kyosuke is poked in the head by Kurumi. She is trying to see if she can hypnotize her brother. She succeeds and commands her brother to run around like a dog. Manami tells her to stop kidding around and wake him up. She claps her hands and he wakes up wondering what he is doing on the ground. As soon as she tells him that she had him hypnotised, he chases after her but his dad stops him from beating up his sister. Kyosuke goes into daydream land as he thinks of what this hypnosis and his dream might have to do with each other. Kurumi hits him again and he falls asleep.

At the ABCB Cafe, they tell Kyosuke that Ayukawa plans to spend the New Years with her parents in America. Kyosuke of course doesn't like this idea so he runs over to Ayukawa's house.

He rings the doorbell but oddly there is no answer. He tries the door and notices that it opens. To his surprise, he sees Ayukawa fallen on the ground. He runs in and awakens her. She sees that it is Kyosuke and she falls back passes out again. Kyosuke picks her up and runs her up to her bedroom. Kyosuke picks up the phone and tries to call Hikaru but he lets it ring and ring. He stares at Ayukawa's breasts and then her legs. She curls up and starts to shiver so Kyosuke grabs her fur coat (the one that she was wearing last episode) and puts it on her. He stalls for a second as he has to cover up her breasts. He notices her plane ticket and passport to New York.

Hikaru calls Ayukawa and she answers it. Kyosuke steps into the room as she is hanging up. He is surprised that she is up and running. She comes up to him and gives him a hug.

They make some noodles to eat as they talk. Ayukawa mentions America and this worries Kyosuke. He tries to lighten the mood by telling her about hypnosis and how it works. Madoka is hanging on his words and looks over to hear the rest of the story. At this point, Kyosuke taps her on the forehead and tries to hynotize her. As he laughs, he notices that she isn't. She seems to be giving a blank stare. He tries to revive her but she tells him she is ready to take his commands. She tells him not to call her "Ayukawa" but "Madoka". He falls back and knocks the chopsticks off the table to land near her hands but this doesn't phase her. He realizes that he has hypnotised her.

Ayukawa and Kyosuke walk out to the evening New Year's activities. Notice Umau and Ushiko doing some shopping in the mall.

A flashback, Kyosuke and Madoka are at back home.again. Kyosuke laughs and ask Ayukawa to get some tea. He imagines going behind her and grabbing her breasts. He wakes up from this fantasy and burns himself with his hot tea. She bandages his arm up with a cloth. Kyosuke begins to laugh and asks her to give him a shoulder massage. He laughs louder and asks her to clean the junk out of his ear. He continues to laugh hard and he says that it is his turn to give her a massage. She gets up and begins to unzip her dress top but Kyosuke jams out and tells her to stop.

We go back to the scene where Kyosuke and Ayukawa are out on the town. They avoid Komatsu and Hatta but they fail to dodge their teachers. They are chased but Kyosuke manages to ditch him. However, after escaping him, he runs into Yuhsaku. He stands stunned at the sight that Kyosuke and Ayukawa are together. So stunned that he almost drops his serving tray but a local cop stops him. He can't stand the sight and he runs away leaving the cop with the glass. Yuhsaku runs into the ABCB cafe just as Hikaru comes out in her kimono all smiles. He is unable to tell her the bad news since he can't think of hurting her.

Ayukawa draws up a bath and she is about to take off Kyosuke's shirt. He stop her but he imagines what it would be like if Ayukawa joined him for the bath. He wakes up from his day dream when Ayukawa gives him some towels to take a bath with.

Yusaku is practicing hitting Kyosuke's face drawn on a fence. Kyosuke is in the bath and imagines Ayukawa taking off her clothes to come into the tub with him. However, when the door bell rings, he panics as he hears Hikaru's voice. "Oh no!! She can't see me here. I have to get my clothes on!" He tries to get on his underwear on but she bursts into the bathroom to see him naked. She begins to cry as she finds out that he has been seeing Ayukawa behind her back. Well, that is all in his imagination and he manages to greet Hikaru as she runs towards the bathroom door. Ayukawa appears behind her all dressed up in her kimono. Kyosuke wonders when she became unhypnotised or was she at all?? She also signals to Kyosuke that he is wearing his pants backwards.

Kyosuke chases after Ayukawa down the street with Hikaru running behind them. They stop when they see Yuhsaku challenging Kyosuke to a fight. Ayukawa finds it funny. The screen is cleared like a curtain by Kazuya and the gang bows to say "Happy New Year".

EPISODE 40: Hatsuyumedayo! Daikaijuu Jingoro no gyakushuu

(It's Hatsuyume! Jingoro the Monster Strikes Back)

On September 23, 1964, the United Wales Air force established an elite team for the top one percent of their pilots. Its purpose was to execute the art of air "keijia" combat and to insure that the handful of graduates were the best fighter pilots in the war. They succeeded. Today, the air force call it TAP Gun (Team of Anti Perdition).

A few years later, some jump planes are scrambled off of a carrier. There are four planes on this mission. Ayukawa is the main fighter leader, Hatta is #2 wearing the ABCD helmet, Komatsu is #3 wearing the male/female symbols on his helmet and Yusaku as the fourth. They fly over the ocean to a site where they see a sea monster rising out of the water. They launch missiles at it without much effect. An unknown blip shows up on the radar and approaches quickly. A comet comes rushing past Ayukawa's plane, almost knocking her out of the air and blasting the creature. The comet changes into a black fighter plane. Ayukawa identifies it as an American aircraft, piloted by "Black Fighter".

Back on the carrier, Madoka storms over to the Black Fighter's plane. She is so furious, she throws her helmet at him. Of course, he plays it macho and cool, by spinning the helmet and throwing it back at her. This is Kyosuke, the Black Fighter.

A bunch of kids at a day care, are fighting over a TV in order to watch the news on Black Fighter. Hikaru is the watching over the the kids. The day care is underneath a major subway system. Things are constant falling down as the trains come speeding by. She imagines what it would be like if Kyosuke loved her like he used to.

Takashi, Kyosuke's dad, is telling Kyosuke and Ayukawa about the damage caused by the monster. Kyosuke is getting fresh and puts his hand on Ayukawa's shoulder. Of course, she slaps it off. Kyosuke is offered tons of money to do the job. He accepts readily.

Kurumi and Manami are waitresses at the ABCB restaurant. Hatta and Komatsu are there drinking away. Hatta tries to grab Kurumi but her sister slaps him. Kyosuke talks to the Master about how Ayukawa always sits alone.

Out by a lighthouse, the monster resurfaces. It looks like a huge cat!

Kyosuke is driving over to Hikaru's for a visit. He hears the news of the attack on a small TV tuned to MHK's broadcast. When he arrives, he is met by all the kids. Kazuya kicks him in the face and pins him on the ground. He is really happy to have made "Black Fighter" surrender. Later, Kyosuke gives the kids some presents to keep them quite while Hikaru patches him up. A train comes by and she accidently face plants Kyosuke as they hit the deck. He plays with the kids, who attack him and force him to eat the food that they eat. Ayukawa is looking on this scene from around a corner and she is rides away on her bike, probably believing Kyosuke is still interested in Hikaru.

The monster surfaces inside the harbour. It comes on to the land to make its attack. It's Jingoro doing a Godzilla-type attack! It goes to a fish cannery and eats an entire catch lot.

The military are informed and several of the TAP fighter planes are launched. They fire missiles at the cat which don't have much effect except to singe its back. Ayukawa tries to get real close and fire a missile into the cat's mouth. However, Jingoro eats the missile and spits it back out at her. The explosion knocks her fighter out of the battle. The plane blows up in mid-air.

Kurumi and Manami hear the news reports and they teleport away. Kyosuke puts his plane into a power climb. As he reaches his plane's maximum height, he puts the plane into a power dive,. Kyosuke's mind is saddened by the loss of Ayukawa. He concentrates and puts his fighter into comet mode and blasts the monster with it.

Hatta and Komatsu are saddened that they have lost two of their best pilots. However, Yuhsaku is really happy since now he has no competion for Hikaru. The other two berate him that Yuhsaku doesn't know about Hikaru. Kurumi and Manami start to sing to Jingoro from atop a communcation tower. They are picked up by the cat and disappear into the horizon forever. We later discover that Kyosuke is not dead after all but that he parachuted out and is hanging on the tower.

At the ABCB Cafe, Kyosuke is talking to the Master about the death of Ayukawa while he drinks his milk. However, they are surprised when she walks into the door. Kyosuke steps up to her and they move forward to kiss.

The camera pans away from the restaurant as Hikaru pops her face in front, demanding that the plot should be rewritten! Komatsu tries to lift her up and move her but Yuhsaku is there ready to beat him up. This has been another one of those haphazard Komatsu movies.

EPISODE 41: Ugokenai Madoka! Kyosuke no fushigidokei

(Immobile Madoka! Kyosuke's Wonder Watch)

This episode starts with many images of clocks and watches splitting in half. It is a cold spring day as Kyosuke, Hikaru and Ayukawa are waiting for the lights to change at a crosswalk. Hikaru has a tennis racket and she is really anxious for the up-coming tennis match. Kyosuke can only think of the girls in their mini skirts and tight tops. Hikaru practices her swing but she lets go of the racket so it lands in the middle of the street. Without thinking, she runs out to get it. A car comes and skids towards her as it tries to stop. Everything goes red.

Kyosuke is relieved that Hikaru is safe but he takes a second to take a breath. He notices that nothing is moving. Ayukawa, the birds, the cars, other people, everything is frozen. His grandparents arrive on the scene and tell Kyosuke to stop fooling around and get Hikaru off the road before time restarts. Kyosuke runs out, picks up Hikaru and brings her to the sidewalk as time starts back up.

At Kyosuke's house, the grandparents visit with the Kasugas. Grandfather shows everyone the stop watch that can freeze time. He tells Kyosuke that it can only stop time for only one minute before time starts to move forward again. He presses the watch to freeze the time. Notice that people who have powers like Kyosuke and Kurumi are unaffected by the time stop. Kurumi has fun pulling on Jingoro's face while Grandfather does this to Kyosuke's dad. The grandmother leviates the watch from the grandfather to Kyosuke's hands. Time resumes with Kyosuke's dad and Jingoro floating in the air. They both come crashing down.

The tennis match begins. Kyosuke is having an intense volley with Ayukawa. He lobs a ball and he uses his stop watch to move the ball into fair zone to cheat a point. Of course, this is just a daydream.

The uncle is downtown trying to pick up some young girls. They call him "skiebee" which means pervert. He uses some magic tricks like pulling flowers and a puppet out of thin air to impress them. He grabs one of their hands and runs away, but, when he turns around, he discovers that he has grabbed his wife's hand. Even Grandmother has a few tricks.

Back at the tennis courts, they are about to start the matches. The bet that was made at the start was that whoever wins the match gets to kiss their partner. Yuhsaku is making a lot of fuss at Hikaru because he doesn't like the doubles. Hikaru is matched with Kyosuke and Yuhsako is matched with Ayukawa. Hikaru gets mad at him. As she tries to serve, the ball drops into her shirt and stays where her bra is holding it. She looks around but she can't see where she hit the ball. Kyosuke freezes time so he can get the ball out of her shirt. When he sticks his hand down her shirt, Kyosuke hesitates as he doesn't want to "grab" the wrong thing. Kurumi and Manami, who aren't frozen, start yelling at their brother for being such a pervert. Kyosuke takes too long with his trick and time restarts with his hand down Hikaru's shirt. Ayukawa gets mad as well as Yuhsako. She serves a tennis ball at Kyosuke which hits him in the mouth.

Kyosuke and Hikaru are playing against Kurumi and Hatta. Kyosuke serves a ball to Hatta and he is about to smash it but Kyosuke freezes time. He then goes over to the other side and moves his friend over a few feet so he misses the ball. Kurumi is not impressed, but goes along with it because she doesn't want to have to kiss Hatta.

At the ice rink, Kyosuke's grandfather is intentionally bumping into young girls. He goes for Ushiko but a time freeze makes him hit them like a brick wall. He wants to grab her but he is moved back by his wife's telekinesis. He manages to get away and he hugs Ushiko's knees. Time starts again with him in this position. The couple embrace as the crowd stares at the perverted old man. Ushiko and Umau begin repeating each other's name but mid-way through, they mix up names so they end up repeating their own name.

Kyosuke is following Ayukawa around the tennis lodge. She buys a hot cup of coffee and ignores Kyosuke. She enters the women's changing room but he still follows her. She finally gets fed up and she confronts him to tell him off. In her anger, she spills the hot cup of coffee in Kyosuke's shorts. He grabs a bunch of paper towels and tries to dry it up. He is down to his underwear and Ayukawa turns around a slight bit embarassed. They hear the sound of the Hikaru and Kyosuke's sisters coming. Kyosuke tries to freeze time but the watch didn't work! They catch him with his shorts down facing Ayukawa. At first, they blame Kyosuke for being a pervert to be in the girl's change room then they think that he has been fooling around with Ayukawa. However, his neck is saved when she tells the other girls he probably walked into the wrong change room after spilling stuff on himself. They are content with that and Kyosuke is saved by her alibi.

Kyosuke's grandfather takes a look at the watch and tells him that it needs to be wound up again to work. The next match is for Ayukawa and Yusaku versus Kyosuke and Hikaru. They play several games where they rack up the scores 4-2, 3-4 and in the third game 3-3. On this play, Kyosuke is forced to dive for a ball that is coming close to the line. He jumps and hits the watch in mid-air. The ball ended up being out anyway but Kyosuke is now frozen in time.

The gang thinks that the dive has stunned him. Kyosuke is thinking about how much he is playing with time. He is put on a vertical clock face. Ayukawa, armed with bow and arrows, walks up to him. She draws the bow and knocks an arrow at him. It causes the clock to stop. She says that he played with time too much and sentences him to be forever locked at that time. Ayukawa fires the arrow at the clock, causing steam to leak out. Kyosuke tries to block this leak but another appears. Throughout all this, Kyosuke keeps professing that he did it for love. The walking Ayukawa turns into Hikaru as they both repeat his eternal sentence.

Hikaru tries to call the hospital but they think it is a joke call. Kyosuke's grandfather tells Ayukawa that Kyosuke may be asleep much like Sleeping Beauty, needing a kiss to awake. Kyosuke's grandmother tells the same story to Hikaru. One can see that they are just adding to Kyosuke's love triangle problem.

Ayukawa apologizes to the frozen Kyosuke for not allowing her feelings to guide her and she goes to kiss him. However, she drops him as soon as Hikaru comes running to him. Hikaru kisses him and Kyosuke is revived. Ayukawa sighs as she missed her chance to really show how she feels.

Kyosuke's grandfather looks at why the stop watch is acting up. He states that Kyosuke wound it the wrong way. Grandmother causes Grandfather to press the stop button which freezes him in time. She pushes him over and he rolls off the chair and in front of Hikaru and Ayukawa.

EPISODE 42: Motemote no Madoka! Kyosuke tsuini kokuhaku

(Popular Madoka! Kyosuke Finally Declares)

This episode begins with a scene from "Gone With The Wind". It is the scene at the end where Scarlett says that she'll go home after Red has left her. All of the people in the play are female. Kyosuke and Ayukawa are in the audience enjoying the play. Kyosuke talks to Ayukawa about love between people of the same gender. The couple walks home from after the play. As the are passing the ABCB Cafe, they run into a girl that is waiting for them, carrying a bouquet of flowers. She runs up to Ayukawa and hands her the roses then she quickly departs leaving the couple surpisred and confused.

At the ABCB Cafe, Master and Kyosuke are laughing at Ayukawa as they read out it the accompanying thank you note. Madoka stops to think back to that day again when she helped out a girl named Suematu. She was trapped in an alley by a bunch of bikers who was going to rape her. Madoka came along and knocked one of them out, causing the rest of them to retreat. Notice the brief appearance of Ushiko and Umao in the wrestling uniforms. Ever since then, Suematu has made Madoka her idol. Kyosuke and Master find it funny that Madoka has become so poular and find it hard to stop laughing.

At home, Manami and Kurumi are at home, talking to Kyosuke about Ayukawa. Manami is drying her hair with a hair dryer but she has it pointed at the cat as she talks to Kyosuke. Soon, Jingoro's fur begins to burn and it jumps up to land over by Kyosuke. The kids are talking about how close Madoka and Suematu are getting. They even mention what would happen if she moved in with Ayukawa. Kyosuke imagines the worst scenario where he sees Madoka wanting to spend her time with Suematu, rather than him.

Next day, Suematu gives Ayukawa a bag of goodies plus a towel for school. Again, Ayukawa is left holding her gifts wondering what to do. Hikaru is on the roof feeding Kyosuke. They talk about how they are not able to see much of Madoka since she has acquired the "pest". They also mention that she has moved into Ayukawa's house. We now switch scenes to show how Suematu got herself into the house. After upsetting Ayukawa, she ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Initally she draws the knife on Ayukawa but later turns it on herself. However, the crisis ends as she comments that she is going to make dinner.

Later on, Kyosuke and Hikaru come over to join Ayukawa in her "misery". They talk behind her back as she prepares dinner in the kitchen. Madoka doesn't want to hurt her feelings, but needs someone to explain the situation to Suematu. Both Madoka and Hikaru volunteer Kyosuke when Suematu comes in asking what is wrong. Kyosuke asks to talk to her alone.

In her room, Kyosuke enters and starts to talk to her. She takes off her sweater and grabs him. She asks him to kiss her, saying she that she is using Ayukawa to get ot him. This surprises him and he takes a breath and approaches her, trying to talk to her. She pushes him away and rips her shirt open exposing her bra. She runs over to the curtains and tears them off the rings. She picks up a vase and throws it at Kyosuke as well as knock over all the books on a shelf. Kyosuke tackles her on the bed to stop her from doing more damage. She slaps him twice. At this time, Ayukawa and Hikaru come into the room. They see Kyosuke on top of Suematu on the bed. Suematu begins to cry, putting all the blame on Kyosuke. Then the windows open as Hatta and Komatsu are at the sill with a camera taking pictures of the "Mad Rapist Kyosuke" in action.

At school the next day, the word of Kyosuke the rapist is the hot news tip. He is such an outcast, even his sisters don't want to be near him. The girls all travel in large groups to avoid any confrontations with the pervert at large. He gets so angry, Kyosuke tries to do a sneak attack on Suematu but she quickly runs to her idol, Ayukawa.

Later that day, Suematu talks to Ayukawa by the river about how their relationship is growing closer. She thanks her for all her support. Kyosuke on the other hand is hiding dejected at home. Hikaru phones him up and gives him an idea on how to stop Suematu. He thanks her for being on his side in this crisis. Hikaru notes that Suematu is destroying Madoka's life and they have to do something about it.

Next day after class, Kyosuke is called to the counsellor's office. He is asked about his behaviour concerning Suematu and the picture of him on top of her. He can only think of the appointment with Ayukawa after school. At this point, we find out that Suematu has got a message from Ayukawa to meet her at the junkyard. He runs away from the office and goes after Madoka. The counseller yells at Kyosuke to come back. A "Kyosuke on the Loose" warning is spread around the school. Komatsu and Hatta are dressed up in girls tennis suits in the girl's change room when they hear the news.

Ayukawa arrives first at the sight and meets up with Hikaru who is hiding in an oil drum. They await the arrival of the others. Suematu arrives on the scene but she remains hidden although Hikaru is aware of her presence. Kyosuke shortly arrives on the scene to see Ayukawa. He walks up to her and discovers that Hikaru is hiding in a oil drum. She signals him not to blow her cover and do as she says. She pulls out a book and begins to read lines out in a play script format. Both Kyosuke and Ayukawa speak aloud words of love and even to the point where they have to kiss. Hikaru doesn't like this part and apparently neither does Suematu. Hikaru pops out of the barrel to stop the couple before they make contact which causes the drum to roll down the hill. After everyone comes out of hiding, Kyosuke starts to say that he really does love Madoka but, before much more of the conversation starts, a large mob is after Kyosuke. Suematu has got an escape route for Ayukawa and her friends. They run to an old seasaw type rail flatcar. Kyosuke and Ayukawa jump on it and start it up while Hikaru is holding on to Suematu so they can get away. Although she gets away from the hold, she can't catch up. She falls dejected to the tracks. Madoka asks Kyosuke about what he was trying to say, but he only smiles and becomes embarassed.

Next morning, Suematu is chasing Hikaru around trying to make her the next idol.

EPISODE 43: Shoushin no Hikaru! Oikakete fuyukaigan

(Broken-Hearted Hikaru! Chase me to Winter Beach)

Kazuya is downtown and he spots some banners advertising a musical festival. It is the "1/30th New Year Gig" for amatuer bands, "Cubic Game" appears on the screen. At the ABCB Cafe, Kazuya and Hikaru think it is a good idea to put an entry in for the contest. Kyosuke however, doesn't want to but with a bit of coaxing from Hikaru, he agrees.

At the sea side harbour, the gang practices their songs in a warehouse. Shu-chan's band has their practices here, and are allowing them to use the instruments. Kyosuke arrives a bit late to the practice but he goes for the door for a bit of a breather. Yukari comes into the practice hall. Shu-chan excuses himself to join her. He passes the sticks over to Kyosuke and tells him that he can use them. Kazuya is nosey and decides to open the door on the couple. He sees Yukari slap the guy.

Kyosuke and Ayukawa are walking home at night. After he has escorted her home, he heads back to his house. On the way, he runs into Yukari making a phone call at a pay phone. She apologizes and ask him to join her in her apartment for something to eat.

Yukari gives Kyosuke a beer and they watch some TV. He watches some comedy movies while he plays around with her remote control. Later that evening, Kyosuke passes out on her bed. He wakes up and wonders where he is.

He hears a shower and starts walking over to the bathroom. Trying still to figure out what happened last night. He sees Yukari stepping out with nothing but a towel on. He excuses himself and runs out of her apartment.

Kyosuke is having guilty feelings about whether or not anything happened last night between him and Yukari.

Kyosuke tries to quietly sneak back into his apartment but his sisters were waiting for his return.

Kyosuke is practicing some intense drum bars, trying to get his mind off of his guilt. But, as his mind wanders, he drops his drumsticks. He tells everyone that he has been practicing all night on drumming.

Kazuya is spying on Kyosuke during his practice. As he leaves the room, Kyosuke passes by Kurumi, Manami and Hikaru. He walks pass them speechless. The girls ask Kazuya what is the matter with Kyosuke.

Upon Kyosuke's return, Hikaru confronts Kyosuke. She asks him if what he said was true. She doesn't believe him. She runs away from him with the notion that something did happen and Kyosuke is hiding it from her. He tries to catch up to her but she rejects him.

The band is together but there is a lack of unity as everyone is ignoring Kyosuke for what he has done. Yuhsaku steps in and gives Kyosuke a punch. Kysouke takes it without a word. Ayukawa stops the fight but comments that if Kyosuke said that he was practicing, then he was. Everyone leaves, not totally convinced.

Kyosuke and Ayukawa have a private talk. Ayukawa states that Yukari said to say hi, and to thank him for keeping her company last night. She also says that Yukari spent the rest of the night with Shu-chan on the couch. Ayukawa slaps him for causing so much grief to Hikau. Leaving on that note, he goes to find the running Hikaru.

Kyosuke is upset that he is unable to find Hikaru and begins tossing the drum set around. She was last seen running away in a mass of crowds, words and confusion. She returns back to the band area where Kyosuke is trashing the drums. Apparently, the mood has lighter and she is there to give him another chance. Kyosuke grabs Ayukawa and runs with Hikaru on the beach. Three friends forever...

EPISODE 44: Koino oaji? Kyosuke jigoku no valentine

(Taste of Love? Kyosuke's Valentine from Hell)

Kyosuke is brushing his teeth on what looks like a typical Valentine's Day. He recalls back when Ayukawa invited Kyosuke over to the ABCB. She also gives him a red scarf to wear. Kyosuke is excited.

Manami and Kurumi are in the kitchen making some chocolates for their guys. In Japan, it is customary for the girls to give chocolates to the men they love. Kazuya runs into the room, chased by Kyosuke's dad. He has a cavity and today, he has to go to the dentist. Being a little brat, he runs away into the kitchen. After a brawl there, Kazuya overturns the kitchen, and returns to the living room with some chocolate. He comes up to his cousin, Kyosuke, who is quietly drinking some hot chocolate. Kazuya runs up to Kyosuke and rams his head into Kyosuke's to do a mind exchange. The new Kazuya is already to go and wreak havoc with his cousin's body while Kyosuke (trapped in Kazuya's body) is caught and forced to go to the dentist.

Yusaku and Hikaru are making a huge chocolate heart. He starts to fantasize him and Hikaru in a igloo where she gives him a Valentine's chocolate. As he begins to treasure it, she wakes him up to reality by asking him what is he doing with the cake. His dream stops as soon as he discovers the cake reads "To my Darling". His igloo collapses as his dream of romance turns into jealously.

Kazuya as Kyosuke is hanging around with all the little girls on his small bike. Hatta and Komatsu make fun at him for trying to pick up underaged girls. They haul him away for more mischief.

At the ABCB Cafe, Master sees all the cookies that Ayukawa is making. He tries to take one but she stops him. He makes a comment that she must really like someone to make him this much chocolate. Of course, she is embarassed as Master laughs.

Kyosuke's dad starts to talk to the dentist, an old girlfriend of his. . She gives him a small chunk of chocolate, for old time's sake. Kyosuke as Kazuya excuses himself so he can see how much damage Kazuya has caused in his new body. Kazuya teleports away from the office to reappear right beside Jingoro. However, he does not stay there too long as he discovers that the cat is on the roof and Kazuya quickly begins to roll down the incline. He is forced to teleport away again.

Kyosuke is with Komatsu and Hatta, who are searching through the schools' locker rooms and stealing chocolates. He opens a package and starts munching away while the two perverts are rumaging in the lockers.

Kazuya walks around downtown trying to find his cousin. He passes by a "Last Chance Chocolate Sale" stand where a flock of girls are fighting for chocolates. Suddenly, Umau and Ushiko pop up from within the stand. They are both in swimsuits so the guy catches a cold.

Hikaru and Yusaku meet up with Kyosuke, Hatta and Komatsu at school. She is so delighted to see her darling that she runs up to him but she fails to grab him. She begins to cry as she sees chocolate stains on his face from the stolen chocolates he had been munching on.

She grabs him and expects an explanation. Before he can reply, more chocolate bars fall out of his jacket and onto the ground. Hikaru runs to Yusaku and destroys the chocolate heart she had made for Kyosuke and she runs away crying. This upsets the bully so he flexs his muscles like the Incredible Hulk and his clothes burst away. Komatsu and Hatta have already wisely moved away from the scene. Yusaku grabs Kyosuke by Ayukawa's red scarf and begins to strangle him with it.

Ayukawa is still waiting for Kyosuke to drop on by. It is getting to the end of the day so she sorts out the dishes to be washed. Kazuya sits there worried about where his cousin is. Of course, Kyosuke is in Kazuya's body wondering how he might be able to get some inside information on how his relationship is affecting Ayukawa. Hikaru appears at the door of the ABCB Cafe. She comes in crying and jumps towards Madoka who is standing in front of the stacks of dishes to be washed. CRASH!!!

Later, at Ayukawa's house, Hikaru is cleaning and ironing Kazuya's shirt. He sneaks away to find Madoka and finds that she is in the shower. Kyosuke's perverted mind takes over as he sneaks into the bathroom. He steps inside and she steps out of the shower in her towel. Kazuya covers his eyes but she leads him into the shower. He begins to jump as she takes off her towel and starts the water. What a lucky guy. Hikaru wakes him up from his daydreaming as she runs down the hall.

She comes up to him and gives him back his shirt. Hikaru tries to take off Kazuya's pants to clean them but, as she does, she spots something. It is with a mixture of surprise and mystery as she sees his penis. Of course, she runs around in a awkward, embarassed postion as this is the first time she has ever seen one. Ayukawa steps out of the bathroom and asks what all the commotion is about and asks Hikaru to stop embarassing Kazuya. Needless to say, Kyosuke, in Kazuya's body, is mortified.

Afterwards, the three are together talking about how oddly Kyosuke is behaving today. Ayukawa says that she will pound the crap out of him when she finds him. Of course, Kazuya (Kyosuke's mind) hears this and tries to defend his cousin (or himself). Finally, the guy arrives at Ayukawa's all beaten up and dirty. Hikaru apologizes for being so hard on him earlier. However, Ayukawa is not so forgiving since she was stood up at the cafe, adn the fact that her scarf is wrecked. Hikaru breaks in and asks if she can give him the punishment he deserves. Madoka agrees with puzzlement. She picks him up and helicopters him into Kazuya. At this time, the two guys exchange back into their correct bodies. Kazuya's bad tooth drops out of his mouth.

Later that evening, Kyosuke helps Ayukawa clean up the inital mess from the evening. Ayukawa finally calms down and serves Kyosuke a cup of hot chocolate. Kyosuke looks up at Madoka and they both smile. He is glad that the day ended with the two of them together at last.

EPISODE 45: Hikaru shisu soshite daremo inaku natta

(Good-bye Hikaru-chan! And There was None)

One morning, Hikaru walks into homeroom and gives Kyosuke a diary. This is Hikaru's new idea for showing their love. It is meant to be a love diary. Ayukawa steps into the room which causes him to quickly hide the book behind his back. Yuhsaku gets jealous but Hikaru warns him to watch himself.

Later, Kyosuke is alone and he decides to read flip Hikaru's last entry. It is a sicky sweet description of her teddy bear and what she says when she talks to it. Kyosuke is very depressed about this, wondering what anyone would say if they say what Hikaru had written. He pulls out a pen and writes a polite comment.

The gang meets at the ABCB Cafe later that day. Hikaru makes a suggestion that they all go somewhere. Of course, Ayukawa does not particularly care about the idea of "sharing" Kyosuke. Hikaru sneezes and blows her nose. Now, you might think this is quite insignificant but it is really important for plot development.

Later, Kyosuke is at home, and is talking out loud about how childish Hikaru is and how he wishes she weren't around. Kurumi overhears and vows to teach her brother a lesson when he falls asleep. Kyosuke imagines what it would be like without Hikaru and sees himself having dinner with Ayukawa, feeding each other. He drifts off into dream land.

Next day, the mood is really strange. A black crow flys into the school window and falls to the ground. Everyone at school is crying or weeping. Komatsu and Hatta meet up with Kyosuke and tell him that Hikaru is dead. She died of some weird cold. The two guys show her desk with a pleasant bouquet of flowers on it. Kyosuke refuses to believe it and he knocks over the vase. He runs away to see what is the real story.

Everyone in Japan attends her funeral. It is a sad occasion. Even Jingoro, is crying. Ayukawa enters the concourse with tears in her eyes. Yuhsaku is bowing in front as the guard to her coffin. Kyosuke is elected to do the eulogy. As he takes to the stand, he can do nothing but cry.

Kyosuke and Ayukawa follow the progression to the graveyard. She is totally in tears at this point. Kyosuke brings Hikaru a teddy bear that he gave her on his birthday to be buried with her. Yuhsaku runs and finds a tree to cry on.

It is the day after Hikaru's death. We now see what effect it has on the characters in the series. Komatsu and Hatta are going to renouce their perverted ways and become good students. Ayukawa has decided to leave to North America because she cannot handle the memories that reside here in Japan. She says goodbye to Kyosuke as she leaves on a bike. When he returns home, he sees his dad cutting up his negatives. He is hit hard by her death since he was looking forward to scouting her modeling career. His sisters have shaved their heads bald and are going to become monks. Even the cat has adopted a routine for striking a bell. Master is knocking down the ABCB Cafe since people will be reminded of the days when Hikaru was present.

At this time, Yusaku passes by with a backpack. He is going to roam the world on foot. Kyosuke thinks back. Everyone is sitting silently at the ABCB Cafe after the funeral. He comments that he wishes that Hikaru was still around. At this point, her ghost walks into the door but no one acknowledges her presence. Kyosuke wakes up from this flash back and runs to the grave. He tries to use his powers and attempt to raise her out of the tomb. He has no luck doing this. While he is thinking of using his powers, he decides to try a time slip. After several attempts of jumping off the stairs, he fails to get back into the past.

At the grave site, he sees an omen and the dark figure tells Kyosuke, if you want to revive Hikaru, you must go to this mountain and start digging. Of course, he does and slowly he begins to chip away at it. Ushiko and Umau show up in the rubble as part of their usual appearance for each episode. Kyosuke continues to tunnel into the mountain until he sees a light. He sees Hikaru is running towards him. He runs to her and hugs her.

Kyosuke falls off his bed and flat on his face. He gets up and sees the black caped omen standing in front of him. It takes off its mask to reveal that it is his grandfather. Kyosuke gets angry because he has been manipulated and starts a fight. After the grandfather gets the upper hand on him, Kyosuke soon gets mad and throws his elder up against the wall. He now knows how much Hikaru really still means to him. Kurumi smiles contently since her idea worked.

Kyosuke and Ayukawa are walking around and they see Hikaru by a river with Yusaku. They see that she has Kyosuke's bear with her and fear that she is going to commit suicide and jump into the water. It turns out that she was going to set the bear adrift in a boat, symbolizing her wish to leave behind her childhood. Kyosuke goes running to her and says that is what he loves about her. She gets Yusaku to jump into the water to get the bear back. As Hikaru embraces Kyosuke, Ayukawa looks on, unimpressed. Well, it goes to show that Kyosuke cares for Hikaru, although he truly loves Madoka.

EPISODE 46: Hakugin no ichiya! Futaribocchi de gondola

(One Silver Night! Gondola for Two)

Kyosuke is skiing around with the gang on a popular slope. Yuhsaku shows off by going off a cliff, and doing a specatualr jump. He sails along fine until he smashes into a tree. Yusaku recovers from his daze just as Kazuya and Hikaru arrives. Yuhsaku wishes that he had Hikaru to himself. He hears a voice in his head that tells him to be calm and make his stunt look intentional. He pretends to be a snow monster with all the snow on him. The voice is Kazuya's telepathy, though no one else hears it.

Kyosuke and Kazuya are exhausted from the day of fun so they head back to their room. Kazuya uses an illusion to change the room numbers from 10 to 11 and 11 to 10. Kyosuke is surprised at his mistake but it is late, so he lets it pass.

Kazuya makes an excuse and runs off. Kyosuke enters the room and quickly takes off his clothes and relaxes. He throws his pair of pants on top of Jingoro and heads for the shower. He opens the bathroom door and notices that someone is already there. The figure in the shower replies, "Oh, I sorry. I will only be a couple more minutes." Kyosuke closes the door in shock. "It's Ayukawa!!"

Hikaru is all excited and she runs over to Kyosuke's room and opens the door just as Ayukawa opens the bathroom door. The two girls scream! Yuhsaku comes running into the room as Hikaru looks at Kazuya who is changing while Ayukawa sees Kyosuke in her room. They are both wondering what they are doing in the room. Of course the answer lies with Kazuya who has been changing the room numbers. Kazuya forgot to change the room numbers back the way they were supposed to be. So quickly does that and says "What are you doing in this room, Hikaru?" She steps outside and realizes her mistake. She then walks out of room and heads over to room 10.

Ayukawa is a bit curious about why Kyosuke is in her room but that is second priority as they both hear Hikaru's voice. Ayukawa pulls Kyosuke into the bathroom. They both are hinding as Hikaru walks around the room. You may notice that Kyosuke's clothes are on the bed right beside Jingoro. She begins to open the door for the bathroom which causes Ayukawa to hug Kyosuke but they avoid any detection. Then two new guests arrive in the room, Manami and Kurumi, followed by Komatsu and Hatta. They all came to invite Hikaru to the disco later that evening. Notice Hatta doing his John Travola's "Fever Fever" dance. Kyosuke is hanging above the door while Ayukawa is behind the shower curtain. Everyone files out of the room except Hikaru causing them to be saved from another close call. Hikaru picks up the cat and starts playing with it. All this time, she missed the clothes that Jingoro was tugging at. She hears a noise (Kyosuke bumping his head) in the bathroom and she goes to check it one more time. Kyosuke tries to throw his voice but Ayukawa has to shut him up. They narrowly escape detection from Hikaru by hiding in the deep bathtub. Hikaru and Jingoro leave the room. Kyosuke breaths a deep breath and falls on Ayukawa and puts his face into her breasts. Of course this gets him thrown out the bathroom very quickly.

Komatsu and Hatta with their dates are down at the disco living it up. Ayukawa and Kyosuke get dressed but no sooner does Hikaru come walking by again. Ayukawa and Kyosuke jump out the window and into the snow banks to get away from her. Kyosuke lands face down in a drift and Ayukawa has to pull him up. They both leave the scene by the time Hikaru comes to the balcony to look for them.

She is met by a nervous Yuhsaku who is pushed out by Kazuya. He is lost for words but with a bit of Kazuya's telepathy, he walks up to Hikaru. Yuhsaku is told to hug her and tell her that he loves her but when he does this he misses and he falls to the snow below them.

Kyosuke and Ayukawa are riding up the enclosed chair lift, watching the ski patrol checking the runs. The switch man wakes up from his sleep and finds out that it is passed the time to shut the lift off. He turns the system down and leaves the control room. Ayukawa and Kyosuke are trapped in the lift car. Kyosuke imagines hugging Ayukawa as she tries to call for help.

At the disco, Hikaru is with the perverts and their dates. They challenge her to a drinking chug contest.

Yuhsaku is outside by a tree practicing his moves. He punches the tree causing snow to fall on him.

Kyosuke and Ayukawa are sitting in the car waiting. Kyosuke tries to use his powers to get electricity into the lines but all this does is breaks the windows and lights. This causes the cold air to blow in. Kyosuke grabs a blanket and he cuddles up to Ayukawa. Kyosuke tries to use telepathy to wake up Kazuya but unfortunately he is fast asleep. He silently apologizes to Ayukawa for getting her into this mess.

Back at the disco, the drinks has hit Hikaru as she is passed out. Ayukawa begins to lose consciousness in Kyosuke's arms. He tries to keep her awake but she is too tired. Kyosuke tries to use his powers for teleportation but no go. He tries the telepathy to Kazuya again but he uses so much energy he passes out. However, he does notice the snow lightening up until it has stopped.

Ayukawa wakes up in a bed where Kazuya is sitting beside her waiting for her to awaken. He sees Kyosuke also asleep in the next bed. Kazuya leaves the room as Kyosuke wakes up. Kyosuke notices that his pants and the bed are wet. He immediately blames Kazuya and begins to chase after him. They run through the halls until they run into Hikaru. At the sight of Kyosuke, she runs over to him and grabs him. She apologizes for going to the disco and drinking too much. For some reason, Kyosuke and Ayukawa smile and decide to keep the secret to themselves.

EPISODE 47: Sayonara no yokan Madoka no hatsukoi wo sagase

(Sad Farewell. Search for Madoka's First Love)

Kyosuke imagines what it would be like if he had not caught that hat on that first day he met Ayukawa.

Ayukawa wakes Kyosuke up by tickling his nose with a leaf. He sneezes. She says, "What are you doing sleeping under this tree? You could catch a cold."

Kyosuke replies, "I am doing what you call an afternoon nap." She remembers that phrase and thinks for moment. "Someone said that six years ago. Someone dear to me. In fact, he said that he would meet me hear today." She walks away thinking about the tree. Kyosuke is wondering what the significance of his dream and how Ayukawa is acting now. He realizes that she must be seeing another guy. Kyosuke asks Hikaru what is the connection between Ayukawa and the tree. She comments that it was where Madoka got her first kiss. Kyosuke now fears the worst as she now has memories of a past boyfriend.

Kurumi and her grandfather are using telepathic powers to levitate Jingoro and a stuffed cat into the air to do wrestling. After an intense battle, the dad tries to interupt and he gets caught in the conflict.

Kyosuke is resting in his room thinking of Ayukawa and how is reacting to her memories. His grandfather steps into the room and slaps him on the head.

Kyosuke lands in a pile of dirt in a constuction area. You may notice the "final project" plan diagram in the background. It is his apartment building under construction. He sees Ayukawa walk into the forest and meets another guy. She kisses him. Kyosuke goes running away in an enraged blitz since he can't do anything to alter the events of time. He runs into a younger kid that looks like Hikaru and a kid that looks like a younger Yuhsaku. He finds this kinda strange that these kids remind him so much like his friends.

Kyosuke goes to a fast food joint where he buys something to eat. He pays for his meal using a 500 yen coin. However, the check out girls look real funny at him and they carefully examine it. He wonders what the problem is until he sees a calender. It is 1982!!! "My grandfather sent me six years back into time!" As a side note, the 500 yen coin was introduced into general circulation in 1984.

He pieces the events together. The two kids really were Yuhsaku and Hikaru. Then, who was the girl that kissed the guy under that tree. He goes back to find no one there.

Kyosuke is sleeping under the tree when someone uses a leaf to wake him up. Kyosuke sneezes. The boy comments, "What are you doing sleeping under a tree? You know you can catch a cold." Of course, this line is familiar to Kyosuke since he heard Ayukawa say this in 1988.

He replies, "I am doing what you would call an afternoon nap." This causes the boy to laugh.

Back in 1988 at the ABCB restaurant, Ayukawa tells her friends that her parents called from America and told her to book a flight over. Her father has fallen sick and she should be with him. Hikaru is upset, for she doesn't want her friend to leave.

In 1982, Kyosuke and the boy begin to talk. He does a bit of showing off with the soccer ball with all the fancy moves that he can do. A boys soccer team comes and harrasses them.

The head leader for the soccer team plays around with the ball and then fires it at the boy. He does a quick flip and kicks it back to the guy. It nails him in the face causing the rest of the team to get a bit angry at them. The duo is surrounded by the team. Kyosuke wants to uses his powers but he remembers that he should not alter the events of time.

In 1988, Ayukawa is packing some of her things and she is giving some of it to her friends. Madoka wonders where Kyosuke has been all day.

In 1982, the boy is cornered by the soccer gang by a cliff. A ball is fired at him which knocks him off the cliff. He is going to fall on some metal poles that are sticking out of the foundation at the construction site. Kyosuke uses his powers to teleport beside him and stop the fall. The soccer team runs away thinking they have seen alien invaders.

Kyosuke tries to lift up the boy. He then notices that the boy has small breasts. The boy is a girl. Piecing it all together, he realizes that this must be Ayukawa. He is upset that she doesn't look feminine. She asks him what she is supposed to look like. He talks to her about what he thinks is attractive in a girl (ie. long hair, skirts, etc.).

Ayukawa is running up the stairs to Kyosuke's place. She runs into his grandfather who knows why she is coming. She asks him if he knows where Kyosuke is. Granfather laughs and comments, you really want to be with him?

Kyosuke wants to jump the stairs and try to do a time slip in order to undo the series of alterations in time. He meets the little Hikaru and the little Yuhsaku. They find out that a gang is harrassing little Ayukawa.

We now see that the gang as got Ayukawa surrounded by gang members. She is wearing a skirt and a yellow hat and is being harassed by the gang for suddenly looking like a girl. Kyosuke comes to her rescue. The leader of the gang has several nets thrown on Kyosuke. He uses his powers again to teleport the two out of danger. When he does this, we get a true look at how powerful Kyosuke can be when angered.

As little Ayukawa and Kyosuke spend the day together, she spots a red straw hat in a shop so he buys it for her. He realizes that this is the hat that he will get, two years from now.

Kyosuke lies beside a tree and he thinks, "What have I done? Ever since I have returned to the past, I altered the course of time. I wonder what it would have been like if I have left everything the way it was?" The little Ayukawa leans over and kisses him. Then she gets up and trots off into the distance. Kyosuke yells after her that he will meet her under the tree, six years from now. "Now, I have changed how Ayukawa thinks and I have changed her future." Suddenly, there is a big flash of light and Kyosuke sees the real Ayukawa from 1988.

Story to be continued in episode 48.

EPISODE 48: Koi tsukamaeta soshite da carpo

(Caught the Love! And The End.)

The episode starts with a bit of recap from the previous one. The little Ayukawa kisses Kyosuke who is under a tree. He is presently in the year 1982, and he thinks of the changes that he has cause due to his arrival in this time period. A bolt of light brings the Ayukawa from 1988, to this time. Kyosuke figures out that his grandfather has sent her here. But why?

The little Hikaru is yelling at the little Yuhsaku. She helps him get back on to his bike which shuts him up again. Ayukawa sees Hikaru when she was young and she instantly recognizes her. She asks Kyosuke what is going on but he can't answer her right now so he laughs it off and trys to think of what to tell her.

In 1988, Kyosuke's family is waiting for his return home. Komatsu and Hatta are also waiting for him with Manami and Kurumi. They begin to suspect something romantic is hapeening between Kyosuke and Ayukawa. Kazuya begins to talk about how Ayukawa and Kyosuke really like each other. The sisters get upset at their cousin, so they levitate Jingoro to scratch up Kazuya.

Kyosuke and Ayukawa are sitting on the swings. Kyosuke finally admits that he is an esper with strange psychic powers. He apologizes for getting her all tied up in this mess. Ayukawa begins to laugh and says that her first love was an esper (of course, this is/was Kyosuke). She continues to say that she will have to go to America because her father is sick. It is just like episode 12 but this time the intensity of their relationship has grown. Kyosuke doesn't want her to leave. He grabs her and hugs her. "Ayukawa, meeting you was the best thing in my life." She smiles.

"I think it is kinda cute that I have fallen in love with an 'esper'. Well, now since I'm stuck here, I don't have to go now." Kyosuke tells her to wait for a couple minutes while he goes and gets somethings to eat. He runs the stairs and he slips and falls. He undergoes a time slip, where he is riding on a roller coaster. When it stops, he realizes he had been hanging on to Hikaru all this time. She doesn't recognize Kyosuke so she sends her boyfriend Yuhsaku after him. He is chased out on to the mini race track where he almost gets run over by the motorized race cars. Kyosuke decides to use his powers and teleport away. He rematerializes on the hood of a car. He smashes up the window of a police car. After he rolls off the hood, the driver comes out to investigate.

It is Hatta and Komatsu as cops! Kyosuke is stunned but even worse, they don't know who this weirdo is. Komatsu pulls a gun on him and fires it between the legs. He makes a run for it and goes home. But is it? Notice that his name is not listed with the rest of the family? He enters the apartment just as Manami and Kurumi are leaving the bathtub. Since his sisters don't recognize him, they levitate the cat at him to scratch him.

Kyosuke is outside trying to piece together what is going on. He concludes that he must be in some future parallel universe where he must not exist. He has seen all of his friends except Ayukawa. He calls her name and discovers that she is right behind him. She turns out to be a hostile figure who has built a very mean image. She helps hide Kyosuke in the ABCB Cafe when she hears the cops coming after him. They step in to the restaurant to look for him but Ayukawa draws an ace from her card deck to scare the cops away. Apparently, in this universe, she has learned to wield cards instead of guitar picks. This clears them temporarily from trouble until they soon hear the sound of motorbikes. Kyosuke realizes that there is a gang ready to challenge Ayukawa.

A little update on the other universes now. In 1982, little Ayukawa meets the older Ayukawa from 1988. Now she is convinced that Kyosuke is an esper and that his grandfather indeed sent her six years into the past. In 1988, Kyosuke's grandfather has fallen asleep in front of the TV playing a computer car game.

Back to the alternate future, the biker gang attacks the cafe. The first gang member rams through the window on his bike. Ayukawa throws a playing card at him which slices him in the face. He falls off the bike, releasing his wrench that he had. Ayukawa grabs the weapon and uses it on the second bike member. The third one gets a card in the face which causes him to spin out and crash. The fight stops when the female gang member holds a knife at Kyosuke's neck. At this point, we see that her enemy is Yukari, the singer. Ayukawa surrenders and drops her wrench. Kyosuke is knocked out and Madoka is captured.

In 1982, the younger Ayukawa asks if Madoka is Kyosuke's girlfriend. Older Madoka asks why do you ask? The younger one replies that you look like what he described he looked for in a girl. Older Madoka replies, "Do you like him?" "Yes, I really do. Enough to be his bride, one day", the younger one replies. The older Madoka wishes her the best of luck in that endeavour.

In the alternate universe, Ayukawa is tied to a post and whipped by Yukari. She is left at the mercy of the two side kicks in the gang. The viewer is reminded that Kyosuke has left the older Ayukawa back in the past. He can't let the two Ayukawa's meet because if the younger one touchs the older, the older one will disappear into oblivion. Ayukawa is thrown on a bed and about to be molested by the two gang members. She uses her legs to throw a chair at one and she tries to push by the other but she is caught by the shoulders. The guy pulls down her top. Ayukawa screams.

Kyosuke regains conciousness. He realizes that they have tied him up with wire to a water trough made with cement. Upon hearing Ayukawa scream, he yells her name in fear and anger, which unleashes his power. The water trough bursts, freeing him.

The older Ayukawa and the younger Ayukawa almost shake hands but the older one hesitates when she hears, in her mind, Kyosuke's yell. Younger Ayukawa's mom comes by the park and takes her home.

Kyosuke runs to try and save Ayukawa. The two guys float up and away from Madoka. Kyosuke drops them into an outside pool when he arrives at the room.

Kazuya lands into the bath tub with his grandfather, who discusses with him whether or not to bring Kyosuke back yet. Grandfather asks Kazuya to bring both of them back.

Kyosuke finds that Ayukawa has drawn the bed sheets to hide herself. Kyosuke is happy that she is safe. They ride away from the site on a motorbike. Ayukawa comments, "Ever since I met you, I have changed the way I think about people. Maybe, I should lighten and start thinking about the people I really care about." With this in mind, Kyosuke falls off the bike and does another time slip.

Ayukawa meets the young Jingoro. She is tapped on the shoulder by Kazuya. She initially mistakes him for the young Kyosuke but she soon she sees it is Kazuya. Kyosuke comes running back to meet Ayukawa. He comes and grabs and hugs her. He is glad that she didn't touch the younger Madoka. Kazuya coughs to interrupt the tender moment. Kazuya says, "Well cousin, where do you want to go now? I can return you both wherever and whenever you want."

Kyosuke is pretending to sleep under the tree when Ayukawa wakes him up using a small leaf. It is present day, 1988.

Kyosuke sneezes. "What are you doing sleeping there? You could catch a cold." Knowing the question, he replies "I am doing what you call an afternoon nap."

"Strange, someone said that to me six years ago. Someone very dear to me."

"Yes, and up to today, he has remembered and kept his promise. You still mean very much to him."

Ayukawa turns around in surprise. Kyosuke holds her and they both kiss. "Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka, First Kiss".

The End (for the TV series)

The conclusion for the series is in the Kimagure Orange Road Movie: I Want to Return to That Day.

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