Volume III, Issue 7, October 10, 1994

Bastard! 1-6

Fifteen years earlier, Dark Schneider and his friends came very close to ruling the world. A group of priests and magic-workers managed to kill Dark Schneider, and foil their plans. But Dark Schneider is not really dead, he was merely imprisoned this entire time. Yoko's father, the High Priest Geo, has taught her how to release Dark Schneider. A time of war has again rolled around, as Shitenno, Karlo, Gara, and Nei conquer. The Metallicanans determine to use Dark Schneider for their own purposes, and it is fortunately convenient that Dark Schneider has developed an affection for Yoko. Yoko is not the only girl who can release Dark Schneider, others, such as Princess Sheila, can do it as well. As they have the power to release him, they can also contain him again. According to his former allies, Dark Schneider has changed. He is just as powerful, and his skills are the same types as before, but his mentality and personality is no longer the same. Previously known as the `embodiment of lust', he now engages in flirtation with Yoko. Yoko herself is confused because Dark Schneider is both this attractive alien, and her loved friend Luche. As they must destroy Metallicana, Shitenno and his allies consider this new Dark Schneider a great threat. Metallicana has one of the four seals which must be broken to release Anthrathrax, the terrible god who destroyed the world in seven days. One of the seals is already broken, and with each one Anthrathrax stirs more awake.


Cast of Characters:

Tia Noto Yoko -
A young and idealistically innocent girl. She has been trained by her father, the High Priest of Metallicana, to invoke the spell that releases a great wizard.
Luche Len Len -
Adorable little boy. Worships 'Yoko-san' like an older sister. Also happens to be the containing vessel of the aforesaid powerful wizard.
Dark Schneider/Luche/Darshu -
An extremely well-developed, warlock. Famed for his power and his desire to conquer the world.
Shitenno, Gara Ninja Master, Karlo -
Three men who worked with Dark Schneider to conquer the world. They had to begin over again after his death, and now have almost reached their goal.
Princess Sheila -
The other innocent and idealistic girl of Bastard! Princess of Metallicana, and brave to boot.
Lady Arshe Nei -
A Dark Elf who bears a striking resemblance to Pirotas (of Lodoss War). The former lover of Dark Schneider, and ally of Shitenno, Karlo, and Gara. An exceptionally dangerous woman.

Cross Culture

By Trulee Lee

Shacking up with the Japanese

Love Hotels Brightly lit neon buildings. Blushingly embarrassed couples. Is it honeymoon season? No, it's a LOVE HOTEL! In Japan, land of need-catering, Love Hotels occupy a special place. For those couples who have no where else to go, who need discretion, the answer is the local Love Hotel. Lest you think these are similar to any seedy, roach-ridden American motel, I assure you that they are not.

Love Hotels run the gamut. However, they do cater to a certain clientele with a certain purpose. Drive-up windows are provided, with opaque windows. They don't see you, you don't see them. A space sufficient for sliding credit cards is at the bottom of the windows. Rooms have separate entrances, and it is possible to enter and exit without being seen by anyone. But the purpose is not only affairs, young couples also take advantage of these. In crowded city areas, where living space is little, and privacy almost none, college age couples choose to spend their money on both.

Rented hourly, love hotels are surprisingly inexpensive. Average is $20 for about two hours. That's cheaper than a movie (more interesting also). Poshly luxurious rooms are also available. Entertainment includes: theme rooms, vibrating/heart-shaped beds, and stunning collections of pornography. Commonly joked about, even anime contains love hotels (K.O.R. and Macross for just two). A sure sign is neon, and lots of it. Sometimes, if you're touristing, you'll have to assume a building is a love hotel just because it has so much neon. There are cheap ones, and there are expensive ones. Of course, as far as mood and environment go, you get what you pay for. The best ones can be extremely costly, but with those extra niceties that make things special.



By Bobby Batara

The epic battle

A maelstrom of chaos, stocked with men and machines, steeped in misery and pain, with death and destruction in abundance...and if you're really lucky, drenched in blood with bodies stacked like cordwood. Epic Battle, the ultimate backdrop for any story. A mind-numbing bombardment of the senses, as it draws you in and overwhelms you with its sheer scale. Well you need certain things to get it to work. Naturally, horde like numbers are at the top of the list. If there is enough men and materiel out there to make the characters look piddly and insignificant, there's enough. Next up is indiscriminate death where there is no doubt whatsoever that life is cheap, and the Grim Reaper is buying wholesale. Depending on the tech-level, the field is carpeted with corpses or lots of machines are going up in flames without convenient parachutes and last-minute bails (a la That Annoying Domestic Cartoon With People Wearing Day-Glow Camouflage). No need to actually show the skin melting away, just make it that there is no doubt that people are dying.

Next is that it remains the backdrop. No matter who the characters are, whether he be soldier, general or innocent bystander, there's a nagging feeling that they have no real control over what is going on around them. Sitting in your semi-godhood, you become a little closer to the characters, omniscient and impotent. The total result is an emotional roller-coaster where willing suspension of disbelief runs rampant, as you ignore nagging questions like, "Y'know, is it me, or is it that Yang and Rheinhardt are the only ones with any sense of tactics in LoGH?". And numbed to indiscriminate, rather than personal (character) deaths, you start to have more primal thoughts..."I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like...victory."


Konshuu Focus: Japanese Food Tips and New Type Hype

Where to go for food ...

Different people are attracted to Anime for different reasons: the art, the story, the humor, the cute girls and boys with perfect features and those Oh!-so-big eyes (@_@). But, who has ever heard of being attracted to Anime for it's wonderful cuisine? Nonetheless, many Anime fans often feel the urge to drive all the way to Japantown to try out dishes such as ramen, sukiyaki, or okomomiyaki {check the sp on this please} after hearing it mentioned in Ranma, Lupin, or Tenchi Muyo. So, here is a restaurant guide for all those gourmets out there:


--Vicki Huynh

Modelers paradise: New Type!

If you are a model kit fanatic who loves anime, this may just be the perfect place for you. Located across the Bay in SF, New Type Hobbies and Toys has just about every kind of model kit available on the market. Ranging from mecha model kits of Gundam and Macross to garage kits of Madoka Ayukawa from KOR, this place has enough variety to make it a single stop source for all the model kits on your wish list. Remember to check out their display case of finished model kits while you're there. New Type also carries a selection of toys and anime-related items. A word of caution though, this place isn't in Japan Town nor China Town; rather, it's on the other side of Golden Gate Park. Happy shopping!


New Type Hobbies and Toys
1414 9th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122
Tel: (415) 731-3077 FAX: (415) 731-8813
Hours: M-F 10:00am-5:00pm; Sat.10:30am-6:30pm; Sun.11:00am - 5:30pm

Wear your CAA shirt next monday!

Thank you members who bought our wonderful T-shirts. We will be having a contest for all the members who bought CAA T-shirts. Next Monday, 10/17, the first person that Andy Lee sees on campus with a CAA T-shirt on will win a Like Water for Ranma OAV. So, remember to wear your CAA T-shirts to your classes and on campus next Monday.


By Tzong Lee


What kind of title is that for anime? It's perfect. After watching the anime, what's your reaction? "The main character's a #$%^& Bastard!" E'nuff said.

But, if anything, you do learn the basic fundimental vocabulary that every first year Japanese student should learn. Te-me, ya-ro and a couple of other colorful words to spruce up your conversation with lets say the Emperor or Empress whenever they come to the US. (Yes a run-on, but given the intellect level of this anime, who cares?)

Bastard, a simple straight forward story of a semi god warrior/sorcerer/yakuza/loving heart with a BAD DOG image who basically, can't die. This sorta ends the story here doesn't it? But, here we go, for those whose minds are befuddled with the deepness of the various motiffs that are woven and present themselves in the course of 6 episodes:

Episode 1 -
New Opponent, new bigger spell, beat opponent, get girl.
Episode 2 -
New Opponent, new bigger spell, beat opponent, get girl.
Episode 3 -
New Opponent, new bigger spell, beat opponent, get girl (OK, OK, opponent and Bastard become Barney Friends. Pay attention boys and girls: major plot development here).
Episode 4 -
New Opponent, new bigger spell, beat opponent, get girl.
Episode 5 -
New Opponent, new bigger spell, beat opponent, get girl (Hot babe elf too, Pirotese lookalike, can we say Electra complex? Sacrifices himself, such nobility, sniff-sniff).
Episode 6 -
New Opponent, new bigger spell, beat opponent, get girl (Stud awakens and saves the day, lots of blood too, notice the extra unnecessary crotch shots of the elf, HENTAI!).

Speaking of which, how many females do you know rush into battle wearing a g-string battle armor? Hmmmm, let me ponder and find enlightenment here. Damn that spandex is sure hella tough.

Personally, all the drawbacks aside, this was a damn great piece of work here. Man comes, man kills, man gets girls. WOW! Talk about deeeeeeep here. I mean, what else is there to life? Hey!, inside that sophisticated body of distinguished CAL Anime Fan beats the heart of a Neanderthal.


Next Up:

3x3 Eyes

October 17th, 7:00 PM
155 Dwinelle Hall, UC Berkeley

Pai wants to become human, but what trials and tribulations will she endure to obtain such a previous gift? Witness her story in 3x3 Eyes [also known as Sazan Eyes].

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