Embarrassing Moments in KOR!

Semapi? Anyone? What am I doing here?
Eh? What's going on down there...

Hello. Kyosuke here. I'm hiding out from Hikaru-chan right now! And boy, do I have good reason to! If she catches me holding all these pictures that my dumb friends Komatsu and Hatta took of me in my most uncompromising positions, I'm a goner!

Oops! What did I bump into?

Oh my...look at the titanic size of those...

Eeeks! She's gonna kill me!
Oh my God! Am I caught!?

Aargh! Not another girl!

Is this some sort of devilish dream?

Hello!?! Now how did I end up in here?

Now that I have shown you my most shocking secrets, I am counting on you to keep it a secret for me. Ne? Don't let me down now. Arrigatou!

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