KOR Gals!

Ayukawa Madoka: Click me to get to my page!

Hi there! My name is Ayukawa Madoka. How are you? I guess you want to know a little something about me, don't you? I wasn't always this feminine looking. In fact, I have changed quite a bit from my rebellious days. Back in my younger years, I was a fickle, irritable tomboy who kept to myself. People around me knew better than to arouse my anger. Except for maybe Kyosuke, a silly boy who doesn't know any better ;) But he always seems to come through in the end. Curious how he does it, isn't it? I would prefer him to be less ecchi, unlike his friends Komatsu and Hatta. But I guess every man has to have some weakness, right? Right now, I'm working as a waitress for Master. You might know the place. It's the ABCB Cafe down on Orange Street. It's where everyone hangs out.

Ideally, my ambition is to pursue a music career. The musical genes certainly does run in my family, being my mother and father are the world reknown Ayukawa musicians. Let's hope some of their talent rubs off on me. The only curse in being so successful is that they're always abroad performing. I'm alone most of the time, and I do miss them. In my reminicing moods, I prefer to either play the sax, guitar or piano under the moonlight, playing a melancholy tune. Being around my friends, especially Hikaru helps cure me of my sadness. Hikaru is my best friend since childhood. She and I do everything together. My friends mean more to me than anything else in the world. Sometimes, that gets me in trouble, especially concealing my feelings for Kyosuke. But that's another story. Now if you excuse me, I need to get back to my aerobics! Maintaing this figure is hard work! Atikamess!

Hikaru Hiyama: Click me to get to my page!

Hello! I'm Hikaru Hiyama and I'm that shrill, cute voice you always hear. Sometimes, I believe I'm too hyper and enthusiastic for my own good. But it's always for Sempai's sake! Who is Sempai? Why he's just the coolest guy in Kour-you High! He lives in the Green Castle Apartments along with his two young twin sisters, Manami and Kurumi. They're the same age as I am. I just love Kyosuke to pieces! He means the world to me! I never thought about what would happen if I were to lose him. It would just crush me! But it would never happen! We've been a couple for three years now! I shouldn't be so overprotective over him. But there is so much I want to do for him.

You would like to know more about me, my hobbies and interests? There's nothing much to say. I do draw cute little anime-like figures in my spare time. Some people are so impressive with my handiwork that they even tell me I could even be a manga artist! But I just giggle and tell them that they're just being silly. I only do it for fun. What I really enjoy is dancing. To glide gracefully across the stage into the arms of my beloved. Maybe someday I can make it to the big show: Broadway. But it's still a dream. Can dreams really come true?

Kasuga Manami

Good day to you! I'm Manami and I'm the only one of the Kasuga clan to wear glasses. I'm also more of the responsible one. I spend most of my time cooking and cleaning the house and generally taking care my oniichan Kyosuke and my alter ego twin sister, Kurumi. I do wish she would help me out sometimes! Other than the "motherly" duties I perform, I specialize in antagonizing my sister and consuming large amounts of food. But most of the time, I'm the quiet one. When I'm alone, I like to curl up in bed, and read a good book.

Kasuga Kurumi

Yo there! How ya doin'? Kurumi here coming in loud and clear. I'm the muscle in the family, the tough one. Everyone else is just a big wust!Sometimes, pop would scold me for being too aggressive and rambunctious. I just tell him that I'm incorrigible and that it couldn't be helped. How's my hand? Glad you asked! I injured it beating up my oniichan, Kyouske. He just had to butt into a perfectly normal sisterly brawl. We had our bookcases cocked and ready for combat when he comes in, all high and mighty, telling us how childish we were . I didn't like that one bit, so I smacked him in the jaw. Too bad I forgot how hard-ass a mouth he has, and so I sprained my hand. But that's not going to stop me from my exercises. Let's see, 50 lifts of 250 lb bars, 100 pullups, 500 pushups, 1000 situps...

Woah! You scared me! What are you looking at?

What? Are you talking to me? Sorry,... I wasn't paying attention. By the way, my name is Akane Kasuga; what yours? I'm surprised you caught me in my present state. Usually, I'm masquerading as other people just for kicks. In fact, I remember many times I got Kyosuke in trouble with Hikaru and Madoka. He he! Kyo-chan's my cousin, and we're about the same age. Yet he acts just like my bratty brother Kazuya. They both look very similar and just as ecchi at heart. As you can tell, I don't like men that much. I rather prefer the company of woman. they're more approachable and they generally more intelligent than their male counterparts. The one I admire the most is Madoka-san. She athletic, talented, and gorgeous! I wish I could be around her all the time, if it weren't for that Kyosuke always getting in my way. why I outa...Ahem. Please excuse my tirade just now. I have to be going now so see ya!

Help! I'm trapped in this orange haven and I can't get out! Oh dear,...where am I? I must be in the wrong anime..I knew I shouldn't have wandered off like that. What am I going to do? Tenchi is going to have a fit over me. What is my name? Why, it's Sasami-chan, of course. Did you know that I'm from a very far planet? It's called Jurai. But I don't know who you are...and Aeka-neesan told me never to talk to strangers. So I'll be off then!

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