Welcome to the KOR Carnival of Strange Sights!

Hey? Where's the bearded lady? The Strong man? The 2 headed Siamese?!
What the heck is this place?

Madokus Maximus: This is one of our more favorite attractions we feature. For this exhibit, we showcase the primitive version of this species before the major evolutionary jump with the removal of the glasses appendage.
Hikarus Annoyus: Here, we feature the brown-haired, cross-eyed type. Despite its fierce look, it actually preys on the unsuspectable through its shrill high wild hyena call of "Dar-ling!"
Kyosukus Bleahmus: This is a very primitive version of the Kasugus clan. It primarily uses its tongue for all situations. explaining why it is always hanging out. It is best not to get too close to this creature, for it may slober you without warning.
Kyosukus Furious: A step up from the Kasugus evolutionary line, this primitive being has learned the use of clothing. However, it still suffers from its hereditary trait of intense aggressiveness. It's favorite saying is: "Hey, let me out of here!"

I hope ye patrons are not too shocked by the strange, the bizarre, and the freakish nature of these exhibits. Diverging from the traditional sights and figures you would see at a carnival, we instead opted for the more shocking displays. And one final note: Please don't feed the animals!

Your ringmasters: Komatsu & Hatta!

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